Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Funniest Moments of Survivor: Panama


It’s hump day, you’re struggling to get through the day, everything is against you? Don’t worry, we can help! Hump day means Survivor Oz Top 10 Day and we can rescue you from boredom! This week, one of our female Ozlet makes her article debut as Ky Armsden brings you the Top 10 Funniest Moments of Survivor: Panama! The twelfth season delivered us a lot of different things and laughs were high on the list. Read on as Ky lists the ten funniest things that happened that had her rolling on the floor with laughter! And if you feel Ky missed a memorable moment, you can let us know by  commenting below!

10. Everyone besides Aras, Sally and Terry chooses to eat


It’s down to final eight when Jeff offers up the eat or compete challenge. Not the funniest scene but I think definitely notable. They are given a nut and a shell before the challenge to use to make their decision. The moment Jeff mentions the food a whole bunch of old Casaya members are offering themselves up to eat. When Bruce, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle and Shane all decide to eat the look on Aras’s face of pure disappointment in his tribe members is amazing. I would certainly be pissed too. I feel like in their position I would be comfortable too, but a Survivor challenge and the opportunity to win Immunity for me would outweigh that. Plus it can always come back to bite you in the ass. The challenge begins and they begin to chow down. All in all the challenge is actually quite quick. Shane and Cirie managed to get two burgers out of it. Another great moment is if you’re watching Shane his mouth is empty and the second Jeff says that Terry wins he shoves half a burger into his mouth. Aras looks pissed. I had to laugh. Poor Aras. Stuck with those goons on an island with an empty stomach. I also feel it should be noted that Bruce and Courtney had eaten the day before. Anyway, not the funniest moment, but notable.

9. Courtney being the answer for everything


It’s the medical emergency episode at the Reward Challenge. It’s one of my favourite challenges. The one where Jeff asks them the questions and they have to answer ‘who is the most annoying’ etc. The challenge starts and Terry is instantly out with the first question ‘Who does the least for the tribe’ – (Danielle). The second question ‘Who never shuts up’ Answer: Courtney. Courtney has a shocked look on her face. They have a few more questions. Then, ‘Who is the biggest poser?’. Courtney asks “What is a poser?”Jeff: “The answer to what is a poser is YOU!” Courtney laughs. She’s not too affected yet. In fact Shane has a little spat at Courtney here for hitting his ropes. Aras once again steps in as the leader and tells them, “This game is meant to splinter us. Rise above it”. Wise words sexy man. ‘Who most easily succumbs to intimidation’; Courtney apparently. Then Shane hit her rope. ‘Who is the most annoying person out here’, Everyone except Courtney says Courtney. Courtney looks shocked. Here’s what I don’t get. Why didn’t they just all say Terry? That is totally what I would have done. Everything bad I would have written Terry. Just so I didn’t offend anyone. Then just to top it off Aras takes Courtney out of the game by hitting her last rope. Courtney sits down muttering about how she is still going to be the answer about everything. Then Cirie takes Shane out and he throws his book in anger. No wonder he won the ‘Who is the moodiest’ question. Then Cirie takes out Aras and wins the challenge. Just to top it off, she doesn’t take Courtney on the Reward. But I guess you wouldn’t if she’s that annoying. So Courtney heads back to camp to annoy the crap out of Shane and Bruce for awhile. Poor little dear. But funny nonetheless.

8. Shane’s thinking chair


Ok so this one absolutely had to be in here. This was such a weird moment. It was the morning after they lost the Reward Challenge and Casaya were back at camp with Bruce at Exile Island. Courtney is struggling to boil water. Shane is sitting over on a rock that he likes and Cirie makes a comment about it being his thinking seat. Shane then decides to request, in what seemed like in a joking manner, that no one else is allowed to sit there. Somebody, (probably Courtney), asks why it has to be his and Shane just starts screaming, “BECAUSE I PICKED IT. YOU WANT THIS ONE? I’LL GO GET ANOTHER ONE! … I JUST WANT MINE! THIS ONE!” Like seriously? What the hell? I would be like “umm there is a crazy man on our island”. Shane… blows my mind basically. What a character. If you ever get time watch his audition video on YouTube.

7. Courtney trying to sing to Bruce when he’s being evacuated


This one is just a quick little moment that if you blink you could actually miss it. It’s the episode where Bruce gets medically evacuated and Bruce is back at the camp wincing in pain in the dark and trying to get comfortable in what I can only imagine to be one of the most horrid situations to be stuck at the camp in. Anyway, Bruce is in pain and up comes Courtney. Bruce makes some pain noises and mutters something about his pain being the devil Courtney asks, “Oh, If I sing you a song will that help?” Bruce replies without wasting a second, “no”, (hilarious already), with Courtney saying, “No? It’s gonna be ok” and she decides to sing anyway. I’m not sure what, some hippy song lets say. Bruce says, “don’t”. At this point Bruce even takes the effort to put his hand up to stop her. A small moment I know, but hilarious because I wouldn’t want her singing to me either in that situation; or in any situation really. Lets be honest, it’s made even funnier by the fact that earlier Courtney had been the answer for everything at the Reward Challenge; so not a great day for her, but an even worse day for Bruce.

