Survivor Cagayan-Episode 6 Recap Featuring Tina Scheer!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the sixth episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Tina Scheer from Survivor: Panama!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan one castaway quits the game, another is blindsided and the return of raiding camps!

We go back to camp with Solana on Night Fourteen. Trish speaks up at once, saying she wants to clear the air about what just happened. Lindsey doesn’t want to hear it, talking over Trish to drown her out. Trish confesses that Cliff and Lindsey were the core alliance so to take out Cliff without him knowing is a huge move. We return to “the fight” with Trish telling Lindsey that she respects her but doesn’t care about her. Lindsey doesn’t care, admitting to Trish that she disgusts her, that she’s annoying, to shut up and that Trish is “the most horrific person I’ve ever met”. Trish tells Lindsey she doesn’t care with Lindsey explaining that as soon as the experience is over, she can’t wait to never have to think about Trish again. Tony intervenes, telling everyone to calm down now that the air is clear and to make the best of what they have got.


Trish and Lindsey lay it all on the line. (Image Credit: CBS)

Lindsey has another confessional about how terrible Trish is then heads off in the dark on her own. Nobody follows her, but after Lindsey doesn’t return for a while, they begin to worry about her – even Trish, who claims that whilst she doesn’t like Lindsey, she still cares for her as a person.

The camera’s still have Lindsey in their sights though. She’s on her own on the beach, when Jeff shows up, telling us that Lindsey requested to speak to him. Jeff sits down with Lindsey and the pair talk things through, with Lindsey explaining she removed herself from camp so she didn’t do something that she would regret her daughter seeing. Lindsey says she doesn’t know what to do because she can’t continue to be around Trish. She decides she’s going to quit the game, saying she will be at her lowest when she leaves the beach. Jeff informs her that quitting the game to avoid doing something you regret is a first, then, by Lindsey’s request, goes off to inform the tribe that Lindsey is quitting the game for “personal reasons”. Trish admits she isn’t surprised Lindsey can’t survive without Cliff while Tony explains that the body always follows the head and that they got rid of “two for the price of one”. Woo confesses that his two former allies quitting puts him in a very tough position and that if they go to Tribal Council again, he may be the one going home.


Lindsey tells Jeff she’s quitting the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Both tribes arrive at the Reward Challenge. The Aparri tribe cant believe that both Cliff and Lindsey are no longer in the game. Jeff explains the situation to them. Alexis says she’s happy her two former Beauty tribe members are still in the game whilst Spencer states that someone quitting “bothers me” but he doesn’t care because his odds improved without him doing anything.

Jeff explains the challenge, which previously featured in Survivor: Philippines.

One tribe member from each tribe will square off in a ring, each holding an Idol on a pole. The goal of the challenge is to knock the other persons Idol off and onto the ground before they knock off yours, scoring a point for your tribe. The first tribe to four wins Reward – two members of the winning tribe will return to the losing tribes camp and have the power to raid two items from their camp. When was the last time we saw that in a season? They certainly pulled that out from the back of the cupboard. With two extra members, Aparri sit out Alexis and Kass and the challenge gets underway.

The first round see’s Spencer take on Woo, with Spencer claiming victory after throwing his Idol partially in the air to attack Woo. Next, Tasha and Trish got at it, with Tasha attempting to make a bold move but losing her Idol, squaring things up at one-one. Sarah shows off her cop skills against Jefra, easily taking the point, whilst LJ knocks off Jeremiah’s Idol who tries valiantly to bounce it back into position, but fails and we return to a dead heat at two-two.


Jeremiah and LJ compete in the Day Fourteen Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony then takes on Morgan in a major mismatch and to nobodies surprise, Ton wins. We then go back to the top with Spencer and Woo squaring off again, with Spencer needed to win to keep Aparri alive. Unfortunately, Woo is victorious, handing Solana victory.


Solana celebrate their victory. (Image Credit: CBS)

Solana decide to send former Aparri members Tony and Woo back to their old stomping ground to collect their Reward, with Jeff giving the pair a note and instructions to read it once they are at Aparri’s camp and have some privacy. Both tribes return to camp, with Tony and Woo accompanying Aparri, with the former confessing that whilst they might have less tribe members, they have high moral.


