Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 2


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 3 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Woo


OVERALL: 1st ()

BILLY: “His bromance with Cliff might be short lived (judging by the previews for next week) but that’s next week. This week his still in great shape being a hard worker, likable person, and a contributor in the challenges.”

KELLY: “He is friends with everyone- & Tony is too focused on targeting Cliff that he is going to let this gem slip right to the end.”

BEN: “Going about things nice and quietly right now is Woo but still getting the occasional confessional to at least keep people aware he is in the game. Seems well liked, strong physically and has his head in the game. Woo isn’t going anywhere for some time and would be an extremely popular winner should he achieve it.”

JARRYD: “Staying out of drama, strong in challenges, lots of enthusiasm and creating a nice bond with Cliff. He’s the “nice guy” and in a very good position.”

2nd – Tony


OVERALL: 2nd ()

BILLY: “He’s got CopRUs, the Spyshack, The Hidden Immunity Idol, and the kind of air time that rivals Boston Rob’s. He has emerged as the dominant player and the dominant character. A star is born!”

KELLY: ““He will make it far enough until people realize he is behind many of the decisions being made – then they will turn and he will be next out.  Plus he is a physical threat.”

BEN: “This weeks rankings are hard because I really think that anybody who is ‘in control’ could also have some very fatal flaws that could cost them. Having said this, Tony is the one who seems most ‘in control’ right now. The key moment to me was him telling Sarah he is a cop, and having her bow down and be happy rather than seeing the negative in him lying. I think Tony is going to lie, backstab and get himself some enemies along the way, but if he can play nice and somehow keep people tight and do it in a certain way, he could be on the way to win a million dollars right now.”

JARRYD: “Found an ally in Sarah but playing a very risky game as a big character. Still has his Idol and was impressed that he made sure he found the next clue hidden in the Reward but a stuff up is coming sooner rather than later.”

3rd – Sarah


OVERALL: 3rd (+3)

BILLY: “And so begins her career as a member of CopsRUs. She should be in the thick of things for a long time to come. Too bad her ‘Copdar’ hasn’t warned her about the mega lie she got from Tony about the fake plot to eliminate her. There goes any hope she might have had about scoring basketball tickets from Cliff.”

KELLY: “If one cop goes – the next will too.”

BEN: “Sarah in my eyes was in a great position and just took a little step back, despite me placing her one position higher than I did last week. She completely trusts Tony that quickly, despite the fact that he initially lied about the cop thing? Shouldn’t that be a red light right there?! Got a bad feeling she is in for a devious blindside, but given that I am always wrong about these things I’m placing her in the bronzed position this week.”

JARRYD: “Drops back from last week purely because she lapped up Tony’s sentiments so easily. Needs to keep her options open and not put all her eggs in Tony’s basket. Edit suggests she will go out with a bang.”

4th – Cliff


OVERALL: 7th (+2)

BILLY: “He is still popular and is doing surprisingly well around camp. Plus he’s a big asset in the challenges. But Cliff’s very much on Tony’s radar and that might mean his days are numbered. Cliff hasn’t turned his popularity into a majority alliance and that might be his undoing in the end. I must admit. Cliff’s fun demeanour comes through the TV screen. He’s on the wrong tribe. A tribe switch up would do him good. Ain’t gonna happen in my opinion. Damn.”

KELLY: “Tony is way too threatened by Cliff to let him get much further.”

BEN: “Cliff is a mad target and still feel as though Tony will attempt to take him out sooner rather than later, but Brawn has to lose first for that to happen and I think he will survive long enough to get to a switch and then to the merge. He is extremely likeable, and we saw that last week which surely is setting up something further for him in the game. A quiet episode this week for him too, but despite the threat of Brawn throwing a challenge next week I still feel he is safe. And if Woo lasts a long time, then Cliff is safe.”

JARRYD: “Quiet episode but was impressive in the challenge. Likeable tribe member who isn’t doing anything to get him into trouble. Lies from Tony could hurt him but Survivor is a game about lies.”

5th – Trish


OVERALL: 11th (+2)
BEN RANK: 14th

BILLY: “She’s in the dark about a lot of things. But she’s very, very lucky. Trish is an associate of the CopsRUs alliance through Tony and he’s got Sarah believing that Trish is important. Tony told Sarah that Trish will help save her from this fake plot against her by Cliff and Lindsey. That alone helps Trish’s rankings even if her game is pure luck to this point. She’s a pawn in Tony’s game but an important pawn.”

