Survivor Cagayan Oztopsy – Episode 4


Each week after the Australian airing of Cagayan we will dissect the episode, and this week with Ben away Jarryd takes the reigns with Ben joining the Ozlets in our first ever pre-recorded Oztopsy! Now that episode 4 is over and done with, it’s time for the third Oztopsy of the season!

Jarryd is joined by Ben (as a guest), Noah, Rileigh & Aaron to talk about all the key moments from the fourth episode of Cagayan! Through various comments in the live chat, call ins and everything else in between, the 17th ever Oztopsy has it all!

To listen to this weeks episode, click the link below:

Remember to tune in next week LIVE is we dissect episode 5 of Survivor Cagayan!

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4 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Oztopsy – Episode 4

  1. Jeez you all HAVE GOT to get your audio quality together better…there is so many cut-off voices, fuzzy voices, and artifacts in EVERYONE’S audio on this podcast (This happens on many recent podcasts from Survivor Oz, but this one was absolutely HORRIFIC). What is the deal? Are the skype connections that bad that you all cannot get a decent audio feed?
    Clearly the bitrate/sample rate the podcasts are ripped at is PLENTY high enough to allow for good sound quality, seeing that a ONE HOUR podcast is nearly 50Mb in size (I’m guessing 128k bitrate, but I didn’t confirm). So that would leave me to believe something is wrong in your recording processes or your Skype connections Ben. Usually at least your voice is ok, but not with this one…and each podcast has been getting worse.
    I listen to over 10 or so Survivor exclusive podcasts and have NEVER left a negative comment, but the quality level you are producing is REALLY BAD, and will potentially make a lot of people abandon or give-up on this podcast. Otherwise it would be really good!
    Just some consructive criticism for ya guys, I just thought y’all you should be aware. Nothing that cannot be fixed though…I am not even picky when it comes to audio quality (just know a lot about it) so I can only imagine how bad and frustrating it is for those that are hard of hearing!!!
    Good luck in the future…until then, the podcasts are unlistenable frankly.

    • Justin, I agree with you completely that the quality of this episode is terrible, but please before coming on here and blasting the quality of it make sure you check out our other avenues such as Twitter & Facebook in regards to WHY this episode was different. I was away last week doing some work for another one of my shows, therefore was unable to record the episodes and process them as usual. This lead our only option to fall on Jarryd, as he was the only one capable of recording the episode. He did the best he could with the facilities at hand and that’s why for ONE WEEK our quality has dropped. Things will return to normal from this week onwards. Cheers – Ben

  2. I was not BLASTING the quality of the show Ben, I was giving helpful criticism. Nobody has the time or should have to follow Twitter & Facebook for every podcast they listen to for updates about a show, that would be impossible (regardless of the fact I use NEITHER outlet). That is why RSS feeds and iTunes feeds were created, to streamline the process. Plus this being your website, WordPress has numerous plug-ins to would add a Twitter feed to this site, OR maybe a simple disclaimer in the podcast description would be easier.

    But as I stated above, this is not the only time their has been quality issues. Consistently in every podcast there has been cracks, pops, artifacts, and break offs in sound the last 3-4 months I have been listening. Which according to the bitrate your shows are posted at (approx 128kbps, coming in at around 54Mb per ONE hour of podcast) should NOT happen. I rip/convert audiobook & spoken word files every day, and often 32bps to 64kbps is PLENTY for spoken word recordings, so bitrate/sample rates are not the issue. That would mean something is wrong in the recording process that is not working out in the final cut…

    I am just trying to help here, and came directly to the source to vent my feelings (as opposed to many Survivor message boards where people are speaking their opinion), so do not be upset with me. I know it’s not fun when anyone criticize one’s work, but at least I was constructive about it and said something to improve it, as opposed to many who will just end it at that….

    • And I am simply replying to your comments. No, you may not be able to subscribe to EVERY podcast on Twitter and Facebook, but if you look at the side panel on our page you will see social media updates from the services. This is also how we have always communicated the most up to date new with our audience and how the majority of people get that news.

      Our recording process is solid, and we have no complaints for the quality from anybody else with the exception of this episode and a few of the older ones. We can’t control peoples connections and use the best available software that we have to us with our ‘budget’ in mind. Sometimes people we have on the show will be interviewed via Skype or via the phone and their quality again will depend on the connection. It’s the best we can do. If it’s an issue for you that you find a problem, then I’m sorry for that. But that’s how we do the show and how we will continue to do the show.

      I am not ‘upset’ with you as you claim. Just as you are entitled to vent your opinion, I am entitled to reply to it with a response. I very very rarely respond to comments/messages on here in a public space so I was simply pointing out to you an explanation for the poor quality of that episode.

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