Katie Collins Interview


Katie Collins suffered the unfortunate distinction of having the 'purple Kelly' edit on the 27th season of Blood vs Water. Starting off as a potential early boot, she survived week after week and through ups and downs to eventually be eliminated in history breaking circumstances. But as is often the case once we interview a contestant, there was clearly more to show of Katie than we ever got to see, as once again we discover another hidden gem from the Survivor world who really deserved more screen time than she ever got. And she swears, which means her mother might not want to listen to this. You've been warned.

katie-collins-survivor-blood-vs-waterKatie was initially a target early on Tadhana and managed to scrape by each week as the tribe lost and the men dominated the strategic side of their tribe. However she caught a lucky break when Caleb blindsided Brad and then once again with a switch which for a brief period put her in a power position. It wasn’t to last however, and Katie would become only the second person in the history of Survivor to be eliminated after drawing a rock.

In our chat with Katie, she talks about things settling down since the season has finished, Survivor being part of her life for many years and then getting to play it, why she watched multiple seasons of the show as well as The Hunger Games to get prepared for it, why she was surprised at Caleb’s ‘silent’ edit, her own frustrating edit, working out a plan with her mum and why she wanted to play the same way as her mum did in her previous seasons, wanting to get hit over the head by Colby, eating ice cream during the interview as well as swearing and getting into trouble from her mum, why she wants to be on dollar bills and putting it out there that she wants to run for president.

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3 Comments on Katie Collins Interview

  1. One of my very favourite interviews, Katie is so fun and interesting. Love it!

  2. Katie really wasn’t that invisible. She got a better edit than Caleb at least :/

  3. Katherine Adams // January 26, 2014 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    You summed it up nicely, Ben. Hearing from someone like Katie, who we didn’t see much of, is entertaining. Loved her insights and view of the game. Wish I would have sent in this question, though: Why is she accent-less, unlike her mom? LOL. Great interview, as always, and Katie was funny and honest. You go, girl!

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