Rupert Boneham Blood vs Water Interview


We first spoke to Rupert back in 2012 for one of our most entertaining interviews we have ever done, and despite being in the middle of a tense election campaign for Governor, Rupert teased us that we still might be keen to come back for a 4th crack at the show he loves so much. And have a crack he did, returning for the 27th season of Blood vs Water in an attempt to join Boston Rob as the only four time player to play the game as well as winning on his fourth go. However romantic that situation sounded, it wasn’t to be, as Rupert put his heart before his head in attempt to save his wife in one of the biggest sacrifices ever seen in the history of the show. It was a move that he believes cost him a win, and there is no doubt in his mind at all that the million dollars would’ve been his had he stuck around. Is there a 5th time on the cards for Rupert? Never say never.


Rupert came into the game hungry to finally win, but was forced to make a tough decision straight away as he saw his wife being voted out. Given the option to swap with her and go to redemption island, he took the chance and sacrificed himself to allow his wife to play. It ultimately wouldn’t work, as Rupert would lose the first dual and become the first contestant eliminated from Blood vs Water.

In our chat with Rupert, he talks about how the approach came to play for a fourth time, why having tie dye is so good for clumsy eaters such as himself, why he didn’t initially suggest Laura to play with him, whether or not he will run for Governor again in the future, the advantage and disadvantage of playing a 4th time, why he had a shaky relationship with Candice and how he went about it on RI, his experience on Day 0 and why he was told he would be playing with Laura, what things Candice got up to on RI that we didn’t get to see as well as the pre-jury trip he went on, letting us know which season had it’s cast photo taken in the US and why he thought this season was easier compared to others.

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