Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 1


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 1 & 2 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Woo


OVERALL: 1st (+1)

BILLY: “Still My pick to win it all! Just keeping quiet early, and will make moves late. He has a likable personality and doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way. He’s gonna be around for a long while.”

KELLY: “Doesn’t appear to be a great physical threat even though he is on the brawn tribe.  He seems to be one he may fly under the radar this season, to the end.”

BEN: “Very quiet edit from the lovable Woo, I think it’ll work to his advantage at this stage. Him and Cliff are set for an epic bromance which will be great, and I expect he will do great in challenges which will put a target on him come the individual portion of the game. A very early tip for fan favourite.”

JARRYD: “Didn’t see much of him but seems like a hard worker who is a valuable tribe member/alliance member. Showed enough in challenges to suggest he could be dominant later on in the season. ”

2nd – Tony


OVERALL: 2nd (+8)

BILLY: “Has the Hidden Immunity Idol and a Spyshack! He’s fun to watch.”

KELLY: ““Fibbing” about his profession was a GREAT choice.  Now, he has an idol – GREAT MOVE ! If he actually keeps it quiet and doesn’t do anything to make his tribe want to eliminate him in the first few then he is home free.”

BEN: “Tony surprised the crap out of me this episode and I think he has found himself in a very valuable spot. He is strong, likeable and clearly he isn’t afraid to lie to get far. That’s not of course always a good thing and I think if he’s on that course so early then it can turn people against him which will prevent him from winning, but I can definitely see him making it to the FTC at this stage.”

JARRYD: “Big character this season but won’t be the smartest player. Pointless lie to Sarah about being a cop will make him seem untrustworthy. Has an Idol which will mean he has some power.”

3rd – Sarah


OVERALL: 6th (9th)

BILLY: “I said she would be a very outspoken and assertive police officer. Yep, I got that one right! Will she join Tony next episode?”

KELLY: “She is too nosey (i.e. questioning Tony) – too sneaky – too something, think people may question her motives and loyalty somewhere here soon.”

BEN: “How quickly things change. A week ago Sarah was my tip to be first boot, and now she is just missing out on the FTC. She was great this episode and will go deep into this game. She has the smarts about her to call out Tony and I do see those two working together ultimately despite the false start. My real smokey for a win.”

JARRYD: “Big surprise packet for me. Didn’t give her much credit pre-game, but has shown enough to suggest she can go a along way. Another very good puzzle maker that will help her personally and help her tribe. If she can find a good alliance, could go a lot further than I originally thought.”

4th – Lindsey


OVERALL: 8th (-4)

BILLY: “She’s on a strong tribe that shouldn’t loose anytime soon.”

KELLY: “Not seeing as much of her as I was expecting.  She seems badass though so I definitely give her the benefit of the doubt here”

BEN: “This is the season where an ‘alternative’ female contestant will do well, I can feel it! Lindsey is a girl with attitude and she is willing to play this game, and already I see her getting in tight with the likes of a Tony and Sarah which will take her deep into the game. She is madly into Cliff, but I feel as though Tony could persuade her to take his side and go against him in order to further herself.”

JARRYD: “Could be in a little bit of danger due to her dislike of Trish yet I think she’ll be able to work her way around that. Nothing special so far but more to come.”

5th – Cliff


OVERALL: 9th (+7)
BEN RANK: 12th

BILLY: “He’s popular early on because of his NBA past. Can his body hold up because of his NBA past?”

KELLY: “Thinking they may hold being a basketball player against him and will do their best to make sure he doesn’t make it to the tribe.”

BEN: “Great start for Uncle Cliff and interesting to see him come clean straight away about being an NBA player. However we’re already getting strong indications he might be in trouble given how ‘popular’ he is around camp. Tony isn’t going to stand for that, and I give it only a matter of time until Cliff bites the bullet. Which will be a shame, because he is already coming across as one nice and likeable dude.”

