Marissa Peterson Interview


When your uncle has a habit of getting other people voted out due to his mouth, you know you go into a game such as Survivor with some danger hanging around you. For Marissa Peterson, her time on Blood vs Water was affected by exactly that, and the danger was something she couldn’t avoid. Not afraid to express her opinion, Marissa’s short stay on the show still brought her a wide variety of fans, and also gave us one memorable one liner that is sure to be used over and over again into the future. She did manage to make some very close friends out of the game and even managed to get Jeff Probst to hold her hair as she vomited. But why didn’t she get to speak at the reunion? And can Gervase REALLY swim? One great interview is awaiting you behind the link…

vo_marissa_riMarissa was seemingly on the outs immediately as Brad and her relationship got off to a shaky start. She tried her best to fit in around camp but the death knock came after an over exuberant Gervase celebrated Galang’s win a bit too much which caused her Tadhana tribe to turn against her and send her to RI. After a fighting couple of wins her luck would run out, and Marissa was eliminated pre-merge.

In our chat with Marissa, she talks about her recent work at a radio station, seeing a bearded Jeff Probst and what it looked like, why Gervase was essentially a new player on Blood vs Water like her, the relationship with Brad and why it got off to a shaky start, why she went against the wishes of the doctors by drinking unboiled water, THAT quote and how it came about, the pre-jury crew and strategy that was spoken about, just how close she was with Gervase pre-game, why people thought her and Gervase were a couple rather than being related as well as how frustrating it was not to get to speak at the reunion and the truth behind what Kat said at the reunion as well.

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2 Comments on Marissa Peterson Interview

  1. Robbed goddess ❤

  2. Katherine Adams // February 25, 2014 at 9:44 pm // Reply

    Marissa — what a hoot! Suspect she would have provided a lot of energy and fun antics had she not been voted out. Dang Culpepper!

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