Survivor Cagayan-Episode 3 Recap Featuring Francesca Hogi!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the third episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Francesca Hogi from Survivor: Redemption Island and Caramoan!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan, rain, rain and more rain, vertical mazes, blurred alliances and a line in the sand is drawn.

The Brains arrive at camp following Tribal Council with Spencer confessing that “Tribal Council was a train wreck” and because of Garrett’s bad game play he is now the odd man out.

Tasha admits that had Garrett allowed everyone to have private conversations, she would have voted for J’Tia. J’Tia herself admits that is was complete luck she was keep around by a “disaster of a tribe” before Tasha explains that she changed who she was voting for when she found out about the alliance between Garrett, Spencer and Kass.

Tasha confesses that she has no loyalties to Spencer’s and wants to create an all-girls alliance. She approaches J’Tia and Kass and the pair agrees that they should stick together and Spencer has to be next to go. Kass reveals that whilst Garrett was “fun to look at” he wasn’t “fun to play with” which is why she voted for J’Tia, who she believes is now scared which should see her remain loyal. She states to the other women that she hopes they stay loyal to her and don’t backstab her in order to keep Spencer.


Girl Power? (Image Credit: CBS)

At the Brawn tribe, a wet night see’s Tony and Sarah up late sitting around the fire. Tony reveals that he trusts nobody and decides to throw caution to the winds and admit to Sarah that he is a cop. Sarah is relieved that Tony told her the truth, commenting that she has a “cop radar” and it’s nice to be right. The pair agree to stick together in the game, believing they will be both very loyal to each other because they are both cops; we of course get another comical hashtag – #copsrus

Tony explains to Sarah that he heard Cliff and Lindsey talking about her the other day, suggesting that they were talking about getting rid of her. This immediately puts Sarah offside about them; little does she know though, that Tony heard no such thing, he was merely making it up.

Sarah and Tony rejoin the tribe as they struggle through a stormy night. The weather is completely horrible, rain is pelting down, high winds… it’s probably some of the worst weather we’ve seen on Survivor.

The storm continues the following day. Lindsey is really struggling with the weather, commenting that she wish she never applied for the show. Sarah confesses that she doesn’t feel sorry for her at all because she is targeting her. She drags Tony off asking for more information about what he overheard between Cliff and Lindsey. Tony states that they said they can “get rid of Trish whenever” and that “Sarah is the smart one” so she has to be first. He explains that Lindsey wasn’t keen on the idea, with Cliff pleading with her to keep her head in the game. The pair then shake hands and agree on an alliance, with Sarah stating it will be “blue blood” all the way and she trust him “one hundred and ten percent”. Despite this, Tony reveals that no matter what Sarah says, he doesn’t trust anyone but himself.


Joint task force TS. (Image Credit: CBS)

We then catch up with the Beauty tribe on the morning of Day Seven and find that they to have suffered through a long night of endless rain. Jefra describes it as a “Survivor nightmare” as she complains about how hard the night was. LJ admits that Jefra doesn’t do much another than complain which means him and Jeremiah will have to go out in the rain to fix the shelter. He remarks that the stereotype of beauty is starting to come into play because the girls don’t work to hard around camp. However, due to the nature of the situation, LJ says he has to keep his mouth shut in order to keep a target off his back. He decides to go looking around the rocks where they first found Morgan when they arrived at camp incase she new something about an Idol. Whilst everyone else huddles under the shelter, LJ heads out in the storm to look around the rocks. Despite getting even wetter, the adventure pays off as he stumbles across the Idol. As he unwraps it, he states that he’ll be keeping it a secret and that “nobody will know about this until I play it”.


