Monica Culpepper Blood vs Water Interview


Some people were surprised to see Monica returning for the 27th season of Blood vs Water after being voted out pre-merge on her first season of One World. She returned in full force however, setting herself a goal to make it to the end and achieving that to finish as the seasons runner-up. Polarising to some, popular to others, Monica played a strong game to silence her doubters and despite numerous offers to switch, remained loyal to her alliance right up to the end where she was unable to secure enough votes to win. After her popular first interview back in 2012, Monica returns to give an insight into her second time out, and also reveal why she has decided to hang up the buff for good now that she has returned.


Monica formed an alliance early on with Aras, Tina, Gervase and Tyson and stuck with it for most of the game. After the switch she was quick to stay close with Tina to keep her options open when the merge came about, and then returned to Gervase and Tyson in an alliance that she would stay with right through to the end. Unfortunately she was unable to get more than one vote, but still wound up as the season’s runner-up.

In our chat with Monica, she talks about why she was talked back into playing Survivor, why it is ‘fantastic and awesome’ to finish as the runner-up, not expecting to ever being called back to play again, what CBS texted her and Brad just before they played, why she wasn’t tempted to target Colton straight away and why she voted for Candice, being worried that she would be perceived as being in a ‘One World alliance’, what the hardest part of the game was for her, the switch being important and how she was able to secure her spot after the switch, why she decided to go with Tyson and Gervase rather than Aras and Tina as well as the emotional final tribal council, getting recognised post game and why the buff has been hung up and not returning to play again in the future.

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  1. I asked the challenge question. 😛

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