 Woo and Tony receive their raid instructions. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at the Aparri camp, Tony and Woo read their note and are told which items they can take back with them. Also inside is a note to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol at their camp. Tony decides to use the clue in their favour, telling Woo they will say they have to give the clue to a member of the Aparri tribe, (they choose Jeremiah), in the hope it will put a target on his back. They go ahead with the plan, giving Jeremiah ‘the clue’ and take away the tribes comfort and fishing nets.


Tony and Woo discuss their decision with Aparri. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha believes that they are trying to send a signal to Jeremiah, who quickly learns that the clue is useless and the same one he already found at the Beauty camp. He reveals that despite this, it will still put a target on his back and it may result in him getting vote out next. Before leaving, Tony takes the clue back from Jeremiah.


Jeremiah reads his clue to the Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Solana camp, someone, presumably Trish, has written, “Shame on you Lindsey” into the sand. That’s probably a little harsh on Trish because Jeff was at the camp as well and we know he HATES quitters, maybe that’s his revenge?


Somebody’s not happy Lindsey quit. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jefra and LJ revel at the prospects of the comfort and seasonings that Tony and Woo bring back, as both are yet to have the luxuries in the game. Tony explains the move they made with the Idol to the tribe and tells them they have the clue to an Idol which is hidden on their beach. Jefra admits that Tony is playing a very hard game and that she is thankful Tony is on her side.


Tony and Woo explain to their tribe what they did to Jeremiah and about the Idol clue they now have. (Image Credit: CBS)

Whilst in his good mood, Tony decides to tell the entire tribe he lied about his profession and that he is actually a cop. The news receives mixed emotions, with LJ saying the move was “different”, that he didn’t believe Tony was that smart and it is a sign that he’ll have to “be on my toes every single point of the game”. Trish on the other hand tells Tony that she had her convinced hook, line and sinker, then tells the tribe she has something to reveal, telling them, “I’m really a man”. Ah Trish, that was actually creepy, not funny at all when you consider all factors.


“I’m really a man”. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at Aparri, Alexis questions Jeremiah’s trustworthiness after he was given the clue to the Idol. She declares him the most untrustworthy and sets to work to clean up the mess the clue caused. She discusses with Spencer the possibility of blindsiding Jeremiah. Spencer believes that Alexis planned what to say and questions why she doesn’t act as smarter as she really is because it makes her untrustworthy.


Alexis discusses blindsiding Jeremiah with Spencer. (Image Credit: CBS)

Later on, Jeremiah approaches Alexis and Spencer and asks them to consider why he would get a clue to the Idol when the tribe lost. He informs them it was the same clue they received at the Beauty tribe. Alexis is cagey on trusting Jeremiah, labeling him “paranoid”, whilst Spencer finds it difficult to buy in on his argument, saying the clue locked real enough for him to be suspicious of it.


Jeremiah explains the clue was a fake. (Image Credit: CBS)

Enough drama… time for challenge number two.

For this Immunity Challenge, tribes have to build a staircase out of wooden poles. They will then climb the stairs and make their way through a bamboo maze. Once through the maze, they have to untie a knot and slide down a slide. Once all tribe members are down the slide, one tribe member will have to maneuver a key along a rope. At the end of the rope, the key unlocks a machete. The tribe member will have to use the machete to cut free a bunch of puzzle pieces, which two tribe members will use to solve a puzzle. That puzzle will reveal three numbers which the puzzle makers unlock a combination lock, releasing their tribe flag. The first tribe to release their flag wins Immunity. Get all that? I can’t remember having a challenge with so many steps in a very long time. Sitting out this time for Aparri is Morgan and Tasha.


The tribes compete in the Day Sixteen Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge gets underway. Aparri work together well building their stairs, whilst Solana have different sized pieces all over the place. Aparri get up their stairs and begin their maze, while Solana finally sort out their problem and start on their maze. Sarah has a slight delay on the knot, with Woo pulling ahead and both tribes sliding down their slides at the same time.


Tony heads down the slide. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeremiah and Tony begin working on the key, with Jeremiah pulling ahead, letting the tribes puzzle pieces free as Tony has some difficulty with the lock. Sarah and Spencer have a slight lead but LJ and Woo combine well together. With both tribes working on their puzzles, it’s a race to see who can unscramble the numbers first. Tony attempts to look on at the Aparri tribes numbers to help LJ and Woo, as both tribes close in on solving the puzzle. Solana figure out they have a number upside down and hastily switch out their puzzle pieces, whilst Aparri make a big blunder, with their second number section of the puzzle, not producing a recognisable number, leaving them to virtually start over. This opens the door for LJ and Woo and they don’t look back as they finish their puzzle. then successfully crack the combination lock, winning Immunity for Solana.