LJ finds an Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

The morning of Day Eight see’s Kass and Spencer collecting Tree Mail for the Brains tribe. It hints of another combined Reward and Immunity Challenge where they will have to throw water in buckets to each other. The tribe begins to prepare for the challenge; Spencer collects water and J’Tia wants to cook some rice. Tasha on the other hand wants to practice. Kass isn’t interested in the idea and neither is Spencer, but when Tasha states that he of all people should want to practice because if they lose, “someone will be going home”, Spencer decides it might be a decent idea. Spencer confesses that being the only guy around means he has to manage his emotions very carefully so he heads down the the water to practice with Tasha. The pair are soon joined by J’Tia and Kass who join as Tasha barks instructions at everyone at how best to toss the water.


Practice makes perfect! (Image Credit: CBS)

Challenge time!

Both the Brawn and Beauty tribes are very shocked to find out that Garrett has been voted out. Jeff explains the challenge: Each tribe will use a bucket to pass water from tribe mate to tribe mate, before emptying it into a container. When the container is heavy enough, it will drop, releasing a ball. Two tribe members will then use that ball to solver a vertical table maze. The first two tribes to finish will win Immunity, with the first place finishes also winning a tarp and comfort Reward, with second place only winning a tarp. With two extra members, the Brawn tribe sit out Lindsey and Tony, with Alexis and Jefra taking a spot on the bench for the Beauties.

Jeff gets us underway. LJ, Spencer and Trish are the water collectors for their respective tribes. They must fill a bucket from the ocean, then throw it, (bucket included), to their next tribe member, before the water is thrown along to the next tribe member. The water is then thrown and caught in a separate bucket by the last tribe member, who pours it into the container. The Beauty tribe get off to an early lead, as they work extremely well together, with the Brawn tribe right behind them. The Brains once again find themselves in last place as J’Tia struggles with the task.


The tribes compete in the Day Eight Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Beauty tribe are first to release their ball and LJ and Jeremiah get to work on the maze. The Brawn tribe follow just behind them with Cliff and Woo taking on maze responsibilities. The Brains tribe is a long way behind as the Brawn and Beauty tribes attempt to solve their maze, using two ropes to rotate the maze around. The Brains tribe finally get their ball with Kass and Spencer beginning work on the maze as the Brawn tribe release their ball from the maze, winning Immunity.


The Beauty and Brawn tribe word on the vertical maze. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeremiah and LJ have slowed right down as Kass and Spencer work well together, pulling off a big move and pushing themselves ahead of the Beauty tribe, before they release their ball and finish in second place, sending the Beauty tribe to Tribal Council. Whilst the Brains celebrate they victory emphatically as the Beauties look ahead at the prospect of their first Tribal Council.



ABOVE: The Brawn tribe celebrate winning another challenge and BELOW: The Brains tribe are ecstatic about their first victory. (Image Credit: CBS)

Post-challenge, we go back to camp with the Brawn tribe. Sarah explains that winning the Reward made her feel like a brand new person. Tony is almost thrilled at the victory, but for another reason. He immediately begins to search through their Reward, searching for another clue to the location of the Idol. He finds it inside the hammock, successfully hiding it from other peoples prying eyes in order to keep the information about the Idol secret.


Tony makes sure he’s the only one who knows about the Idol clues. (Image Credit: CBS)

At camp Beauty, LJ aplogises to the to the tribe for losing the challenge. Jefra states that they “win as a team, lose as a team” so it’s not his fault. She then confesses that mood at camp has changed and everyone is becoming “negative and suspicious”. LJ asks the tribe if anyone is willing to go home, to which he gets no response, so the fun and games of Survivor begin. LJ confesses that he is in an alliance with Alexis, Jefra and Jeremiah and he is worried about Brice being a major player when the game gets down to the business end. Therefore, he reveals the smart move is to take out Brice and he hurries off to tell this to the others.


