Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 5


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 6 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Spencer


OVERALL: 1st ()

BILLY: “Has emerged as a potential future all-star, win or lose. He has control and he’s making well thought out decisions. He achieved this by not holding a grudge against his Brains tribe mates for targeting him early. This is a lesson for all future players. Play with your head and not your ego! I’m on his band wagon even though he voted out Alexis. It broke my heart to see her cry. I’m such a sucker for cutie tears.”

KELLY: “This little schemer just made my number one. He is SERIOUSLY good at Survivor & I think nearly the whole dang game is in his hands right now.” 

BEN: “Spencer is in the box seat right now and will be in an even more perfect position should Sarah side with her new Aparri tribe. It’s really a flip game right now for the first and last placed people based purely on which side of the fence Sarah goes, which is going to make for extremely interesting viewing. But Spencer is getting a good combination of airtime and strategic showing to keep him safe for sometime in this game.”

JARRYD: “Has a bit of power now but going into the Merge he’ll be seen as a major threat. Needs to perform well in individual challenges and continue the way he’s been playing socially in order to survive.”

2nd – Kass


OVERALL: 4th (+2)

BILLY: “She is part of the most functional alliance in the game right now. She’s just not calling any shots. Since this is a POWER rankings and not a boot order prediction I have Kass ranked lower than others that I believe will get the boot before her. In fact, I expect Kass to sit with Spencer and Tasha at the end but, I don’t expect her to garner a single vote.”

KELLY: “Will Spencer & Kass stick together to the end? I’m beginning to think so now.”

BEN: “To me Kass seems like Spencer’s number two, and she gets two this week based only on this. I’m speculating a lot on how next week will turn out and that might bite me in the ass with these rankings, but let’s take a risk. Kass went from being miss flip flop 2014 to a background player, which can put her in that ‘make it to the end and get 1 or 2 votes’ player. Still can see her being voted out a lot sooner, but won’t surprise me to see her at the FTC.”

JARRYD: “Can’t wait for her to leave. Said it before but she’s a very overrated player who isn’t going to do anything special post-merge.”

3rd – Sarah


OVERALL: 7th (+5)

BILLY: “She is heading into the impending merge as the swing vote. Great. That will last one round, two at the most, then it’s back to the bottom of the pecking order. But at least she’s going to enjoy the next TC. Then again….both sides might just choose to get rid of the swing vote. Doh!”

KELLY: “She is going to play this game hard for a few more episodes but don’t think the game is going to be in her hands forever.”

BEN: “Don’t get me started on how I think Sarah is playing, because she does not deserve to be third if I ranked this week based on an overall gameplay. She gets this spot though because she has the power. And surprise surprise she REALISES she has the power, unlike last week. So whatever Sarah decides, she will expect it to take her to the end in some form. But that’s it. Best she can hope for is a FTC with zero votes. A miracle will need to happen for her to actually win.”

JARRYD: “Looks likely to be a split vote but at the end of the day I can’t see the position suiting her. Will be used by either side for several votes before sending her packing once she is expendable.”

4th – Tasha


OVERALL: 8th (+2)

BILLY: “She has shed the bossiness and hotheadedness that plagued her early in the game. She’s grown and adapted. Tasha and Spencer are proof of what most past players say. 80% of Survivor is who you’re surrounded by. It affects your mood and your attitude as much as your options and strategy. Tasha is surround by the people that will get her to the end. Could Tasha be the third African American to win it all?”

KELLY: “She is neither here nor there to me. Think she will fly under the radar for a bit.”

BEN: “Tasha is like Kass and sort of turning invisible, but I still think she will blow a fuse sooner rather than later and it will be the end of her. Yes, I am a monkey’s uncle now that she will make the merge, but time is still running out for her. I just can’t see her making it deep.”

JARRYD: “Becoming a bit of a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later her mouth and attitude will get her in trouble. Will be the target of the vote from the Solana alliance after the Merge.”

5th – Morgan


OVERALL: 9th (-2)

BILLY: “Was I the only one that saw the most evil smirk on Morgan’s face when Alexis was eliminated. Wow. That was the only thing that could take my eyes off her boobs. Lets be honest here. Morgan has a very weak game heading into the merge. Spencer booted Alexis because the first impression he got from her post tribe swap stuck with him. It wasn’t anything Morgan said or did. At this point she’s just eye candy for us watching at home. I think any potential Morgan might appear to have going forward is fool’s gold. We’re hitting the merge so unfortunately the cleavage show is over. In the words of the heavy metal band Motorhead: “It’s all about the game and how you play it. All about control and if you can take it. All about your debt and if you can pay it. It’s all about pain and who’s gonna make it. ….Time to play the game!””