Woo and LJ close in on finishing the puzzle. (Image Credit: CBS)

As the tribe celebrates, Tony yells out “top five baby”, which doesn’t please Sarah who begins to worry about whether she has been replaced in the alliance. Jeff dismisses both tribes back to camp, wishing Aparri well before their meeting at Tribal Council.


Tony celebrates in an unusual way. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at the Aparri camp, Alexis confesses that she hates going to Tribal because “it’s the worst place in the world”. Jeremiah asks the tribes their thought’s on Tony’s celebration with Alexis getting another confessional where she states she believes that because Tony took Jeremiah aside when they raided the camp, that Solana believe Jeremiah is “their six” because Solana don’t currently have the numbers. She speaks to Kass, Morgan, Sarah, Spencer and Tasha about taking Jeremiah out because of her suspicious that Jeremiah is the sixth member of the Solana alliance. Sarah tells them that under no circumstance will she flip on them because it’s obvious to her now she is no longer a part of the Brawn’s alliance. Spencer admits that the Brains are in a very good position because they can decide the outcome of Tribal – send Alexis home, or send Jeremiah home, because they are both big targets when the tribes Merge.


Alexis discusses her idea to blindside Jeremiah with Morgan. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Brains have an emergency meeting, discussing whether Alexis or Jeremiah will be more dangerous come Merge. Kass reiterates Spencer’s beliefs that the Brains are now in a position of power and that whilst they initially had the brains to control people, they didn’t have the bodies to control, which they now have. As the tribe heads off to Tribal, we are still very much in the dark about whether Alexis or Jeremiah will be sent packing.


The Brains meet to discuss their options. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal Council begins with Kass says that Jeff’s assumption of Brains, Beauty plus Sarah is correct. Morgan opens up about whether Beauty is as tight as it seems, saying she’s had some run-ins wit Jeremiah. He states that there was a void between them when he lied to her about voting out Brice but he’s given her some space and hoped she has moved on. Kass says that is seems the pretty people are living the beautiful life after all and because of this it has bought the Brains together. Spencer says that whilst this might benefit them, the tribe need to fix the fractures and be united at a Merge. Sarah proclaims that after hearing Tony screaming “top five” at the challenge, she has cut all ties with her former tribe and is now loyal to the new Aparri, whilst Alexis states that there is always room for reconnections come a Merge.


Alexis makes a compelling argument. (Image Credit: CBS)

Alexis continues, saying that it was interesting Tony and Woo took Jeremiah aside as she questions their motive and if Jeremiah is aligned with them. Jeremiah explains that they have him a dud clue to the location of the Idol and he saw right through it. Alexis agrees that Jeremiah is a target and then states that her vote will be based on trust, which makes her question Jeremiah. Morgan points out that at the Merge, Alexis might be the one to flip and not Jeremiah, with Tasha admitting it is difficult to know which is the more viable vote out. Sarah states that the talk about Jeremiah and Alexis has taken the target off her but at the end of the day one person could flip. This leads to Alexis saying that herself and Sarah are trustworthy and it will be Jeremiah who flips with Spencer leaving us with a big question to ponder – making the wrong move tonight could cost us the rest of the game.

We get to the votes, then Jeff reads them. Alexis and Jeremiah split the first two votes but the next four are for Alexis, who becomes the seventh person voted out in a six-one sweep.


Alexis… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

As she leaves, she sobs, saying in her final words she is a massive fan and going out before the Merge is difficult to deal with, before admitting she thought she would “do better” and that she’s “disappointed” with herself.

Next week, the Merge leaves Sarah questioning her loyalties to two core groups of five.

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 Ben’s Opinion


This season is definitely turning out to be a great season.

It seems to have it all each week, and just when I’m expecting it to slow down it turns another corner and gives us another great episode. The editing too is an absolutely stand out. So many different people are getting airtime, (only Morgan didn’t get a confessional this episode), and nobody is standing out with a clear ‘winners edit’ which makes for fantastic viewing. An all new player season was long overdue, and they have brought it big time with this season. Props to CBS and the team.

