Aras Baskauskas Blood vs Water Interview


Aras Baskauskas was one of the very first winners to appear on Survivor Oz back in 2012 when he first spoke about his time on the 12th season of Panama. Compared to our interviews today, it was a very short interview that didn’t cover too much of what actually happened, but since returning to play the game a second time Aras is back to give a longer and far more in depth interview for his die hard supporter base. From talking about struggling to forgive Gervase after the season was over right through to competing in Eurovision, Aras brings his likeable personality tenfold through your speakers in one entertaining chat!


Aras returned as one of the favourites to win Blood vs Water and started off strongly, forming a majority alliance and looking like he was in control of the game. However a tribal switch would occur and two of his alliance members in Tyson and Gervase started to plot against him, and he would eventually be voted out to RI where he would lose the dual and end up on the jury.

In our chat with Aras, he talks about only coming back on the show because Ben learnt how to pronounce his name correctly, getting back to normal and why it was different this time around, why CBS said no to his girlfriend playing and what lead him to suggest Vytas, whether or not there were pre-game alliances as had been rumoured, the risks he could take having already won the game, why it was ‘fucking cool’ to be blindsided, why it took so long for him to forgive Gervase for turning against him as well as impending father hood, his new band and offering to do some of our listeners homework for them.

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3 Comments on Aras Baskauskas Blood vs Water Interview

  1. Doug Marshall // February 26, 2014 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    I wouldn’t feel so cut that my question wasn’t asked if you hadn’t asked some lame questions like “why are you so awesome.” I actually put a tiny bit of thought into my question… 😦 Oh well 😛 It was a good interview still! 🙂

    • Sorry Doug but we did receive a large amount of questions that we simply didn’t have time to get to in the time we had for the interview, and several of the points raised in your question had already been covered. It’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes!

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