Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Things To Look Forward To On Survivor: Cagayan


‘Cagayan week’ continues today at Survivor Oz as we count you down to the premiere of Survivor: Cagayan! With only one day remaining until the premiere episode, we thought you get you in the mood by counting down the top ten things this season will offer that you can look forward to seeing! Taking you on this journey will be Ozlet, Noah Groves, who discusses the ten things he can’t wait for this season, whilst also typically applying his ‘Snug charm’ to the article! Don’t forget to get involved in the discussion by letting us know why your excited for Survivor: Cagayan!

10. Two Hour Premiere


It is still unclear whether or not the premiere episode will be an extended two-hour episode with one or two Tribal Councils or if it will be two episodes back to back. Due to the premier being delayed several weeks due to the Olympics, the general consensus is that it will be two individual episodes. This is somewhat upsetting as for the past three seasons we have had a ninety-minute premiere with just one Tribal Council, allowing more air time for the viewers to ‘meet’ the contestants. Either way, this should not be looked at as a negative as after a patient wait we will be treated with twice the amount of fun in one night and won’t be suffering from the dreaded one week wait for a new episode when we are all excited to see what the new season brings.

9. Art Work


One thing many fans have brought up since the release of some Cagayan promo pictures earlier in the year was the stunning artwork featured in the upcoming season. Most notable of these is the unique tribal torches and torch snuffer, which sport devilish creatures on them. This devil theme is also used for the Immunity Idols and the season logo printed on the tribe buffs. Jordan Ferrer, a production designer for Survivor recently spoke on the TV Guide Cagayan Preview stating that the inspiration for this season is taken from Indonesian culture, which he states has a “rich artistic history”. It remains to be seen if we will see more of this unique artwork in the challenges but it certainly is something to look forward to in the coming episodes.

8. No Redemption Island


Now don’t get me wrong, Redemption Island did work in Blood vs. Water and should return in a future Blood vs. Water season, (lets face it, a sequel is inevitable). Redemption Island worked in the previous season for a variety of reasons. The main factor being the loved ones twist and the drama caused by cross tribe arguments over loved ones being voted out. On top of this, the failed twist of a potential switch out between pairs did still make for some entertaining television and added a layer to Redemption. Maybe Blood vs. Water did give the producers hope in the success of Redemption Island, but the truth is it just simply doesn’t work without the factors stated above and takes out drama rather than adding it in.

7. Buddy Cops


One of the interesting casting decisions on this season is the inclusion of two police officers on one tribe. Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos both will compete on the Appari tribe or Brawn as they have been categorised. One interesting, (and suspiciously coincidental), note is that Sarah even spotted in her pre game interview that she could tell Tony was a cop by just looking at him. It will be fascinating to see how these two will react together. Will their similar occupations draw them together in an unbreakable bond or will there be a rivalry, with both striving to be the better cop? The two cops, one tribe storyline could make for one of the most entertaining happenings on Appari this season.

6. The Weak Player Twist


For those of you who haven’t heard yet, the twists will begin directly as the game begins as one member of each tribe will be elected a leader and will have to select who they think is the weakest member of the tribe. Those three ‘weak’ players will then be sent by helicopter to their respective camps and will have the option of choosing another bag of rice for their tribe or a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. This has lead to speculation from fans leading up to the season. Firstly, who will be elected leader of each tribe, followed by who will be chosen as the weakest player and will they choose the rice or clue. Will the weak players be able to work their way up and prove themselves or are they destined to be the first boots? Will the leaders be targeted early or will they step up to there given positions? This twist, (which will surely give Sandy and Sierra of Tocantins nightmares should they be watching), will add several layers to the game right off the bat and could potentially sway the entire game in a different direction.

5. Celebrity Contestants


Cagayan, just like Survivor: Philippines will feature two celebrity contestants among the cast, Clifford Robinson, on the Brawn tribe and Miami Marlins president, David Sampson on the Brains tribe. These players will probably be much more familiar with American viewers of the show than Australian. However, neither of the two are A-list celebrities and may not be recognised whilst on the island. How will these two players play the game compared to past celebrities such as Jeff Kent, Lisa Whelchel and Jimmy Johnson? Will they try and hide their identities such as Kent did on Philippines or use their stardom to their advantage like Jimmy Johnson. David stated in a pre-game interview that he would tell his tribe he works for the Marlins but isn’t the president. He also mentioned that he knew who Cliff was. It remains to be seen if his tribe will buy David’s lie but it certainly adds for interesting story arcs if these celebrities follow suit with what Jeff did on Philippines.