The fight between Trish and Lindsey was great viewing, but Trish did you really have to be so aggressive with that? There is no question that Trish was the instigator there, and she spent the rest of the episode being far too cocky about it and that seems to be turning a lot of people against her. Was sad to see Lindsey quit in that way, and definitely seemed as though Jeff didn’t care at all if she stayed or went. Tony too made a big error this episode by over sharing information after making such a calculated move that really could’ve made him go far. It was brilliant to call out Jeremiah in that way and it very nearly worked, but stay quiet at camp and don’t go showing your cards too early. It takes one or two confessionals from some of the other players to out him as a game player, which surely sets him up for a big fall at some stage.

I want to also point out this week that I TOLD YOU SO when it came to the amazing Morgan. Everyone was so quick to write her off and say she was the next to go should Aparri go to TC and that I was stupid to say Alexis would be the first to go home…but…well well well! Smile on this hosts face! My Morgan is safe, and Alexis is gone! Jarryd is having a tear, but he is one of the only ones who is! Oh, and Alexis, but I shouldn’t laugh. It’s sad to see someone cry as they are voted out. Shows their passion for the game, and I really hope somebody gave her a big hug after that. I’m sure Jarryd will volunteer.

Merge next week. Seems so soon right? Well it’ll make for very interesting viewing! As always, BRING IT ON!

Jarryd’s Opinion


If a current Aparri tribe member wins this game I’ll be disgusted. Your a pack of flogs for voting off Alexis!

In all seriousness, it was probably always going to happen but I’m shattered she’s gone. How people like Kass, Morgan, Tasha and Trish are in the game ahead of her is painful. I could go on about it forever, but nobody cares so if anyone see’s Alexis in the near future, please give her a cheer up hug from me!

Lindsey quitting was a disgrace. I don’t care if she doesn’t like Trish, you don’t quit because of it, build a bridge mate! Not a great surprise she did quit because they did foreshadow it during the storm episode but doesn’t make it any better. She rates as one of the all time worst quits for me.

The Reward Challenge… great in Philippines, crap in Cagayan. I felt it never really got going and there was a lot of standing their avoiding each other. Just go all out! Better still, do what Skupin did and throw the Idol into the air then attack! Whilst Spencer sort of did this, he did it nowhere near as well as Skupin. Did nobody playing see Philippines?

I loved the tribal raid! Used to be a staple in every season but it’s since disappeared. Just brings a different elements to the game. Not sold on including a clue to the Idol with it though and Tony’s plan to sell Jeremiah out whilst was smart, was pretty stupid on Jeremiah’s behalf not to take the clue straight back and read it aloud.

I think Alexis was in a tight spot from the moment she got to the new camp and started talking minute one, but I’m blaming her downfall on the Tribe Switch!

I loved the Immunity Challenge. So many different things they had to do and would have loved to compete myself, especially if it was an individual challenge. LJ showed once again he’s a gun at puzzles and got his tribe over the line. With the Merge coming next week, I can’t see him losing the game from here.

Tony is a huge game player but lies far to much and unnecessarily which will come back to bit him. Whilst he’ll stick/his alliance will stick until well into the Merge, I can see LJ and Jefra taking control of the game without him being aware of it and ended up getting blindsided. Trish is your goat, whilst the two former female Brains and Morgan would also be high on the list to make it far as a no vote getter.

Bring on the Merge next week! Should be interesting how things play out. Hoping LJ continues his winning run and some sort of crazy twist allows Alexis to return this season or to play again!

Nick’s Opinion


Boy, time flies. It feels like this season just started and now we are on the cusp of a Merge already. So far, so good. Who needs veterans when these newbies are keeping things so interesting. But it’s not all smooth sailing. The ending to this episode was good fun but it wasn’t enough to make me forget the quit we had to sit through in the opening moments. I’ve read a little of what Jeff has said about it today and I have to say I’m not happy. Why was Colton torn apart by Jeff only last season for giving up when the going got tough but as soon as things don’t go Lindsey’s way, she packs up and goes home with Jeff’s support? I’m sure Lindsey was struggling and the experience isn’t easy, but surely the better lesson to your daughter is to rise above adversity rather than remove yourself because you can’t control your anger. I usually don’t worry too much about quits as I’ve never played and don’t know how hard it is, but Lindsey seemed to be doing just fine until the numbers were against her. It is such a shame to see a spot in the cast wasted on her when so many people want to play.

