Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Funniest Moments

1654895_10152264291893854_1318231847_nSurvivor Oz Top Ten returns this Wednesday to spice up your week. Since the show’s beginnings, we have seen some hilarious moments that have sometimes left us crying with laughter. From Rudy claiming he likes Richard but not in a homosexual way in Borneo, to almost every Tyson moment from the most recent season of Blood Vs. Water, Survivor has continued to deliver comedy gold throughout the years. Today, Ozlet Jimmy Kurniawan counts down ten of his favourite funny moments over the course of the show. Which moments do you think deserve a place on this list? Let us know your thoughts below!

10. Face-Off – Guatemala


Bobby Jon versus Jamie. Who would have thought that these two southern gentlemen nearly came to blows at the end of a Reward Challenge between Nakum & Yaxha. What’s funny about this is that you had two guys who are normally quite calm and reserved, turn into ‘beasts’ and get into each other’s faces.

At the ‘giant ball’ Reward Challenge, both tribes are attempting to roll the ball over the opposing tribe’s ‘end zone’. In the second round when Jamie defeats Bobby Jon, Jamie lets out a loud cheer. Bobby Jon doesn’t take too kindly to it and confronts Jamie. The two go at it like wild dogs sizing each other up, with lots of chest bumping and screaming.

The look on both tribes’ faces after this brief confrontation of male testosterone was priceless!

9. Fake Merge – Thailand


This is one of those moments you wish you could ‘re-do’ all over again. Poor Shii-Ann!

In Episode Seven of Survivor: Thailand, the tribes are given five different coloured body paints. They are instructed to paint themselves, with each individual tribe member representing a different colour. Both tribes meet and are paired off with the person wearing the same paint colour. The pair of Clay Jordan and Shii-Ann Huang receive a note telling them to travel to the Chuay Gahn camp, while Ken Stafford and Helen Glover travel to the Sook Jai camp. The four are instructed to choose which camp would be more comfortable to live in. They choose the Chuay Gahn camp and Jeff Probst explains that both tribes will be living at that camp. Believing that both tribes have merged, they create a tribe name, Chuay Jai.

Shii-Ann Huang, who took a lot of abuse from the Sook Jai tribe, is smiling again. She bonds with Brian Heidik and Ted Rogers and is ready to flip over to the Chuay Gahn tribe. But that all changes when the tribes meet at the next challenge. The majority of the castaways think they have all merged, but when Jeff Probst reveals that both tribes haven’t actually merged, their jaws drop. The look on Shii-Ann’s face says it all. She has that, ‘Oh no! Are you kidding me?’ look.

8. Pelican Pete – Pearl Islands


What is not to love about Pelican Pete? He is cute and adorable, right? But for Osten Taylor, it was a completely different story, as he quickly dashed out of the tribe’s shelter, fleeing in terror as Pelican Pete approached. Has there ever been a recorded incident where a human has died as a result of a pelican attack?

He is, and will always be remembered, as the ‘first guy who quit Survivor’. I guess that Survivor wasn’t his ‘thing’. Mother Nature and Osten just didn’t seem to want to co-operate with each other, they just simply didn’t want to co-exist. He had a fear of the water and nearly drowned. He would leap into the air at the slightest movement when sleeping in the tribe shelter. He was scared of crabs, he was scared of snakes, he just isn’t the ‘outdoorsy’ type.

Darrah sums it up the best when she said, “I think it’s hilarious that Osten’s scared of every little thing. He’s scared of every little bug.”

7. Fake Idol – Gabon


Well, what can I say about Randy Bailey? He is probably one of the nastiest, meanest, horrible and most unpleasant people to have played Survivor. But as they say, what goes around comes around, and karma bit him in the backside. The way he was voted out of Survivor was one of humiliation, and he was left with egg on his face.

Everyone will remember the fake Idol that Bob Crowley made while he was on Exile Island. When he returns to camp, Sugar convinces Bob to give the fake Idol to Randy. Sugar says that Randy is a bigot and offends everyone around camp, and that this would a perfect opportunity to play a prank on Randy, but to also humiliate him in front of the tribe and Jury members. Bob does give the fake Idol to Randy before Tribal Council.

