Caleb Bankston Interview


When you are engaged to one of the most infamous Survivor contestants of all time, you go into the game with a lot of expectations against your name. For Caleb Bankston, his time on the 27th season of Blood vs Water surprised many as to how different his personality was to Colton, but still gave us a bit of an insight into a hungry and intelligent player that was capable of a big move when the timing was right. Another player who wasn’t seen as much as they potentially should’ve been, Caleb gives an entertaining interview that once again goes to show that there is always more to a person that should’ve been shown, rather than what we got to see on our screens.


Caleb formed bonds early on with Hayden, Brad and John and kept in nice with the girls to find himself in a fairly snug spot early on in the game. However he soon had his hand forced and made a huge move by taking out Brad in one of the most memorable tribal councils of all time. After the switch and the merge, Caleb hid back with Hayden and waited for the perfect time to strike, but an indecisive Ciera cost him and Hayden any shot of winning and Caleb was voted out, lost on RI and ended up on the jury.

In our chat with Caleb, he talks about getting life back to normal, why there is no negativity from fans who come up to him and Colton, why he was reluctant to play Survivor, being good at outdoors stuff but not the social side of things, why being split up from Colton was bad early on, his first vote for Laura B and why he voted that way, which contestant he treated like his sister, why Katie wasn’t a favourite of his early on based on her mothers previous games, wanting to slap Jeff Probst, why having a gun in their house helped when it came to all the social media backlash against Colton as well as THAT tribal council where he took out Brad, wanting to shake sense into Ciera and answering a few personal questions which won’t make Colton too happy!

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