But onwards and upwards. In this season there isn’t time to sit and ponder these things too long as Tony has a new scheme to hatch, each more ridiculous than the last. Giving Jeremiah an Idol clue seems quite clever, but if the Aparri members have watched Survivor before, (and we know many of them have), they must have realised pretty quickly that something wasn’t right when Tony sprints back and takes the clue back from Jeremiah as he leaves! Tony’s having a lot of fun out there, which makes him a top guy in my book but I think these crazy schemes are going to come crashing down around him sooner or later.

Following a pretty formulaic Immunity Challenge, (although nice call back to a Survivor: Africa challenge at the start), the focus is on Aparri and which one of the former Beauties would get thrown under the bus. I have to give props to Ben’s girl Morgan. She has been laughed off as a lightweight most of the season but she actually has a lot going on. That devious smile is making plenty of appearances and I’m happy to see her leaving others in her wake. But was the right decision made? Jeremiah is clearly a physical threat but has no allies of his own that we can see. Alexis seems much more clearly aligned to Jefra and LJ and breaking up that group before a Merge is probably pretty smart. Much like last week’s vote, I don’t think we have enough information yet to know if it is the right choice and just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Thankfully, I think it keeps things interesting and we have a group of very entertaining players heading into the next phase of the game.

I would also just like to point out how many confessionals Spencer got this episode, (four). Although it was clear that the former Brains were the decision makers this episode, it was clear that the editors wanted to see Spencer as the main player and the one driving the action. Kass and Tasha were portrayed as bit players. Will this figure into the game later, or am I just being optimistic, hoping to get my mitts on some Survivor Oz cash? Only time will tell.

And one last piece of trivia. I believe this is the first time Jeff has had to give his “fire represents your life” speech four times in one season. Don’t say you don’t learn things reading this.

Jimmy’s Opinion


I guess the major talking point of this episode will be the Lindsey’s decision to quit to the game. Every Survivor fan hate people that quit the game. But in saying that, Lindsey pulled herself out of the game as she knew she was going to ‘flip out’ at Trish and could’ve physically hurt her in someway. It would have been an epic move had Jeff Probst allowed her to Mutiny to the Aparri tribe. Is there an unwritten rule in Survivor which lets you do that? The last time a ‘Mutiny’ happened was way back in Cook Islands. I would love to have seen it in this episode. On a separate note, it is quite interesting to know that in Lindsey’s pre-season bio, she is quoted as saying that Martin Luther King Jr. is her inspiration in life as “in the time of struggle, he pushed through without violence.”

I think the Solana tribe, especially their ring-leader, Tony, are getting a little arrogant. Tony is playing the game a little too hard and over thinks the situation. What was he thinking calling out Jeremiah and saying that he has a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that it hidden somewhere in Aparri’s camp. Then just before Tony and Woo left, Tony asked for the clue back. Everyone could see it was a scam but it did cast a little bit of doubt in some people’s minds. That was a clever play on Tony’s part. But it is quite scary as both Tony and LJ both have the Hidden Immunity Idols which no one knows about.

If there is a type of quality or qualities that I loathe in a person and/or team, that is arrogance and cockiness. I don’t mind a team or in this case, a tribe winning with dignity. But for the Aparri tribe to boast out aloud saying that they will be the final five after winning the Immunity Challenge? Are you kidding me! That left a bad taste in my mouth. Makes me mad just thinking about it. I just hope that that Aparri tribe can pull through in the coming weeks and give it to the Solana tribe.

Next week is going to be quite interesting with the two tribes merging. I hope that Sarah doesn’t flip back over and reconnect with Tony. That would spell disaster for the Aparri tribe.

Kristan’s Opinion


Yet another great episode! I can only hope that the post-merge game is as exciting as the pre-merge has been.

Despite Lindsey being much more obnoxious than Trish in that opening scene, Lindsey is the one to go wander off whining with an epic case of crybabyitis. Survivor is an experience that very few people are able to experience and Lindsey quits because she lost her numbers and didn’t like someone on her tribe? Future Survivor’s: please take Woo’s approach to losing your alliance and not Lindsey’s. At least Tony and Trish were able to unintentionally kill two birds with one stone.

