Survivor Cagayan-Episode 5 Recap Featuring Nina Acosta!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the fifth episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Nina Acosta from Survivor: One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan, a Tribe Switch changes the game, there’s another comeback in a Challenge and a another big Tribal Council blindside!

A relieved Spencer arrives back at a camp he never thought he’d see again. He thanks Kass and Tasha for keeping him around, as he goes onto confess that he’s happy he didn’t go home because he thought he was. He continues, saying the game is constantly changing, much like a roller-coaster ride.

Spencer explains he has never been more nervous at Tribal Council whilst Kass and Tasha explain that they had “gut feelings” they would be straight back to Tribal if they kept J’Tia so they made a last minute decision to send her home. Kass comments that the way the tribe have played the game is “ridiculous” and that they aren’t the Brain tribe but the “crap for brain tribe with a rolling jog jam mess, with a couple of nerds on top”. Spencer jokes that they can be the Final Three and that there’s only “two entire tribes” in our way.

The following morning, (Day Twelve), the tribe receives Tree Mail informing them of an upcoming Reward Challenge with a food Reward. The trio is excited, with Tasha stating that this challenge will test their decision to keep Spencer and that if they get a victory, it will show the other two tribes they can’t be underestimated.

All three tribes arrive at the challenge. Whilst the Brains are keen to get their tribe back on track, Jeff has other ideas.

Drop your Buffs, Brawn, Brains and Beauty is no more”.

Jeff really loves screwing with people’s emotions! He announces that the Brains tribe will no longer exist and only the Aparri tribe, (orange, formally Brawn), and Solana tribe, (purple; Beauty), will continue in the game. He presents everyone with a tray of covered Buffs, instructing everyone to take one, before instructing everyone to reveal their Buff.

The new Aparri tribe consists of: Alexis, Jeremiah, Kass, Morgan, Sarah, Spencer and Tasha


The new Aparri tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)

Making up the new Solana tribe is: Cliff, Jefra, Lindsey, LJ, Tony, Trish and Woo.


The new Solana tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff asks Sarah what she thinks about the Switch. Sarah states she feels like the “odd one out” because she has lost every member of her former tribe. Tasha claims that she’s exited to start over and says she thinks that the tribe will be “very strong in challenges”. Jefra admits that it “stinks being on the bottom”, but says being outnumbered by previous Brawn tribe members won’t be all bad because they are meant to be the strongest. She continues, saying that she hopes there are some cracks that she and LJ can fit into. Cliff rounds up the discussion by saying that the Switch changes everyone’s thought process and the question of whether you stick with old alliances or new alliances comes into play.

With that, it’s time for the Reward Challenge… which now that you look at the set up, it would have been fairly obvious there was going to be a Switch because it is only set up for two tribes to compete.

For the challenge, one person from each tribe will hold onto a pole. Two tribe’s members from the opposing tribe will then have to run out to the pole and attempt to remove the opposition tribe member from the pole and then drag them over the finish line in order to score one point. The first tribe to two points wins Reward – a massive tray of sweets, including donuts, choc-chip cookies, coffee, brownies and pastries. With even tribes, everyone is competing so we get straight into it.


Anybody else suddenly hungry? (Image Credit: CBS)

The first round sees three women competing for each tribe. For Aparri, hanging onto the pole is Tasha, with Lindsey on the pole for Solana. Trying to get Tasha off the pole is Jefra and Trish, whilst Morgan and Sarah will be attempting to drag Lindsey off the pole. On Jeff’s go the challenge begins. For those who are wondering, we have seen this challenge previous in Cook Islands and Gabon. Lindsey is the first to have her arms removed from the pole. Morgan then lays on top of her, whilst Sarah works on removing her legs. Tasha is holding solid, with Jefra and Trish struggling in the challenge. Sarah manages to free Lindsey’s legs and things get pretty physical as, with Lindsey trying desperately to cling to the post accidently kicking Morgan in the head as she tries to hang on. The pair eventually get her off the pole again and begin to drag her to the finish line. With Tasha still firmly wrapped around the post, a short struggle with Lindsey doesn’t result in a comeback victory and Aparri score the first point in the challenge.


