Kelly Goldsmith Interview


Any guest we have on from the first few seasons is always popular but Kelly Goldsmith from Africa is by far one of the most popular contestants and in demand contestants from the first three season in the history of Survivor. In fact after announcing the interview, we received a near record amount of listener questions to put to her. And it was worth the wait. Talking about everything from her superfandom of the show through to her time in casting and just how close she came to returning for a second time, Kelly gives on of our most entertaining interviews of all time and also gives some interesting gossip from the early days of the show that we now know and love.


After starting off slowly, Kelly found her legs after the tribal switch and looked to be in a power position with the majority alliance, before getting the blame for a vote against Lex which would see her become the first person to join the jury.

In our chat with Kelly, she talks about the decade and more that has passed since her season ended, why she was never recognised after being on the show and how she will have people talk to her about it today, why being on the show was like being a ‘kid in a candy store’, not having much of a level of awareness unlike players today, being a ‘quirky’ female character and her part in ‘changing the game’, her friendships post game and who she remains in contact with, the various activities that happened after the show with various cast members, which contestants she found ‘super boring’ as well as her feelings towards Lex, the real reason why she asked the FTC question the way she did and why talking about the hot guys of Survivor is her favourite topic of all time.

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7 Comments on Kelly Goldsmith Interview

  1. Urgh! Always such a cop-out when you allow them to nominate themselves as the greatest ever players! Really want to see who they respect as a player and why! Stop encouraging them to select themselves, Ben – please!

    • Marc if they are struggling for an answer it’s about trying to get them to give something rather than sitting there for 10 minutes going “um…aaahh” and not coming up with something. She jokingly said herself and didn’t back down from it anyway. She gave enough insight as to who she ‘respects’ throughout her various answers

      • Of course, totally understand. I just thought you were quick to say, “I want you to pick yourself!” When I thought some names were about to roll out. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Kelly was one of my all time favorite players back in the day. I hope she comes back some day, though I’m guessing it’s not very likely. Great interview, sounds like she’s doing great, which is nice to hear!

  3. Did she say Brook was greatest to never win?

  4. Why can’t I download this? Did you remove the file, S.O.?

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