JARRYD: “Majority of the tribe really like Cliff and I can’t see him going anywhere anytime soon. Smart move to want to align himself with someone who used to think of him as their hero, (Woo), because it’s going to be difficult for Woo to stab him in the back – think about it, if you where playing the game with your favourite sports star, would you consider backstabbing them? I know I wouldn’t.”

6th – Trish


OVERALL: 13th (-8)
BEN RANK: 11th

BILLY: “She had a chance to choose the clue for the HII and chose to hook the tribe up with food thus choosing to go for politics as self preservation rather than going the direct rout. Then she makes an alliance with Tony who, unbeknownst to her, found that Hidden Immunity Idol. It’s better to be lucky than good sometimes.”

KELLY: “People are going to realize how physically strong she is and not want to take her to the merge.  Her decision to choose rice over the idol clue is going to bite her in the booty.”

BEN: “She has gotten off to a decent start but I think she is on the bottom right now of the brawn tribe. Voted out straight away, she saves face with the rice but she is already clashing heads and I don’t see her lasting that far.”

JARRYD: “Definitely the weakest member of the Brawn tribe and it could be the reason she’s sent packing if they lose a challenge. Seems like an ‘old school player’, more worried about the tribe and camp life than playing the game.”


1st – Spencer


OVERALL: 11th (+2)
BEN RANK: 13th

BILLY: “Second smartest player on the dumbest tribe ever! I expect Spencer & Tasha to emerge from this bad tribe like Malcolm & Denise did a few seasons ago.”

KELLY: “He is the undercover brother. – As long as the brain tribe starts winning because I don’t know how he will stand strong with those three girls.” 

BEN: “Right now I’m going to say I don’t see the brain tribe winning a challenge. They are in shambles, and to me that puts all four of their remaining members at the bottom. However having said that, despite losing his number one guy I think Spencer is going to have the sneaks and smarts enough to weasel his way to at least some form of tribe switch or dissolve. But it’ll be curtains from there.”

JARRYD: “Most switched on member of the Brains tribe who is now staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. In big trouble but smart enough to know how to get out of it. Big ask from here.”

2nd – Tasha


OVERALL: 14th (-5)
BEN RANK: 14th

BILLY: “Smartest player on the dumbest tribe ever! Can we change the name of the Brains tribe to the road kill tribe? She should come away from the last Tribal Council as the power player of the Brains tribe.”

KELLY: “She is going to get on peoples nerves and she enjoys “scheming” – that is a recipe for disaster.”

BEN: “Tasha has come to play this game and she had one hell of a roller coaster ride this episode. I think Spencer and her will survive the longest, but again I can’t see her going any further than that. Another shame, because she seems like a great character.”

JARRYD: “Wants to play the game but needs to understand it’s dangerous to play hard early. Nothing special about her except she wanted to voice her opinion. Clocks ticking.”

3rd – Kass


OVERALL: 15th (-1)
BEN RANK: 16th

BILLY: “- On a tribe so bad that her days are numbered.”

KELLY: “She is a snake, snakes make it far…but not too far.  Guessing other people will see this “quality”.”

BEN: “Two episodes in and Kass just can’t make up her mind! Definitely the swing vote but I think Spencer can work his sneaks into the other girls and target Kass for being a bit flip floppy early on. Another shame, because she seems like one interesting and diverse character.”

JARRYD: “Expendable. Trying to play smart but doing a bad job of it. Can’t see her pulling off anything special in weeks to come.”

4th – J’Tia


OVERALL: 16th (-13)
BEN RANK: 15th

BILLY: “Now when they say she’s a Nuclear Scientist do they mean she operates the microwave oven at a deli? Good Lord! How is she still in the game? Well the answer is Garrett was that bad of a player. J’Tia’s game is a disaster…..A Nuclear Disaster! I think I’d rather be painted as lazy than psycho. I can at least say that it was a long flight from New York to the Cook Islands and most people would understand that. What can be said about being a human nuke?”