Morgan and Sarah drag Lindsey away from the pole, whilst Jefra and Trish struggle to remove Tasha from the pole. (Image Credit: CBS)

The next round see’s two men and one woman from each tribe competing. On the pole for Aparri is Alexis, with Cliff on the pole for Solana, whilst LJ and Trish will be attempting to get Alexis off and Jeremiah and Spencer try to get Cliff off. How is this a fair match-up? Predictably, Alexis barely last ten seconds on the pole and despite fighting hard to stay alive, LJ and Trish easily drag her past the finish line as Cliff laughs at the efforts of Jeremiah and Spencer. With the score locked at one-one, we go into the final round with everything riding on it.


LJ carts Alexis to the finish line like a rag doll whilst Jeremiah and Spencer try to remove Cliff from the pole. (Image Credit: CBS)

The final round see’s Jeremiah and Spencer again trying to get Cliff, (Solana), off the pole, whilst Lindsey and Tony will be trying to pull Sarah, (Aparri), off the pole. Sarah has her arms removed from the pole fairly quickly as work begins on her feet. This time, Jeremiah and Spencer manage to get Cliff’s arms off but Tony has his cop buddy completely off the pole as he and Lindsey drag her towards victory for the Solana tribe. Sarah fights hard and buys Jeremiah and Spencer valuable time as they have managed to pull Cliff’s legs off the pole. Their efforts are in vain though, as Tony drags Sarah over the line claiming Reward for Solana!


Tony and Lindsey drag Sarah from the pole whilst Jeremiah and Spencer play stacks on Cliff. (Image Credit: CBS)

As the Solana tribe collect their goodies and return to camp, a disappointed Spencer comments that whilst it’s nice to “upgrade the mums to the hot girls”, but that it’s tough to keep losing especially when everything involving the Brains tribe “seems to go wrong”.

Back at the Solana camp, LJ reveals that winning the challenge was great but in reality, the situation he is in is bad. He explains that himself and Jefra being outnumbered five to two isn’t ideal and playing his Idol would only save him from going home for a few extra days. He expresses his hopes that the tribe absorb him as a team member instead of him being seen as a threat. The new tribe begin bonding, learning about where each other come from and their occupations. Trish finds out that LJ is from Massachusetts, (her home town), and bonds with him over their “little connection”. Trish continues, saying that LJ, (who we learn is single), is a “handsome guy”, but she isn’t interested because “I could be his mother”. LJ see’s the situation similarly, stating in a confessional that Trish was his “moment of sunshine” and that he will use Trish to “save myself” in the game. Someone not keen on LJ and Trish’s new friendship is Lindsey, who complains in a confessional that Trish exaggerates her laugh around the men and that “you’re fifty years old, stop trying to get attention from twenty year men”.


“Your from Boston? No way… I’m from Boston to!” (Image Credit: CBS)

Cliff and Woo are pleased with how things worked out because they remain together on the one tribe. Cliff admits that staying on a tribe with five of his original tribe members put them in a “great position” and the only downside was the moment he saw Trish unveil a purple Buff. He remarks that Trish and LJ have something going on and he’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Over at the Aparri tribe, Sarah reveals that being the only original Brawn tribe member on a tribe with three former Brains and three former Beauty tribe members is “scary”. Sarah doesn’t let this get to her and go’s straight to work, asking the other tribes whether their weakest tribe member choose to look for the Idol or the second bag of rice. Morgan can’t believe what she’s hearing, as she is finally ousted for lying about the Idol. She tells the tribe that she decided to look for the Idol but wasn’t successful. She confesses that she hopes the tribe don’t hold it against her and that she gets a fresh start. Alexis isn’t a fan of fresh starts though, explaining that Morgan now has even more red flags going off around her. She states that she will “never align” with Morgan because of this and that her goal now is to “protect myself and jump ship right away”.


Alexis approaches the former Brains tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)

Alexis chats to the three former Brains tribe member, explaining that her closest ally was Jefra and now things have been switched up, the four of them should stick together. Spencer comments that it was “telling” how fast Alexis came to them and it seemed “almost desperate”. He continues, saying that the Brains are in a much better position and that they will need to play the others against each other. Alexis begins to gossip about Morgan, claiming that she is very lazy around camp. Later on, Morgan does a similar thing, explaining to the tribe that Alexis and LJ were “together” and liked to snuggle with each other. Spencer can’t believe former Beauties, admitting that it’s like they are in high school with all the rumours flying around. He claims that he thought they would be better social players but they have disappointed him. Jeremiah isn’t missing out on the action either, as he speaks to Kass and Tasha about Morgan wanting to backstab him and that he feels on the outs on his friendship with Alexis, so he would happily “go with ya’ll”. After gathering all this information, Tasha reveals that the Brains tribe is in the “best possibly position” because the Beauty tribe is turning each other which has somehow pushed the Brains back up to the top.


