Survivor Cagayan-Episode 1 & 2 Recap Featuring Diane Ogden!


The new season of Survivor: Cagayan is here! After an eye-opening two hour premiere episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Diane Ogden from Survivor: Africa!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to Survivor Oz’s episode recaps! Once again, I’m with you each and every week to break down each episode of Cagayan. Ben and the Ozlets will be chiming in each week as usual and as always we’ll bring you an exclusive recap with a former castaway about anything and everything that happened in the episode!

Season twenty-eight begins with Jeff explaining about the major twist this season – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty. As the tribes prepare to begin the game, they make their way to the drop off point. The Brains tribe, (who have a average IQ of one hundred and thirty), are arriving via helicopter and as they make their way to the beach, we hear from Spencer, (“I’m a diabolical genius who will be one of the best players ever”), David, (“There’s only one winner and I’ve been playing the game for a long time just not on the island”), and Kass, (“I’m more cunning and ruthless than ninety-five percent of people”). Big words from the Brains!

Next up is the Beauty tribe who are arriving via speedboat. Morgan claims that she usually gets what she wants, especially from guys, Jeremiah says he will win with the help of his looks and Jefra says her social skills will help her in the game.

Finally, the Brawn tribe are on route in a truck. Cliff states that if he “doesn’t win, he doesn’t eat”, Sarah says she has the best job in the world as a police officer because she “gets paid to punch people in the face”, and Tony believes he has what it takes to win because of all the physical activities he does as a cop.

The Brawn tribe is the first tribe to arrive at the drop off point where Jeff is waiting. Trish is excited and ready to compete. The Beauties arrive next, with Lindsey commenting that she was surprised they didn’t have “cheesy music” playing in the background upon arrival. The chopper then pulls in and the Brains disembark. Jefra comments that they look like the “Cochran’s – nerdy, smart and witty”.

With the tribe all together for the first time, Jeff welcomes them to the game, explains that they have been divided into tribes based on the stereotypes of Brawn, Brains and Beauty. He then asks Morgan which tribe she believes they are. Morgan says that her tribe are the beauty tribe. Spencer is then asked the same questions and he explains they are definitely the nerds, which leaves Tony to say that the Brawn tribe will stomp on beauty and brains.


Jeff and the three tribes, Beauty, Brawn and Brains (L-R), together for the first time. (Image Credit: CBS)  

Jeff instructs each tribe to select a leader, with only seconds of discussion allowed. LJ is selected as the Beauty tribe leader, admitting it must be because he is the “inner beauty of the group”. Sarah is selected as the Brawn leader, with Trish revealing that it is because Sarah seems very confident. Finally, David is elected the leader of the Brains tribe.

Jeff then instructs the leaders of each tribe that they have to pick out their weakest tribe member. LJ states that the game will be “all physical” and therefore chooses Morgan. Morgan says that doesn’t usually happen whilst LJ confesses that when it comes to beauty, you have “hot and cute”. He explains that “Morgan is hot”, (you don’t say), and that the other girls are cute and he “trusts cute more than hot”. Sarah tries her best to be nice about making the decision, admitting it’s a “sucky position” before choosing Trish. David claims he makes these decisions all the time so it isn’t difficult and instantly chooses Garrett, telling everyone that each decision you make in the game effects the entire game and therefore, whilst this decision will effect them immediately, he’s thinking long term as well. David goes onto confess that he picked Garrett as the weakest because he has a good combination of brawn and brains which is dangerous.

The three weakest are standing next to Jeff thinking their game is over. The good news is it isn’t and instead of walking to camp, they will be flown there by chopper and once there will have to make a decision on the tribes behalf. Suddenly, it’s the tribes who are nervous and not the three weakest. With that, Morgan, Trish and Garrett head off in the chopper and the three tribes get a map from Jeff and head off to camp.


Morgan, Trish and Garrett listen intently as they receive instructions from Jeff. (Image Credit: CBS)

Garrett is the first person to be dropped off at camp. He confesses that is sucks to be isolated from the tribe so early in the game especially when David didn’t even pretend to be sad about the decision. He claims the decision was “bullshit” and that he’s the strongest member on the tribe. He reads a note attached to the tribe flag. It informs him he can either help his tribe or help himself. He has to choose between a second bag of rice for the tribe or help himself by getting an Idol clue. Garrett does think twice, taking the Idol clue straight away. He explains that he isn’t just a “dumb jock” and that he is smart, therefore, David’s decision will come back and hurt him because David is just as much of a threat as he is.

Trish is next to arrive and admits she wasn’t surprised she was selected as the weakest because she is the “oldest and thinnest” member of the tribe. She reads the note and is extremely undecided about whether to take the Idol or the rice. She weighs up the decision, explaining she’s been a single mum for fifteen years and it has been hard raising her kids finically, therefore the Idol would benefit her. Despite this, she says she is a “team player” and decides on the rice.


Decisions, decisions. (Image Credit: CBS)

Morgan gets to camp and admit she is surprised she was seen as the weakest member. She says that she usually has guys “under her thumb” and LJ might have chosen her because he was tempted, before stating she will “never forgive LJ”. Like Garrett, Morgan takes the Idol clue, revealing that it’s a “game changer” and she can’t afford to pass it up.