Where voting for Alexis tonight? Which one is she again? (Image Credit: CBS)

Brice himself feels that he is a social threat but says he trusts Jeremiah. He goes off with Jeremiah and explains his plan to take out Alexis, telling Jeremiah that if he doesn’t and he goes home, Jeremiah “will be next”. Morgan confesses that in order to gain the advantage at Tribal Council, they need somebody else to join their alliance so she speaks to Jefra about sending home Alexis. Morgan explains that they need to keep LJ to win challenges so Brice, Jeremiah and herself are voting for Alexis. This news comes as a complete shock to Jefra who thought Jeremiah was in an alliance with Alexis, LJ and herself. She heads off to confront Jeremiah about this, who tells her that he is still on board with the plan to vote out Brice. Jeremiah comes to the conclusion that Jefra doesn’t want to vote out Alexis so he is no “stuck in the middle” between two alliances.


Jefra and Morgan discuss strategy. (Image Credit: CBS)

After returning from a break, Alexis and Jefra discusses the idea of splitting the votes between Brice and Morgan with Jeremiah. Alexis likes the idea, saying that the votes would be tied and that even if one of them played an Idol, they would still come out on top. LJ joins them and Alexis conceives the plan for the girls to vote for Brice and the boys to vote for Morgan. She continues, saying that if the plan works and no Idols are played, they will be able to vote for Brice in the re-vote.


Let’s split the votes! (Image Credit: CBS)

Before heading off to Tribal Council, Jeremiah confesses that he wants to “take control of the game” so being in the middle is the position he wants to be in. Brice states that he trusts his alliance, before we return to Jeremiah who claims that he has a “big decision” to make which will hurt someone’s feelings, we he hates doing.


“I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings” – Jeremiah discusses the vote. (Image Credit: CBS)

Morgan begins Tribal Council by stating that they have fitted into the Beauty stereotype well, admitting that they have “good looking faces” on the tribe. Brice agrees, saying that he is in the “butterfly” stage of his life. Jefra explains that the first few days “were like a party” but this changed once the storm cam and they lost the challenge and people finally began to talk strategy. Brice states that there has been strategy talk before day with Jeremiah and LJ and Alexis and Jefra forming pairs and then a foursome, leaving himself and Morgan to bond together. He continues, saying Alexis hasn’t spoken to him about the game at this stage and that she must be gunning for him. Jeff asks whether Brice intends to vote for Alexis, to which he replies that he thinks everyone should “pull their weight around camp”. Alexis says that Brice knows the game and that he is using this as ammunition to get her voted out. Talk then turns to the Idol with Brice admitting that Morgan may have it because she was first at camp. Morgan comments that talk about the Idol concerns her yet she believes she knows what will happen tonight. Jeremiah finishes things off by saying that tonight’s vote is “tough” that it “hurts” but “that’s Survivor”.

Everyone votes and the votes are read. Alexis, Brice and Morgan each receive a vote. The next three votes are then read – Alexis, Brice and Morgan each receive another vote, levelling us at two-two-two. Jefra, Jeremiah and LJ then re-vote, with Brice receiving all three votes, thus eliminating him from the game.


Brice… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

In his final words, Brice admits he is upset with Jeremiah, that he was “the cutest and most fashionable person” on the tribe and wishes Morgan luck.

Next week, the Brawn tribe consider throwing a challenge to get rid of one of their own!

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Ben’s Opinion


After such a great start last week we came somewhat down to earth, but it was still a fairly decent episode!

Have to say I’m so excited now for the predicted ‘buddy cop’ alliance between Sarah and Tony, but with the type of confessionals each were given it’s pretty safe to assume Sarah is on a one way trip to blindside town at some point. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s set up beautifully for a bit of betrayal and a side order of hurt from everyone’s favourite police duo. Or should I say #copsrus, which is one smart hashtag. Good job CBS.

Brains were interesting to watch this week; Tasha is getting on my nerves slightly. She seems to have some complex that she is in control now, all but saying that Spencer ‘had to practice’ in order to win otherwise he was gone. And her attitude, I don’t know. I have a feeling that’s going to put her in some danger on that tribe should they lose again. I was wrong last week by saying they wouldn’t win a challenge, but let’s face it, they were very lucky to pull that one out of their rear end this week!

