Laura Boneham Interview


There is no denying that besides Hayden and Brad, Laura Boneham was the most ‘well known’ loved one on Blood vs Water. Having already made memorable appearances on Survivor in the past on every one of Rupert’s previous seasons, Laura had lived the life of Survivor for some time and had a lot of pressure riding on her shoulders. Despite a fairly invisible edit, Laura come out swinging and surprised many with her strong challenge ability and likeable attitude. Despite the obvious setback of being voted out by her tribe early, she managed to endear herself to the returning players and give it a good crack. She also reveals a lot of behind the scenes stuff they never showed with her edit, and talks up her desire to want to return.


Laura was on the outs straight away as she was voted out immediately by the Tadhana tribe. However her husband Rupert would sacrifice himself and allow Laura to join Galang, where she initially seemed on the outs but survived until the switch where she would be blindsided and sent to RI. She tried her best to hang on (literally) and very nearly returned to the game, but fell just short and just missed out on the jury.

In our chat with Laura, she talks about things getting back to normal slowly, using the experience she learnt from Rupert over the years, why her playing was somewhat of a negative and positive, why it felt great being on the winning tribe, what she actually said to Tadhana after they voted out that was never shown on screen, what alliances she was part of that never got shown, why people wanted her to be known as ‘little Rupert’, which contestant she thought was ‘wimpy’, whether or not her vote out was a true blindside, her thoughts on Tyson and his win, how Rupert reacted when she arrived back from the game as well as the editing that portrayed her as weak, whether or not she is sick of tie dye and her thoughts on Jeff’s treatment of her in the game.

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1 Comment on Laura Boneham Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // February 19, 2014 at 10:13 pm // Reply

    Enjoyed both Laura and Rupert’s interviews (I might have to go buy a tie dye shirt now, for sure). I could see that Laura was good at challenges, despite the edit. Cracked up at her comment about Jeff smelling like smoke … LOL! She’s tough — on another season she could go farther. Glad people are appreciating her game…

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