We cross back to the Brains tribe where Garrett is searching for the Idol. He begins to complain as he struggles to find it. When it looks like he’s hopeless at hide and seek, he finds it hidden in the water. He unwraps it and it is revealed that the Idol is valid for the entire game, (not just the first Tribal Council the tribe attends), as Garrett claims that he’ll be keeping the Idol a secret.


Garrett celebrates finding an Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Beauty camp, Morgan has begun hear search for the Idol. As she looks around the rocks on the shoreline, the rest of the tribe march into camp with Morgan nowhere to be found. Morgan begins to panic, believing it will be obvious what she was doing. However, a stroke of genius ensures and she lies to the tribe, claiming that she had to make a decision over receiving supplies or receiving comfort. The tribe buys it and Morgan goes onto say that she was off exploring and found a nice pool with plenty of crabs in it for them to eat. LJ remarks that Morgan makes him nervous as she parades around in her underwear looking like a mermaid. He states that he wouldn’t be surprised if she already had a Idol or Idol clue and therefore needs to be on his best behaviour incase Morgan is a “hot girl with a grudge”.

Despite being at camp all but five minutes, Brice has his game face on and approaches Morgan hoping that his “purple pants and personality” will “get her over”. He explains that everyone seems to have a pair except for them and that they should stick together. Morgan agrees, telling us that Brice has her back but “we’ll see what happens”. Despite probably being seen as the ‘weakest tribe’, the Beauties waste no time getting fire as Alexis confesses that the tribe will probably be underestimated because nobody connects beauty and success.

The Brawn tribe arrives at camp and Trish immediately explains the decision she had to make. The tribe is extremely pleased that she decided on the rice and welcome her with open arms. Tony confesses that had he had the choice, there would have only been “one bag or rice and one Idol”. As the tribe set to work on building their shelter, Lindsey proclaims that they will dominant any physical challenge especially with “eight foot tall Cliff”. Cliff tells the tribe he works in sports marketing and played a bit of basketball, but there’s no hiding his real identity, with Woo revealing that he has a few of Cliff’s old basketball cards at home and that he was one of his favourite players. Cliff decided that telling his tribe about his former NBA career wasn’t a bad move because they didn’t seem that interest and merely see him as “Cliff the tribe member”. Sarah meanwhile is more concerned about Tony’s profession. She states that cops have a look about them and Tony has that look, she she approaches him and ask him whether he is a cop. He denies it, telling her that he works in construction but has lots of cop friends. Tony confesses he didn’t want to reveal his real profession because he believes being a cop will make him a threat. Sarah on the other hand has no reservation, telling Tony she is a cop before confessing that even with her cop skills, she can’t get a good read on Tony which makes her nervous.


“Are you a cop? Because I’m a cop”. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Brains tribe are the last to arrive at camp with Spencer confessing that David choosing Garrett as the weakest tribe member makes him an “idiot” and that it was a “bad move”. J’Tia informs the tribe that she is a nuclear engineer and has a plan on how to build the shelter. She immediately takes control, ordering the tribe around and doing little herself. Kass, Spencer and Tasha all comment on her “bossy attitude” before David and Kass go off alone together, claiming about J’Tia. David tells Kass to let J’Tia do what she’s doing and not get involved, before confessing that she is “too much”. With the shelter nearing completion, the entire structure collapses, along with J’Tia’s plans of how to build it.


Can you get that for me and can you build this for me? (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the first Immunity Challenge!

For the challenge, the tribes will have to maneuver a cart through an obstacle course, stopping three times along the way under a tower to collect a key. They will have to use each key to unlock a chest at each station, remove the chains and place it on their cart. Once they have all three chests, they have to dissemble their cart, force the pieces through a barricade, climb over themselves, then resemble the cart. They will then have to push the cart over a final set of obstacles before two tribe members will use puzzle pieces instead the chests to create a giant dragon puzzle. Up for grabs are two Immunity Idols, one for the first place finisher and one for the second place finisher, as well as Reward – first place gets a giant fire making kit and second place gets flint.


You’re playing for Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge begins and all three tribes reach the towers at the same time. Brice retrieves the key first, followed by Cliff and then Spencer. The Brains fall back after getting caught up in the chains as Cliff and Brice collect the second key. The Brawn tribe move onto their third key as the Beauties place their second chest on their cart and the Brains tribe, collect key number two. The Brawn tribe quickly get their cart through the barricade as the other two tribes collect their third key. Lindsey and Sarah work on the puzzle whilst the Beauty tribe work well together and get their cart through the barricade whilst the Brains struggle to work as a team, with puzzle pieces spilling out of crates, slowly them right down. Alexis and LJ start work on the puzzle for the Beauty tribe as J’Tia starts barking orders once again at her tribe mates, who are still stuck on the barricade and then Jeff begins to rip into them, labeling it “as the worse first up performance in Survivor history” – harsh words from J. Probst!