Sad that beauty lost. Have to say they are probably my favourite tribe so far. And I’m even more gutted Brice is gone as I think he had some game as well as some sass. I think my rankings are definitely going to be changed this week, as Jeremiah played an interesting hand by siding with LJ and the crew rather than Morgan and Brice. Oh Morgan. Sorry, heart just fluttered. Alexis on the other hand, had she gone tonight I would’ve said she was a dumber player than Garrett last week. It’s barely even nine days in and you are going to split votes already!?!? You’re luck it worked girl, very very lucky.

On a side note, the rain. How cool was that! I feel bad for the players, but Woo summed it up perfectly in his confessional that this is what Survivor is all about. And it makes great viewing all around.

Bring on some physical challenges next week! But for the love of god Brawn DO NOT THROW THE CHALLENGE!

Jarryd’s Opinion


First off, fantastic editing this week! Whilst I suspected that something must have happened at Tribal Council because of how early we got to the Immunity Challenge, I honestly had no idea would would be sent home. Secondly, I ‘m pumped Alexis survived! Get around her!

The weather this episode was absolutely brutal. Conditions wise, I think that probably up there with the worst we’ve ever seen on the show. It looked terrible, the wind was blowing a hundred miles an hour and the rain was constant. Sitting through that would have been a horrible ordeal, so I have immense respect for the sixteen players out there who endured it.

Sarah went back a few steps in my book this week. Obviously we didn’t “see” what she really thought of Tony’s plans but she seemed to swallow them up and is now under his wing. I hope this isn’t the case because she looked promising last week. In saying that, Tony is getting a huge edit and whilst he’s done a few smart things, (making sure he got his hands on that second Idol clue), I can’t see him going a long way.

J’Tia is hopeless. She was terrible in that challenge, wants to eat all of the little rice the tribe has left and is just a general pain. How she is still around is beyond me. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Spencer but he’s now filling the role Malcolm filled on Philippines because he’s the most likeable member of that abysmal tribe. I hope they lose again soon because only Spencer still deserves his place in the game.

It was great to have a bit of a different challenge. Sure… we’ve seen the bucket throwing stuff plenty of times but that maze thing was pretty cool. I was shattered the Beauty tribe lost, mainly because I like most of the tribe.

Happy to see Brice go. Wasn’t a fan of him and if his alliance had of come on top I wouldn’t have been happy. Alexis is there to play, watch out for her, mark my words. LJ is playing nicely and is really setting himself up to win. Given the recent seasons portrayals of winners, to see him eventually run out a winner won’t surprise me given the way he is being portrayed so far. Like Alexis, Jefra gave plenty and will continue to give plenty… they might be categorised as the cute, young girls, but there’s something I like about both of them that has everything to do with the game and not just because they are pretty faces. Unfortunately for Morgan, she’s now out on her own, but, it doesn’t mean she’s next to go purely because she’s not threatening… she can easily be kept around ahead of stronger, more dangerous players.

Please bring back Russ Landau – that music that played whilst Spencer and Tasha where training for the Challenge was painful.

Rileigh’s Opinion


This episode was a bit of a sleeper after last week’s premiere. The rain hindered a lot of strategy talk, though Tony seems to be making a fair few moves on the Brawn tribe. But seriously, CBS, enough with the hashtags. #CopsRUs? Really?

It also looks like LJ might be taking a control position over on the Beauty tribe, after finding the Hidden Immunity Idol without a clue. I love the fact that people are finally getting smart enough to not tell anyone when they find an Idol. Hopefully LJ can use his a bit more wisely than Garrett did.

I love seeing new challenges, and this one was a pretty interesting one. The most exciting moment of the episode for me was the come-from-behind victory from the Brains. Their reaction to the win was really touching. It also meant another week for Spencer, who is becoming my favourite player of the season. I’m definitely rooting for the underdogs.

