John Cody Interview


When you play a game such as Survivor you know you are going to be forced to make difficult decisions. For John Cody on the 27th season of Blood vs Water, he was forced to make such a decision within the first moments of the game as he saw his beloved wife Candice voted out from the opposing tribe. Given the opportunity to sacrifice his game for her, he decided to stay in the game and attempt to work his magic. Forming an early alliance with Brad and the men on Tadhana, it seemed to be working well, but a blindside and a long stretch on RI couldn’t help him advance as far as he would like. His edit early was strong, but there still was heaps more to John than we got to see on our screens. And a lot more to be said as well, as John lets us know in an entertaining chat.


John started off in a strong alliance with Brad and the men of Tadhana before being blindsided and sent to RI. Here he fought through several duals including defeating his wife, before falling short at the last hurdle and being eliminated just before the merge.

In our chat with John, he talks about things getting back to normal, the last minute addition to the cast and how quick he and Candice had to be out in the Philippines, what the biggest surprise was to him on the first day, why he thought it was completely ridiculous Candice was first voted out, addressing which person he voted for in that first vote out, why he aligned with Brad and how it backfired on him, watching Candice on RI and rooting for her before ultimately having to beat her, the challenge that eliminated him and how he could’ve done it better as well as how he and the male alliance was ‘borderline disrespectful to women’, giving us a Michael Jackson impersonation and talking about his feeling towards Adam Gentry and Billy Garcia.

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