Kat Edorsson Blood vs Water Interview


Kat gave an extremely memorable interview back in 2012 to talk about her time on One World and since then has had the opportunity to return for a second time on Blood vs Water. It was a different Kat we saw this time though, as there were no shadow boxing moves or kitten crawls in a game that wasn’t shown as much as it possibly should’ve. Torn between her love of Hayden and desire to the play the game, she was never able to find herself in a strong enough position to do anything major and fought through the tears to leave the game before the merge. But as is often the case in Survivor there was more to things we didn’t get to see, including her feud with Colton and just how serious she was about fearing Hayden might leave her because she went home before the merge. You know Kat is fun to listen to, and once again she doesn’t disappoint.


Kat initially seemed to be on the outs on Galang and didn’t ever seem to be in a strong alliance according to the edit we saw. She managed to hang on long enough for the switch, where after a falling out with former One World buddy Monica, she found herself voted out of the game and losing on RI to leave the game pre-merge.

In our chat with Kat, she talks about Survivor being her ‘summer job’, why initially they wanted her and her cousin to play and not Hayden, why her cousin would’ve switched with her on RI, why the vote went down for Candice and which name she initially wrote down, talking up a potential hashtag of #kattthings, whether or not she ‘looked for a Kim’ when playing, just exactly what happened with Colton to cause the feud as well as why she wishes she was more like Hayden, her close bond with several contestants after she was voted out and just when she finally got the chance to make out with Hayden out in the Philippines.

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  1. What a mess.

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