KELLY: “Barking orders and threw the rice in the fire – she is definitely the next to go.”

BEN: “So many fans breathed a sigh of relief when J’Tia managed to survive not one, but two tribal councils. But wow, can she do it again? Unfortunately I can’t see it happening, but I am usually wrong with these and I really hope I am this time too!”

JARRYD: “Should be enjoying losers lodge right now. How she survived two votes is beyond me. Horrible player who has stayed longer than she should have.”


1st – LJ


OVERALL: 3rd (+4)
BEN RANK: 2ndth

BILLY: “He’s getting played. Might get lucky none the less because of his physical strength.”

KELLY: “They will eventually eliminate LJ because he is physically capable of winning and kind enough to win the million – he appears to be a good person, so far.”

BEN: “LJ definitely was one of the stars of this episode. He was elected ‘leader’ straight away, made some tough decisions but still came out on top and didn’t look like he was in any kind of trouble. He has the ability and charm to work with all the girls on the beauty tribe and I really think that the beauties are in a very good spot right now after showing their worth in challenges and having all that charm and charisma on their side. Could be a powerful duo with Jeremiah.”

JARRYD: “Despite seeing little of the Beauty tribe’s strategy, I think LJ started the game well. He is clearly their strongest member in challenges and also was fantastic at both puzzles, making him extremely valuable to the tribe. Shouldn’t run into many issues in the next few episodes. ”

2nd – Jeremiah


OVERALL: 4th (-3)

BILLY: “Brice & Morgan have control on this tribe. Could be the odd man out.”

KELLY: “Where has he been this premiere?  My red flag of greatness is coming out again!  Don’t think he is going to do anything to cause his tribe to want him gone immediately so he should make it pretty far, until people see him as a physical threat.”

BEN: “I still see Jeremiah sitting pretty right now (in more ways than one) as he didn’t go an edit the first episode that was too much or even too little. He is just there. And we’ve seen some strong personalities emerge at the moment on the beauties and with infighting and strategy to come into full swing over the coming weeks, Jeremiah can keep his head out of trouble and he will be sitting pretty for some time.”

JARRYD: “I think he’s slightly in over his head but he fits in well in the Beauty tribe. I don’t think he’ll have what it takes to make his mark on the game and in the mean time he needs to keep his head in the game and his eyes away from Morgan in order to prove he’s playing strategically; Brice and Morgan probably aren’t the best allies for him.”

3rd – Alexis


OVERALL: 5th (+7)

BILLY: “Surprisingly good a challenges so far. I’d like to see more of her game before I rank her higher. She could be a dark horse player this season.”

KELLY: “They are showing her minimally which is my first red flag of greatness – and she has the looks and kindness to be a potential millionaire.”

BEN: “Not the biggest edit for Alexis early on but she could be the real swing vote of the beauty tribe. Staying out of trouble, being social and looks great in challenges, Alexis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

JARRYD: “A no-frills debut but one to watch in the future. Did the puzzle in the first challenge alongside LJ which suggests she’s going to be strong in that department. Some of her ideas about the game are silly but she has a look about her that screams devious.”

4th – Jefra


OVERALL: 7th (+4)

BILLY: “She is living up to her last name.”

KELLY: “I want Jefra to make it to the final three – I want her to represent for all the beautiful blonde girls in this world that are kind and wonderful and strong, but yet still, constantly having to prove themselves.  She, like Garrett – seems to have the brain to make it this far – and like Alexis – is shown minimally (hope this is a good thing!) GO JEFRA !!!!!!!”

BEN: “”Similar to Alexis, but looks as though she might struggle emotionally with certain parts of the game next week. Another great challenge competitor who is really putting all stereotypes associated with the beauty tribe to shame, I don’t see her being voted out before the merge at this stage.”

JARRYD: “Jefra is not threatening which is a huge advantage to her. She’s avoiding conflict and has fitted into the tribe well. She’s smart enough not to be a goat at the end of the season. Will be liked by all.”

