Survivor: Cagayan Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!

Cast Assessment and Preview Episode

Another season of Survivor is right around the corner and with it, comes a brand spanking new cast! Join our resident recap expert, Ozlet Jarryd, as he walks you through the eighteen castaways competing on Survivor: Cagayan – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty and talks through all the twists!

UPDATE: Now updated with cast analysis and opinions from Ben & Jarryd plus the Survivor Cagayan Preview Episode!

Each and every season, CBS give Survivor fans a tease of the upcoming season, releasing the official cast list usually around a month before the season premieres. It’s almost like the pre-season competition in sporting codes, you get to see your team for the first time for the new season, yet, despite this, the “real stuff” hasn’t really started yet. A cast release if very similar to this. We get photos, short bios and a video about each contestant, giving little to go with, allowing us to pick an early favourite but leaving us begging for more. Unfortunately, unless your a fan of  spoilers, we have to wait until the season unfolds on our screens to see how our early favourites will go.

Coming off a successful season which saw loved ones compete against each other for the first time in the shows history, Survivor is once again trying another new and highly sort after concept which will see contestants split into three tribes based on labels; brawn, brains and beauty. With eighteen new contestants playing for the first time since One World, (February-May 2012), this season is sure to be a talking point one way or another.

As reported last week, Survivor: Cagayan kicks off on February 26th, (27th for us Aussies), with a massive two hour premiere. We also told you about the three tribes, (Aparri – Brawn – Orange, named after a first class municipality in the province of Cagayan; Luzon – Brains – Green, the largest group of islands in the Philippines; Solana – Beauty – Purple, a second class municipality in the province of Cagayan), and today we bring you the official cast list, tell you who is part of which tribe whilst also hearing Ben and I about our thoughts on the cast. In the coming days, we will release our Survivor: Cagayan Preview Episode, which will be available to download below!

This season was once again filmed in the Philippines, this time, on Palaui Island, in the Cagayan Valley region of the Philippines. With this, the Philippines becomes tied as the equal leading location that Survivor has filmed at and it is also the first time the three tribe format has been used with only new players.

So without further ado, I’ll introduce you to…


Aparri Tribe

Aparri tribe – (Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS)


Cliff Robinson

Bio: 46, Newark, New Jersey, Former NBA All-Star for Portland, Phoenix, Detroit, Golden State and New Jersey.

For basketball fans, Cliff Robinson need’s no introduction. Cliff, more affectionately known as “Uncle Cliffy”, played in the NBA for eighteen years, offering his services to five different teams, going on to make the playoffs for all but one year and made the NBA All-Star team in 1994. He recorded over nineteen thousand points, six thousand rebounds and three thousand assists during his one thousand, three hundred and eight game career. At 6-10, (2.08m), only Mitchell Olson, (Survivor: The Australian Outback), stands taller than him. An obvious choice for the Brawn tribe, Cliff is a longtime Survivor fan and continues the tradition of former sporting stars, (Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Kent), appearing on Survivor.


Lindsey Ogle

 Bio: 29, Kokomo, Indiana, Hairstylist

Lindsey and her dreadlocks are part of the Brawn tribe. Her dreadlocks and tattoos will see her remembered alongside the the likes of Angie Jakusz and Courtney Marit who have competed on the show. Lindsey owns her own hair salon, wears her emotions on her sleeve and has signed up for Survivor for the adventure and to win some money for her and her daughter.


Sarah Lacina

Bio: 29, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Police Officer

Sarah, a police office from Cedar Rapids in Iowa, likens herself to Malcolm Freberg, (Philippines, Caramoan), which is quiet interesting considering she comes from the same home town as Malcolm’s biggest ally, who just happens to be the winner of her season; Denise. You would think that Sarah would liken herself to Denise instead of Malcolm? Apparently not. Sarah believes her career as a police officer often qualifies her as a “trained observer”, hinting that she’ll be able to pick up when she’s being lied to. She is highly competitive and thinks she be the strongest women on this season, which she believes will help her on her quest to “destroy the game”.