Speaking of Tony, I thought he was actually making a great move by throwing Jeremiah under the bus in front of Aparri. Unfortunately, he can’t keep his mouth shut! Why would he go back to camp and not only admit to lying about his job but also explain exactly what he did to Jeremiah? I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes back to bite him next week when Jeremiah, LJ, and Jefra are reunited.

The Immunity Challenge was a good one and the teams seemed evenly matched. I give LJ and Woo, with a bit of help from Tony, credit for getting that puzzle done so quickly. However, Tony once again cannot keep his mouth shut. Why are you screaming about “top five” when there are still twelve people left in the game? Oddly, we see Alexis making the ridiculous assumption that Jeremiah is Solana’s six, completely disregarding the fact that Sarah spent quite a lot of time with Tony.

The editing is driving me crazy this season—in a good way. It tricks me every single time. I was absolutely certain that they were going to vote for Jeremiah, but per usual, I was wrong. I almost felt bad for Alexis as she left in tears, but her face as her name was read for the third time and Morgan’s sassy smirk/hair flip combo were priceless.

Merge time! The preview makes it look like Sarah is the swing vote but I’m not buying it. Are we really supposed to believe that Woo is one hundred percent with Tony, Trish, LJ, and Jefra? Actually, are we even supposed to believe that LJ and Jefra are going to stay with Tony and Trish? Don’t Jeremiah and Morgan hate each other too? I just don’t see these groups of five staying intact. Just as easily, the former Brains and Jeremiah could pull LJ and Jefra back in and take down the former Brawn. Two Idols still in play. Tyler Perry Idol coming soon? Bring on the Merge!

Paul’s Opinion


Did the deprivation suddenly hit the Beauties and Brawn all at once? If anyone is looking for examples of ‘bad Survivor moves’ this episode was chock full of them.

I’ll start with Lindsay. I think she would’ve regretted quitting the moment she woke up the next morning. It was possibly the most impulsive quit in Survivor history. At least let yourself sleep on it! It was also a terrible excuse to leave and I can’t stand it when players bring out the “I’m doing this for a family member” line, as if they’d be rooting for them to quit, (no, no they wouldn’t). What was even more surprising however was the lack of effort Jeff put in to convincing her not to leave, (maybe he’s getting less patient with age).

Tony, Tony, Tony. He started the episode off so well with a scheme to get Jeremiah ousted, but then completely threw away all of the work he’d done up until that point by telling everyone his strategy and then obnoxiously shouting “final five!” at the Immunity Challenge. He’s fallen into the ‘Russell Hantz trap’ of needing instant gratification for all of his manipulating game play. As LJ said, you don’t inform people that you’ve been lying to them in order to gain their trust.

I’m sure Jeremiah told everyone exactly what the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol said; he would’ve had to, right? The edit didn’t suggest that he did, and if he didn’t, then what was he thinking? He really didn’t do a very good job of convincing the others that the clue was complete BS, and he was lucky not to be voted out.

Finally, we get to Alexis. Her scheming was quite see-through and no one believed for a second that she wasn’t going to team back up with LJ the moment the tribes merged. She really needed to lay low and let the ‘Jeremiah Idol fiasco’ come to a head.

A Merge promises to spice up the game some more and I’m hoping that Tony’s words, (“final five!”), come back to haunt him.

Julian’s Opinion


Another episode packed full of action and drama. I wasn’t surprised to see Alexis get the boot even though the editing suggested Jeremiah. I’m not sure why she was so shocked and must go down as the most gutted exit I’ve seen. She definitely came on too strong trying to throw Jeremiah under the bus, and it shows there’s a crucial balance to playing the game while trying not to be too obvious about putting a target on someone else. As for Lindsey, I was surprised at how quickly her exit was dealt with and how little treatment it got. It all happened so quickly and would have liked to see more of what she said but trying to blame it all on Trish to justify the quitting which was pretty easy to see through.

Also, another good couple of challenges, especially the Idol balancing duel. Loving watching Tony and his hyper-activeness, not sure what the strategy behind yelling ‘final five’ was, but I’m very curious to see which way Sarah is going to go moving onwards. Should be a hectic next episode with the Merge – can’t wait!

Survivor Re-capper: Tina Scheer


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fifth recap features Tina Scheer from Panama, as she discusses her interesting viewing habits this season, her take on the fight between Trish & Lindsey, the writing in the sand and why hers was better, why her pre-season picks keep changing, her like of Spencer, why she wishes the merge wasn’t happening next week as well as talking up Aras on Blood vs Water and trying to get Ben to come to America! Tina then answers our final set of 5 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO: Tony/Trish

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the seventh episode of Cagayan!


