Sandy Burgin Interview


Sandy is by far one of the most memorable pre-merge players of the last 10 seasons and she certainly gave some great airtime during her time on the 18th season of Tocantins. Funny, lovable and not afraid to express her opinion, she very nearly faced the chop straight away before spending enough time on the show to endear her to the fans. But what is this about being a sex kitten? And why would she have ensured that Stephen at least walked away from final tribal council with some votes? Well you’ll have to read on to find out more in another great interview!

Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Sandy started off on the back foot straight away on Tocantins after being voted out of her tribe right as the game started. However after venturing to camp and attempting to look for the idol, she soon warmed to several players before ultimately being cut well before the merge.

In our chat with Sandy, she talks about how the time has flown by since she was on Survivor, getting on the show and why seeing a picture of Jeff Probst encouraged her to apply, not worrying about things like strategy pre-game and focussing on the physical aspect, her thoughts on being ‘voted out’ first and how she coped with it, looking for the idol over shelter and why she was glad she did it, which players she was tight with, her strong challenge performances and the joy it brought her in doing so well as well as why she wouldn’t be able to play again, her potty mouth and her thoughts on Tyson coming back to win on his third time.

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