During Tribal Council, we are all treated to the greatest ever prank to have happened in Survivor. At the voting booth, I love the way Crystal screams at the top of her lungs, “YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE HELL FROM DAY ONE! FORGET YOU, GO HOME, GOODBYE!”

After the vote, Randy gives the fake Idol to Jeff. When Jeff explains that the Idol isn’t an authentic one, the reaction of the whole tribe, especially Sugar and Crystal who are bursting out with laughter, is absolutely hilarious!

6. Blackberry? What Blackberry? – Panama


Shane Powers. WOW! I am having quite a lot of trouble trying to describe who this guy is, so the only word I can think of is ‘odd’, but in a funny sort of way. WOW!

There were lots of funny ‘Shane moments’ on Survivor: Panama. At the start of the game, Shane admitted that he was a heavy smoker. As the days wore on, the lack of nicotine played a heavy toll on him. He was very moody, resulting in his frequent outbursts and rants around camp. But that all changed when his tribe, Casaya, won an Immunity/Reward Challenge to a local Panamanian village, where a large feast awaited them.

At the village, Shane notices a Panamanian teenager walking by with a cigarette. Shane stops him and begs the teenager for a cigarette. The teenager obliges and we get one of the funniest scenes in Survivor history! Shane relishes the moment and indulges in his cigarette. He starts puffing away and the nicotine comes rushing back into his system.

But he will forever be remembered for his imaginary Blackberry. While at camp, Shane finds a piece of wood and starts calling it his ‘Blackberry’. He takes it everywhere with him. He takes it out of his pocket regularly, to check on his messages as well as sending them. Danielle DiLorenzo later admits that, “Shane has gone completely nuts.”

5. Drunk In The Outhouse – Panama clip_image012

After winning the Reward Challenge in Episode Five, the Casaya tribe return to their camp with a basket full of food and a few bottles of wine. Eager to begin their feast, Mother Nature had other ideas, as the rain tumbled down making it impossible to start a fire and cook the fish they had just won. The Casaya tribe resolves to eating the fish raw.

Meanwhile, as night fell, the whole of the Casaya tribe slept in the shelter. Claiming that there was no room left in their shelter, Bruce Kanegai and Bobby ‘Bob Dawg’ Mason decide to head off to the outhouse to drink their last bottle of wine. The two make a pact that they won’t vote each other out.

The next morning, the Casaya tribe wakes to find Bruce and Bob asleep in the outhouse with an empty bottle at their feet.

4. “I may be a lot of things, but I ain’t no Hershey bar!” – The Australian Outback


This has to be, without a doubt, one of the all-time greatest quotes ever!

On Day Nineteen, Jerri and Amber on the Ogakor tribe, go completely insane. They are in the tribe’s shelter and all they seem to talk about is chocolate. Colby, who is standing down by the beach, is completely annoyed at all the chocolate talk and wishes the Merge would happen soon.

Although he is already annoyed, Colby feels a little uncomfortable when Jerri starts involving him in her chocolate fantasies. Jerri says that she wants to cover Colby in chocolate syrup and lick his body clean. That is the last straw for Colby as he says in his confessional, “I may be a lot of things, but I ain’t no Hershey bar!”

3. “Jeff, it’s in here somewhere….” – Blood Vs. Water


One of my favourite scene from the recent Survivor: Blood Vs. Water season. Tyson is without a doubt, the class clown!

In Episode Eleven, the merged tribe of Kasama arrive at Tribal Council with Monica Culpepper winning Individual Immunity. Earlier, there was a little bit of paranoia with Hayden Moss and Caleb Bankston, as they were concerned that Ciera Eastin had flipped on them as she had not participated in the Individual Immunity Challenge. Hayden and Caleb are convinced that Ciera is playing both sides. Both can tell that they should vote for Ciera. Tyson thought their story was believable, but he isn’t sure he can trust them.

Before the votes are read, Tyson decides to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. He rummages through his bag and can’t seem to find it. Hilarious! He struggles to find it, eventually emptying out the contents of his bag onto the ground and finally finds it.

2. “It’s a f**king stick!” – Micronesia


Without a doubt, one of the funniest scenes ever in the history of Survivor!

