Colton Cumbie Blood vs Water Interview


There is no doubting that Colton Cumbie is a divisive figure in the Survivor world. A memorable and underrated game on One World came to an abrupt end after he was medically evacuated, but he soon became one of the most notorious Survivor ‘villains’ after several things he said on the show didn’t go down too kindly with the audience. Fast forward 18 months later and Colton returned for a second time looking for redemption, but left the game once again with his tail between his legs causing more distaste for a man that never really gets a fair shot by the Survivor audience. And after a in which he cleared the air about his first time, he is back for a second time on Survivor Oz to once again give his side of the story and provide another entertaining and insightful interview that should open peoples eyes up to the man that is so quickly judged but never fully given a chance.


Colton started wanting to redeem himself from his first time around and initially it looked as though he was beginning to do this by forming some good early relationships. However it wasn’t to last too long, and with the emotional toll of being separated from Caleb finally getting to him, he quit right before the second RI dual and was the second person to leave from the season.

In our chat with Colton, he talks about the wedding plans for him and Caleb, why he said no to seasons 25 and 26, not wanting to play again but only doing it because Caleb would get to play, why he has more of a desire to play now than he ever did, what actually happened with Jeff Probst pre-game and why there are two sides to the man we know as Jeff Probst, letting us know which contestant rang everyone pre-game to ask for alliances, not getting to play with Caleb and why that affected him so much, his relationship with Kat and why they don’t get along as well as dealing with all the social media hate after his quit, why he has become a better person after his second time around and what event nearly made him stay in the game for longer.

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1 Comment on Colton Cumbie Blood vs Water Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // February 8, 2014 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    I’ve been thinking about Colton’s interview for a couple of days. I never thought I’d say this, but he really seems to get why fans were/are so mad at him. Sharing his story about growing up as a “sissy,” went a long way to understanding his personality. Unreal, but I have to admit it: He was honest and sweet. Good luck to him and Caleb…

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