KELLY: “Thinking if Sara & Tony actually stick together they will take Trish out next – her sneaky social game and potential to be a physical threat will have her out sooner than she would like.”

BEN: “She is out of this game the first time the Brawn tribe lose. Sure Tony reckons they can ‘vote her out at any point’, but I feel that point will be next and it will be goodnight Trish.”

JARRYD: “Still the most obvious choice to send home should the Brawn tribe loses a challenge. Seems very expendable and she won’t be a key player this season.”

6th – Lindsey


OVERALL: 12th (-4)

BILLY: “She’s struggling with the outdoors aspect for the game. Plus Tony has made up a story that has her that has Sarah eye balling her. She’s slipping in my rankings and she maybe slipping out of the game. It’s a shame because I root for her. She’s got spunk.”

KELLY: “I want Lindsey to make it to the merge, but I’m afraid Trish and Tony may gang up and try to get her out.  Just given the little “tiff” she had with trish, and her “twitterpatedness” with Cliff (according to Tony) – they will just eliminate her to break down an alliance.”

BEN: “I love this girl, but showing inklings of her saying she wish she hadn’t of done the game is never a good sign. I can possibly see her being targeted next week should Brawn do the stupid thing and throw the challenge, but I hope I am wrong.”

JARRYD: “Struggled with the rain and made comments which could imply a quit but I think she is tougher than you think and will stick it out. Getting an invisible edit so far, which is disappointing given she has a decent backstory.”


1st – Spencer


OVERALL: 9th (+2)
BEN RANK: 10th

BILLY: “He’s on the outside on his tribe yet he’s a good enough player that he doesn’t look like he’s in deep trouble. In fact he was the MVP of the Brains tribe first challenge win. That has got to mean something towards his rankings and his status on his tribe. He’s smart enough to remind Tasha of this as often as necessary.”

KELLY: “Keeping this boy here at numero dos.  Wanting him to make it this far and still thinking he is wise enough to do so.” 

BEN: “Fairly quiet episode from Spencer but still enough airtime to know he is there. Despite being the only guy on the Brains, he is clearly on the ‘Malcolm route’ right now. He will be in this game for a while, and I really hope he lives up to his pre-game hype of being a little bit evil. Looking forward to seeing more of him.”

JARRYD: “The best hope the Brains have of surviving if the three tribes stick around for a few more weeks. If the girls get rid of him, they are sealing there on fate. Smart enough to bide his time and get himself into the alliance.”

2nd – Tasha


OVERALL: 10th (+4)
BEN RANK: 15th

BILLY: “She has the Brains tribe under as much control as one can have in that chaotic environment. She’s formed an all girl alliance and she’s calling the shots in that alliance. Plus she’s flexing her power on Spencer by reminding him he’s on the bottom and Using fear on J’Tia because of her previous antics with the rice. All fear queen Tasha! If she had her tribe’s HII she would be untouchable. That Idol should be in Garrett’s old things. With a little luck and some nosiness, who knows?”

KELLY: “As soon as tribes merge people won’t want to put up with her.”

BEN: “She is gone the minute the Brains lose. Too bossy all of a sudden and now she has the ‘Garrett complex’ by all but telling people to their face they are going next. Tick tock Tasha!”

JARRYD: “Taking control of the tribe, which could put her in a vulnerable position. Was impressive in the first episode, but lacked a lot of composure this episode. Wants to play the game very early, not going to be in her favour though.”

3rd – Kass


OVERALL: 14th (+1)
BEN RANK: 12th

BILLY: “She’s in an all girl alliance on the brains tribe but feels like she’s a bit wishy washy. That means she might end up being replaced by Spencer because she’s not all that gung-ho about her alliance. Spencer is just craftier that Kass.

KELLY: “Kass will be gunning to get Tasha out – but it will turn around to haunt her when they turn to vote her out next tribal.”

BEN: “No longer at the bottom, but I don’t see her going far to be honest. Seems like a nice and smart enough lady but those first two loses and her flip flopping on each of them will cost her long term.”

JARRYD: “Floating through bouncing around alliances. Not as smart as she thinks she is and definitely won’t be able to “pull a Denise”.”