Tony Vlachos

 Bio: 39, Jersey City, New Jersey, Police Officer

Tony “big arms” Vlachos joins Sarah on the Brawn tribe and is also a police officer. Tony has been watching Survivor for seven to eight years, (which I’m guessing is probably around the time Micronesia was airing), and is a family man who will be the complete opposite playing the game. Like Sarah, Tony feels his experience as a police officer will aid him in Survivor and despite not being the biggest fan of the outdoors, (I quote his introduction video, “I hate the plants”), strives to deal with it in order to win the game. Tony plan to be devious, just like Russell Hantz, (Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains, Redemption Island).


Trish Hegarty

 Bio: 48, Needham, Massachusetts, Pilates Instructor

Trish is a Pilates Instructor from Needham, (a suburb of Boston), in Massachusetts. She’s a fan, watching since Survivor first began way back in 2000 in Borneo, applying several times over the years. She claims that she’ll be able to deal with “people not liking me” but says she has spent many a time trying to work out how to put her integrity aside when it comes to playing the game. With this playing major roles for many ‘older women’ in recent seasons, Trish will need to hold it together in order to make big moves to progress in the game, instead of trying to play the motherly figure which she says she usually does.


Yung WooHwang

 Bio: 29, Newport Beach, California, Martial Arts Instructor

Yung or Woo, rounds out the Brawn tribe. He comes form a family who practice martial arts and has been studying it from an early age. Woo believes that the intense focus in martial arts will aid him in challenges; particularly balance related ones. Like so many of the cast this season, Woo states that Survivor was “made for me” and that his outdoor skills, (which he likens to Ozzy), will help him win the game.


Luzon tribe

Luzon tribe – (Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS)



Bio: 45, Plantation, Florida, President of the Miami Marlins

David is the President of Major League Baseball team, the Miami Marlins. A Survivor addict from the very beginning, David took time off during the MLB season to go out and film. Whilst being the President of a major organisation like the Marlins requires a lot of brains, David admits many sports come naturally to him and he’s always keen to compete. To prepare for the season, David did what every Survivor contestant should do and practiced with flint, in order to learn how to make a fire. Being a successful business man may hurt David’s chances but he has intimate knowledge of the game and stressed in pre-game interviews how important it is to eliminate people in the correct order.


Garrett Adelstein

Bio: 27, Santa Monica, California, Pro Poker Player

Garrett or ‘Jean-Robert II’ is the second professional Poker player to appear on Survivor. Garrett invests much of his time playing Poker and believes, (like Jean-Robert did), that the two games have much cross over which will allow him to be successful this season. He states he has great attributes for Survivor and has spent over two thousand hours preparing for the show. He claims that he is a master of slide puzzles and spent six months over-analysing every, single episode of the show in preparation to compete.


J'Tia Taylor

Bio: 31, Chicago, Illinois, Nuclear Engineer

First Impressions aren’t always correct. Looking at J’Tia, you wouldn’t pick she’s an nuclear engineer, but she is. The former model who took a long hard look at her life before trading the catwalk for atoms in her quest to become a engineer, is a a self-proclaimed nerd. J’Tia says her strategy will be like a “reliable, likable, rock” to others, then vote them out. Whilst she wouldn’t be out of place on the Beauty tribe, J’Tia states that whilst she might be “easy on the eyes, I’m a true brain at heart”.



Bio: 41, Tehachapi, California, Attorney

Kassandra, Kass to her friends and now to us, has never missed an episode of Survivor in her life! Whilst some would argue she should have been on Caramoan, she joins us this season, as part of the Brains tribe. She believes that Attorneys/Lawyers have a negative stigma on Survivor so therefore plans to tell everyone that she’s an animal handler on her families ranch. (It’s not often these days that we hear that non-famous people hide their identifies on Survivor, yet it was more common in the “old school” days; remember Postman Willard in Palau?) Kass likens herself to Sandra because she’s playing the game in order to win some money and knows that no matter how hard she tries, she’ll probably suck at challenges.


