Jason Siska Interview


Jason Siska is remembered for several ‘interesting’ moves on the 16th season of Micronesia, and since his time on the show has become slightly elusive as he lives an adventurous life in the Caribbean. Through various stories through various interviews, it appears as though Jason wasn’t exactly ‘Mr.Popular’ amongst many of tribe members, and finally the time has come for him to be able to answer to all the criticism labelled against him over the years. He also has some interesting points to make about feeling remorse for voting for Parvati to win, as well as just what happened to the stick that he so famously became associated with.

 jasonJason started off strongly on the fans tribe by finding himself in the majority alliance early. However as the fans tribe continued to blindside itself, Jason focussed on targeting Chet constantly and found himself at a switch in a bit of a nowhere position. He soon found himself being targeted as a threat and eventually through several ‘interesting’ moves found himself on the jury after failing to play an idol the night he got voted off.

In our chat with Jason, he talks about being the last person from Micronesia to face our questions, how he ended up on the show and how many times he had applied, which contestants he was in awe of when seeing them return, having no idea they would be playing against returning players, why he felt his tribe had a massive disadvantage, what the reason behind not getting along with Kathy, Chet and Tracy was, whether he thought the switch played to his advantage, his constant adventures on Exile Island, producers giving him a vibe that the stick was a fake idol, why he has a connection to Carly Rae Jepsen as well as where that famous stick is now, clearing the air with Kathy and just why he didn’t play the idol the night he was voted out.

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  1. Sorry to get off topic here, but what happened to Denise Stapley interview?

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