Laura Alexander Interview


We made the mistake on this show of assuming that Laura Alexander was one of the ‘three blondes’ on the 26th season of Caramoan and wasn’t memorable at all. How wrong we were. Having showed some real strategic prowess during her season, Laura is another contestant that perhaps we didn’t get to see as much of as we probably should’ve. She does have a very strong fan base however, and in her interview she proves exactly why she is so popular amongst the fans and gives a great insight into her brief time on Survivor.


Laura found herself in a fairly healthy spot early on by being in the majority alliance, and with some ballsy moves along the way like calling out Reynold for having an idol, it looked as though Laura could go quite deep into the game. However her tribe would eventually catch on to her strategic ability, and before she could get a foothold into the game she was voted out.

In our chat with Laura, she talks about the long wait between filming and her season airing, keeping the fact she was on the show a secret for so long, being a superfan going in and playing with ‘fans’ who weren’t what they said they were, how she very nearly could’ve ended up on the season before hers, not searching for spoilers so being unaware there were going to be returning players, which players she bonded with, having fun ‘tricking people’, why she saved Sherri early on, her relationship with Reynold and Shamar, her thoughts on the rest of the season as well as telling us if she thinks Australia or New Zealand is better, whether or not she has moved in with Allie and being labelled a ‘thinking mans sex symbol’ and the ‘female Cochran’.

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2 Comments on Laura Alexander Interview

  1. Robbed Goddess ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Katherine Adams // February 8, 2014 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    So great to hear from a “real” Survivor fan and player. Great interview; Laura should get a second shot. (Despite calling out Jeff for his sexism. It sure is beginning to annoy me.)

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