Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 6


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 7 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Tony


OVERALL: 1st (+5)

BILLY: “The silver tongued devil returns to the top! He’s got a new bromance brewing with LJ and has Trish level headed and working strategy. I expect Tony to do what he does and use Kass for a boot or two longer, reassuring her along the way, then when he doesn’t need her anymore…..Blindside!!!! Tony is playing an aggressive, take no prisoners game and it’s working for him. He may not have the HII anymore but he has something better, POWER! And he proved me wrong about not being unselfish. We might be witnessing a coronation this season. All hail the new king of Survivor!”

KELLY: “What better person to take to the final 3 than a known skimmer. & he’s a cop…so you can trust his loyalty and promises on his badge and blah blah blah… NOT.”

BEN: “Tony is a great player who is smarter than people are giving him credit for. The problem Tony has is that he is burning a lot of bridges and that will lose him jury votes. Would be great to see if he can make it to the end and sway a jury, but it’s a real long shot.”

JARRYD: “Like LJ, living the high life. The game is now in his alliances control and he has a lot of power in that alliance. Recovered well after last week but needs to watch his mouth, broken promises wont win you a million dollars.”

2nd – LJ


OVERALL: 2nd ()

BILLY: “He’s found a partner in crime in Tony and still has Jefra’s loyalty. The stud is sitting pretty. The former beauty tribe will tempt him when they scramble this next round. Will LJ hold his ground or will he make a move to vault himself to the top? For now, Tony and LJ are Batman and Robin! Holy Hidden Immunity Idol Batman! The dynamic duo flung them out at tribal council like bat-a-rangs and now one is gonna be re-hidden. Well, LJ and Tony had no problem finding them once….don’t bet against one of them finding it again.”

KELLY: “Total physical threat so definitely vote him off at the first opportunity – surely Tony would know better than to let him get any closer to the final 3 than this, right? But then again – they did play idols for one another so does that make them BFF’s? Oh wait…this is Survivor, not a bromance.”

BEN: “Sitting pretty despite losing his idol. Quiet, in the background while so many people fight for position in this game. Strong, social and strategic, he is almost the full package and easily can go all the way. Also has the quickest facial hair growing ability in the history of the world it seems!”

JARRYD: “Huge move to pull out his Idol for Tony. Whilst it wasn’t needed, it’ll show Tony that LJ trusts him, which could help lull Tony into a false sense of security. Despite seemingly to be against the numbers in his own alliance, he’ll solve this problem in due course – possibly by getting the Beauty tribe back together?”

3rd – Woo


OVERALL: 3rd (+2)

BILLY: “He has arrived as a challenge monster. The water shoes anchored his martial arts skills to victory in the immunity challenge. I’m still waiting to see him make a move but who knows, Woo might wait until late to make one. We still have a ways to go. But until then only Chuck Norris can stop Woo in the challenges. But then, Chuck Norris doesn’t play Survivor. He plays Chuck Norris Leaves No Survivors!”

KELLY: “Great edit – sufficient air time – potential winner? He is my favourite after Spencer, for reals.”

BEN: “Woo is in this game and has a real strong shot at winning. He started off strong with the immunity win and hasn’t made any enemies that if he makes it to FTC then he could pull off the win. A likeable guy that has a lot left to give.”

JARRYD: “Dominated a challenge that was made for him, but still needed to get the W on the board. Going to be tough to beat in challenge but I still worry about his strategic game.”

4th – Jefra


OVERALL: 4th (-1)

BILLY: “She dodged a bullet this week. I don’t blame her for crying as the votes were being read. I think there were a lot of internet horndogs crying right along with her. But thanks to Kass, Jefra and her hat survived! I wonder if Jefra will repay Kass by taking her to the end or will she vote Kass out in a brutal blindside in a few episodes? It’s Survivor. I’m leaning hard towards the blindside.”

KELLY: “At this point it won’t matter if they send one home from their own alliance – do you really want a girl in the final three that has few enemies? – I really want her in the final 3 tho … FIGHT JEFFRA, FIGHT !!!”

BEN: “Survived a bullet this week but shooting her straight back up to number one as I feel that she is still in a brilliant position, getting enough of an edit that shows her pretty much each week and is well liked by most. People think she isn’t a threat and are only focussing on the guys, but write her off at your own risk.”

JARRYD: “Survived the scare but is very underrated by the opposition. Not coming across as strategic or threatening yet I feel she’s the exact opposite and is a big game player albeit doing it quietly.”

5th – Trish


OVERALL: 5th (+6)

BILLY: “She made her biggest power move of the game when she flipped Kass’ vote. She did so at the expense of a former tribe mate, Sarah. I knew Sarah was gonna get booted playing both sides….it didn’t work for me either(see Cook Islands recap episode). Trish has got her head in the game, finally. And she’s gone from Tony’s pawn to a contributor of her alliance. So far, no twerking. Good. I can’t be the only one that hopes she never makes good on her threats.”

KELLY: “Much too dangerous to let into a final 3 – but very much needed in the alliance.”