4th – J’Tia


OVERALL: 15th (+1)
BEN RANK: 11th

BILLY: “She hasn’t shown much aptitude for Survivor challenges. But she’s brought herself under control. Her previous actions with the rice has forced her to have to blindly follow Tasha and be a pawn in her game but if the all girl alliance on the brains tribe holds up she might overcome her challenge handicap with loyalty. But lets be real. For J’Tia to win it all, it will take divine intervention and she isn’t praying much.”

KELLY: “Still bossy, still previously threw rice in the fire – next time brains go to tribal she is definitely out.  & Considering they have only won once, next episode just may be her last.”

BEN: “Winning meant the world to her as she knew she was still in danger, but I just feel that she still has a few more weeks in her now. Spencer will have to attempt to work his magic, and I think that currently she could be used as the goat and potentially have a ‘fresh start’ should a switch come at some point. I’m waiting for a strong comeback from my girl!”

JARRYD: “Hopeless. Dreadful in the challenge, wants to eat the little rice that’s left after throwing the rest out. Horrible person to have on a tribe and will either be gone soon or is the perfect goat!”


1st – LJ


OVERALL: 4th (-1)

BILLY: “He has taken over on the beauty tribe having ousted his biggest foe in Brice. He’s got his tribes HII and the majority vote. But despite all LJ has going for him, he’s got foes lurking in the shadows. Jeremiah is not 100% on board. LJ is my “most likeliest to get knifed in the back soon” player.”

KELLY: “He will be too much of a social and physical threat.  Tony will want him out when merge comes.”

BEN: “He found an idol. He had his alliance stick with him. He got a big edit. But I just don’t see LJ making it deep. He just seems very cocky and thinks he is in control, which I just don’t know is a good thing. You could argue that Tony is in the same position yes, but Tony actually has people strongly with him it seems, whereas LJ has people wavering behind his back and has alliance members wanting to do things like split votes at this stage of the game. Will make it far, but I just can’t see him winning.”

JARRYD: “Impressive again this week. Strong performance in the challenge, alliance held together after visiting Tribal Council and was able to survive the rain to find a Hidden Immunity Idol. Getting a very favourable edit so far, he’ll be around a lot longer.”

2nd – Alexis


OVERALL: 5th ()

BILLY: “She was in deep trouble and was saved because Jeremiah chose to play a safe game rather than take the bull by the horns. Having said that Alexis is now in the majority on the beauty tribe. She’s playing a quiet game. Perhaps she hopes the guys will knock themselves out of the game.”

KELLY: “Alexis is still my number one choice – after that tribal she needs to rally with Morgan.”

BEN: “The girl was one move away from being dumber than Garrett last week. Why the hell do you split the votes at this stage of the game when you have had no inkling that Brice or Morgan have an idol? I just don’t get it. Sure it worked, but seriously! Very lucky to still be here, will be kept close by LJ but she isn’t going anywhere near the FTC.”

JARRYD: “Smart. Decent idea to split votes when you have the numbers to avoid any surprised. In a solid alliance, not threatening enough in challenges to be considered a threat, but socially will be a key player.”

3rd – Jefra


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

BILLY: “She’s positioned herself as LJ’s close ally. She’s playing his game and is struggling with the elements but Jefra is in the majority. Am I the only one that thinks that hat is damn annoying?”

KELLY: “Still wanting Jefra to make it far – but don’t think she is strongest enough to make it to a million dollars.”

BEN: “”Jefra struggled with the weather but she was switched on throughout most of the strategic talk on the Beauty tribe. Quick to confront Jeremiah after her chat with Morgan, I think she is definitely making it to the merge and possibly further.”

JARRYD: “Like Alexis, will be an impressive social player this season and showed in this episode that she understands the game enough to know what a good move for her is. Will be around at the business end.”

4th – Jeremiah


OVERALL: 8th (-4)

BILLY: “Had a chance to take the power for himself and chose to wait and see. He’s still a swing vote on the beauty tribe but will he have the guts to make a big move and take out LJ. Probably not. But I’m hoping. Willing pawns aren’t much fun to watch. But sneaky bastards, well I can only hope.”

KELLY: “He is getting WAY too cocky – that definitely won’t get him to the end.  Next time beauty heads to tribal he’s goneeee!”

BEN: “Dropping down my pre-game tip to win as I think through no fault of his own he had to play the ‘middle man’ card this week where he was always going to come out of it looking bad. He made the decision though that will take him further, and I think it gives him some wiggle room down the track as well. I see him as the Chase Rice of this season now, and I feel as though he will remain popular but have to make moves along the way that won’t get him the votes in the end should he make it to FTC.”