4. Three Tribes

3 Tribes

Firstly, I will point out that I am a HUGE fan of the three-tribe divide and that may make me bias but I think it adds many layers to the game. After All-Stars I never thought we would see three tribes again and was pleasantly surprised when Philippines came around, so it is an absolute treat to get the specific divide again in Cagayan. Jeff Probst said in the TV Guide Preview that the season was originally intended to be a regular season of two tribes until the Brawn, Brain and Beauty aspect was introduced. Lynne Spillman, (Survivor casting director), is to thank for this. Three tribes in Survivor adds a curveball to a regular season as players can no longer lock in to a six person alliance on Day One. It also means there is know where to hide and you must play at your absolute best from the beginning to avoid being voted off. One of the positives of three tribes is the factors brought in to the Merge. Just look at the Philippines Merge episode compared to One World’s. In Survivor: Philippines, three tribes worth of alliances and allegiances were tested while no one was safe. There is also many different outcomes/potentials of three tribes that we have yet to see. For example, the three tribes might be equal in challenge performance and enter the Merge all with four members, or we could see one tribe being completely Ulonged. The possibilities are endless and are bound to make this season more interesting than had it been two tribes!

3. Diverse Cast


Diversity within the casts has been disappointing in recent seasons with only fifteen African-Americans playing the game between Nicaragua and Blood vs. Water and fewer Asian-Americans. It seems most fans wish to see more diverse castaways rather than a Caucasian heavy cast and our wish has been granted. This season will feature four African-American contestants in Tasha, J’Tia, Cliff and Brice, all of whom seem like they will be entertaining and popular characters. On top of this we have Woo, who is the first physically built Asian-American male since Mookie in Fiji or perhaps Yul in the Cook Islands. On top of the races we also have a diverse range of ages, with an older than average cast along with the obligatory twenty-one and twenty-two year olds. This is by far the most diverse cast since Survivor: Fiji and hopefully it sets a trend for future seasons to come.

2. The Tribe Divide Twist


Clearly one of the major points to look forward to this season is the main twist itself; the Brawn, Brains and Beauty tribe divide. It seems that the idea of a brain vs. brawn season has been a common season suggestion by fans for many years, however, most seemed to picture it as a returning player season and without the beauty aspect. The addition of a beauty tribe is in my books a good thing. Not only do we get three tribes but we also get ‘an in the middle’ tribe. While the Brains may dominate the puzzles and the Brawns may dominate the physical aspect of challenges, the Beauty’s just could sneak through and be completely underestimated. It will be intriguing to see how much the contestants play up the stereotypes of their designated tribes, especially as many of them could fit in to multiple tribes. Ultimately, the tribe divide twist could play very little impact on the game, especially as, (if history repeats), we will see a Tribe Absorption when fourteen contestants remain. Nonetheless, it is exciting to see just what is made of these unique tribes.

1. All New Players

Cast Photo

I think everyone can agree that a season with all new players is the biggest addition to looked forward to on Survivor: Cagayan. I have yet to see anyone who didn’t want an all newbie season of Survivor. In the past seven seasons we have only seen two all new contestant seasons and broke the record for continuous retuning player seasons between Philippines, Caramoan and Blood vs. Water. The fans have spoken out and finally, finally we have received a season of all new contestants. Let’s hope Cagayan performs well so we may see similar seasons in the future and continue this trend. Every Survivor fan is looking forward to this season for the sole reason of these eighteen brand spanking new contestants!





What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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3 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Things To Look Forward To On Survivor: Cagayan

  1. Im also excited bout the ‘tyler perry immunity’! Jeff Probst actually tweets bout the premiere saying it is 2 tribal councils! Awesome!

  2. I pretty much agree with all of these, though I have a few reservations about the super hidden immunity idol (aka the Tyler Perry idol). I’ve heard that the premiere is basically two episodes put together because of the Olympics. I’m really excited about no redemption island, all new players, and three tribes. All should lead to a great season.

  3. Brice, Kass and Trish better be the 1st one out! #justsaying #TeamJTia #TeamJeremiah

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