BEN: “It baffles me so much the people that say Trish is deserving of a higher spot in the rankings or that she is playing an ‘underrated game’. For sure she got ‘Kass on side’ but Kass was already looking for a switch and Trish just pounced on the opportunity. Trish is brass and easily controlled, and the best she can hope for is a FTC spot with a vote or two. Kass flipping obviously benefits her longevity in this game, but Kass has flipped before and then flipped again so there is every chance Kass could always flip back and do what is right for her. Trish will be an easy target if that day comes.”

JARRYD: “Once again, safe as houses. I think Trish has improved game wise but I think her fellow competitors don’t respect her at all and know she can be manipulated. I think I’d have her locked in to make the Final Three.”

6th – Kass


OVERALL: 6th (-2)

BILLY: “Wow! I wrote a while back that she was sitting back too much and that someone should tell her that second place means you lost. Well, Kass made a move and what a move it was. The funny thing was that it was spawned by Tasha playing peacemaker. Tasha told Sarah, “If you don’t like Kass then vote her out!” Well! After hearing that, Kass took her fate into her own hands and made a big move. For better or worse I have to respect this decision. It’s gotta suck for Spencer and Tasha, but constantly reassuring your alliance that they are still at the top is part of the game work that the people at home don’t see much of. Tasha got so focused on Sarah she neglected Kass and so Kass made other arrangements. The work wasn’t put in. I don’t expect this to be a game winning move for Kass but anything can happen and lets face it, Spencer would have won if Kass would have stuck with him and Tasha to the end. Kass has a better chance sitting next to Trish for example. There is still lots of game left and Kass is playing.”

KELLY: “Kass will stick around for a bit after that epic tribal switch. I think they actually need her – plus she doesn’t pose a physical threat so, by all means keep the girl around. She is definitely one of the most entertaining players to me.”

BEN: “Was by far the star of the episode despite making a terrible move. Has a bad habit of speaking the truth too much but it hasn’t gotten her voted out yet, so what’s a few more weeks? On paper though her ‘Cochran’ move might only get her as high as 6th, but if she turns her move into a ‘Cesternino’ move and keeps her options open by flip flopping just like she has done all season, she could flip flop her way a lot deeper into the game”

JARRYD: “Flipped on her Aparri alliance but if the old Solana tribe go ahead with a Pagonging, she’ll be the first cut from the pack once Solana turn on each other.”

7th – Spencer


OVERALL: 7th (-6)

BILLY: “Wow, painful tribal council for the chess player but he’s still in it. Spencer has been in trouble before so I wouldn’t write him off as a zombie yet. He’s got to regroup and use Morgan and Jeremiah to tempt LJ and Jefra into jumping sides. Plus there’s the HII that’s gonna be re-hidden. That preview looked insane. It reminded me of fried chicken night at the Garcia household. All of us wanted the breast, the big piece, so we would all dig for it like crazy until one of us found it. POWER! Go find that big piece of chicken Spencer. And regain POWER!”

KELLY: “Still thinking Spencer will make the final three – he & Woo up there together will make for a GREAT finale ! He is a great person to take to the final 3 because he will only have 2 original brains on the jury – that doesn’t add up to a winner – but hopefully we are surprised. Dear Spencer, please fight through and rep that brain tribe, I want you to win this game.”

BEN: “Looked to be in such a good position then BAM it goes. Handled that situation a little bit too ‘childish’ after Sarah left, but still think he’ll have the smarts to stick around while others in his alliance will be targeted first. Really want to see him start to strategise and work his way into the game, but for that he’ll need to talk to Tony and those two are like oil and water. Such a shame.”

JARRYD: “Poor guy, he’s been on the bottom for ninety per cent of the season and deserves so much better. Easily the biggest threat from the Aparri alliance and should be targeted first. Could be a good person to keep around but he’s to much of a good game player to risk keeping him and then watching him win his way to the end.”

8th – Tasha


OVERALL: 8th ()

BILLY: “One little sentence….just one little sentence. Well it wasn’t just that but that one little sentence didn’t help. It’s pointless to be mad. What made Yul so great in the Cook Islands was that in the same situation when Penner mutinied, Yul didn’t get mad. He brought Penner back in the fold long enough to use him to regain the numbers advantage. Then Yul voted Penner out. If Tasha and Spencer can keep a cool head they might be able to do the same. If not their only other good option is to reunite the Beauty tribe. It might be asking too much of LJ to give up such a good position. Especially since he can wait until Spencer and Tasha are gone and then make that move. Tough spot for Tasha!!! But she’s been playing since the beginning. She can work people’s ear. She’s proven that already.”

KELLY: “Neither here nor there – but if the strong 6 stick together then this would be a natural next choice. Honestly – I am surprised she has made it this far.”

BEN: “While my initial prediction that Kass and Spencer would be a tight two and ditch Tash was wrong, the fact that Tash is on borrowed time just goes to show that people thinking she would win were far from the mark. I can’t see her lasting much longer and really think she will be targeted within the next week or so. She’ll have to pull something miraculous out to be here in a month’s time.”

