Denise Stapley Interview


There is no denying that the last female winner of Survivor (at time of publishing this interview) is one popular lady. As recently pointed out in our greatest one time player poll, Denise has a large fan base and it’s easy to see why. Her win on the 25th season of the Philippines was one for the ages; literally going to every single tribal council from a tribe that looked like it couldn’t win a one number lottery right through to one of the most dominant and memorable final tribal council performances in the history of Survivor. And after being held back from higher powers from appearing on this show, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the legend that is Denise Stapley and her long overdue Survivor Oz interview!


Denise made tight bonds on Matsing, particularly with Malcolm early on. However with Matsing losing constantly, Denise had to fight for survival. A tribe dissolve came and survival was still the key strategy from Denise who survived till the merge, adapted her strategy beautifully and ended up at the FTC where she dominated the night and walked away a millionaire.

In our chat with Denise, she talks about the interview being long overdue, the last 12 months and it being a whirlwind, why she was tired of yelling at the TV and finally decided to apply for the show, the two page document she typed up on how she would play the game, never assuming there would be returning players on her season, why she bonded with Malcolm straight away at the start of the game, her survival instincts and constantly having to adapt her strategy, what happened with the spider bite and just how serious it was, what advice Jeff Probst gave her that ultimately helped her win as well as just how much her and Abi-Maria ‘hated’ each other, what her defining moments were and how close she was to returning for a second time since her win.

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1 Comment on Denise Stapley Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // February 22, 2014 at 11:32 pm // Reply

    Of all the great interviews you’ve done, THIS is the one CBS should hear. Denise makes the strongest case for casting “older” (and shorter — LOL!) women, for casting non-recruits and for casting TRUE fans of the game. What a great player (and from a great season, to boot). Denise is definitely one of my top three winners, and one of my fave players. And of course, (must suck up to the host), kudos to you Ben, for doing such a fine job! Definitely an interview I’ve been waiting to hear…

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