Survivor’s Ready? Go! (Image Credit: CBS)

Both the Brawn and Beauty tribes have well and truly begun working on the second crate of puzzle pieces as the Brains tribe arrives with Kass and Tasha working on the puzzle. Both the Brawn and Beauty tribes close in on finishing their puzzles. The beauties, thanks to Alexis and LJ are the first finished and claim Immunity. The brawn tribe are right behind them, claiming second place, leaving an embarrassed Brains tribe to rue their defeat, giving them their first taste of Tribal Council.



ABOVE: The Beauty tribe celebrate winning Immunity and BELOW: Brawn celebrate as well. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, the tribe agree that they can’t blame the loss on anyway and Tasha proclaims them “book smart but game dumb”. David and Kass go off for another walk and discuss how J’Tia took control of the challenge. The pair agrees that the vote will be between Garrett, (who David wants to send home), and J’Tia, (who Kass wants to say goodbye to). Kass tries to persuade David that J’Tia is the better choice because Garrett is a work horse and sending J’Tia home will not only give them harmony but relieve them of her “dead weight”. David isn’t sold but agrees to the plan.


Garrett or J’Tai? (Image Credit: CBS)

Later on, J’Tia pulls Kass aside and asks her about the vote. Kass comes right out and says that she is voting for her because she doesn’t feel like she has been pulling her weight around camp. Kass then tells J’Tia to start scrambling. Kass’ words upset J’Tia, who doesn’t believe she’s lazy and hopes her game isn’t over yet. Tasha and Garrett join J’Tia and assure her that whilst she might have rubbed people the wrong way, she’s not going anyway. Garrett claims that David will be sent home because he’s a big threat and if the three of them stick together, he can get Spencer onboard, giving them majority. Garrett informs Spencer of the plan but he’s more worried about Idols being played due to David and Kass spending lots of time together away from camp. Spencer panics about what they would do if an Idol is played. Despite the fact that he could settle Spencer’s nerves, Garrett keeps the information about the Idol to himself before worrying that Spencer’s doubt has he worried they don’t have four solid votes.


Tasha, J’Tia and Garrett plan to vote out David. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal Council begins with Garrett freaking out about a spider climbing all over him. Business then begins with J’Tia telling Jeff he’ll want to speak to her a lot tonight because she believes the target is on her. Kass says that this is because J’Tia came across as bossy and her plan to build the shelter resulted in it falling over. David confirms this, admitting J’Tia “came out strong” which was good whilst it lasted. J’Tia says that she had a plan and it didn’t work and that she couldn’t do much else. Garrett reveals that being an outsider early sucked and that he hopes the target isn’t on him because of this, which leads to David telling Garrett that he’s “not going anywhere tonight”. J’Tia claims that it would suck to go home and that the tribe needs to the about the first third of the game and not the second third, then admits that by this, she means that David should be the one to go. David explains that “when your going” you throw people under the bus, then corrects himself, saying, “when you think your going”. Spencer rounds us out saying that in the end, trust will be the deciding factor with the vote.

Jeff collects the votes and reads them. After four votes, we are deadlocked at two-two between David and J’Tia. Another vote for David is then turned up, before he receives a fourth vote and is eliminated form the game. WOW! First Tribal Council, first blindside!

In his final words, David confesses he has no regrets and that the tribe needs to get it together quickly.


David… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day Four dawns at the Brains camp. Garrett explains that whilst there was a lot of pointless arguing at Tribal Council, the point was to send David home and they achieved that. He then complains that he isn’t enjoying himself and the adventure isn’t what he thought it would be like. He states that he’s playing Survivor for the game, not for the survival aspects which he isn’t enjoying. The boys, who have noticed that the tribe is split with two men and two women with Kass in the middle, pull her aside and attempt to draw her into a Final Three alliance. Kass is smart though, she’ knows the position she’s in and isn’t going to jump the gun and choose a side now, instead, she utters the now famous words “as long as it’s not me” – which of course led Sandra to two victories.

It’s a much more happier morning at the Brawn tribe where Cliff and Woo have decided to go off and attempt to do some fishing in the boat. Cliff admits that he likes Woo and that everyone “needs a wingman to take care of business” and says he hopes “Cliff has Woo”. Whilst out on the water, the boat capsizes and the pair are thrown overboard. Once back on dry land, Cliff and Tony lift the boat to drain the water from it, (showing why they are both members of this tribe), as ‘good cop’ Sarah comments that everyone likes Cliff. We then get the ‘bad cop’ perspective as Tony claims that he needs to be aware of what’s going on because Lindsey, Sarah and Woo are all “fans” of Cliff.


They’ll never guess what tribe we’re on. (Image Credit: CBS)

Much like the Brawn tribe, the Beauties are fairly relaxed. Brice has his game face on as he labels Alexis “the flirt” of the tribe and contemplates what sort of game Jefra is playing; we then cut to Jefra asking the tribe how often they have been going for “number ones”. Classy. Morgan and Jeremiah bond, with Morgan playing the “friend card”, (poor man), but explaining that if she needs to real him in, she can definitely use her looks to her advantage. Brice has noticed Jeremiah drooling over Morgan to and decides to use it in his favour to draw Jeremiah into a three person alliance, by stating they need to be the “brains of the operation”. The three talk and seem to be getting along okay as we cut to a confessional of Brice proclaiming not to “judge a book by it’s cover” because he’s not the “fourth girl of the tribe”.