JARRYD: “Made the right decision to show his loyalty to LJ and the girls, he has a much better chance alongside them. Still can’t see him putting his emotions aside in order to make a big move so could be cruelly blindsided.”

5th – Morgan


OVERALL: 13th (-3)
BEN RANK: 13th

BILLY: “She failed in her bid to be the power on her tribe and now she’s on the outs. She’s still has the best boobs in Survivor history and that’s not lost on Jeremiah. So she’s still has a chance to change her fate and entertain us with her sweet cleavage.”

KELLY: “Thinking Morgan will make it this far because she successfully made it through the first tribal council.  I actually believe, looking forward, that once tribes merge she will be able to be innocent enough to not be a social threat, not appear as a physical threat – but yet friendly enough to not get voted off.  Plus guys love that beach eye candy!  YAY FOR MORGAN SURVIVING TRIBAL!!!”

BEN: “Dodged a bullet in having my pony be saved but things aren’t looking good for her right now. I think her only hope at this stage is to pray for a tribal swap and work her magic then. And we NEED to see that magic each week!”

JARRYD: “In a bad position now that Brice is gone but probably has gone further than most would have believed already. All-girls alliance could be on the cards but only if there is a tribe dissolve because the Beauties can’t lose Jeremiah and LJ otherwise they won’t win challenges.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the fourth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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21 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 2

  1. This is now LJ’s game to lose. The edit is building him up as a winner already. 😀

  2. Purple Kelly’s ranks are so bad. Hahaha! Not even realistic rn if you watch the latest episode. OOOpsss. 😛 Still rooting for Tony & Sarah as final 2 though xx

  3. i like Spencer but i hope he can break the solid 3 girl alliance :/ or i hope they manage to pull another win before 2 tribe swap.

  4. adele dazeem // March 9, 2014 at 6:08 am // Reply

    MY TIP TO WIN IS LJ! This season have lots of big personalities and very fun to watch. I hope the BBB concept can be adapted for another All-Stars.

  5. the idea that the split vote was a stupid idea is a stupid thought itself. There was an inkling that Morgan or Brice may have had possession of the idol based on Morgan coming out from the rocks on Day 1, they didn’t just choose to split votes for no reason. (You have to be silly yourself to think this). Also its fairly obvious Jeremiah was never actually on board with Morgan or Brice so they knew they had the numbers anyway. Alexis was never going home and the split vote was in fact a perfectly fine idea.

  6. So disappointed with the rankings! So biased & subjective. If you like a player doesnt mean they should always bw on top. Next time Ben & Jarryd can do the job alone. Thanks!


    • I agree. I rolled my eyes the whole way through this. Woo being number one on Brawn? seriously we have seen nothing of him besides his Cliff friendship. Spencer being number one even though the girls clearly said why not just make it a girls alliance even having Tasha making that very clear to him. Alexis and Jefra being ranked above Jeremiah even though it’s established he is LJ’s right hand man. This whole thing is laughable because it’s clearly just rank our own favourites and who’s hotter.

      • Willie I suggest rather than judging the rankings based on ‘who our own favourites are and who’s hotter’ you read the reasoning’s behind each vote. Four people’s combined scores aren’t all tallied up purely on attractiveness and favourites. I know personally if that was the case, my order would be completely different to what it is right now. – Ben

      • and they can’t take criticism…

      • There is a difference between ‘taking criticism’ and being able to defend our article against ludicrous claims

  7. I do not really understand why Spencer keeps getting ranked so high when he himself acknowledged that he is on the bottom (regardless of how stupid that is) of his tribe. I think the three ladies have to be ranked above him because Survivor is a numbers game and at the moment (which is what these rankings are) he is losing in numbers 3:1. There is no logical reasoning for Kelly to have him ranked in the 2nd position overall. That is nonsense.

    • ikr! so weird lol, its almost certain Spencer will go if they lose on the next immunity challenge, I love that guy but come on, he can never be on top atm lol

      • I love Kelly, she’s a sweetheart, but she wasn’t the strategic mastermind of her alliance in Nicaragua, remember? We can’t act too surprised haha 🙂

  8. It really doesn’t make sense that you rank Spencer the highest of the Brains when he has been established as the next to go. Just because he is your favorite doesn’t mean he will stick around.