Spencer Bledsoe

Bio: 21, Chicago, Illinois, Economics Student

Spencer is a chess nerd, there is know other word for it. After winning several High School competitions and going onto compete in the World Open Chess Tournament, Spencer earnt enough points to be consider a US Chess Expert; a mean feet for somebody so young. Similar to Garrett, Spencer believes his chess playing days will help him in Survivor, stating it will keep him “ten moves ahead” of the opposition. Despite appearing as a ‘chess nerd’, you don’t want to mess with Spencer, who plans to play cut throat and enjoy a few blindsides, calling himself, “the John Cochran that doesn’t suck”. – I really, really hope Spencer has watched Caramoan because whilst Cochran might be a “nerd”, he is a Sole Survivor, something Spencer will have to emulate in order not to suck.


Latasha Fox

Bio: 37, St Louis, Missouri, Accountant

Latasha, (Tash), is a former St Louis Rams Cheerleader who is now an accountant. Like Trish, she’s watched Survivor since it premiered and is over the moon at the chance to finally play the game. Tash looks to be the spiritual contestant this season, proclaiming that she wished she could take her Bible on the island so that she could seek God’s guidance during her stay. Whether that will have a heavy focus on her edit remains to be seen, however, it might not come into consideration if she lives up to her ambition of becoming a leader when the timing is right during the game.


Solana Tribe

Solana tribe – (Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS)


Alexis Maxwell

Bio: 21, Addison, Illinois, Psychology Student

Alexis takes her place on the Beauty tribe, though considers herself a brain. Studying Psychology, she claims that her knowledge of the subject will not only give her first hand experience but also help her adapt to the experience and understand what her tribe mates are thinking. Alexis is another who got up off the couch to train for her appearance on the show and she also worked on her strategy, explaining that she wants to “get in early with the girls” and that if she’s ever on the bottom of an alliance, she will do everything she can and won’t “just sit there”.


Brice Johnston

Bio: 27. Philadelphia, Social Worker

Brice, a social worker and part time shoe salesman from Philadelphia, thinks he can fit where he needs to fit in, in order to go a long way into the game. A big lover of clothes and shoes, he’s not afraid to get down and dirty in order to progress in the game but admits he’ll need to work on hiding his facial expressions in order to get himself out of trouble at Tribal Council.



Bio: 22, Campbellsville, Kentucky, Model

Jefra fills the role of the standard ‘pageant girl’ that we usually see on Survivor after she won Miss Kentucky Teen USA. However, Jefra isn’t your standard pageant girl. With her strong southern accent, you cannot deny that Jefra is a fighter; she survived cervical cancer earlier in her life. She loves the outdoors, considering herself as a tomboy who won’t flirt with the guys in order to stay around.


Jeremiah Wood

Bio: 34, Dobson, North Carolina, Model

Jeremiah is a male model with a thick southern accent that is reminiscent of J.T. (Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains). Despite that fact that he enjoys scrubbing up to be photographed, Jeremiah was born and raised in the outdoors and is a country boy at heart. He plans to treat everyone the same, flirt with the girls, (which won’t be hard on the Beauty tribe), and play the game hard, though not hard enough to be considered a villain.


LJ McKanas

Bio: 34, Boston, Massachusetts, Horse Trainer

LJ loves horses and the outdoors and despite his looks, would feel much more at home as a member of the Brawn tribe. Hailing from Boston, LJ prepared himself for the show but is prepared to “dumb myself down” early in the game to not be seen as a big threat. He states his main assets are his logical thinking and puzzle solving ability, labeling himself as a “puzzle freak”.


Morgan McLeod

Bio: 21, san Jose, California, Student and Former San Francesco 49ers Cheerleader

At only seventeen, Morgan beat out over five hundred applicants to find herself as a member of the cheerleading team for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. Despite loving the experience, education comes first for this beauty who quit cheerleading in order to focus on her studies. She relates to Natalie Tenerelli, (Redemption Island), but assures us that she is going to break the ‘cute, young girl’ mould and not be a followers this season; instead she’s going to speak her mind and probably complain that she wasn’t aloud to bring her iPhone in order to post “selfies” on Facebook and Instagram.

There we have it; three tribes, eighteen castaways, competing for the chance to win a million dollars.

