Survivor Oz Top 10-Top Ten Most Serious Injuries


Another Survivor Oz Top Ten is coming your way today as Irish Ozlet, Alan Flockhart, counts down the ten most serious injuries to come out of Survivor. From cough and colds, bug bites and serious burns, there is no denying that Survivor is a tough game, but which ten injuries have stood out as the most serious of all time? Well, you’ll have to join Alan as he counts them down! Remember to make sure you leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your thoughts!

10. Tyson Apostol – Blood vs. Water


During the Immunity Challenge in third episode, the castaways had to attempt to knock each other off of a sumo type ring, which was floating on water. Tyson had a match up against Hayden. During their match, Tyson’s shoulder popped out and he was seen too by the medics. Luckily for Tyson this did not result in him being removed from the game but instead he fought through the pain and went on to become the Sole Survivor!

9. Stephenie LaGrossa – Heroes vs. Villains


Heroes vs. Villains certainly started off with a bang with not only Stephenie getting injured but Rupert to! During a very physical challenge where contestants had to wrestle each other, Stephenie had her shoulder dislocated, which medical popped back into place – with a little support from Jeff. Although Courtney was clearly looking for her to get hurt, I’m sure she felt her pain. Luckily for Stephenie her injury did not require her to be removed from the game.

8. Erik Reichenbach – Caramoan

On Day Thirty-six of Survivor: Caramoan, Erik went into Tribal Council feeling unwell and “out of it’”. After the votes were read and Tribal Council ended, he collapsed. The medical team deemed that his body had basically given up due to the harsh elements he had endured and the physical toll they were taking on his body. Erik was removed from the game and currently holds the record for the latest medical evacuation in the game. Although a contestant collapsing achieved the number one spot on this top ten, Erik thankfully had warning signs for his and thus was not as dramatic.

7. Rupert Boneham – Heroes vs. Villains


During the first challenge of Heroes vs. Villains, Rupert broke his toe and has to have it bandaged up by the medical team. Surprisingly, he wasn’t removed from the game and continued playing even with a broken toe!

6. Kourtney Moon – One World


During the very first Immunity Challenge of Survivor: One World, Kourtney broke her wrist after she landed on it after jumping onto a net which was part of the obstacle course. The contestants were instructed to put their arms over their chests, (disputed by Kourtney in interviews), but she failed to do so and landed on it. She continued on with the challenge but by the end of it was laying on the ground in severe pain. Medical were called in and she was evacuated. Kourtney is the earliest medical evacuation in Survivor history; Day Three.

5. James Clement – Micronesia


In Survivor: Micronesia, James’s finger became infected which forced him to be removed from the game; he later returned to take part in the Jury, albeit with an IV in tow! James also suffered an injury in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, (to his knee), but although that didn’t take him out of the game, his inability to work as hard as he used to combined with his mobility issues forced his fellow contestants to vote him out. It’s tough when your own body lets you down!

4. Joe Dowdle – Tocantins


During his time on the show, Joe developed an infection in his leg which although didn’t take him out of the game initially, grew worse and worse as time went on. Medical’s assessment was that the infection could spread to other parts of his body which in an extreme case could lead to amputation or even death. This left them with no choice but to pull him from the game.

3. Jonathon Penner – Micronesia


During the Reward Challenge in episode five, in which the contestants had to play a game of ‘tag’ where by they had to chase each other around a course, Penner fell on a stick and punctured his knee. He stayed in the game until the next episode by which time his knee was inflamed, red and infected. He was told that the infection could be a risk to his life so he chose to be taken out of the game. Personally, I think anyone in that situation would choose their life over staying in the game.

2. Mike Skupin – The Australian Outback


While many may be surprised that Mike Skupin falling in the fire on Day Seventeen of The Australian Outback has not reached the top spot, he is worthy of the number two spot. While his injuries were horrific they were nothing compared to a contestant collapsing. While tending to the fire, Mike inhaled too much smoke and passed out causing him to fall into the fire, severely burning his hands. He immediately ran into the river in order to ease the pain. Due to his horrific injuries he was evacuated via helicopter which meant he did not return to the game. Mike Skupin was the first ever person to be taken out of the game due to injury.

1. Russell Swan – Samoa


The most dramatic event in Survivor history has to go to Russell Swan during his time on Survivor: Samoa. During the episode, “This is the Man Test”, a challenge involved blindfolded tribe members having to roll a giant ball across a course. Inside the ball was a team mate who was giving directions, before solving a table maze. Russell is seen ‘resting’ on his corner of the table maze much to the disgust of his team mates who think he is slowing them down. Russell then proceeds to collapse and fall to the ground at which point Jeff calls medical in. It turns out that his blood pressure was dangerously low which was due to dehydration. Despite his pleas that he is okay, he is pulled from the game. Due to the life threatening situation he was in, Russell Swan deserves this top spot as the most serious accident! Even Jeff Probst has admitted that it is the scariest scenario he has ever seen.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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11 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top Ten Most Serious Injuries

  1. WHAT?!? No Shamar Thomas? LOL! 😀
    Pretty acurate top 10, even if I would have put Skupin as #1.
    You could have also included Aras’ injury in Exile Island, I think it was more serious than Tyson’s, Stephenie’s or Rupert’s.

  2. I think that Bruce in Panama, Mike in Samoa, and even Shamar (after listening to your interview) definitely were more serious than Tyson, Stephenie, and Rupert

  3. are you sure you didn’t put the Philippines 3 as the top 3 on purpose?

  4. Tom Wright // March 19, 2014 at 1:25 pm // Reply

    How can u have contestants like Tyson who’s injury didn’t even get mentioned after that challenge over contestants like Bruce Gary shamar mike from Samoa and Colton who all get med evacuated. I usually agree with your 10 tens but this one misses the mark in many circumstances

  5. Jim’s bicep and Amy’s ankle, both in Guatemala. Oh and Bobby Jon’s eyes and Blake’s briar spiking. I’m surprised none of these are included smh.

  6. chabogamogo // March 19, 2014 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    Bruce should be on here instead of Tyson and Stephanie

  7. How can Skupin not be on the top of this list! That is the most iconic injury in Survivor History. Although Ruperts was graphic in HvV Bruce was taken from the game in agonizing pain.

  8. Why did you put a spoiler in your #8 entry referring to the #1 spot? I like to read ranked lists with the anticipation building as you countdown 😦

  9. Other injuries that could be considered: Parvati nearly severing her finger in Cook Islands, Boo tearing his ACL in Fiji, Jim tearing his bicep in Guatemala…

  10. Love her or hate her Abi-Maria tore her ACL in the first challenge and lasted to the top 5, that’s a pretty serious injury

  11. Oh please I’m glad they didnt include Shamar in this…. his self injury doesn’t count he only did it so he can leave. Total wuss

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