In Episode Four, while on Exile Island, Ozzy Lusth finds the Hidden Immunity Idol and is beside himself. He takes a page out of Yau-Man’s book and creates a fake Immunity Idol from driftwood. He places the fake Idol where he found the original Idol and confesses, “God, I hope someone finds it and tries to play it.”

In Episode Six, Jason Siska, who was sent to Exile Island, finds the fake Immunity Idol. He totally believes he has found the Hidden Immunity Idol and it has a little face carved into it. When he returns to camp, there is talk that his ally, Eliza Orlins, is going to be the next person voted out.

Jason decides to step up and and give his Immunity Idol to Eliza to save her from the vote. He pulls her aside the night before Tribal Council and tells her that he found the Idol while he was on Exile Island. Sensing she’s in huge trouble, Eliza asks Jason if she can have the Idol, which he places in her bag.

When she is alone at camp, Eliza reaches into her bag to get the ‘package’ that Jason left for her. She unwraps it and realises that it isn’t the ‘real’ Immunity Idol and believes that Jason is playing a prank on her. She storms off down to the beach to confront Jason.

From there, we have one of the most comical scenes in Survivor.

Eliza (angrily): “What are you pulling? What are you trying to pull?”

Jason: “What do you mean?”

“I’m going home anyhow.”


“It’s not the Idol.”

“It is the Idol.”


“Yes, it is.”

“That’s not the Idol!”

“What is it?”


1. Catfight – Heroes Vs. Villains


Colby, Danielle and Amanda arrive at the beautiful Robert Louis Stevenson home and museum for their Reward. After completing a tour of the house, the three settle down in bed to watch the film ‘Treasure Island’. Amanda is preoccupied as her mind is still on the game, and she decides to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol clue. As she scans the bedroom for a clue, Danielle spots the clue in the bowl of popcorn. She picks it up and drops it beside the bed.

Amanda immediately gets up and goes to Danielle’s side of the bed, sits down and just as Danielle is about to pick up the clue, Amanda viciously snatches it out from Danielle’s hands.

“Give me back the clue,” Danielle shouts as the two become engaged in a wrestling match.

Danielle pleads with Colby for Amanda to return the clue to her. Annoyed with the constant bickering between the two girls, Colby gets up and pauses the movie. Then we get another classic quote from Colby. He responds by saying, “I didn’t even see what happened… I was watching ‘Treasure Island.’”

To avoid taking anyone’s side, Colby says, “Danielle, you found it, it’s your clue.”

Amanda finally gives back the clue to Danielle, but is fuming with rage and admits, “In the end I ended up giving the clue back and gave it to Danielle like an idiot and then Colby wasn’t even backing me up.”

JimmyKurniawanFooter_thumb3What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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29 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Funniest Moments

  1. What about “He’s a Jew!” with Big Tom.

  2. Good list! Some others that come to mind…

    ~Guatemala: Judd has ADD
    ~Cirie checking Shane’s… erm… you know
    ~Rob C’s comment about Heidi and Jenna’s “handicap”
    ~Sandra v. Fairplay
    ~Billy and Candice “love at first sight”
    ~Courtney’s Russell impression

    • I second the Sandra vs JFP fight, especially Sandra’s “I can get loud too, what the f…” quote and Jon going on to say that he has a million reasons why she won’t be the final one. Also of note:
      Erinn “Who is this jackass?”
      “He’s a Jew, he can’t eat ham”
      Eliza’s facial expressions…when she was on jury in Micronesia, I spent most of the tribal councils just watching her reactions to the statements

  3. #3 and #9 are not funny moments.
    I have only one link if you want funny moments:

    Among my favorite funny moments:

    -Rich vs the shark (All-Stars)
    -Jonn Fairplay’s dead grandmother (Pearl Islands)
    -150 to 200% satisfied (Thailand)
    -Eliza’s look at Chris after she gets voted out (Vanuatu)
    -Brandon shoots an arrow (Africa)
    -John needs someone to pee on his hand (Marquesas)
    -Edgardo gets blindsided (Fiji)
    -The amazonian cannibals story (Tocantins)
    -Jamie plays a fake idol (China)
    -James blindsided with two idols in his pocket (China)
    -Erik voted out (Micronesia)
    -Sophie’s reaction to the movie (South Pacific)
    -Sophie asks Albert to drop his stacks and help her (South Pacific)
    -Phillip creates Stealth’R’Us (Redemption Island)
    -Kat gets blindsided and leaves tribal council crying 5 minutes after having said that blindsides were fun (One World)
    -Penner shouts “DENISE!” at tribal council (Philippines)
    -Francesca and the rock (Caramoan)
    -Brenda cheers her team in a cute way at reward challenge (Caramoan)
    -Brad’s mathematics (BvW)
    -F*** You Brad Culpepper! (BvW)
    -Russel Feathers (BvW)

    • I love the 150 to 200% satisfied quote

    • ScottWatchesSurvivor // February 19, 2014 at 12:54 pm // Reply

      I like the article and all these moments you added. Let’s not forget Coach climbing the tree (and the betting between Rob and Sandra) or the 3 seconds of Coach and Russell on the teeter-totter!

      PS: Richard and the shark contends for my all-time favorite Survivor scene.

    • Number 3 was hilarious. What are you saying?

      Also, about the Osten was afraid of water part of the article, I felt it was a we bit unnecessary. You could have just left that part out, as it completely falls under stereotyping.

    • RUSTLE! R-U-S-T-L-E

  4. The funniest moment in Survivor history is easily the fire making tiebreaker challenge at the Final 4 in Cook Islands. Becky and Sundra trying to make fire is absolutely hilarious.

  5. Good list. It is hard to condense so many funny moments into a list of 10. I would have to include anything out of Rob Cesternino’s mouth

  6. Great list! These are all really funny moments, it was a good read. Since there are 100s of funny moments its hard to include them all. The It’s a f***** stick and Pelican Pete are among my favorites. Erik giving up his immunity necklace and Parvati reading JT’s “love letter” to Russell in her seductive voice is humorous and totally sexy. Also, Yau Man’s reaction to finding the idol in Fiji is hysterical!

  7. I can name a moment that beats all 10! Guess which Cook Islands moment I’m referring to.

  8. SERIOUSLY!? The food auction in Africa is not on this list!?!?!? HOW!?!? How does one forget Big Tom splitting the mystery item with Ethan only to discover it’s a breakfast with bacon, which Ethan can’t eat because he’s jewish! I have never laughed so hard in my life!

  9. amanda look like naked at that picture lol

  10. What a bad list. Greg did the island phone thing before it was cool.

  11. Crystal’s voting confessional at Randy’s boot tribal council is the most hilarious one together with the fake idol!!! Hahaha funniest tribal council ever!!! Hands down!!!

  12. Somethings I completely forgot about on this, but I cant believe that the Billys love for Candice moment missed the list! I actually had tears in my eyes watching that. Or basically anything Phillip or Rob C. said. Or a personal favorite of mine when Clay gets choked in by Robb in Thailand.

  13. What about Billy Garcias “love at first sight”

  14. Kyle Switzer // February 20, 2014 at 2:53 am // Reply

    To leave of Lisi falling in Fiji is a crime

  15. Also Coach’s Amazon story in Tocantins

  16. During All Stars, Tom Buchan’s observations of what the rest of the tribe were doing back at camp, while he and Boston Rob were on the ‘loved ones’ reward, was hilarious. “Amber’s gettin’ high on life or getting low to the ground, Rupert’s probably kissing and hunching over his harpoon, Jenna’s running that mouth like a bell-flaffer (unintelligible words) and Shi-Ann is trying to make an alliance with a bush…” One of my favourite moments for sure.

  17. I agree with a lot of the comments below, but a moment that hasn’t been mentioned and absolutely must be remembered is Angie and her COOKIES during Survivor Phillippines!

  18. The mixer-reward challenge from The Amazon should be up here, as well as all Rob Cesternino confessionals. Also there’s a moment from the premiere of One World where Probst asks Tarzan what his name is and they cut to a Troyzan confessional where he says “He can’t be Tarzan, I’m Troyzan!”

  19. Val and her invisible idols and Dale with is fake idol in San Juan Del Sur.

  20. jacob Adelsheimer // May 15, 2016 at 12:56 am // Reply

    he’s a jew and he wont eat the ham

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