“Us country folk have to stick together”. (Image Credit: CBS)

It appears things aren’t all as they seem for the Brawn though. Lindsey and Trish aren’t getting along. Lindsey labels Trish “judgmental”, saying that she needs to chill out and that she “can’t stand her”. Trish is frustrated because Lindsey doesn’t work hard around camp and despite this, people seem to love her. She confesses this to Tony who admits that he has Trish’s back and that whilst she’s a sweetheart, she needs to remain strong in the game because they are both walking on eggshells around camp. Tony decides that he needs to get information from the “other side”, but without a snitch or a wire at his disposal, he builds a secret “spy hole” in the tribes shelter so that he can use it to listen in on conversations. He admits knowing what the other side is planning is crucial, especially if he wants to get rid of the ‘head of the pride’, Cliff.

With that, it’s challenge time!

For this challenge, all five tribe members will have to swim out to a cage, then climb up and over it. Inside the cage are four fish traps that have to be removed from the cage and taken back to shore. To do that, the tribes will have to untie a cage door to pull themselves and the traps through in order to reach to the beach. Once back at the beach, one person will use the puzzle pieces inside the fish traps to complete a complicated fish puzzle. Once again, two tribes will win both Reward and Immunity with the Reward for first place being a large fishing kit and second, a smaller fishing kit. Sitting out today is Brice and Cliff for their respective tribes.


The tribes compete in the Day Six Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The tribes head out and swimming isn’t an issue for anyone except J’Tia who is last to reach the cage, slightly holding up the Brains who reach the cage last. The Brawn’s are first in their cage and the first to untie their cage door, whilst the Brains make up time getting their the knots before the Beauties. Despite the fish traps being extremely heavy, the Brawn tribe have some difficulty with them whilst the Brains, (largely due to Garrett), have no issue and are first back to shore with a decent lead as J’Tia starts the puzzle. The Beauties are struggling badly, still not through their knots whilst the Brawn tribe have picked up a few injuries, (Sarah a sliced hand and Tony a cut toe), but it doesn’t stop them as they reach the beach and Sarah takes on the puzzle. Both Sarah and J’Tia place their first piece as the Beauties finally reach the beach as Sarah extends her lead over J’Tia, placing pieces two, three and four.


Puzzles are harder than you think. (Image Credit: CBS)

LJ begins tackling the puzzle for the Beauty tribe as Sarah continues her hot streak placing her final four pieces to secure a win for the Brawn tribe. J’Tia is still stuck with only one piece and is struggling big time as LJ makes light work of the puzzle, placing five pieces as J’Tia finally manages to place her second.


The Beauty tribe celebrate coming from nowhere to win Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Despite having a huge lead on both tribes, the Brains crumble again as LJ finishes off the puzzle, handed the Beauty tribe another victory and sending the Brains back to Tribal Council. (It’s interesting to note that the two seasons prior to this season to feature three tribes, the tribe that lost the first Immunity Challenge also went onto lose the second one as well; the tribes being Saboga in All-Stars and Matsing in Philippines). As they head back to camp, J’Tia admits that she failed and let the tribe down.


Jeff hands over Immunity to the Brawn tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)

After winning the challenge, the Brawn tribe are excited to sort through their fishing gear; and Tony is no exception. Once the gear has been put away, he returns to it and searches through it to see if there is a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol hidden amongst the fishing equipment. He’s correct as he finds a piece of paper inside. He reads the clue in a confessional and is overjoyed with relief as he realises he knows exactly where it is. He runs off to the “pool” out the back of their camp and begins searching the water. Like Garrett before him, he successfully discovers it, explaining that “it’s huge” and that he won’t be telling anyone.


A brewing Showmance? Tony is overjoyed at finding an Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Brains tribe, Garrett makes the executive decision to discuss the vote in an open forum. His intention of this is so Kass proves her loyalty and so he knows whether or not he needs to play his Idol. Reluctantly, Kass speaks out about J’Tia, saying she didn’t contribute in the challenge; to which Spencer and Garrett agree with. Tasha isn’t thrilled about speaking openly and says she’ll need to talk to people individually before making a decision. Garrett says he doesn’t want this to happen and Tasha complains that she doesn’t want to do that because it’s not the way the game is played. Garrett informs her he doesn’t want to play the game and that they should discuss it as a tribe. This doesn’t please Tasha who tells Garrett that if he doesn’t want to play the game to quit. Tasha then confesses that Garrett isn’t the leader of the tribe and that he does nothing but complain; therefore, if he doesn’t want to play Survivor, he should “get out of here!” J’Tia confesses that she’s not going to lie down and do as the tribe instructs and that they will be be able to win challenges in the future.


