Tina Wesson Blood vs Water Interview


When Tina first spoke to us back in 2012 about her time winning the Australian Outback and her first boot on All-Stars, the fire still burned brightly in her belly to return for a third time. After being an alternate for Heroes vs Villains, she finally got her shot on Blood vs Water and suffered a season of many ups and many downs. And in her first extended interview on our show since her time in the Philippines, Tina opens up about everything from whether or not there were pre-game alliances, just why she made sure Vytas was kept around after the switch and even talking about her now infamous potty mouth and wanting her daughter to  have a husband.

tina-wessonbvwTina automatically formed a strong alliance on Galang with fellow winner Aras as well as Gervase, Monica and Tyson and remained in control early on. After the switch, she soon formed more control and things were looking good as she aimed to join Sandra as a two time winner. However post merge her number one ally Aras was soon blindsided and she found herself voted out and on Redemption Island. However in what would be a surprise for many people, she fought herself back into the game and narrowly missed out on the final tribal council by finishing the game in 4th place.

In our chat with Tina, she talks about being referred to as ‘legendary’, being shocked it too so long to call her to play for a third time, what day 0 was actually like, having a vendetta against Rupert and being happy that he was gone first, what it was like living with Colton, playing harder in the first few days than in her entire time in the Australian Outback, what the comparisons were between playing old and new school, the weight she lost and the living conditions a third time around, being shocked at Katie swearing as well as being on Twitter, reading other blogs, loving and hating Tyson along the way and talking up Gervase being at strip clubs and why she didn’t vote for him.

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2 Comments on Tina Wesson Blood vs Water Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // January 23, 2014 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    I’m behind listening to the interviews. Glad I started with Tina. She IS a legend. Honest, but tough as nails. Loved her expression for cussing — “Sheena Easton.” HA HA HA! Lots of admiration for her in and out of the game. Woo-woo! I’m in “Survivor” mode!

  2. Love Tina and Katie’s interview, would be great to get them on an episode recap, maybe at the same time!

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