Hayden Moss Interview


Hayden Moss created history on the 27th season of Blood vs Water by becoming the first ever Big Brother contestant to play Survivor. Starting off slowly, Hayden soon made a heavy impact on the game and became one of the fan favourites of the season. There are moments though that Hayden still lives with, like just how close he could’ve come to winning had Ciera flipped one round earlier and that last challenge on RI. It may be one of our shortest interviews, but it is also one of our most in-depth and fascinating chats from the season so far!


Hayden formed strong early bonds on Tadhana and found himself in a good alliance early. Post switch he also sat back and found himself in the majority and just waited for his time to come. Eventually it would, and through some strong attempted power moves Hayden had the potential to become a force to be reckoned with, but couldn’t get his plans to stick and would lose on RI and join the jury.

In our chat with Hayden, he talks about things getting back to normal, just how close he was to making it on Nicaragua and why it worked out better for him to go on Big Brother, the advantage he had going into the game from his social experiences on BB, whether or not he knew Caleb was going to blindside Brad the night he did, why he didn’t swap with Kat, what he has planned for 2014 as well as THAT suit he wore at the finale, whether or not he would rather do a Survivor or Big Brother all stars and getting an interesting question from a former contestant about a part of Kat’s body.

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