Misty Holmes Interview


When you are a former beauty queen turned missile engineer, you know you are going to memorable. For Misty Holmes, competing on the 12th season of Panama wasn’t as successful as she would’ve liked but she endeared herself to the fans and is still talked about to this day. Creating history by being the first person in the history of Survivor to spend a night on Exile Island (not including Janu on Palau as it wasn’t referred to as Exile Island then), Misty was another victim of a tribal swap and joined a long list of people before and after her to suffer the same fate. We do however learn that there was a lot more to her game than we saw, and also learn about some burning questions that some listeners have been wanting to know the answers for some time.


Misty started off on the back foot after being sent to Exile Island after the first challenge, but worked her way back in with her tribe before the switch, to which she then found herself on the outs again and was voted out of the game.

In our chat with Misty she talks about the length of time between her season and being shocked at asked to do the interview, how much of a fan she was before applying to be on the show, why her strategy went out the window 30 seconds into the game, being nervous on a tribe of all women, loving her time on Exile Island, why it was frustrating seeing Ruth Marie join her at Ponderosa after being voted out but why she was also happy as well as her amazing life since Survivor, her interesting last name connection and why she didn’t sleep in the skull when she was exiled.

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1 Comment on Misty Holmes Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // March 25, 2014 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    Class act, that Misty. She’d be great a second time around. And it’s so nice to hear from people who actually love the show, and get cast the old-fashioned way. Wishing her good things…

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