Andrea Boehlke Interview


When it comes to cult favourites, there is no denying that Andrea Boehlke is one of the most popular of the last 5 years. Two appearances on Redemption Island and Caramoan have seen her become a fan favourite, and she was one of our most requested guests before we finally managed to land her for a chat. Over 90 minutes the ever bright and bubbly Andrea takes us through everything from how her parents applied to get on the show before she gave it a crack, right through to talking up her fans and even laying down some rap on the show.


Andrea started off strongly on Redemption Island before having her ally Matt blindsided and putting her on the outs. However she remained loyal to Rob and attempted to make a few moves which sent her to RI, where she would become the first ever woman to win her way back into the game and then voted straight back out again. On Caramoan she found herself in a very strong position for the majority of the game, before being blindsided with a hidden immunity idol and finishing on the jury for a second straight time.

In our chat with Andrea, she talks about it being difficult to watch Survivor now that she has been on it, why her parents applied before she ever did and how she ended up beating them to be on it, the situation with Rob on RI and why that made it difficult to play properly, her thoughts on Russell and how that would’ve changed RI had he been on her tribe to start with, her plan to take out Rob and why it never worked, why she doesn’t like to talk about RI, working with Phillip and being with him for a second time around, loving Dawn pre-game and her thoughts on the other cast members as well as being close to returning before Caramoan, why she took being voted out so well and becoming the first ever contestant to rap live in an interview on Survivor Oz.

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1 Comment on Andrea Boehlke Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // March 21, 2014 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    I can’t believe no one has said a word about how delightful Andrea’s interview went. (I don’t normally use a word like “delightful,” but her cute laugh is hard to describe.) She was exactly as we saw her on TV — brutally honest yet sweet. I’d forgotten how young she was, which just adds to why she’s so appealing … she’s no pushover. Wishing her luck wherever she lands…

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