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9 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 6 Recap Featuring Tina Scheer!

  1. now i know why purple kelly loves lindsey coz quitters stick together lmao. its also funny how alexis is so high on her rankings. #FAIL

    ❤ TINA! I hope a male castaway can recap the next episode! Sarah is totally flipping next week im pretty sure! #CopsRUs Tony will work her like a puppet 😀 LJ must target Morgan ASAP. AWESOME RECAP BEN! GJ 😉

  2. Terrible recap. All that Trish-bashing was uncomfortable to listen to.

    PS. Sandra ALWAYS gives her all in challenges

  3. So glad Lindsey is gone. I hate that she quits though and not blindsided. She deserves it more than Alexis. Great challenges again this week. The season is so far so good. According to Probst the merge tribals are going to be crazy! I’m so excited. I want LJ or Jefra to win this all. Jeremiah better flip since in his current tribe girls are in a majority. Sarah also will benefit if he goes with Tony since for sure she’s not the 6th & she can beat him in final tribal council. Brainiacs are too shady for Sarah to succeed. Oh, i love how bitchy Morgan is when Alexis is blindsided. Hahaha.

  4. I don’t think that Sarah will flip. Tony yelling ‘Final Five’ ruined her trust in him I think. That combined with the fact that he lied to her forever about being a cop I think will make her stick with her new tribe.

    Also I almost wonder whether there is something about Lindsay that we don’t know. Like maybe she has had past issues with anger management and that is why they really just made her disappear. It would explain why Jeff didn’t try to stop her from leaving. They probably were afraid they would get another Brandon if they didn’t let her quit.

  5. the next episode is gonna be awesome. i don’t really think Sarah will be the swing vote. Jeremiah can also be persuaded by LJ i guess despite Tony tageting him before. Men should stick together or else they will be screwed if a guy got eliminated 1st. i wont be surprised if Sarah is gonna be the one booted next week as well. Sarah is so stupid if she stick with Spencer, Kass and Tasha, she should know by now how tight they are. if she chose Tony, she have a huge chance not to be the sixth as she thinks about besides Woo and Trish are also there ffs! Morgan is pretty much a wildcard and i hope LJ can manage. im very curious how the Tyler Perry super idol can be found or is it gonna be a reward for a challenge to be fair? I also want to hear a confessional from Tony if its strategical when he chats “top 5 baby” hahaha. Best confessionals thus far are: Tony, LJ, Kass, Spencer and Sarah 🙂

  6. How great to see the new ozlets giving their opinions as well. How bout we replace Kelly/Billy on Power Rankings with the new ozlets per week? Heck, even Francheska can do a better job than Purple Kelly for shore 😛 My top 3 are: Tony, LJ, Morgan

    P.S. Paul and Julian are cute though xx

  7. People need to stop underrating kass….

  8. im sure they didn’t post Tony’s confessionals about him yelling TOP 5 after their immunity win as well as the reason behind coming clean with his tribe about his lies and job. They want viewers to be shocked on what else he has in store in the next weeks. who needs anyone from the 6 to flip? if they are really a tight 5 then they can actually use the 2 HII to blindside 2 of them. i hope so.

  9. Morgan is such a biatch during tribal council, poor Alexis coz she’s a bad social player 😛
    Tony makes this season more interesting and fun, i’d be impressed if he stays longer 😀
    Kass’ confessionals are hilarious so far, she can float by until the end 🙂
    LJ is a puzzle monster, its crazy how he became a triple threat in this game already 😛
    Tasha can actually go far in this game, i believe she can control Kass/Spencer! 😀
    Woo still have a chance when they merge, too bad Lindsey is such a lame ass quitter 🙂
    Sarah will have a better chance to win over Tony if she’s smart enough to ally with him 😛
    Jeremiah will be screwed to he doesn’t flip, i won’t mind #TeamBeardedMountainMen 😀
    Jefra isstarting to show some real game strategy, i hope she’s real tight now with LJ 🙂
    Spencer is starting to show his true color when he cut Alexis with a blindside 😛
    Trish’s laugh is awesome, i’ve been practicing it for a while now (hahhahhahh) 😀

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