James’ Opinion


Here are my thoughts on the current state of the three tribes;


· The formation of an all-woman alliance on the Brains tribe will fail in my opinion. J’Tia is way too volatile to have as an ally; being associated with somebody everybody hates can work (e.g. Rob/Phillip), but it often held against you (Parvati/Russell). Kassandra has also shown herself to be a flip-flopper, so I think if she gets a better offer, she won’t hesitate to take it.

· Spencer probably would have been a goner if the Brains had lost tonight, but with the preview for next week suggesting that the Brawn tribe might throw a challenge, he might have the slice of luck he needs to reshuffle his cards in this game. A swap must be coming soon? Episode four or five is historically when they do it?

· If I was on Survivor and my tribe mate who had thrown out 98% of the rice supply started asking earnestly how much rice we should cook, I would struggle to hold my temper. The cheek, J’Tia!!

· Russ Landau must be smiling at home listening to the generic music played whilst the brains practiced. I thought it was quite a sad moment.

· Tasha seems to be the power player, but I get a sneaking suspicion that Spencer will last longer than her. The way she cockily said to him ‘you out of all people should want to practice’ didn’t sit well with me. And I reckon it won’t with Spencer either. I suspect he might be quite willing to vote her out if he makes it to that inevitable tribe swap.


· It appears that Tony might be getting the over-inflated Russell Hantz edit, and his game play might be similar as well. I don’t think swearing on the police badge to a fellow police officer is a good idea unless he has every intention on keeping his word. Breaking big promises don’t often lead to many Jury votes. However, his decision to tell Sarah he was in fact a police officer was the correct one and he keeps showing game awareness with being on top of the Hidden Immunity Idol clues. He’ll be around for a long while yet. He just won’t win.

· Sarah didn’t receive a flattering edit this week, and was shown to take Tony’s word as gospel. However, she is receiving a very visible edit so I expect her to stick around for a fair while, and probably be involved in a crucial upcoming moment of the season.

· Throwing a challenge historically always backfires. I would expect the same to happen to the Brawn tribe if they do indeed throw the next challenge as the previews suggest.


· All the chat last week about how well Morgan lied about the clue she received seems to have been a little over exaggerated.

· LJ showed some fantastic observational skills to find the Idol; working only off Morgan’s location when they first arrive at the island to find a clue under water was exceptionally good. He also had an extremely telling confessional where he said he was going to work hard and not say anything to the girls who weren’t doing anything, and then he actually followed through with it. Looks like a front-runner for me. Good thing he’s my sweepstake pick!

· This season continues to surprise me with the edit; for the third successive Tribal Council I was blindsided by the edit. I felt for sure that the split vote idea would backfire on Alexis and result in her going home. But Jeremiah surprisingly sided with LJ and the girls.

· Losing Brice early is a shame as he had the potential to be a great character. He also seemed to be a more positive version of the ‘camp gay’ stereotype that Colton has destroyed for Survivor. Also, his final words were epic. The best since Jeff Kent and probably the second best since Heroes vs. Villains


· Losing three big characters in the first three Tribal Councils could result in this season fizzling out towards the end of the season. I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling the pre-merge might be better than the post-merge.

· If the Brawn tribe throw the next challenge and we have a swap soon after, it will be the first time we have a genuine switch-up in the three tribe format; in both All-Stars and Philippines one tribe was dissolved and absorbed by the remaining two. It would be fascinating to see three tribes and their dynamics becoming intertwined and it would result in some super strategic scenes.

· Because of this, I’d almost not want to be in the power position of the three tribes right now. People like Morgan, Spencer and whoever end up in the minority for the Brawn tribe will enter a swap with grudges and with a significant amount of power to satisfy their desire to take revenge. People like Jeremiah, LJ, Kassandra, Tasha and probably Tony might come under fire.

· Finally, the weather was hardly acknowledged this episode. Was it raining? I don’t remember.