5th – Morgan


OVERALL: 10th (+8)

BILLY: “Working the seduction game successfully on a tribe where everyone should be expecting it. She has the best Boobs on Survivor ever beating out my former Boobs champ Katie Hanson! Unlike Katie, Morgan is using her gazungas wisely! If she in the military, her rank would be Major Guns! I would have ranked her even higher if she would have came up with the Hidden Immunity Idol. She still might find it. Along with Brice, she is in control of the surprise challenge power house, the Beauty tribe. Plus she told a great lie to cover her tracks. It was the best lie since Tyson’s coconut lie early last season.Morgan is very much in the thick of things.”

KELLY: “I think it’s obvious what has happened here and how her tribe is viewing her – I’m scared she will be first to go at the beauty tribal council.”

BEN: “My girl! Things were looking bad after getting the flick straight away, but she covered the situation well, got in tight with Brice and is finding new friends along the way. Still feel as though she’ll get an invisible edit before we eventually see her torch snuffed, but I so hope we see her every week on our screens because it just makes things so much more visually stunning! Keep going Morgan! Do it for Australia!”

JARRYD: “Strong first episode and then fell away towards the second episode. Didn’t get down on herself for being labelled as the weakest and still has an Idol clue. Will be interesting to watch her story develop.”

6th – Brice


OVERALL: 12th (+5)
BEN RANK: 10th

BILLY: “Has his head screwed on straight and is a power player on the Beauty tribe. Has Morgan as his main alliance partner. If Morgan comes up with the HII and tells Brice about it, look out. He could move up dramatically in my rankings.”

KELLY: “Siding with Morgan in the beginning, I think, could have potentially decided this fate.”

BEN: “Brice definitely has game and again, he really reminds me of Coby Archa which will see him be a middle player at this rate. Tight already with Morgan (lucky guy) and has the ability to no doubt get the other girls, I see him as somebody who can really take control if things go his way. I however feel as though they won’t, and it will catch up with him before he can go far.”

JARRYD: “Shown something but I can’t see his grand plans coming off. Sat out of the second Immunity Challenge over the three girls so obviously challenges aren’t his strong point which could be a factor in a vote. Will be a unanimous vote out soon.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the third episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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10 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 1

  1. Good rankings and Billy made me laugh on his review of Morgan, but I think Brice is a little low. Brice did well in the first immunity challenge, maybe in the second one he just isn’t a good swimmer. Keep in mind Cliff sat out of that immunity challenge as well. If I were on the sit out bench next to someone a foot taller than me, I’d feel more comfortable than sitting next to the older lady (in Brawn’s case, Trish). If I had to pick the best player on Beauty at this point it’s Brice, but for right now LJ is the most valuable cuz he’s been shredding the puzzles, and I think someone like Jeremiah or Jefra would be able to charm a jury if they get to the end while Brice might find himself in drama along the way if he does get to the end.

    And I hope the Brains win immunity next time so we don’t have another Matsing. Spencer and Tasha both good players but I favor Spencer 🙂

    • I totally agree about Brice. I have him at #5 and moving up along with Morgan. I found it funny that two black guys sat out the swimming challenge. I call it the Gervace effect…..LOL!

  2. SO happy DAVID & GARRETT got booted! Egotistical maniacs lol! Regarding the rankings i would agree LJ is the top dog in Solana, but for me in Aparri Sarah def takes the cake proving her skills/social game. Then Luzon i’d say Tash/Kass after all the stunts they pulled.

  3. This premiere episode is a lot of fun! Morgan have huge potential. in the game i mean! brice might get caught by LJ and be eliminated sooner, i won’t be shocked but his confessionals are epic esp. her Jefra & crayons lol! The Woo/Cliff bromance is so funny as well, but i’m more into Sarah & Tony. The editing looks better with 3 tribes. I think everyone have a scene but im not so sure. Next episode looks like a disaster! So exciting!