KELLY: “At this point – just due to airtime, production, and the edit – I think she is going to potentially make it to final 3. And, 13 days no shower – no food – no makeup … she is the most beautiful survivor yet.”

BEN: “I TOLD YOU SO! I have to keep saying that, but I told you a week ago she wasn’t in trouble yet I had my doubters. Well she is still in the game, looking as beautiful as ever and could be in with a real slim chance of winning. I think if Jefra doesn’t get to the end based on what I said for her, Morgan just might. It was actually a rare episode in that we didn’t hear from her at all, but that means nothing. Morgan is going deep into this game and I have everything crossed she can go all the way!”

JARRYD: “Shouldn’t be going anywhere for several weeks. The only thing that will see her downfall is an easy vote out. Good social player but she struggles after that. Will make the halfway point of the Jury from here.”

6th – Jeremiah


OVERALL: 10th (-2)

BILLY: “It might be the edit but, Jeremiah seemed to have a befuddled look on his face most of the last episode……and most of the game. He’s a legitimate southern gentleman but man, he is looking like he’s a piece of seaweed caught in the tide. If he makes it past the next two tribal councils it will be pure luck. Jeremiah is pretty helpless at this point.”

KELLY: “Alexis and Jeremiah were at the bottom this week – so thinking for him to go next is only natural. And, how did Jeremiah just survive this? DAMN!”

BEN: “Jeremiah showed flashes of brilliance this episode in working out what Tony was doing to him, but his biggest problem is that nobody is on his side and thinking on the same page which is a worry for him. Could still be in with an extremely extremely slim chance of winning but doubtful, but still can see him hanging around for a bit.”

JARRYD: “I still think he’s a very dumb player. Can’t see him having a massive impact post-merge, will be seen as a big threat and his southern charm will just add to the list of reasons to vote him out.”


1st – LJ


OVERALL: 2nd (+1)

BILLY: “Post merge, LJ has options! He can stick with Tony. He can reunite with the Beauty tribe. He has an HII. He’s young and athletic. Overconfidence is the kryptonite of all survivor players. That’s what LJ has to avoid. Otherwise, regardless of what side Sarah takes, LJ should survive the next boot with some sort of avenue moving forward.”

KELLY: “LJ is a physical threat – once the merge hits – why keep him?”

BEN: “LJ is going for the silent but strong approach and I feel as though I have underestimated him a lot this season. I’m finally seeing that spark that people have been saying for a few weeks, and I think that he is in the box seat to win should Sarah side with the Solana tribe. I don’t think she will, but even if she doesn’t LJ should have the smarts (and the idol) to get him to a comfortable position. Has the ability to go on an immunity streak too, so watch him and write him off at your own risk.”

JARRYD: “In a very good position and I honestly can’t see him losing this game. Playing very smart in all aspects of the game, has his Idol nobody knows about and a great alliance.”

2nd – Jefra


OVERALL: 3rd (+1)

BILLY: “She is sticking with LJ and rightfully so. After she sees that Alexis has been eliminated, it will be interesting to see if Jefra will still view a Beauty tribe reunion as an option. She won’t view Morgan as trust worthy, but will likely let LJ make that call.”

KELLY: “I still love Jefra. Hoping she makes it far but can’t see her aligning with the right people.”

BEN: “Jefra is still a huge chance at winning this game if Sarah sides with Solana, but as I said with LJ I don’t see it happening. She is consistent with the confessionals, decent in challenges and not pisisng people off. Something that LJ doesn’t have. If I was a betting man I would put some sneaky $$$ on her to sneak through for a dark horse win.”

JARRYD: “Fantastic position. She’s not threatening enough to be seen as a massive threat with the likes of LJ, Tony and Jeremiah around. Switched on and will be going a long way.”

3rd – Woo


OVERALL: 5th (+4)

BILLY: “I wonder is Woo is going to make any moves or if he’s looking to play like Ethan in Africa. Be nice and hope that Jeff Probst and staff screw someone over like they did Lex and get the win that way. Sorry Woo. Ain’t gonna happen. OK. I’m officially jumping off this band wagon. I still like him though.””

