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If you’re a rocket scientist and you go to play Survivor, you would be expected to do well right? Well for John Fincher, he managed to keep his profession a secret on the 19th season of Samoa and it was all part of a pre-game plan that helped him make it deep into the game. Never wanting to stick to one alliance and always wanting to have his options open, John made the most of the situations as they occurred and it ultimately took a blindside to get rid of him from the season. Outside of the game John has stayed close with the ‘wine and cheese club’ in New York, and even has a potential romantic connection with a former winner that will be news to some and not a surprise to others.

John-Fincher_190x158 John started the game in a strong spot, being in the majority alliance on the powerful Galu tribe. Post merge however he decided to change things up, and was instrumental in helping get some of his former tribemates voted out of the game. After making sure that a rock drawing situation wouldn’t occur, he soon was in a tight bond with Russell, before being blindsided and sent to the jury.

In our chat with John, he talks about binge watching the show after he found out he was going to be on it, coming up with various strategies pre-game to be prepared, which players he bonded with early, the opening challenge and why wearing clothes cost him the win, what ‘hidden John moments’ there were that we didn’t get to see, the Shambo relationship and what really happened with her ‘flipping’, knowing that he was always going into the merge with the possibility of changing up alliances, why he voted for Russell at the FTC as well as his big 2014 ahead, his thoughts on Laura on Blood vs Water as well as whether or not he and a former winner are an item.

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7 Comments on John Fincher Interview

  1. Did the Kat/Hayden interview ever happen?

  2. IS THE FORMER WINNER PARVATI SHALLOW? OMG. I HOPE ITS TRUE:D Can you interview her next? or maybe Brenda too ❤ Also Eddie Fox PLSSSSSSSS…

  3. I’m a new (Canadian!) listener as of the last month or so, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of interviews, but this one was pretty painful. John drones on and on and on with the most superfluous language ever. I’d use this audio to put me to sleep, but it’s also really irritating at the same time. Weren’t you tuning out at parts yourself, or did you find it all fascinating? Kudos to you either way!

  4. Thanks for this interview. So happy to hear from Fincher again :)) as always he sounds so smart & seems like a nice guy. its better if there is a video though maybe next time! 😛 i hope he can have a second shot in the game with Parvati lol. They both look good together tbh. Interview Courtney and Stephen next please. More power Survivor Oz!

  5. One of the most analytic and strategic interviews, at times it was really hard to keep up with him, since I have seen Samoa for a while. Anyway, good interview and great insight to Samoa’s season.

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