Colin’s Opinion


So far Cagayan has been a huge improvement over the last couple of seasons. One of the things I felt has been missing for a long time now is a cast full of smart people. It felt like every season from Nicaragua on was more interested in presenting controversial characters without any intelligence for strategy in their head. What I’m loving is that Cagayan’s cast is full of great strategists. Three episodes in and I feel like almost everyone has come out with an interesting strategy. The reason the Brains tribe has been looking so bad has nothing to do with them not living up to their title, but more to do with the fact that the Beauty and Brawn tribes are full of smart players as well. Unfortunately the abundance of smart thinkers and strategy lead to this being the weakest episode yet. There seemed to be so much strategy going on that the pre-tribal scenes were just a mess to watch. Maybe it’s the fault of the editors for not properly setting up the alliances within the Beauty tribe, or maybe it’s just that there was so much strategy going around, and so many factions within each alliance that it was nearly impossible to keep track of. By the time tribal started I was already tired of hearing “this person is talking to this person, but not talking to me” etc, etc. Having said that, even though I was really disappointed by the pre-tribal scenes, this episode still had me more entertained than most of Philippines, Caramoan or Blood vs Water. I love how much time was spent on the weather conditions and the toll it was taking on the contestants. It’s nice to have those little scenes to remind me that there is still an aspect of survival to Survivor.

Lynda’s Opinion


Ok, so firstly, Brice? BRICE?! Probably the most entertaining guy out there this season and with the most potential on the Beauties tribe, what a loss. I think he had so much more to give, and we hardly even got to see him this episode; albeit his airtime in the first two. For a second I thought, where’s Redemption Island when you need it…

As for the other Beauties, props to LJ for stepping up and being pro-active about finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. Let’s just hope he plays his cards well and doesn’t go home without it! Jeremiah choosing to vote the way he did made him less of a backstabber, but still a backstabber nonetheless. Brice isn’t stupid, he worked it out. I personally thought Alexis should have gone home, she hasn’t really shown any promise in the game so far. Although I can’t discount her yet, because look at how Ciera blossomed in Blood vs. Water! And as for Jefra, why does her surname have to be Bland?! Ironic. The poor girl. She’s sweet, but not really doing anything, but ‘surviving’ I guess. BUT, she has the most amazing green eyes…. Just pointing that out!! As for the Immunity challenge, no offence but I didn’t think Jeremiah and LJ would pull off a win. They looked like they had no clue what they were doing pulling the strings on the ball maze. Sorry guys. They had such a lead and lost it. They were still halfway through the maze when the Brains were almost at the end!

Brains. Wow, I’m starting to see how annoying they have all become. Even Spencer, who I adore (hello nerd). Even Tasha stepping up and making everyone practice for the challenge, which didn’t really help in the end anyway, was a bit much. Spencer watch his back, as I don’t think those girls will keep him around if they lose the next challenge. Not much to say about this tribe as I feel they are self-destructing each episode. But in saying that, I had a feeling they would come out with a win in the Immunity Challenge. Not surprised there!

On the Brawn tribe, I’m really loving Tony scrambling to get Cliff out and trying to pull Sarah in with him. I just hope Sarah keeps her wits about him; she’s tough and I don’t want Tony bringing her down with him! It was also great to see a bit more of Woo, who totally dominated that ball maze. I’m really hoping he and Cliff make it far into the game even though they are big threats.

Bring on next weeks drama!!

Jimmy’s Opinion


After last week’s two epic blindsides, I wasn’t giving much hope for the Brain’s tribe to finally win an Immunity Challenge in this episode. They got rid of Garrett, the only ‘brawniest player’ on the Brain’s Tribe, which I thought was a very bad mistake. I am still scratching my head as to how J’Tia managed to survive two Tribal Councils. After all, she did throw 95% of their rice into the tribe’s fire. But they really surprised me in this episode. I guess, that practicing for the up-coming challenge did pay off as they won their first Immunity Challenge. It looked like they were in for another loss as they fell behind quickly, but somehow managed to pull off a come from behind win and finish in second place.