Openly discussing the vote? What a brilliant idea! (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer can’t believe Garrett, labelling him an “idiot” and a “moron” in the one sentence for wanting to openly discussing the vote. Spencer says that they should have gone about things normally and told J’Tia what she wanted to hear so they didn’t have to babysit her all afternoon. Kass and Tasha go off together with Tasha pleading with Kass to “change the game up” because it will be the only chance they have to take control of the numbers. Garrett and Spencer join the pair, leaving J’Tia on her own at the camp, something Kass is very concerned about and Garrett isn’t. Turns out Kass was right as J’Tia ‘does a Brandon’ and empties the tribes entire rice stores into the fire. The tribe returns to camp to see it and whilst she won’t admit she did it, it’s obvious to everyone it was J’Tia. Garrett confesses that without a supply of rice he’s hit a new rock bottom whilst Kass questions why they are the Brains tribe and states she can’t align with someone who threw away their rice.


No rice for you! (Image Credit: CBS)

That brings Tribal Council upon us. Spencer starts things off by saying an open, forum discussion about the vote is not the right way to go about things. Tasha backs this up, saying that whilst they were open about why they lost, they should have discussed who they were voting for in an open forum. Garrett defends this decision, saying he did it because he wanted Kass to work with him and not have to stress during the afternoon, before J’Tia admits to the tribe and Jeff that she disposed of the rice. Tasha explains that she knew J’Tia was “volatile” and that is why they should have had private conversations. Garrett says that J’Tia was always the one going home and that having private conversations put others at stake. He continues, stating that J’Tia is painting him in a negative light which is unfair.

Kass reveals that Garrett is “very paranoid” and that he can’t expect people not to talk before Tribal Council. Tasha chimes in telling Garrett that they can’t play the game if they aren’t allowed to talk which gets Garrett fired up as he tells Tasha she’s upset because her biggest ally is on the chopping block and to ask the “other members of the alliance”, or tribe, as he corrects himself, to confirm that. Kass laughs and Garrett reveals to the tribe that he has a Day Four alliance with Kass and Spencer. J’Tia laughs and comments that he has a “very flexible alliance”. Jeff asks Garrett if he heard right – there’s a three person alliance of Garrett, Spencer and Kass then there’s J’Tia and Tasha. Garrett disagrees, saying that they are a tribe of four strong before Spencer cuts across him and tells Jeff his assumption is correct. Garrett then states that Kass went to him in order to create an alliance to “break up the girls”. Kass denies this is how it went down. We close off with Garrett saying the the four people are equal, which leaves J’Tia to question which four they are.

The votes are cast and Jeff reads them. Once again we have a two-two deadlock, (between Garrett and J’Tia), before the deciding vote is read sending Garrett home in another surprise blindside! What’s even funnier is that Garrett didn’t play his Hidden Immunity Idol which he reveals in his final words, is sitting back at camp! Poor bloke, he doesn’t even have a souvenir.


Garrett… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

As the tribe leaves Tribal Council, Spencer asks who will welcome him “to the bottom” with Kass saying that “it’s not so bad”, whilst I’m picture how much fun David and Garrett are going to have together now they are reunited.

Next week, the rains coming and Tony’s looking for a new ‘partner’.

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  Ben’s Opinion

Ben W

Wow. Just wow.

That was probably the best season premiere since Heroes vs. Villains and you could argue one of the best of all time. It was great to watch and I really think it showed it’s been long overdue for an all new players season. Was fantastic to watch.

Loved the dynamic of the tribes and obviously a few stand outs on each tribe. For the beauty crew my girl Morgan got her time to shine despite being voted as weakest straight away, and she covered it well when the tribe arrived back at camp that she was looking for the idol. Her relationship with Brice will be interesting to watch, and I feel if they can get a foothold with a few of the others they could be a group to watch if they keep winning. Brawn wise, Tony was the star clearly. The guy who I swear is Derek Zoolander with a bald head and on steroids is on track for a lot of airtime, but I don’t know if that means he’ll go deep. He is sceptical of Cliff being so well liked which sets things up for a move or two in the future, and it could make for interesting watching. I loved the Cliff/Woo bromance, although sad to see Sarah and Tony not being able to arrange a ‘buddy cop’ thing with their professions!

That brings me to the brain tribe. Oh dear. They are the smart ones right? Well you could’ve fooled me. Straight away one of my tips to go all the way to the end David is gone, but he definitely showed some spice which would’ve made him a great player to watch. It did come at saving my girl J’Tia though which I was over the moon about, but it certainly was an interesting choice given what happened at the next challenge. J’Tia blew it, and for sure that was her gone. She then tipped out all the rice. Second nail in the coffin? But somehow she survives. And you have to say with all that in mind, somewhere and somehow that is going to bite them on the ass badly. If she wins, then wow, she has pulled off one amazing string of results to turn that around. But you go girl! Garrett, I don’t know what to say. You try and pull a Boston Rob by not allowing your tribe to talk strategy by themselves but in the second episode? You’re a poker player dude! Come on! That was playing your hand way to early, and I was sad to see him go as I really got a good vibe he would go deep and be entertaining along the way. It also puts Spencer in a pickle which sucks, but somehow I feel as though we’ll be seeing a lot of Spencer for some time.

