Candice Cody Interview


A lot has been said about Candice on this show, particularly from a certain host. But no matter what is said about Candice Cody, there is no denying her longevity and perseverance throughout her three seasons of Cook Islands, Heroes vs Villains & Blood vs Water. Never able to make it as far as she would’ve liked, she has gained a strong cult following over the years and on her third time on Blood vs Water she showed a new level of fight and aggression that many had been calling out for some time. And in what is our second longest interview ever, Candice stands up to each of her games, questions Ben about his comments on her and might even find herself a new fan.


Candice first appeared on Cook Islands where she fought her way through numerous challenges and famously mutinied alongside Jonathan Penner to make it to the merge. She returned as a ‘hero’ on Heroes vs Villains where things again went against her and she limped to the jury yet again, before her third time around on Blood vs Water brought an immediate vote out and struggle to survive before going home well before the merge.

In our chat with Candice, she talks about getting used to being called a 3 time player, why she initially was meant to be on The Amazing Race, her initial thoughts of the race divide on Cook Islands, chatting to Ben about his comments on her in the past,  her part in the famous FUCK YOU BRAD CULPEPPER quote said by Marissa, her relationship with Penner on CI, which other contestant was meant to mutiny alongside her and Penner, how close she came to being on Micronesia, why she never got along with Rupert, mentioning the Tasmanian Devil as well as Russell being ‘creepy’, her feud outside the game with Monica & Colton and talking up the sex appeal of Boston Rob.

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2 Comments on Candice Cody Interview

  1. Great interview! I’ve always liked Candice and am now thrilled Ben is one too. Loved all the behind the scenes info and just hearing how she plays the game. Hoping to see her a fourth time. Keep rocking it, Ben!!

  2. Awesome interview. That’s why I come here – for these marvelous, super in-depth insights from the players where you also get a real sense of the charm and energy that probably made an impression on the casting people and got them on the show in the first place. I’ve listened to this interview twice already, and it’s just as good on a second listen through. Despite me being converted, much like Be, and despite what she says, I just don’t think Candice has that much game in her, and I still believe that other people deserve shots above her. The fact that she’s generally a delightful person probably goes a way in explaining why Candice doesn’t do that well in the game. But is it also possible that she got unlucky three times? Of course it is. Sandra got lucky twice in winning the game because things just aligned for her. Sometimes it is that simple.

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