  9. My power rankings
    15th: Morgan McLeod-Clearly on the outs of her tribe and LJ snatched the idol she was given a clue to. Time for her to go slut mode if she wants to survive another vote.
    14th: Spencer Bledsoe-Still on the outs of his tribe but I think the longer the game goes the longer Tasha gets fed up with J’Tia. Still will need time, or a dissolve.
    13th: J’Tia Taylor-She wasn’t able to screw up the challenge as badly as she did on Day 6 but she’s not giving her tribe many reasons to keep her.
    12th: Lindsey Ogle-We still don’t know where the alliances are set to the full extent, but Sarah’s buying Tony’s lies about her, Trish isn’t her best friend, so she is definitely in trouble if Brawn lose.
    11th: Cliff Robinson-Playing above expectations even with an invisible edit this episode (did he even have a line this episode?) but Tony’s vendetta and idol gives Cliff a realistic chance of leaving soon.
    10th: Tasha Fox-I think she could be rubbing her tribe the wrong way later down the road. Very vocal with her opinions but playing a part in keeping what’s left of Luzon together.
    9th: Kass McQuillen-In the most comfortable position in the tribe with the fewest numbers right now, will likely face an uphill battle in a dissolve though, but showing some resemblance to Denise Stapley, and I’m pretty sure Denise wasn’t much higher than this in her power rankings at this point in Philippines.
    8th: Jefra Bland-In the majority but she’s getting labeled as the pretty seashell on the beach and if Solana were to lose a lot it could mean trouble for her.
    7th: Trish Hegarty-Being the oldest woman and annoying a few tribemates doesn’t usually help, but I think if she doesn’t visit too many Tribal Councils post merge she can find herself with a good chance to win.
    6th: Alexis Maxwell-God I hope she gets a better edit soon, she’s reminding me of Brenda. A pretty girl we know has a brain and who can be charming but gets a crappy edit and no one remembers her. Currently she is the Alexis that sucks (Alexis Jones ♥) but she probably will have time to change that.
    5th: Tony Vlachos-He got away better than I expected with coming clean to Sarah about his occupation. He should’ve done that in the first place. Despite his personality, we haven’t seen him in too many disputes with other tribe members and he’s clearly thinking a lot about the game, which is helping him out right now.
    4th: Woo Hwang-Playing the Fabio role probably even better than Fabio. He hasn’t made any enemies (Fabio would have picked up one in NaOnka at this point), he’s just minding his own business, present when he needs to be and away when he needs to be. Doing pretty good in challenges as well but once the merge hits we’ll see if he’s toast or not.
    3rd: Sarah Lacina-As long as she doesn’t let Tony do all the thinking for her in Cops R Us, she’s got a good shot. She’s miss popular on her tribe, being picked as leader and doing well in challenges. She can either set herself to do well and get to the end and maybe win, or just put a huge target on her back before we reach single digits.
    2nd: LJ McKanas-I wish we heard some confessionals from his tribemates while LJ went out to look for the idol in the rain. If I were there, it would be pretty obvious to me what he was doing. He’s in a very strong position right now but that decision to look for the idol out in the open tells me his judgment will bite him in the ass if anything does.
    1st: Jeremiah Wood-Interesting seeing so many players parallel with former winners. JT 2.0 right here. I think he’s in the best spot on his tribe for sure right now. He’s doing well in challenges, he’s not showing himself too much strategically, and I think other players see him as playing with his heart. That is part of it but he could do some damage in later stages of the game. I’m definitely not happy he voted Brice out but he’s sitting pretty right now (both literally and figuratively).

  10. Uhhmm this is a joke right?! :/ Is this still a preseason rankings? Coz based on what I’ve seen this shouldn’t be the current ranks imo. LJ-WOO-TONY FTW!!

  11. As I see, the ranks are combined that’s why the rankings got messed up. Actually if we remove Purple Kelly’s opinion. This list will be more in tune with the current standings based on fact & not assuming. Only Jarryd & Ben’s opinions matter to me so whatever hahaha 😉

    P.S. I hope this season is final 2! J’Tia & Jeremiah are my picks 😛

  12. Kelly’s Rankings are life < 3

  13. Wow, I hope all these pathetic commenters aren’t the reason why the power ranking were stopped. What is wrong with you people, everyone is entitled to their opinion and sure people are going to rank people who they like because generally that means they will be liked more on the island and kept around. Of course woo is going to go far, even if he ends up on the bottom he will still dominate challenges…. Anyway that’s besides the point, if this is the sort of people who follow this thread, people with no respect, then that’s a real shame.

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