Brad Culpepper Interview


As one of the most polarising characters on the 27th season of Blood vs Water, there is a whole lot more to Brad’s game than was ever shown. In fact there were numerous parts that were shown that were shown in the wrong order for complete dramatic effect. Outside the edit, Brad is happy to finish as ‘runner-up’ alongside Monica, and feels as though his Survivor journey isn’t yet complete. He also can pin point the exact mistake that cost him a spot in the game, and even considers a certain player ‘bland’ which may or may not surprise some people.


Brad started off fairly strong on Tadhana and soon found himself in a power position with the men of the tribe. Portrayed as the ‘leader’, he soon found people going against him, mainly on Galang and had to take the wrath of several angry people who had been voted out. Eventually it caught up with him, and in one of the most memorable tribal councils of all time, he was blindsided just before the merge after Caleb changed the vote literally at the last minute.

In our chat with Brad, he talks about why he was initially targeted for One World, how he had to talk Monica into playing Survivor twice, what strategy he had going into the game, what advice Monica gave him before he played, his initial relationships on Tadhana, why Marissa was hard to get to know and why her vote out was far more complicated than shown on screen, his behind the scenes camp life that was never shown and why it needed to be, living on redemption island with the Cody’s as well as why having his last name used by Jeff Probst was bad for his game, what tricks he played on Monica to make it seem like he had been voted out and why he thinks Monica needed more votes at the end.

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4 Comments on Brad Culpepper Interview

  1. i’d appreciate to read scripts for the future interviews hopefully since i cant download the file 😦

    • Atom we are an audio based show, so our interviews unfortunately are only ever going to be audio. It is way too time consuming to transcribe interviews, and considering we have done close to 230, it would be something that nobody could commit to do. What seems to be the issue in why you can’t download it?

  2. Not sure if it’s just me, but the mp3 file keeps stopping every 7 – 10 minutes and doesn’t start replaying unless you re-load to go back to the beginning. Easy to go back to where it stopped, but a bit annoying. I haven’t listen to the newest interview yet, but I never had this issue with any of your older interviews.

    • Hey Jen, not sure what the issue is. Is it just on this site or is it through iTunes? Also have you tried using a different browser to listen to it? Maybe try downloading it instead of listening to it directly off the site?

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