As well as having three tribes this season, another change to the format is that we’ve once again said goodbye to Redemption Island, which WON’T be in play this season – once you’re voted out, you’re out! (Which I’m sure will make a lot of fans happy). As for any other twists, not much information has been released but I am guessing that Day Zero won’t be seen again and that the Hidden Immunity Idol will return. The main talking point this season is going to be how the contestant’s react to their “labels” in the game. Just because they are the biggest and strongest, will the Brawn tribe dominate physical challenges? Will the Brains tribe be puzzle solving freaks? Are the Beauties going to be able to survive the harsh conditions of the Philippines?

All these questions and more will be able to be answered during the season!

Ben’s Thoughts

Ben W

I am absolutely over the moon that we are returning to an all new players season! I think it’s long overdue and a real chance to see some great new personalities come out of obscurity and into Survivor folklore. I’m in a rare group of people who think that both original seasons since Heroes vs Villains (Nicaragua & One World) were actually great seasons, so I’m looking forward in seeing how this will shape out.

The brains vs brawn vs beauty twist is interesting and one that is very much long overdue. Honestly I feel as though it would’ve worked on a season full of returning players, but it’s good that they try it out on newbies and if it works say like Blood vs Water did, then it’s a potential theme to use again in the future. It’s also great to see the three tribe format return. I personally love the three tribe format and both seasons it has been used before (All-Stars and Philippines) were fantastic seasons. This of course is the first time it has been used with all new players, and it will of course be interesting to see how long the three tribes stay as three before they are ultimately dissolved into two. I hope we have an even spread of victories for the first time, as both times the three tribe format has been used there has always been on tribe who seems to struggle more than the other two.

On paper it’s hard to pick a clear favourite in terms of the tribes. You would assume that the beauty tribe would be the least likely to do well, but I think they have a very even and diverse group of people so keep an eye on them. You would of course expect the brawn tribe to dominate the physical challenges, but I have a feeling that a lot of stereotypes you would associate with each of the tribes are going to be broken as the season goes along. It will also be interesting to see which players play like their stereotype and which players go against it. We saw a similar trend on Heroes vs Villains so I wonder if we will see it again.

With such a diverse group of people to look at and so much to take in, I think it’s important to have a few words on each of the players individually and where I see them finishing. As always I am usually wrong, so if you are a betting person and want to take any so called ‘experts’ opinion in placing a bet on this season, please ignore mine picks.

Kass: Kass is an interesting mixture of personalities and definitely seems to fit the brains stereotype. I can see her making it far by flying under the radar and going unnoticed for a while. She potentially could be seen as a week link though early on should the brains lose a few challenges, But I have some good vibes that she will make it deep into this game. Predicted Finish: Top 5

Cliff: We’ve had NFL and MLB players so now it’s time to have our first NBA player! Cliff I’m sure will get a bulk of airtime early on but can he match his airtime with playing ability? We’ve never seen a professional athlete (with the exception of Ethan) go right to the end in Survivor, and I don’t think we will see it this time around either. I just feel as though Cliff will probably clash with a few people and if people find out he used to be in the NBA, that will be used against him. Will need to work very hard to make it to the merge. I don’t see it happening. Predicted Finish: Mid-early boot

David: David to me seems to be the Lisa Whelchel to Cliff Robinson/Jeff Kent from Philippines. I can see him flying back under the radar and being the ‘fish out of water’ contestant who everybody is ‘forced’ to root for. This has the potential to take him far and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him make it all the way to the end and be the token ‘0 vote getter’. Bold prediction yes, but just like Survivor you have to make big moves! Predicted Finish: Final 3

Woo: Woo already seems to be a fan favourite and I can see him being this seasons Malcolm. He has the looks, personality and physical ability and if he lives up to his pre-game hype, then look out! He seems to be very ‘focussed’ as well, which can only be a good thing. Predicted Finish: Jury

Jeremiah: That accent! Wow! I’m not gay, but dayum! Jeremiah will be extremely popular amongst his tribe mates, and if he sticks to the southern country gentleman routine then there is no way he won’t make the top 5. I honestly think he has the chance to make it to the final 3 based purely on nothing more than being an attractive country guy and if you have that going for you, then no need to change anything. Colby and JT 3.0 right here Predicted Finish: Final 3