6. Bobby and Bruce have a big night


It’s Day Twelve on the island when we discover that Bobby can really mutilate the head of a fish in about half a second. Wow he was strong. Anyway… I think we all know what is coming here. Casaya has just come back from yet another victory and I guess Bobby felt like he won the challenge for the tribe. After the challenge, they take home their fish and some wine that they all share around. Later on at night, Bruce and Bobby are shacked up in the outhouse drinking the rest of the wine that the rest of the tribe wanted to save. Bobby even mentions the fact that he doesn’t know whether they should drink it but justifies it to himself by stating that the tribe took the shelter; not quite the same but ok. They make a promise to never vote each other out and have clearly pre-established some cool handshake. Later on, Courtney wakes up complaining, (as usual), but she can’t find Bobby and Bruce or the wine. The tribes begins to decide that the boys drank it and it’s “so not right”. Cirie discovered the boys in the outhouse with the empty bottle of wine. Here comes the good part. Courtney decides to ask Bobby about the wine. He says, “I drank it”. Courtney replies, “How do you feel about that?” Bobby: “I feel good about it”. Courtney does her Courtney face and complains some more. Bobby tries to back it up and then obviously just gets sick of it. Then comes Bobby’s line, “I don’t feel bad that I stole your wine. I feel bad that I deprived them of wine but I have no hard feelings whatsoever about the fact that you have been deprived of wine”. Bobby = Great, Courtney = Lol!

5. Cirie bossing around H.B. at campKyT10-7

I think we all remember this. Terry won the Reward Challenge and was able to assign who got what from their loved one. While he, his wife Trish, Shane and his son Boston head off on a yacht, H.B. heads back to camp with Cirie to see what camp life is like. And man does he get a surprise! I loved seeing H.B. at camp! It would be a weird environment to go back to and see and I feel like it would have been the best Reward personally. So off to camp go Cirie, H.B. and Aras and the next morning all we see is Cirie asking H.B. to do everything because they, (Cirie and Aras), needed to conserve their energy for the challenge. LOVE IT. As if you wouldn’t do the same thing. H.B. takes it like the awesome man he is, (as he must be to have married Cirie), and even gets his own little confessional about it with a montage of him working overtime whilst Aras and Cirie chill in a cool spot off to the side. In simple terms, Cirie is amazing.

4. Shane threatening to kill Courtney


When I recently re-watched this I did NOT remember this scene but oh my god, it’s so funny in a scary, unpredictable way. It’s just Shane and Courtney back at camp and once again, it’s the evacuation episode. Courtney is yammering on about how her day beforehand was really “poo poo”, (her words not mine). Shane sits her down and tells her that he wants to work with her but calls her an obsessive, compulsive, over thinker along the way. Courtney tells Shane they are on the same page. They seem to be getting along okay. Then the follow conversation occurs.

Courtney: “Lets just keep everything between us”.

Shane: “If you don’t I’ll kill you when I get back to Hollywood”.

(Me: “WHHHHHAAAAAA” and America gasps).

Courtney giggles and Shane says: “I will. I’ll drive up there and I’ll kill you in your *** little apartment and then I’ll drive over to my club and that’ll be it”.

Courtney looks A LOT more shocked now.

After a moment she says, “That was really nice. I don’t have a shitty apartment”.

Shane starts yelling: “well obviously dude I’ve never BEEN IN YOUR APARTMENT. I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S SHITTY OR NOT! IT WAS ADJECTIVE!”

Courtney (laughing): “I know” – (did she not notice he said he was going to kill her?)


Courtney: “You’re just so obnoxious”

Shane: “No I’m not obnoxious. Think about it. WHY ARE YOU SO SENSITIVE?”

Then he best bit of all is that we cut to Shane’s confessional and he states, “She’s so scary man. She’s a lunatic man. Especially after yesterday finding out the entire tribe thinks she’s an idiot”. I’m sorry but did the man who threatened to kill her a minute ago just call her a lunatic? It’s those awesome Shane and Courtney moments that really make Exile Island amazing.

