EXCLUSIVE: Survivor To Open Up Casting To International Applicants

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The biggest news to ever hit the Survivor world can be EXCLUSIVELY broken today here on Survivor Oz as Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and CBS Television have officially announced that Survivor is FINALLY opening up casting to people outside the United States from season 29 onwards.

In news that is sure to make the large global fan base of the reality juggernaut over the moon, people from every single corner of the world will able to apply for the show and have their longstanding dreams of being on Survivor met.

“We are bowing down to public demand and finally allowing people from outside the US to apply for the show.” Mark Burnett said in an exclusive interview with Survivor Oz which will be aired later this week. “People often stop me on the street and ask me numerous amounts of questions, from whether or not my accent is real right through to if they can borrow money, but the most common question has always been when can my friend in Canada or Australia or somewhere else apply for the show. From now on I will be able to answer that question with something that will make them smile.”

Survivor is no stranger to countries outside the US, with numerous other versions being made right across the globe. The original show first aired in Sweden under the name Expedition Robinson and first aired in the United States in 2000. Since that breakout season in the millennium year with host Jeff Probst at the helm, the show has dominated reality TV for over a decade and is currently in it’s 28th season.

“I am so excited for this opportunity to finally be able to see the best around the world compete against Americans to really show what each country is made of.” Jeff Probst said an another exclusive interview to air on Survivor Oz this week as well. “I’ve been suggesting to Mark for years that this could happen and finally now with my slow take over of the show happening it’s coming true. It’s going to be great to see what contestants we can get from different countries and just which cultures I will find myself having man crushes on first.”

With filming expected for the 29th season in May, applicants have very little time to get their videos in. People are being asked to send in a 60 second clip of themselves in native costume and are encouraged to show off various stereotypes from their country that may make them stand out.

“Honestly the more people can show from their country the more chance they’ll have of making it on the show,” Probst continues. “I want to see Aussie people riding kangaroos, British people complaining, German people being organised and Canadian people being polite. I’ll even give extra points for any New Zealand applicants who include sheep without getting too excited over them.”

It is unclear at this stage whether or not there will be an even spread of applicants from certain countries as well as continuing to keep a certain number of US applicants. No filming locations has been announced either but we will break the news to you EXCLUSIVELY as soon as they information comes to hand.

You can hear our EXCLUSIVE chats with Mark Burnett & Jeff Probst later this week!


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12 Comments on EXCLUSIVE: Survivor To Open Up Casting To International Applicants

  1. Happy April Fools Ben!


  3. Damn, got me.

  4. Hey Man, Its Not April fools here yet, good think i know about the international date line.

  5. Well, i believed, because here in Brazil its not April 1st yet!!! Thanks a lot!

  6. Since it’s not April Fools here yet, I was totally falling for it until the part about Probst taking over the show and his man crushes. Good one!

  7. Is this for real? I’m a Filipino and I want to be on the show as much as Rupert loves spears. Hopefully this is real!!

  8. Should’ve read to comments ha!

  9. ben your a countryman without the letters

  10. Its about time. Congrats on making this Aussie chick happy. Have seen every season bar one( as was not shown on TV) …love love love the show. I am now 56 and prob too old to enter. They would def vote me out first for sure!! Well done for a great decision.

  11. about time guess from now on winners will all come from Canada

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