KELLY: “Woo is having a great edit and isn’t being targeted at this point – hopefully he is able to outwit once merge comes.”

BEN: “Woo is doing nothing wrong, but when your two closest allies go within a couple of hours, you are definitely up shit creek without a paddle. He is strong in challenges and likeable, and still could hang around deep. But should Sarah stay with her new Aparri rather than go back to her old Aparri, Woo will have to rely on winning challenges if he hopes to make it deeper.”

JARRYD: “Done very well to get back “in” with the tribe after his alliance went walking. Strong in challenges and very likeable guy. No reason for him to turn on the alliance and will be going far.”

4th – Tony


OVERALL: 6th (-4)
BEN RANK: 10th

BILLY: “For the first time all game Tony’s fate is NOT in his own hands. With the merge eminent, Tony is going to have to rely on Sarah returning to the fold. Well, Tony hurt the chances of that happening with his screams of “final five” after the immunity challenge win. Plus Tony was in full show-off mode revealing too much info to his tribe after the raid. He might have even tipped off that he has the HII by not being concerned about having been given a HII clue. It’s possible that if Sarah doesn’t flip he can use his HII to beat the numbers disadvantage. But somehow, I don’t think he’s that unselfish.”

KELLY: “Think that Trish may go – and then Tony would follow because they are so tight and Sara is going to expose how absolutely conniving Tony is.”

BEN: “I hate putting Tony so low as I love the guy, but he is overplaying and being far too cocky. Brilliant move in trying to oust Jeremiah, but ruined it all by spilling his guts back at camp. Same with the police officer lie. Sarah may fall for it, doesn’t mean everyone else will. Will have to rely on his idol very soon and hope that he can sweet talk his way back in with his ‘blue bloods buddy’ but I think all hope of a sneaky Tony win have fallen away now.”

JARRYD: “His mouth and lies will eventually get him in trouble but he’s safe for a few more weeks. Starting to be recognised as a major player so taking a backseat role for a few votes after the Merge would be smart.”

5th – Trish


OVERALL: 11th ()
BEN RANK: 11th

BILLY: “Though Trish is Tony’s main pawn and thus in the thick of things so long as Tony is around, she has gotten carried away with her emotional outbursts. That evil laugh she does has become the focus of my drinking game. Every time Trish does her Doctor Evil, I take a swig. Playing with uncontrolled emotions and not with a go-for-the-win strategy means a very low ranking in my POWER rankings. But hey, If she hooks up with LJ in the end then maybe that’s her million dollar prize. Why not? Work it girl!”

KELLY: “Is Trish actually a man? … That’s all I really want to know. And do I care for him/her/it – no.”

BEN: “Oh Trish. What was that? No chance at all. Enough said.”

JARRYD: “Going nowhere. Would have to be this season’s goat. Heads not in the game so strategic decisions are beyond her. Haven’t got high hopes from her post-merge.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the sixth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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6 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 5

  1. my top 5: Tony, LJ, Sarah, Spencer, Jeremiah ❤

  2. Tony is the most polarizing character this season. Its either you love him or you hate him. Whatever people say he definitely loves this game and he is fun to watch either he makes a good or bad decision. Only time will tell if he succeed 😊 #TeamTV

  3. I think the merge being at final 11 is because Lindsey quit. She unwittingly took herself off the Jury and lost the $10k bonus that goes with it. So instead of a more traditional final 12 merge with both tribes tied we have an odd final 11 merge with a swing vote that will likely determine who wins the $1m. Personally I don’t think quitting was worth loosing $10k and incurring the wrath of Survivor fans for years to come.

  4. Trish is easily playing one of the best games out there!

    Guest Crier/Nicaragua Quitter 😛

    This will be a very exciting and interesting season if the new Solana emerge to the top. I think the 1st boot next week might be Sarah, Morgan, or Tash.

  6. Why would people target Morgan or Trish at the merge? They’re no physical threats.
    Also Jeremiah didn’t do a good job, the fact that he survive this week is because Alexis was more dangerous than him.
    And Morgan doesn’t have a good social game. She just sleeps all day. Her lack of social game is what’s keeping her in the game.

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