3. Shane’s Blackberry


Ok so I know we just did Shane and I can’t help but put him in three of the top four spots from the pure humour that he delivered this season. So there is one more Shane moment coming up but this one was the that one that made me sit up in my chair and stare at the screen in absolute confusion. Shane sits down on his thinking rock and pulls a piece of wood out of his pocket and starts playing around with it as if it’s his phone. He explains to us in a confessional that it’s a piece of wood he found that reminds him of his Blackberry so he’s been playing with it. He then goes on to say the thing that really raised my eyebrows and made me snort with laughter. “It’s got texting, email, phone web browser, it’s got everything. When I think about something I want to tell my partner I shoot him off a text or I talk about my son cause my son can text on his phone. It’s actually helped my day, I’m communicating with people, not on this island!” Really Shane? REALLY? You’re communicating with people not on the island? This actually makes me feel like I’m watching Lost for a second when something that ridiculous happens. I hope for the sake of Shane, (and for those who live around him), that he’s completely joking during this scene.

2. Shane makes Cirie look at “his package”


It’s after a Reward Challenge and Cirie, Danielle and Shane are all back at camp while Aras is off on Exile and Bruce, Courtney, Sally and Terry are off watching loved one videos and enjoying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All of a sudden, Shane asks Cirie to come and look at his package. It’s a fantastic moment. All Cirie can do is what we love her for the most. Laugh. I actually feel sorry for her at this point. Cirie reluctantly goes over to check out Shane’s “package”; while still in fits of laughter I might add. Cirie explains to Shane that he simply has “diaper rash” and so Shane makes his brilliant chaffing skirt out of his t-shirt. Cirie actually explains Shane quite well in this scene when she states he is like a cartoon character; I guess he’s a naked cartoon character now. It’s an amazing scene.

1. Aras calls the “Whambulance”


We are down to the Final Four when the most hilarious moment of the entire seasons happens. The Final Four are competing in a challenge in which they are all attached to ropes and have to run out to different stations and count objects, using the number of object to unlock combination locks. Aras and Terry are both ahead in the challenge and are “neck and neck” as Jeff keeps saying. First of all I have to say one thing I really like about this is the fact that they all keep getting caught up in each others ropes. It’s great. Cirie and Danielle actually provide some pretty good moments in this one. So Terry and Aras get all the numbers first and try to unlock their combinations but they both have one wrong. Cirie and Danielle are back with their numbers correct. Aras and Terry are wrong so they head back out for another look at the stations. Terry checks out one station and comes back to check his numbers. Meanwhile Aras goes to multiple stations to check his numbers. Terry exclaims, “Don’t you have to come back after each look once we are out there? Aras should be back here already. He’s taking multiple looks”. Jeff tells Terry’s “he’s good” and Terry then asks if he can take multiple looks. Jeff tells him he can and Terry complains loudly that Jeff didn’t tell them that before, instead telling them it was “one look and back to the station”. Aras then delivers his line, “Somebody call the Whambulance. Terry’s crying on the course”. Terry snaps back that, “I had to take over your role”. Comedy gold! First of all I don’t remember a time when Aras was complaining so Terry can shut the f**k up! Nah that’s a bit harsh, I actually like Terry, but I also like Aras so I was very torn this season. However, the mere fact that Aras says that to Terry is amazing. It is hilarious, I still laugh every time, even to this day. Even writing this article right now I’m having a bit of a chuckle. This comment made me fall a little bit more in love with Aras!

Honourable Mentions: Aras falling on the rocks the morning of the Final Two. Shane’s reaction to seeing his son and Shane managing to get some cigarettes off the local village people!


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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11 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Funniest Moments of Survivor: Panama

  1. i knew there would be a lot of moments with shane involved 😛

  2. panama is such a mess of a season but i enjoy watching it! A lot of the characters are so polarizing and entertaining.

  3. My favorite dysfunctional tribe Casaya 😀
    Shane Powers is soooo funny

  4. Never write a Top 10 article again. You’re writing is terrible.

  5. Cirie’s laughter was so contagious.

  6. That season was InShane.

    • Ghost of Shane Powers // March 8, 2014 at 9:43 am // Reply

      A decent read – however you have left BY FAR the funniest moment of the season off – namely when the emergency crew arrives to evacuate bruce and shane is walking around nude. They ask him for help to carry bruce and he says “right now?” The emergency crews say yeah.

      So then we get to see shane (nude) and courtney assiting medical carry bruce to the boat and then a touching moment as shane waves bruce off into the moonset – still nude.

  7. Great Top 10! Exile Island is an amazing season, and that’s almost solely due to its great cast that were insanely entertaining and hilarious. It’s probably the second funniest season after Gabon IMO.

  8. No “I hate leaves!” comment by Cirie from the very first episode? That had me in tears. Oh Cirie, I love you.

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