Jeremiah discusses alliances with Tasha and Kass. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Solana tribe, Jefra and Trish head off together to collect water. Trish tells Jefra that Lindsey and her don’t get along and that she will come across as a hard worker, but she doesn’t work hard at all, before revealing that Cliff and Lindsey are aligned together. Jefra confesses that Trish told her the information very quickly therefore she “doesn’t want to count my chickens before they hatch” – I thought she didn’t know how that process worked? Trish goes onto say that the Brawn tribe were trying to get rid of Cliff but couldn’t because they couldn’t  lose challenges whilst Jefra tells Trish that she is tight with LJ. Trish confesses that since the beginning of the game, she has felt she has been “on the bottom of the barrel”, so she is now going to “do what I need to do to get to the top”.


Trish and Jefra talk strategy. (Image Credit: CBS)

Immunity time!

Obviously from now on, only one tribe will win Immunity, so Jeff puts the second, smaller Immunity Idol away for safekeeping. For the challenge, each tribe will have to use one large, heavy log to smash through to walls. The aren’t allowed to let go of the log but can use their feet to kick through the walls. Once they are through the walls, they will have to place the log into a table maze, moving the log through the maze. Once the log is out of the maze, one person will have to bang the gong. The first tribe to bang their gong wins Immunity. As the challenge only requires six people to compete each tribe has to sit somebody out; Trish sits out for Aparri whilst after some debate and a rock, paper, scissors battle between Alexis and Morgan, Morgan is chosen to sit out for Solana. Once again, we have a re-hashed challenge, with this one previous appearing in China.

The challenge begins with both tribes neck and neck as we get underway. Solana have their guys up the front of the log whilst Aparri have their guys at the back of the log. Solana’s strategy proves successful as they are first to get through their wall as Aparri struggle. Spencer asks if they can swap position, which Jeff allows so the tribe switch positions to get their guys to the front. This works, as they get through their first wall. Solana are still working on their second wall and are beginning to struggle with the task. Aparri have made up a lot of time and both tribes get through their second wall at the same time.


Survivor’s version of a home renovation? (Image Credit: CBS)

Both tribes begin their mazes at the same time. Solana pull away to a slight lead, as LJ takes control of the puzzle, whilst the three former Brains castaways oversee the maze for Aparri. Both tribes make similar mistakes as they work through their maze and close in on finishing it. Aparri is the first tribe to get their log through the maze and bang their gong, claiming an unlikely victory!


Aparri and Solana race to complete their mazes. (Image Credit: CBS)

As both tribes head back to camp, Tony wonders how a tribe made up of predominately former bran member lost a challenge that was “made for Brawn”, then states that luckily he still has the numbers so LJ will be “going home first because he’s a threat”.


Tasha can’t wipe the smile off her face after winning Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Solana camp, nobody can believe they lost the challenge. LJ, knowing he’s in a tough spot, asks Cliff, Lindsey and Woo to consider his ability to help them win challenges when voting. Cliff confesses that because LJ and Trish are from the same home town and have bonded, he needs to go. Cliff explains to Lindsey and Woo that the four of them, (Tony included), will vote for LJ, with Woo saying that he is on board with the plan because he is better in challenges than LJ and they need to “get rid of the strong”. Lindsey worries that Trish who according to her is “so far up his, (LJ’s), ass” will “screw us over”. Woo tells her not to worry because they have the numbers.