Tasha: One of many long term fans on the show, Tasha is interesting that she wants to be a leader straight away. That’s not something you generally hear from somebody going into the game but it’s good to hear something a little bit different. She also says she has the ability to backstab and lie, so if that is the case and she does it with that amazing smile, then she could be a real dark horse to go far. Some big Cirie vibes though it has to be said are coming from her, so let’s hope she turns into a great personality like Mrs Fields did! Predicted Finish: Just before the jury

Lindsey: Another early favourite of mine, it’s great to see another ‘alternative’ girl on the show! Lindsey has the potential to be a real fan favourite, and I think there is something in her that can take her far. No doubt she’ll be judged early based on her appearance, but I think she can work around that and form some strong bonds to take her easily to the merge. She again teeters on the point of going all the way to the FTC or just missing out on the top 5, so let’s say she’ll miss the top 5 just so that she can go all the way based on my jinxing contestants. Predicted Finish: Jury

Trish: Trish certainly looks amazing for a 47 year old! Another super fan, Trish I can see being well liked by her tribe mates and I think she’ll easily make the merge. I can see her teetering potentially as somebody who can go all the way to the FTC but struggle to get a vote, or just miss out and make the jury. I’m going to go with the latter, but I look forward to seeing myself wrong. Predicted Finish: Jury

Tony: Is it just me or does Tony sound like Derek Zoolander? And is it just me or does Tony look like Ace Godon on some epic steroids? Tony is one interesting beast, and I think he will provide some very interesting TV. He seems on the ball, and I think he will be somebody people get along with well and won’t target early. Come the merge though, he’ll no doubt be perceived as a physical threat, so that will be an issue as the season gets along. Predicted Finish: Early Jury

Spencer: You know I’m going to love this guy right? Well I do and I’m dubbing him another Ben Waterworth pony. Spencer is the early favourite to hog all the screen time, and I think alongside Cliff you are going to be seeing a lot of early confessionals from him. He seems to know the game too, and sure he wants to be evil but he also seems super smart with a chess background (Marty would be jealous) and his charming personality. This guy will go far, and he will come back and play again in the future. Yes, I am saying that already before the season has started, but you heard it here first. Predicted Finish: Jury

Sarah: One of two police officers on the show (and same tribe it has to be said), I have a feeling there will be a lot made of these two and their profession. Will that mean they work together? Possibly, but I think Sarah will struggle to make an impact. She is a big fan of the show though so she won’t go in completely unaware, and is a strong competitor in sport. But sorry to say Sarah, I don’t see you going far. Potential first boot right here. Predicted Finish: First boot

J’tia: One of my faves straight away, J’tia is unique in that she was a model who then became a nuclear engineer. That to me straight away shows that she has the ability to adapt to situations and change things up when needed. I honestly feel as though she can go deep, and I also think she can become a fan favourite if the edit is kind to her. I’m jumping on the J’tia bandwagon straight away though and calling her out as one of my ponies! You know that means she won’t win though. Damn. Predicted Finish: Top 5

Garrett: It’s taken 13 seasons to get another poker player on, but finally we have Jean-Robert 2.0! I was a big Jean-Robert fan, and I agree with what Garrett (and Jean-Robert in the past) in saying that poker is very similar to Survivor. He seems cocky, and he seems as though he will rub people the wrong way with it. He also though seems as though he can get a core group of people with him long enough to make it far. Tossing up between just before the merge or early jury, so let’s go with just before the merge to shake things up. Predicted Finish: Just before the merge

Morgan: Ladies and gentleman we have our stunner for the season! Wow, Morgan I am a fan. Is it the eyes? The hair? The teeth? The fact she is a cheerleader? Add them all up and I’m sold! But besides me going gaga for Morgan, I actually don’t see her doing too well. I hate being the stereotype with this but I just can’t picture her making it deep at all and despite claiming she ‘doesn’t hold back’ in what she says, I honestly feel as though she has the potential to either be the first boot or the invisible edit getter who goes middle-early before the merge. For the love of god make me wrong Morgan. I must see you on my screen each week! Predicted Finish: Early boot