It’s early days, and you can never judge a season based off it’s premiere. But if each week is as good as this week, then we are in for one hell of a season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


What a premiere! Two blindsides, a few Idols, a come back in a challenge, shattered alliances… we certainly got what we paid for tonight! I’m not going to compare it to other seasons but it was certainly a very solid premiere.

Going into an all newbies season in this era of Survivor is always risky. Ratings are dropping, the shows getting older, so newbie seasons are always a bit of a risk because there is a chance they could be a complete disaster. Based on tonight’s two episodes, I think the casting department can take a bow and kick their feet up… by the looks of it, they’ve hit a winner with this bunch of newbies.

The first episode I’ll admit that I was shattered David left. He was an interested character I would have loved to have seen more of but the mistakes he made in the game were basic so I’m not going to defend him. Mind you, the Brains tribe, (and Garrett), on a whole…

I was hoping J’Tia  would be sent home because I couldn’t stand her, but she stays, not once, but twice! Crazy! Garrett deserved to be sent home, I have no idea what footage of Survivor he watched when he was in training for the show but it definitely wasn’t the America version. Idiotic to the extreme!

The Brawn tribe has a lot going on. Sarah and Tony who I weren’t that interested in pre-game have shown something, Cliff is fitting into the uncle role nicely, Woo is your quiet achiever and then you have the issues between Lindsey and Trish. A very interesting dynamic that is going to be fantastic in coming weeks should three tribes remain three! Fingers crossed in happens.

I’m happy with how my pick with season, (LJ), started the game. Whilst he doesn’t seem like he’s in much of an alliance, he’s proved his worth in challenges, showing strong displays in the puzzle sections, so he’s definitely no expendable. Morgan has shown more than I thought she would – I wouldn’t have expected her to come up with that lie about choosing the supplies. Jefra is very much floating through so far and Alexis is playing the “flirt” according to Brice yet I am drawn to her and I hope she sticks around for a while.

One thing that hit the nail on the head were the challenges. Whilst we’ve seen variations of both prior, they were two fun, entertaining challenges to start the season off strongly. Plus, we got a decent water challenge for the first time since they have been promising them since shooting in the Philippines!

Whilst I am by no means sold on this season yet, (it’s way to early to tell how it will play out), it’s set up a very good foundation which will hopefully continue over the coming months!

Survivor Re-capper: Diane Ogden


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our first recap features Diane Ogden from Africa, as she discusses what she thought of the premiere episode, why Garrett was a ‘dumbass’ and comparing him to Clarence, her thoughts on the three tribe twist and dividing them into three unique elements, seeing J’Tia tip out the rice and why that didn’t happen on her season, her thoughts on David joining the ‘first boot club’, her love of Woo, Tony and making out with the idol as well as seeing all new players for the first time in four seasons and why players should complain about the rain! Diane then answers our final set of 5 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO: Spencer

Join us next week as we are joined by Francesca Hogi from Redemption Island & Caramoan to help us recap the third episode of Cagayan!


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18 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 1 & 2 Recap Featuring Diane Ogden!

  1. The brains are the definition of entertainment and J’tia is the queen. If you are taking it seriously you deserve to be bitter and disappointed.

  2. Within 2 episodes, Tasha has quite possibly jumped into my TOP 3 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME list! Brilliant!

    • wow there. If you think she’s a top 3 player of all time you’re playing too fast like David. If you like her as your top 3 for people you like that makes sense.

  3. I think Cass’ decision to flip might have been strategic in a kind of crazy way. This ways at least if they lose again twice she is almost assured that because of her alliance with Tasha she will be one of the last two that gets absorbed by the other tribes. She couldn’t trust Garret enough to have that safe guard in case they lost again.

  4. CRAZY BACK2BACK TRIBAL COUNCILS! As expected from the Brains Tribe. lol
    I’m just quite shocked they’re in there this early! I think J’Tia is the new Russell Hantz indeed. Let’s see if she can redeem herself. UH OH

  5. This is the best premiere ever imo. Right mix of drama, fun and good blindsides. The brains tribe is a piece of WORK. So good to watch though! ODDEST TRIBE indeed 🙂

  6. What an awesome episode, how i wish its gonna be 2hours every week haha. Im so shocked with J’tia tbh, i mean wtf :O Kass is very surprising as well, i can’t believed she managed to be not on the chopping block. AMAZING. Tasha’s guts and confidence makes me root for her more. So proud of her. I hope Spencer’s Angels tribe managed to stay together until merge.

    In Brawns: Sarah and Tony caught my attention
    In Beauty: Morgan and Brice can do major damage!

  7. very happy with the first 2 tribal councils, eat that beauty tribe bashers lol!