Is Lindsey under Cliff’s spell?. (Image Credit: CBS)

LJ speaks to Trish about whether he has a place in the alliance. Trish tells him they can’t be seen together to often but “you’re in”. She explains that along with Jefra and Tony they will have the numbers to blindside Cliff which he “won’t even see coming”. LJ can’t believe Trish is even thinking about changing things up when they hold such a dominant position in terms of numbers, but Trish is convinced on her plan. She confesses that LJ “has got it all” and that because Cliff does nothing, it’s time for him to go. Trish speaks to Tony, pledging the case to send home Cliff, because of his strength, (which will be dangerous post–merge), then to send home Lindsey. Tony, like LJ, isn’t keen on ruining the numbers advantage the former Brawn tribe hold, labeling Trish “crazy”. He admits there is no need to get rid of Cliff at the moment and they should be getting rid of LJ because he’s “dangerous”. Tony then explains that he doesn’t like or trust Cliff and that he is a very influential person, which makes him dangerous as well; leaving Tony questioning what decision to make.


LJ and Trish discuss Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Cliff and Tony discuss the vote. Tony tell Cliff that Trish is stressing because the dynamics have changed, which leads to Cliff remarking that if Trish does try something, she will be voted out because they still hold a four-three majority. Cliff admits that he is “looking forward to Tribal Council” and that together with his former Brawn tribe members they are going to “chop down Trish’s new support system”. Before heading out to Tribal, LJ informs Jefra of the plan, with leads Jefra to question Tony’s motives. Before Tribal, LJ confesses that he is putting a “boatload of trust” into Tony and that once Tribal begins and he works if he’s being played, he’ll know whether he needs to play his Idol.

Tribal Council begins with LJ stating that he and Jefra felt like a couple selling their house when their five new tribe members arrived and that it was “intimidating and uncomfortable”. Cliff says that life should be comfortable because they have the numbers yet there is always that “one person who isn’t comfortable where they are and who can’t put their emotions aside”. He continues, claiming that the most important part of the name is numbers. Woo agrees with this whilst Trish says that the vote will be a test of the former Brawn tribes loyalties but in the game, but if the numbers you have don’t work for you, you need to find alternatives. Jefra suggests that there is a chance something could happen because there is someone on the bottom of the five person alliance that can shake things up. Lindsey reveals she wants everyone to stick together and make the Merge without Jefra and LJ. Cliff speaks up saying that the game never really starts until you lose because that is when you find out what others are thinking whilst Tony explains that after tonight, there will be a definite shift in the game because people will either be moving forward with a new or old team.

With that, the votes are cast. Jeff asks for Idols but LJ doesn’t play his, taking a big risk. LJ and Cliff split the votes, leveling things at three-three, both look worried as Jeff reads the final vote, which is for Cliff, who is eliminated from the game. Both Lindsey and Woo can’t believe what’s happened, with both shocked behind belief as Cliff’s torch is snuffed and he wishes everyone well.


Cliff… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

In his final words, Cliff claims that he got to comfortable and that was his downfall.

Next week, it’s fight night, as Lindsey and Trish explode, which results in Jeff paying a visit to the Solana camp.

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 Ben’s Opinion


Another great episode!

This season is fast shaping up to be a really strong season. The characters this season are spread right across the board and there are a wide variety of potential returning players which is great to see. The switch certainly threw things around and made for interesting viewing. It was funny to see the three Brains all end up together and all of a sudden they find themselves in a fairly strong position of power. Was this to be expected? Possibly. But it’ll be great to finally see Spencer shine and really show what he is made of. The Aparri tribe is just interesting in general, especially a certain Sarah. She feels at the bottom which you can understand to a point, but on a tribe that contains 3 of one tribe and 3 of another, that automatically makes you a swing vote. EMBRACE THE SWING SARAH! After one week of shining, she is quickly dropping way down to where I put her pre-game. Surprising to see the three Beauties on Aparri implode so quickly. Morgan put her foot in her mouth but she only has Alexis and Jeremiah to deal with, so I don’t see that as too much of an issue. Alexis is going to be in danger the first time they lose. Just as long as they don’t touch Morgan…

Solana was another interesting dynamic. Tony switching the vote to side with Trish, well I wasn’t really seeing that. I don’t see why Cliff is such a big threat. Socially maybe because he is likable, but why is he picked on so much? I’m sad to see him go. LJ is just bland. I don’t see the big deal with him. He’ll go far now that he has Tony and Trish on side, but I can’t see him winning. It’s Jefra who I think is in the best position right now not only on Aparri, but in the game in general. It’s going to be interesting to see how she goes in the game. Oh and I should say Trish and LJ? Just no…

I want to add just how great both challenges were this week, and they have been quite good all season. Two old school challenges are always great to see, and I hope it sets a trend for the rest of the season.