On the Brawns tribe, Tony the New Jersey Cop, finally confessed his real occupation to Sarah. The two form an alliance, the ‘Blue Blood Alliance’, and decide to become ‘partners in crime’. Sarah said that she trusted Tony 110% but I don’t think their alliance will last for very long. Tony told Sarah that the other tribe members were talking about possibly getting rid of her because she is the ‘smart one’ in the tribe. Tony is playing it very sneaky at this point of the game. He reminds me of a bulldog/hobbit mixed in with a mash up of Russell Hantz and Boston Rob. He has found the Hidden Immunity Idol and hasn’t told he closest ally, Sarah that he has it. After winning the luxury items at the Reward Challenge, Tony was clever enough to go through the items that they had won and find a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. He is very sneaky indeed.

On the Beauty tribe, the men has noticed that the stereotype of ‘beauty’ had come into play. The girls don’t do much at camp besides complain about the rainy weather. LJ decided to make good use of his time during the storm. He decides to look at the spot where Morgan was hanging out in the first day the tribe got to camp, to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Funnily enough, after searching for a while, he finds it. Is it just me, or is the Hidden Immunity Idol getting easier and easier to find with each passing season?

After losing their first Immunity Challenge, the Beauty tribe attempted to talk strategy. Jeremiah, LJ, Jefra and Alexis formed an alliance. But Jeremiah also formed an alliance with Brice and Morgan. Jeremiah is caught up in the middle and admits that no matter which alliance he decides to stick with, this vote will expose all alliances and set them in place. He admitted that he doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings but that’s how the game of Survivor is played. You have to make decisions to further yourself in the game while ‘cutting other people’s throats’.

At Tribal Council, Jeremiah decides to stick with his alliance of LJ, Jefra and Alexis and Brice is voted out. This puts Morgan in a very bad spot as she now realises she would be the next one voted out if they lose the next Immunity Challenge.

Alex’s Opinion

Alex Morella

While it didn’t have the extreme chaos of last week, (I don’t think it’s possible to back up the craziness from that premiere), it was an enjoyable episode, and it was good to get some more core relationships established.

It was a bit of the Tony show, so I can’t figure out if that’s good or bad for him, but his relationship with Sarah will be interesting, (I absolutely loved her “You know Gaydars, well I have a copdar”, line), and for someone who always looks so composed and well… slightly lifeless, she’s turning into a favourite, even if she’s believing Tony’s stories, (already can’t wait to see what next week’s holds with her little spiel…probably nothing but you never know). Shame to see Cliff go invisible, but I did like seeing Woo’s positive reaction to the shit conditions, plus, Woo went Woo! There’s nothing more you can ask for.

It’s always nice to see some harsh weather and who deals with it well. Jefra already annoys me a lot, as does Jeremiah. The southern charm can be nice, but it just seemed like complaining and cluelessness to me, and that’s annoying. Sad to see Brice go, he and Morgan just didn’t scramble enough, although Jeremiah did play them well, even if that split vote suggestion by Alexis just made me cringe, it was definitely not necessary! I’d have voted with Brice and Morgan just to show Alexis how stupid a split vote like that is; don’t do that in a group of six girl, you’re playing with fire! Credit to LJ for finding the Idol, thought we’d see a girls’ alliance on original cast impressions but looks like it’s gone another way, so he’s sticking around for a lot longer than I thought he would.

And finally the Brains, it was so satisfying to see them get a win, as I was convinced the segment showing them practicing meant they were in trouble and they were still shit at that – J’Tia… seriously…useful for anything? And that rice comment… really? But they regrouped incredibly quickly, (at least editing made it seem that way), so quick I didn’t realise they were even that close, but I gave out a good fist pump when they got over the line. Nice to see my Pony Kass and pick Spencer are safe for another week, although I’m still not holding out a lot of hope.