  8. #TeamJTia #DONE

    15 Responses to “Survivor: Cagayan Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!”
    January 25, 2014 at 6:54 am # Thanks for this guys! Love reading your thoughts and comments about the new castaways. I actually like a lot of them based on first impressions. My faves personally are:
    Woo -i hope he’s like yul/ozzy in one hahah
    & Lindsey -love the hair reminds me of Courtney the bff of b1tchy Danielle in Panama
    J’Tia -looks gorgeous, smart & feisty
    Spencer -love his guts, i hope he’s not all talk
    David -this guy better be the puppetmaster this season lol
    Jeremiah -hot af, seems very likable and easy on the eyes haha
    Jefra -looks like Jordan of Big Brother USA, i hope see made it to merge
    LJ -he seems very nice and sexy, i hope he’s in a dominating alliance
    Morgan -so pretty, i hope she surprises the viewers strategically

    I hope these people do well in the game. So excited for the next season, good thing its a 2 hour premiere (technically 1 1/2 due to ads lol)!

    P.S. Will there be an Australian version of Survivor? I wanna watch Jarryd play lol! Since Big Brother Australia is so great & fun.

    Reply Princess
    January 25, 2014 at 9:37 am # Jeremiah, Woo & LJ are so hot. Why tf is Brice on beauty?! I’d rather see a brawny/brainy gay guy than another Colton clone #LAME

    The girls are not bad too! Morgan, Jefra & J’Tia are standouts for me. I hope they bring more than looks though.

    I’d watch out for the sneaky ones like Spencer, Kass & Garrett, maybe David too idk haha.

    Based on these, its hard to judge them yet, I’ll know when i saw the premiere. Survivor needs another Russell Hantz ASAP. idc if a boy/girl lol, i think the recent survivor castaways on the jury are less bitter than before so im stoke to see how it play out. I hope this season is blindside galore or drama-rama hahaha!

    January 27, 2014 at 9:47 am # Your second sentence is actually pretty homophobic. I don’t see how Brice and Colton are similar in anyway aside from their sexual orientation, especially considering how Colton is normally accused of being racist.

    Your last paragraph just made me LOL. Enough said.

    January 27, 2014 at 9:48 am # Sorry, I mean “third sentence”, not “second”.
    January 25, 2014 at 1:06 pm # This Preview was fantastic, but I should point out you spelled J’Tia’s name incorrectly.

    Survivor Oz
    January 25, 2014 at 1:18 pm # Thanks Matt, we have fixed it

    Reply Beckylyn
    January 25, 2014 at 2:02 pm # J’Tia, Jeremiah, Jefra or LJ ftw! Brice better be an early boot pretty plssss! I can feel that this season will be EPIC. So happy Survivor is renewed til next year! ❤ Survivor OZ

    Reply survivordreamzer
    January 25, 2014 at 3:39 pm # Great cast assessment, I’m so glad to see a batch of new players! I guess I’ll put in my two cents and share my thoughts.
    Aparri – Brawn: My favorite from this tribe is definitely Trish. She is reminiscent of a Denise and Dawn hybrid and though she was cast to be the token older woman, I think she can become much more if she plays her cards right. As a tribe I think that the Brawns will go into the merge with the numbers if they don’t let Tony become Russell 2.0 and cut him loose early.

    Luzon – Brains: The top pick on Luzon for me is J’Tia. From her video I can tell she has at least two of the three title traits and if she can avoid being booted early when the brains inevitably lose a challenge, she will definitely make an impact. I also like the looks of Garrett. He seems to have what Jean-Robert lacked, the looks and abs to get away with his arrogance, but we’ll just have to see with him… The brains have it in the bag if they can make it to the merge with at least three players (not Spencer, he is their kryptonite) still in the running. Since there are three tribes to begin with they have a great chance to switch allegiances and change things up after the merge.

    Solana – Beauty: Oh for the love of god could there ever have been a more useless looking tribe? Okay maybe they aren’t that bad. However, Looks don’t necessarily guarantee social skills and the only beauty worth a glance from something other than their abs or bikini bod is Jeremiah. Hopefully he will impress me and become the embodiment of a J.T. and Fabio compound. Male models have a pretty good record when it comes to survivor and he should make the merge if only for being the last left from his tribe. Beauties have a small chance if the remnants of their tribe after the challenges can dig their nails into some brainy or brawny coattails. This will only work if the brains and brawns are actually THAT bad at the social stuff, but we seem to have some well rounded brains and brawns so the beauties better cross their fingers and pray for a miracle (not that god has a vested interest in survivor anyway- gotta love Rob C.)

    Anyway, can’t wait for the premiere! Also, bring on the Cagayan articles because I’m having withdrawals and I need my fix away from my Vanuatu re-watch…
    -Survivor Dreamzer

    Reply Willie
    January 25, 2014 at 4:35 pm # We don’t even need to recap this season because J’Tia is taking it out. She is giving me LIFE.

    You know she is going to blindside Spencer with a sassy “checkmate” and pick everyone off like a goddessa viper. WINNER REALNESS.

    The whole Luzon tribe is PERFECTION. I hope the only person they lose is Garrett before merge. I haven’t been this excited for a tribe in years.

    Other favs : Lindsey, Alexis, Brice, Jefra and Trish.