Bring on next week! We get to see a grudge match! Exciting!

Jarryd’s Opinion


What a fantastic episode!

I’m not a big fan of Tribe Switches. Whilst seeing the Brains lose all the time would be boring, I’d rather is it happen that switch things up. Yes, Survivor is a game all about luck, but to see people who are in a decent alliance get placed in a tribe where they don’t stand a chance is a crap part of the game. This switch is no different – All the Brains stay together, five out of six Brawn stay together which leaves the Beauties shattered.

The new tribes are okay and will provide interesting dynamics but I can’t say I’m thrilled. I think they edited the episode very well because we saw all the Beauties on the Aparri tribe trying to make new alliances yet Sarah, the lone wolf, wasn’t heard from the moment they hit the beach. Editing is huge so I wouldn’t put it past the Beauties sticking together. As for the other tribe, LJ having an Idol is a huge benefit and Jefra is a good person to have alongside you.

In terms of characters/favourites, I’m still rooting for Alexis and LJ. I think Jefra offers a lot and would like to see her do well. After cooling things down edit wise, Tony is more bearable. I liked Cliff so was sad to see him go an am indifferent about Woo; he’s likeable but doesn’t offer much. Trish… she can stay for as long as she wants she just needs to remind silent, that Boston accent is killing me. Lindsey has been a big surprise for me. I couldn’t wait to see her pre-game but she’s been a total let down which is very disappointing. I’m betting she quits next week and if she does, (assuming it’s because of Trish’s behaviour), that’ll go down to being one of the worst quits for me. Hopefully she’s still got more to offer but given she’s hardly featured in the edit, I’m not hopeful.

Both challenges were great this week, despite the Reward one being a complete waste of time as soon as cliff checked-in. Was great to see the Aparri tribe get the W in the Immunity Challenge because it opened the door for LJ and Jefra to make the move against Cliff whilst Trish was ready to make the move.

Looking forward to next week where hopefully Alexis stays safe and LJ shines in his new tribe!

Jimmy’s Opinion


Another great episode of Survivor: Cagayan. This season has more twists and turns than pulling a corkscrew out of a wine bottle.

At the Reward Challenge, it became clear that the game was no longer a game between the ‘Brawn’, ‘Brains’ and ‘Beauty’ tribes when Jeff Probst uttered those famous three words, “Drop your Buffs”, and two new tribes, Solana and Aparri, were formed. I still can’t believe that the former ‘Brains’ tribe are still altogether on the new Aparri tribe. What are the odds of that happening? That was very lucky indeed!

The strength of the new tribes was tested at the Reward Challenge. After suffering yet another loss for the former three members of the Brains tribe, they could feel the game changing in their favour. As soon as they got back to the Aparri camp, the former ‘Beauty’ tribe began gossiping and backstabbing one another. Alexis, Jeremiah and Morgan individually had conversations with the former ‘Brains’ tribe, asking to join them in a four person alliance. It’s as if the ‘Brains’ tribe struck gold and went from the basement to the penthouse in a matter of minutes on their new tribe. They are in a position of power and I am just hoping that this will take them far into the game. I love supporting the underdog.

On the other hand, the Solana tribe are in a mess. They should have dominated the first part of the Immunity Challenge with five former ‘Brawn’ members. They started off strong but could not find a way to figure out how to use the battering ram effectively. The Aparri tribe was able to catch up and pass them on the puzzle section of the challenge. It was exciting to watch and in a close finish, they pulled off a great win.

At Tribal Council, I still can’t figure out why Cliff was voted out. He is clearly one of the strongest members of the Solana tribe even if he doesn’t do much around camp. It looked as if LJ was going to be voted out but Tony changed his vote at the last minute. I always had a feeling that Tony was a shady type of character and I was right. I hope he will get voted out sooner rather than later. The bad thing is that he still holds the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Next week looks like it’s going to be interesting as the feud between Lindsey and Trish reaches its boiling point. In the previews, we see Jeff Probst at Solana’s camp talking to Lindsey. Hopefully, Lindsey can hang on in there and not quit the game.