The challenge was good, nice to see a rotating vertical maze, which was new, props to the challenge team on that one! No idea where it goes from here, Brawn look best, but they don’t seem to have any solid alliances so still anyone’s game. It’ll be interesting to see how long they stick with three tribes for, hopefully at least three or so more episodes, although again, it’s unlikely. Winners pick, not sure, Tasha maybe? Which I know is something I’ve never even thought about, although I’d like to see Kass, Spencer, Sarah or Woo get up for the win.

Survivor Re-capper: Francesca Hogi


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our second recap features Francesca Hogi from Redemption Island & Caramoan, as she discusses why she wasn’t as excited for this weeks episode as last weeks, finding the beauty tribe boring, why Tony is running things and why she thinks he will do well, her Ozcar win and why she is still talking about, fading out of the episode and thinking of Ben to get back into it as well as thinking ‘what would Eliza say’, facing many questions about Phillip and quizzing Ben on his thoughts on Brenda! Francesca then answers our final set of 5 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO: Lindsey/J’Tia

Join us next week as we are joined by Leslie Nease from from China to help us recap the third episode of Cagayan!


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  1. Such a fun episode! LJ & Tony are specifically outstanding 🙂 So glad Brice is gone. He’s overconfident and proud. That’s what you get for targeting LJ 😛

  2. where tf is ben? lol

    I hope you can have John Fincher for a recap episode!

    Sarah is sooooooooooooooo dumb! its painful to watch! But next week there a plan for a blindside at Brawn tribe! who will it be Tony or Cliff? OMG

    Spencer must find a way to stay alive in this game. I hope the next to lose is Brawn so its a fair game.

    Brice’s mistakes: aligning with the bottom of the tribe (Morgan), isolating from the rest, too complacent, talkative, sarcastic at times, underestimating LJ, bashing Alexis during tribal, not talking to Jefra, trusting Jeremiah too much. Good riddance, my prediction that he is an early boot is correct. so Yay!

    1. SARAH – she’s pretty much aligned with everyone right now so she in the best position in the tribe ❤ #CopsRUs
    2. TONY – have an idol and useful on challenges and in the tribe, his mini lies to Sarah and being the idol clue thief was brilliant. Just don't overplay it then he will be good for the long haul
    3. WOO – so damn likable, strong and proven smart during the maze puzzle, he's awesome and cute lol

    1. TASH – she is definitely the queen bee at the moment ❤ her retort to Spencer complaining about dehydration was epic. i literally LOL. If they keep the numbers then she's good. But she must stay close to Spencer or else he might flip when they merge or swap
    2. KASS – getting paranoid that they might keep Spencer over her, but i guess her position is good since Tash is loyal. She proved that she can work with puzzles as well. Way to go!
    3. J'TIA – she may be pathetic at challenges but i guess she can recover soon, i hope! I'm still expecting some game from her and not stay at the bottom of the alliance of 3
    4. SPENCER – haven't seen him having side talks yet, i hope he's not giving up now 😦 if Tash can't be persuaded then go to Kass and J'Tia! C'mon! WORK!

    1. LJ – having an alliance of 4, an immunity idol, a challenge beast, puzzle beast, and his gorgeous self secured him being the top dog for sure haha. I see his target being Brice from the get go so goodbye to him 😛
    2. JEREMIAH – the Robin of Batman err LJ, he's smart thinking having 4 solid alliance is better than 3! he may be second now but at least the target as alpha male is still on LJ. Good job!
    3. JEFRA – maybe a dumb blonde but a least can manage to be loyal to Alexis
    4. ALEXIS – I hope there's a lot more to her than being cute lol

  4. MY FAVES: Tony, Tash, LJ, Sarah, Kass, Jeremiah, Woo, Spencer

  5. #TeamLJ #TeamJeremiah #TeamTV ☺☻

  6. I don’t hate Brice but I’m happy he’s gone . . . ! (dot dot dot)

    btw the real talk of the town is LJ 😉

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