Top 25 Greatest One Time Players Results Revealed Live Episode

25TopOneTimePlayersLiveEpisode copy

In our first live episode for 2014, Ben is joined by the Ozlets to reveal the results of the Top 25 Greatest One Time Players in the history of Survivor, as voted by YOU!

Starting off in typical Survivor Oz fashion, Ben was joined by Jarryd, Noah, Clay & James to give their own unique take on the vote reveal from the poll that has being going on over the last month! As always there were expected results and some very surprising ones, and the debate raged on for another entertaining episode of your favourite Survivor radio show! Sit back and relax and hear the results be revealed for the very first time!

If you prefer to watch it rather than listen, click the link below to see Ben’s facial expressions and other comments that ‘add’ to the overall experience.

Of course the audio file is also available if you wish to listen and not have to stare at Ben for close to 90 minutes! To download it, simply click the link below.

We once again would like to thank everyone who voted and took part in the live episode, and stay tuned as we bring you more live episodes throughout the year!

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2 Comments on Top 25 Greatest One Time Players Results Revealed Live Episode

  1. An interesting listen. Some surprises in there – Eddie!? – some things that surprised you guys that weren’t at all surprising to me – Hayden, you fools, is huge in Survivor fandom. As an aside, I realised during this podcast that I disagree with Jarryd nearly 100% of the time, and Noah most of the time.

    • I’ve made it further through now, and now I realise that this list is missing Shane which is insane! Also pretty shocked by a lack of Abi, Troyzan, Jeff Kent, Lisa, John Carroll – not all favourites of mine, but surely some of the most popular players yet to play again.

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