Kristan’s Opinion


I was still feeling a little bit shaky an hour after the show ended; that means it was a great episode.

I had the new tribes spoiled for me by the preview but it was really interesting to see how the first few post-switch days played out. I loved the scenes of new Aparri. It was actually pretty hilarious seeing each of the Beauties approach old Luzon offering their loyalty and heaps of information regarding their old tribe. The tables turned so quickly! Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see how the alliances end up forming there.

For me, the challenges weren’t terribly exciting. I typically love the “drag people off the pole” challenge, but found it to be rather boring with Cliff holding onto the pole. I felt like he was thinking, “Go ahead. Just try to drag my 220 pound, 6’10” body off of this pole. Nope!” It seemed pretty obvious that new Solana was going to win that one. The second challenge was a bit more interesting. It was great to see Jeremiah and Spencer take the lead and break down those walls. I give a lot of credit to Spencer for asking if they could switch places instead of just admitting defeat. Aparri wins! No Tribal Council for Spencer! One of my favourites is safe! At this point I just had LJ to worry about.

I had no idea what to expect from Solana. With Tony’s known hatred for Cliff, I had a feeling that Tony and Trish may pull in Jefra and LJ to take out Cliff or Lindsey, but the editing really fooled me. Tony seemed so unsure about flipping on his fellow Brawns. That brings me to the editing. I absolutely love the editing this season. In recent seasons, the editing never fooled me. It felt haphazardly put together with an obvious boot and an obvious decoy. This season, I’m more on the edge of my seat, unsure of exactly what is going to happen. The moment that LJ didn’t play his Idol was the moment I figured Cliff was being voted out. LJ is a smart guy and I think that he would have played his Idol if Tony gave him any impression that he was flipping — and Tony isn’t exactly subtle. I think that there were things said that didn’t make the edit that had LJ feeling comfortable. LJ is officially safe. My eye-candy lives to see three more days. One alliance has two Idols. Woo and Lindsey better work hard in the next Immunity Challenge or one of them is gone next.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. I’m looking forward to the Lindsey and Trish drama next week!

Clifton’s Opinion


All the twists and turns provided by this week’s episode were a lot of fun for me. Based on the edit, I would have definitely played the Hidden Immunity Idol if I was LJ. Given that he was my initial pick to win this season, I’m happy things worked out for him. I wasn’t ready to see him go yet. Before the episode, I designated Cliff as my pick to be voted out, so I was quite happy to see him go and to see the shock overtake Lindsey. I’m glad Trish started playing rather than hanging in the background. On the flip side, I’m glad Tony had his hesitations in making a big move against Cliff rather than being his usual overeager self. However, hopefully Trish doesn’t start playing too hard. I don’t know how much gleeful Boston cackle I can take! Finally, I was really glad with how the tribes got mixed up. Way better than if the Brains had just been split up among the existing tribes. Seeing the Brains in a power seat is intriguing and I’ll be interested to see which of the Beauty members they gravitate towards next week.

My funny four moments for this week are. Four: Upon Probst saying “Drop your buffs”, Spencer drops his green Luzon one as if it is diseased. Three: Watching the former Beauty tribe members on new Appari tribe spill their guts to the Brains one by one by one. As Spencer said, the team that’s supposed to represent social skills is lacking hysterically. Two: In the Reward Challenge, LJ DESTROYS Alexis, ripping her from the pole and mercilessly dragging her through the sand! Meanwhile, Tony seems terrified to touch Sarah and drags her by one foot! ONE: CLIFF ROBINSON DOES NOT WANT TO SEE TRISH HEGARTY TWERK! His reaction to overhearing that back and forth was priceless! Great episode! Looking forward to next week!

Daniel’s Opinion


I’m happy with the outcome. Was never a Cliff fan and I wanted to see the Brawns finally down a member. I’m quite liking the new Aparri tribe, especially seeing the Brains gaining some control. If they can pull off a Final Three that would be amazing. Favourite: Tasha. Least-Favourite: Lindsey – especially if she ends up being a quitter as the promo is hinting at.

Andrew’s Opinion


I am always a huge fan of the Tribal Switch episodes and this was a great one. The switch was interesting, I am definitely rooting for the new Aparri tribe it has most of my favourites. I loved both challenges today, the tribes seem pretty decently matched, (minus having Cliff stuck around that pole). The one thing I love about this season is the editing! I feel like almost every episode I haven’t known who was getting voted out. This week was no different, I thought LJ had made a mistake not playing the Idol, but thankfully I was wrong!