    Reply Calum
    January 25, 2014 at 6:59 pm # I personally like garret, I think he will have a good social gameplay and even tho he might be a little arrogant I still think he will at least make the jury I think he will be kept around for challenge purposes. I’m also a fan of Woo, Jeremiah, LJ, Morgan, Lindsey and Trish there are others I like they just stand out to me

    Reply Debbie
    January 26, 2014 at 7:09 am # Yay! The new cast is finally revealed! Its nice to see more diversity this season and more matured people are included, Less childish behavior, the better. LOL. I actually don’t know which tribe to root for so i will support them individually hahaha.

    My early picks for now based on pre-game interviews are:
    J’Tia (fierce & competitive, LOVE IT)
    Spencer (not afraid to make big moves, he’s cute too lol)
    Kass (so funny and nice, i hope she do well)
    Jeremiah (very charming, i’m sold hahah)
    Jefra (being a cancer survivor in real life is inspiring, i like her attitude)
    LJ (i see him having quotable quotes during confessionals & he’s HOT)
    Tash (so bubbly and cute, i can see her doing big move as well )

    Reply Princess
    January 27, 2014 at 10:28 am # FIRST IMPRESSIONS:
    CLIFF-overrated LINDSEY-extrovert SARAH-just a follower TONY-brash TRISH-may come off rude WOO-dominant in challenges

    DAVID-overthinker GARRETT-not trustworthy J’TIA-bitchy but can control the game KASS-boring SPENCER-big ego TASH-good at puzzles

    ALEXIS-friendly BRICE-annoying for sure JEFRA-tough JEREMIAH-likable LJ-yummy MORGAN-fake

    i hope this site also covers Survivor South Africa! They are now on Season 5. The premiere is awesome, they had great cast too! Thanks for the updates Survivor Oz! More Power!☺

    Reply Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj
    February 2, 2014 at 8:24 am # Sarah first boot?

    Because the brawn tribe is going to lose the first immunity challenge…

    Reply IcarusArts
    February 3, 2014 at 5:47 pm # FYI, Jonas is indeed Asian, not Polynesian. He is Japanese and has lived in Japan, but was raised in Hawaii.

    Reply Gabbi
    February 17, 2014 at 12:34 pm # L.J’s real name is Leon Joseph btw :p


  10. These past seasons shot in the Philippines are awesome, I won’t mind another island there as long as its amazing like Survivor: Philippines, Caramoan & Blood vs. Water 😉 TIP TO WIN PER TRIBE: SARAH (brawn), JTIA (brains), LJ (beauty)

  11. j’tia is a straight up b!tCh! kass is impressive and dumb at the same time! tasha, u go gurl! spencer, hang on buddy!

    cliff is super nice, too bad he won’t win this game though! sarah is just amazing and fun, love her! lindsey is interesting hmmm! tony is the bomb, way to go! woo is so funny and cute! trish screwed herself by not taking the immunity idol clue!

    morgan is proving me wrong hahaha! brice

  12. cray cray premiere lol

  13. if i would rank their chance to win atm:
    BRAINS-Tasha, J’Tia, Kass, Spencer
    BRAWN-Sarah, Woo, Tony, Cliff, Lindsey, Trish
    BEAUTY-LJ, Jeremiah, Morgan, Brice, Jefra, Alexis

  14. THIS IS SHAPING TO BE A GREAT SEASON! 😀 im just happy my faves are all safe omg! what an intense premiere in a while whew! Really dont care bout David but im disappointed Garrett leaves this early! Kass is def something after being able to control the votes. Im liking her a bit more 🙂 J’Tia better get it together, i still root for this crazy bitch hahaha. LJ! *swoon* that is all.

  15. are you guys using all first boots for the recaps this year. Diane, Francesca……maybe Sonja next lol

  16. Katherine Adams // February 28, 2014 at 5:37 pm // Reply

    Loved Diane’s dry (and hilarious) recap. Cliff — he was a Trail Blazer. Beloved in Oregon, so obviously, I’m rooting him on. I like Kass and Sarah, as well. J’Tia — dumping rice in the first episode because she got mad? Explain THAT at a final tribal council. And Tony — the cop who lied to a smarter cop? No. Dang him for finding the idol. The torrential rain next week will probably have us all saying “uh oh.” Bring on next week!

  17. LJ resembles Michael Fassbender. Yummy. :p
    J’Tia, no words to describe her and i love her for that haha
    Uncle Cliffy is so adorable!
    Morgan, who would have thought there’s more to her than t!ts?
    Spencer is the hotter version of Cochran indeed.
    Sarah is gonna be fun to watch with all her paranoia
    Brice is soooooo conniving
    Tasha makes the premiere awesome
    Tony, Tony, Tony, love his accent lmao
    Alexis, super duper annoying!
    Kass seems smarter than i thought :O
    Woo reminds me of Yul a lot.
    Jefra so far is boring *yawn*
    Lindsey’s hair ❤
    Jeremiah, definition of manliness & that smile damn!
    Trish declining the immunity idol clue will haunt her is she gets voted out 😦

    P.S. when's the power ranking by ben & jarryd? can't wait! x

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