LJ: LJ doesn’t strike me as somebody who will make an impact on this game. He gives me Carter vibes, so potentially he’ll be dragged along right through the merge. But I just feel as though he will be an early boot. He loves puzzles though, so who knows as with the amount of puzzle based challenges he could dominate. He also loves horses. And I don’t think we have seen a horse on Survivor since the Marquesas. Predicted Finish: Early boot

Jefra: Jefra has Jeremiah’s accent, I’m sold! Beautiful, bright and seemingly adaptable to the situation, I see Jefra as a real surprise packet ready to pounce. Straight away saying she won’t flirt as a tool to win and saying she is willing to do what it takes, I really see her as being judged early and people making assumptions that could either make her an early boot or let her slide under the radar all the way to the end. Could be Natalie White 2.0, and I’m making a bold prediction that she can take that all the way to the end. Predicted Finish: Final 3

Alexis: Alexis to me looks like somebody got Ami Cusack and Ciera Eastin and put them in a blender. She seems like a bright, happy person who will give it her all, but honestly nothing really stands out too much from her that would take her far. She seems keen to work with the girls and also keen to make big moves but only if she is at the bottom of the alliance. Can’t see her going far at all. Predicted Finish: Early boot

Brice: One of my favourites already, Brice is destined to become one of the most unique personalities of the season. I get some big Coby Archa vibes for him and I think he will get along very well with people on the beach, particularly the women. Will he rub people the wrong way though? He says his facial expressions could give him away which could be a problem. And he also says he has to control himself at some points. Could be dangerous for him if he is to make it deep. Predicted Finish: Early jury

I can’t wait for another season to start and so excited to be able to cover another season for you on Survivor Oz! As always we have lots planned to make sure you stick with us over the coming months as we provide weekly episode recaps, Ozcaps and rankings! Bring it on!

Jarryd’s Thoughts


I wouldn’t say that I’m over the moon about the cast this season. Obviously it’s very difficult to judge because all we’ve seen are eighteen, two minute videos on each contestants, so it’s hard to judge what they are really like, but on the whole, so far, I haven’t warmed to that many of them at all. However, I think that is the same with all new player seasons, until you get through a few episodes, you can’t make judgments on anyone. I’m really looking forward to the stereotype concept this season. It will add a new element to the game because you know certain things about people without asking. Say for example Sarah on the Brawn tribe didn’t want people knowing that she was a tough, strong, competitor, she could compensate in challenges early in the game so that she appears beatable to others after the Merge. However, with this twist, people will assume that Sarah is going to be a dominant force in challenges and because of that, might not want her around. The same goes for the Brains tribe, people might not want methodical thinkers around, or hot, young girls from the Beauty tribe around because they can influence the guys. It’s going to be interesting to see how the twist plays out, whether it survives long enough during the  pre-merge stage of the game for production not to have to absorb a tribe and how the individual contestants deal with being labeled.

In terms of the contestants themselves, being an NBA fan, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Cliff Robinson. He always looked so intimidating and impressive on court, yet now that he’s out of his comfort zone, how he will handle the situation will be fun to watch. As I said, my first impressions of many of this seasons cast haven’t been high but David, (Samson), has a genuinely friendly, nice guy, look about him, along with the added intrigue of how he will handle the “famous guy” situation. I also like the look of LJ and Lindsey, (and Morgan of course), and feel that those two are some of my early picks to “support” this season.

Going from tribe to tribe, other than those I’ve mentioned, nobody stands out for me. For the Brawn tribe, I think Tony will be sent packing early because of his obvious physical strength. His attitude to me is very similar to Shamar’s, (Caramoan), and look how that turned out. Woo seems very overconfident and I don’t think he’ll be taken that seriously. Sarah and Trish don’t cut it for me, at this stage, I can’t find them interesting.

If I had to root against one tribe, it would be the Brains tribe at the moment. Apart from David, I don’t think it’s a very likable tribe. Garrett and Spencer are completely full of themselves and even the women, Tash and J’Tia are pumping out tickets for themselves. Kass has potential but I don’t think she’ll be able to follow through with her plan to lie about her job. She will be found out early and sent home for either lying to the group or simply not fitting in.