Paul’s Opinion


What a difference a few days makes in Survivor. The Brains go from facing extinction to being the most powerful trio in the game. The Beauty tribe dissolves and the Brawn tribe is turned on its head.

We saw a more relaxed and calculated Tony. In the first few episodes, I thought he was overplaying by creating unnecessary tension within his tribe. Though he continued to play hard, when the game did actually pick up, I think he made good decisions. Cliff had obviously lost trust in him, made apparent by the pre-tribal discussion he and Tony had, placing Tony at the bottom of that alliance, along with Trish. By going with the four-person alliance he has given himself an equal share of the power within that group and insulated himself further from an impending torch snuff.

I look forward to seeing how the new Aparri tribe will shape up after a visit to Tribal Council. I can definitely see all three Brains making it deep into the game.

Ivan’s Opinion


The Beauties on the new Aparri are not playing well, letting their grudges get the best of them and they’ll find it harder to do well this season apart than together. The exception might be Morgan, who had little to lose. When this tribe does go to Tribal Council, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on Spencer, Kass, and Tasha (hoping they’ll make good choices this time around and not have to attend Tribal Council as frequently), and Sarah, who is now the only contestant left who wasn’t been to Tribal Council. If Aparri win a few more Immunity Challenges, Sarah will become the seventh player in Survivor history to make it to the Merge without attending Tribal Council, (the other six being the members of the Tandang tribe). The Reward Challenge was good except for the result being obvious. The whole tribe could’ve tried to pull Cliff off and he still could’ve won it. Their only hope was if Spencer or Jeremiah pulled out a Poke Flute (Pokemon reference). If I ever go on Survivor I expect I’d be bad with Idols because I thought to myself I would’ve kept my Idol if I were Garrett and I would’ve used it if I were LJ. LJ is now in a good position on his tribe. I think Tony should’ve voted off LJ but the one good thing about it was he split up an increasingly strong alliance between Woo, Lindsey and Cliff. I wonder if anyone said “Timber” as they voted Cliff off in their voting confessional. Funny seeing Jeff snuff someone’s torch who was a foot taller than him. And LJ and Trish would be an interesting Survivor couple. Fourteen years age gap though, although Trish could pass for early forties, maybe even late thirties. Loving this season!

Colin’s Opinion


And just like that, the Brains are back in it. This has to be one of the best Tribe Switches of all time, in that almost every pre-existing strategy and alliance was completely thrown on its head. I have to admit, as soon as I saw the preview last week, I assumed Spencer would be the first to flip, but he surprised me, and I think he’s making the right decision to stick with Tasha and Kass. Although the Brains were pathetic in challenges, I always believed their best games would be in the strategic area. The Brains trio never seemed to mesh as an alliance, but they’re in a position now, where if they stay together, they do have a real shot at being the Final Three.

The real mystery this week was on the new Solana tribe. There are two questions I keep asking myself; why did Tony flip and join with LJ, (arguably his biggest competition), and why didn’t LJ play his Idol. I’m trying to put myself in LJ’s shoes, and I can’t imagine how he could have felt so confident in the vote, even if Tony did assure him that he would be flipping beforehand. LJ doesn’t strike me as an overly trusting player. If it were me, I wouldn’t care who told me they would align with me, I’d never keep the Idol in my pocket when the numbers looked so grim. It paid off for him, but I’m really wondering if there were some unaired scenes between him and Tony. They’re both so hardcore into the game, there had to be a lot more to it. Maybe LJ told Tony that he had the Idol. I’m actually more curious about the story behind LJ and Tony than I am about the fight that is to come next week.

Survivor Re-capper: Nina Acosta


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fourth recap features Nina Acosta from One World, as she discusses enjoying a season with new players for the first time since hers, why here pre-game favourites changed and who she is going for now, the control of Spencer and why she thinks Tash and LJ are in good spots, not being a big fan of Lindsey, comparing several players to players on One World and talking all things police officers and Sarah and Tony! Nina then answers our final set of 5 questions as follows:

DARK HORSE:  Spencer
NEXT TO GO: Lindsey/Alexis 

Join us next week as we are joined by Artis Silvester from from Philippines to help us recap the sixth episode of Cagayan!