  4. I think Spencer is in a much more dangerous position than the rankings suggest since he even said himself that he is on the bottom of his tribe!

    Also, Brice and Morgan both should be ahead of Jefra since it seems that the beauty tribe is getting annoyed with Jefra and I think she will be soon to leave. Brice, Morgan and Jeremiah seem to be in the power positions on that tribe.

  5. LJ looks like Jon Hamm. He is yummy af hahaha! Even Spencer is cuter than Garrett to be honest. No offense but Garrett sounds very gay during confessionals. Even gayer than Brice! wth! Not to mention his dumb-ass poker strategy! David though is no better. So glad those two morons are gone. I think the Brains have an ego clash. Spencer is the best in conceiling his diabolical genius side rn hahaha!

    Tony and Sarah should have an alliance i hope! PLSSSSSS! Jeremiah better stick with LJ or else! Grrr. Morgan must leave ASAP, she seems nice but too sly! J’Tia needs to pull it together! I want the OREO alliance (Tash, Kass, J’Tia) + Spencer to do well 😦 I want LJ to have the HII and run the game til the end. Too bad he don’t use his twitter damn it…

  6. My rankings:

    1. Sarah
    2. Brice
    3. Woo
    4. Morgan
    5. LJ
    6. Cliff
    7. Jeremiah
    8. Tasha
    9. Spencer
    10. Lindsey
    11. Tony
    12. Alexis
    13. Jeffra
    14. Trish
    15. Kassandra
    16. J’Tia

  7. BRAWN- Sarah is the most solid in this tribe for sure, She is a good leader, her tribemates like her, she’s smart and useful in challenges. Sarah suspecting Tony as a cop is pretty impressive. I ❤ their interactions lol. Speaking of Tony, he is definitely no Philip! He is so cute, fun to watch and very strategic for a brawny dude #spyshack 😀 Next week he will start his coup against Uncle Cliff which is interesting esp after he straight up lie to Sarah! OMG! Trish better start scrambling though, that was very dumb being nicey nicey at camp when you know you are at the bottom. Hah! Lindsey better control her nerves coz i want her to go further in the game. Woo and Cliff, i don't see any strategic bones within them at all hahaha. I hope Tony align with them for a while til he cuts them with a #blindside
    BRAINS-Tash is indeed the top dog right now for sure, just be careful feeling to safe though ❤ Kass i hope would be more consistent next time with an alliance she choose and she better show her inner villain like she said pregame! Spencer looks so shocked on the 2nd tribal council. OMG i love a great #blindside esp to people who deserves it (BYE DAVID/GARRETT! DON'T EVA COME BACK) I have a feeling he can still turn this around. C'mon now Spencer! make us proud xx.Then finally we got J'Tia, you f@*k!n bitch. how could you be all talk and no action, worst challenge performance and cray cray lol! Can she recover? YES! Can she win? uhmm..
    BEAUTY-LJ is perfection, im quite amazed that he is indeed the puzzle creep err freak lol! He's quite likable and i guess he can control Alexis/Jefra like what Boston Rob did to Ashley/Natalie! Jeremiah looks like to be in a good position as well. Just smile and he will be fine hahaha. Brice is going sneaky sneaky already! Brice and LJ's (Tash/Tony/Spencer too) confessionals are so good lol! Morgan aka "girl with a grudge" have a lot to prove still but gunning LJ early would be so stupid coz she can't outwit LJ for sure after his suspicions. Oh well im just biased.

  8. I LOVE YOU LJ ♥

  9. I love how you all think Spencer will do better than the people who have a 3-1 alliance over him. If they lose this week J’Tia might be gone but there are still two people who trust each other more than they trust him. Tasha obviously thinks she can trust Kass more otherwise she would have went after Spencer last week.However as you guys proved with your initial rankings you have no idea what you are doing with these for the brains tribe at this stage anyways.

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