The Beauty tribe are going to have their work cut out for them in early challenges. All three girls don’t look likely to be able to stand up to the rigors of Survivor challenges, (I hope they prove me wrong), so the guys are going to have to steer the ship in that regard. But looking at the guys, they don’t seem like they can do that. LJ looks the most physical out of the lot, Jeremiah claims to be a country boy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, but I can foresee him being a massive letdown in challenges. As for Brice, (get a real name), he looks like he should be audition for a spot as a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model, not someone who is about to rough it on the beach of the Philippines. As for Morgan… she’s great eye candy but will have a similar fate to that of Angie in the Philippines.

Whilst I won’t right off the cast yet, a few people will need to show a bit in the first few episodes otherwise I fear that this will be a season heavily edited in favour of those people who are interesting characters.

Hopefully I’m dead wrong and it’s a fantastic season! Looking forward to Feb 26!

Preview Episode


Our third ever preview episode is here, as Ben is joined by a gang of Ozlets to decode everything about the 28th season! From going through the twists, talking through the players and discussing just why Morgan is the next Survivor goddess, it’s one of the most entertaining episodes in the history of Survivor Oz! We ever draw our ‘ponies’ live on air for all to hear about! For those playing at home, here is who has who for the ‘pony draw’, and remember real money is on the line too!


The person who has the pony who wins will win $100, person who gets runner-up will get $40, third place gets $25 while the first boot will get $15! Lynda, Alan and Clay both purchased two ponies, hence why they have two contestants!

In the mean time, stay tuned to Survivor Oz during the season where we will once again be publishing episode recaps, recap interviews with former Survivor’s, Oztopsy’s and Power Rankings all season long!  So stock up on popcorn and get ready for what will hopefully be another fantastic season of Survivor!


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15 Comments on Survivor: Cagayan Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!

  1. Thanks for this guys! Love reading your thoughts and comments about the new castaways. I actually like a lot of them based on first impressions. My faves personally are:
    Woo -i hope he’s like yul/ozzy in one hahah
    & Lindsey -love the hair reminds me of Courtney the bff of b1tchy Danielle in Panama
    J’Tia -looks gorgeous, smart & feisty
    Spencer -love his guts, i hope he’s not all talk
    David -this guy better be the puppetmaster this season lol
    Jeremiah -hot af, seems very likable and easy on the eyes haha
    Jefra -looks like Jordan of Big Brother USA, i hope see made it to merge
    LJ -he seems very nice and sexy, i hope he’s in a dominating alliance
    Morgan -so pretty, i hope she surprises the viewers strategically 😀

    I hope these people do well in the game. So excited for the next season, good thing its a 2 hour premiere (technically 1 1/2 due to ads lol)!

    P.S. Will there be an Australian version of Survivor? I wanna watch Jarryd play lol! Since Big Brother Australia is so great & fun. 😉

  2. Jeremiah, Woo & LJ are so hot. Why tf is Brice on beauty?! I’d rather see a brawny/brainy gay guy than another Colton clone #LAME

    The girls are not bad too! Morgan, Jefra & J’Tia are standouts for me. I hope they bring more than looks though.

    I’d watch out for the sneaky ones like Spencer, Kass & Garrett, maybe David too idk haha.

    Based on these, its hard to judge them yet, I’ll know when i saw the premiere. Survivor needs another Russell Hantz ASAP. idc if a boy/girl lol, i think the recent survivor castaways on the jury are less bitter than before so im stoke to see how it play out. I hope this season is blindside galore or drama-rama hahaha!

    • Your second sentence is actually pretty homophobic. I don’t see how Brice and Colton are similar in anyway aside from their sexual orientation, especially considering how Colton is normally accused of being racist.

      Your last paragraph just made me LOL. Enough said.

  3. This Preview was fantastic, but I should point out you spelled J’Tia’s name incorrectly.

  4. J’Tia, Jeremiah, Jefra or LJ ftw! Brice better be an early boot pretty plssss! I can feel that this season will be EPIC. So happy Survivor is renewed til next year! ❤ Survivor OZ

  5. survivordreamzer // January 25, 2014 at 3:39 pm // Reply

    Great cast assessment, I’m so glad to see a batch of new players! I guess I’ll put in my two cents and share my thoughts.
    Aparri – Brawn: My favorite from this tribe is definitely Trish. She is reminiscent of a Denise and Dawn hybrid and though she was cast to be the token older woman, I think she can become much more if she plays her cards right. As a tribe I think that the Brawns will go into the merge with the numbers if they don’t let Tony become Russell 2.0 and cut him loose early.