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7 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 5 Recap Featuring Nina Acosta!

  1. this is such an amazing episode from start to finish. the challenges are so awesome and fun. i bite my nails on how intense it is lol. the swap is uneven but im amazed how LJ and Jefra managed to see the cracks and use it to their advantage. Sarah as well for being so friendly and the only one that haven’t been on a tribal council yet. 😀

    So glad my favorites are all safe again hahah. That epic blindside would be probably my favorite of them all. Tony is amazing in hiding his motives so good job to him, Trish is definitely 2nd in command now in the tribe, while Tony is clearly the top dog for sure after Cliff’s eviction. LJ flirting is so funny. I want to see gifs of Lindsey, Woo and Cliff’s blindside faces plsssssss.

    if i would rank them:
    APARRI: Tash, Kass, Spencer, Sarah, Jeremiah, Alexis, Morgan
    SOLANA: Tony, Trish, LJ, Jefra, Woo, Lindsey

  2. LJ’s confidence in not playing the idol is so amazing. Im so glad the plan to oust Cliff worked! Whew! So scared LJ will leave for a moment 🙂 Trish made the best decision for her and now she can be on top, i really hope Sarah survive until the merge!!! Tony is the second coming of Russell Hantz & LJ is Boston Rob lol. My dream is for them to have an alliance from here on.

  3. Just when you thought Woo is about to have a heart attack and Lindsey almost had a lockjaw after Cliff’s blindside. #AWKWARD

    Tony is evil in a damn good way 😉 Keep the blindsides coming, I’m all in for crazy ride to the finish.

    Morgan’s tits finally have a use on the reward challenge. I thought Lindsey would suffocate on those 2 coconuts of her. Cliff looks big af when Jeremiah and Spencer tried to drag him :O

  4. I’m starting to like trish more and more. Then i dislike Lindsey more and more. Another drama is between Alexis and Morgan *yawn*. Just self evict catty bitches. The Luzon 3 better go with Jeremiah and Sarah for the majority and dump those 2 bimbos if they lose. Loving the editing this season since there are no invisible players (Purple Kelly et al). The Tribal Council was so stressfully fun. Cagayan is fun so far, i think it will just get better having good players left in the game. Can’t wait for the 1st double tribal council too. Blindsides are so good this season. LJ/Tony winning this will make it one of my top 3 favorites.

  5. ❤ LJ xx

  6. this is such a great episode. We already have 3 blindsides out of 5 tribal councils. WOW! I won’t be shocked if there is more to come knowing how unpredictable the cast is this season. No doubt Tony is such a standout this season. Very strategical?! and funny hahaha. What he did when he voted for Cliff is very impressive, not only did he secure being on the top but he also shows he’s still tight with Sarah, he even get a bit from LJ and Jefra’s trust for sure after this big move. Also him being loyal to Trish is great as well since Trish is good socially as well and can be useful as his shield during the merge. I really hope Tony goes all the way through coz he have a flawless game so far in my opinion so don’t judge me 😛 LJ is definitely another one of my favorites even before the game starts lol. I’m scared for his life when Jeff starts reading the votes. Super happy Tony realizes that he can never beat Cliff among his tribemates and flipped. Yay! i love big moves and power shifts like this. Kudos to Mrs. Robinson (50 shades of Grey reference haha) or rather Trish as well! (insert Trish’s cackle) LJ not using the HII is very risky indeed, i think he can read people that well because if that’s me even if i talk to TOny bout this before tribal, i will still use it to make sure. LJ proves he’s confident, trusting and not paranoid but you can still see that he is nervous that time haha 🙂 Lindsey and Woo looking so shocked is so hilarious i literally lol almost like Trish haha!

    P.S. I hope Aparri will lose next week so we can see how the Brains work this and i wanna see how Sarah will cope! Love her! I really hope Lindsey won’t quit coz i wanna see her getting the boot while Trish cackle and waves goodbye to her lol, it also makes the season less awesome if there is a quitter 😦

  7. The tribal council was nuts…. tony is a sneaky sneaky guy… woo and lidsey is probably thinking (wtf we are toast if we lose again)

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