    Luzon – Brains: The top pick on Luzon for me is J’Tia. From her video I can tell she has at least two of the three title traits and if she can avoid being booted early when the brains inevitably lose a challenge, she will definitely make an impact. I also like the looks of Garrett. He seems to have what Jean-Robert lacked, the looks and abs to get away with his arrogance, but we’ll just have to see with him… The brains have it in the bag if they can make it to the merge with at least three players (not Spencer, he is their kryptonite) still in the running. Since there are three tribes to begin with they have a great chance to switch allegiances and change things up after the merge.

    Solana – Beauty: Oh for the love of god could there ever have been a more useless looking tribe? Okay maybe they aren’t that bad. However, Looks don’t necessarily guarantee social skills and the only beauty worth a glance from something other than their abs or bikini bod is Jeremiah. Hopefully he will impress me and become the embodiment of a J.T. and Fabio compound. Male models have a pretty good record when it comes to survivor and he should make the merge if only for being the last left from his tribe. Beauties have a small chance if the remnants of their tribe after the challenges can dig their nails into some brainy or brawny coattails. This will only work if the brains and brawns are actually THAT bad at the social stuff, but we seem to have some well rounded brains and brawns so the beauties better cross their fingers and pray for a miracle (not that god has a vested interest in survivor anyway- gotta love Rob C.)

    Anyway, can’t wait for the premiere! Also, bring on the Cagayan articles because I’m having withdrawals and I need my fix away from my Vanuatu re-watch…
    -Survivor Dreamzer

  6. We don’t even need to recap this season because J’Tia is taking it out. She is giving me LIFE.

    You know she is going to blindside Spencer with a sassy “checkmate” and pick everyone off like a goddessa viper. WINNER REALNESS.

    The whole Luzon tribe is PERFECTION. I hope the only person they lose is Garrett before merge. I haven’t been this excited for a tribe in years.

    Other favs : Lindsey, Alexis, Brice, Jefra and Trish.

  7. I personally like garret, I think he will have a good social gameplay and even tho he might be a little arrogant I still think he will at least make the jury I think he will be kept around for challenge purposes. I’m also a fan of Woo, Jeremiah, LJ, Morgan, Lindsey and Trish there are others I like they just stand out to me

  8. Yay! The new cast is finally revealed! Its nice to see more diversity this season and more matured people are included, Less childish behavior, the better. LOL. I actually don’t know which tribe to root for so i will support them individually hahaha.

    My early picks for now based on pre-game interviews are:
    J’Tia (fierce & competitive, LOVE IT)
    Spencer (not afraid to make big moves, he’s cute too lol)
    Kass (so funny and nice, i hope she do well)
    Jeremiah (very charming, i’m sold hahah)
    Jefra (being a cancer survivor in real life is inspiring, i like her attitude)
    LJ (i see him having quotable quotes during confessionals & he’s HOT)
    Tash (so bubbly and cute, i can see her doing big move as well 😀 )

    CLIFF-overrated LINDSEY-extrovert SARAH-just a follower TONY-brash TRISH-may come off rude WOO-dominant in challenges

    DAVID-overthinker GARRETT-not trustworthy J’TIA-bitchy but can control the game KASS-boring SPENCER-big ego TASH-good at puzzles

    ALEXIS-friendly BRICE-annoying for sure JEFRA-tough JEREMIAH-likable LJ-yummy MORGAN-fake

    i hope this site also covers Survivor South Africa! They are now on Season 5. The premiere is awesome, they had great cast too! Thanks for the updates Survivor Oz! More Power!☺

  10. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // February 2, 2014 at 8:24 am // Reply

    Sarah first boot?

    Because the brawn tribe is going to lose the first immunity challenge…

  11. FYI, Jonas is indeed Asian, not Polynesian. He is Japanese and has lived in Japan, but was raised in Hawaii.

  12. L.J’s real name is Leon Joseph btw :p

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