JARRYD: “Hasn’t been as bossy recently but she’s smart and that’s a bad thing when you don’t have the numbers in Survivor. Kass will push to send her home next.”

9th – Morgan


OVERALL: 9th ()
BEN RANK: 10th

BILLY: “No evil smirk from the cleavage queen this week. This game might slip away from her if she and Jeremiah can’t appeal to LJ and or Jefra for help. Jefra might be feeling like she’s at the bottom of her alliance after that scare at tribal council so there is an opening. But is Morgan the one that can flip her vote? Probably not!”

KELLY: “Will Morgan be next for calling Kass a bitter old lady? A bitter old lady who has sided with the majority alliance I may add…”

BEN: “This could be the hardest ranking I have ever done to put my girl in 10th, but the evidence is stacked against her and I just can’t foresee her lasting any longer than next week. Based on the preview she’ll get into a tiff with Kass making her enemy number one, and LJ and Jefra will surely incite some of their previous beauty opinions on the alliance. Two episodes now without a confessional isn’t brilliant for her, and I just hope she can pull something out and survive. It’s not just the money either, WE WANT MORGAN ON OUR SCREENS EVERY WEEK!”

JARRYD: “I think Morgan will survive the longest out of what now appears to be the minority. She’s the least threatening and judging from interviews, she doesn’t seem to be well liked by others who see her as lazy. If she’s smart enough, she’ll grab Jeremiah and try teaming up with her former Beauty tribe members again.”

10th – Jeremiah


OVERALL: 10th ()

BILLY: “He’s a physical threat and on the outside. Doh! He needs to work LJ and Jefra NOW! Or it could be a torch snuffing for the southern gent this next episode. Jeremiah has been barely hanging on by a thread for a while now. I think that thread might snap this next episode.”

KELLY: “He has constantly been fighting to stay in the game – can he really last much longer than 10th? & How does he keep getting cuter the longer he spends living on a beach?”

BEN: “Jeremiah is not as dumb or useless at this game as people are saying, the problem he has now is once again the numbers. He’s always the one who points out that people have idols or that moves being made might not be what they seem, so why do people think he has no clue? Needs to start winning immunities or hope he can hook back in with LJ and Jefra to last much longer.”

JARRYD: “Despite physically being the strongest of the minority, he’s definitely not the smartest. He should try and team up again with LJ but I don’t think he’s smart enough to talk himself into LJ’s good books and Jefra won’t be forgetting his vote anytime soon.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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12 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 6

  1. Wow, how is Trish only 5th? She was originally at the bottom and then got LJ and Jefra as allies and pulled off a blindside, sending Cliff home and basically making Lindsey quit. She sealed the deal with Kass flipping. Sure, she was thinking about it, but that’s irrelevant and IMO is just trying to downplay Trish’s gameplay. Lindsey seems to be the only person who disliked Trish, too.

    I see LJ and Tony getting targeted before Trish. She’s not even a target right now and totally underestimated. I thought Trish shoukd have at least been 4th here.

  2. i knew Sarah will be leaving this week. Survivor aint fooling me with the edit haha. My dream boot list next weeks are: Morgan, Tash then Spencer 😛

    P.S. Purple Kelly is horrible in this job i hope she is not getting paid for this awesome gig

  3. Ben, how can you say that Trish just pounced on the opportunity. She was the only one on her alliance that realized Kass might flip. And even Kass said she didn’t think there was enough time to pull something together against Sarah until Trish told her otherwise. And she’s not easily controlled, Tony wanted to vote out LJ but she convince him to vote out Cliff, she’s been responsible for two huge moves in the game so far

    • I couldnt agree more, Tony is louder and getting more airtime but if Trish was easily controlled she would have listened when Tony said to not even try with Kass and Jefra would have gone. Trish is the reason Tony is in a good spot, she got LJ and Jefra on board to take out Cliff, not Tony. She is the reason Tony and LJ are sitting pretty.

      • Trish single handedly saved that whole alliance. And she was the only one who didn’t obnoxiously whoop her fist and clap.

  4. So frustrating reading what you guys say about trish. At least the community on twitter and sucks recognise how hard she is playing and the good spot she is in. And no, the others don’t disrespect her. In fact, Sarah tweeted trish and told her to ‘go get ’em!’ Id have her on top at the moment.

  5. Remember that these are power rankings and not boot order predictions. My rankings include other areas of the game like challenge ability and camp skills. Not just where I think they will finish. Last week I even explained that I had someone ranked below people I thought where going to go first because its a power ranking and not a boot order prediction. I have nothing against Trish’s game. I called her a contributor to her alliance. She’s not the total package that Tony and LJ are so I have her ranked lower. Power rankings.

  6. Been loving Billy’s reflections on this season. Kelly’s contributions…not so much.

  7. Trish is my MVP of the episode. Everyone else overlooked talking to Kass except her and had Trish not seeked out a conversation with her, Tony and co. would be in the minority and Jefra would’ve been voted out. I’m disappointed in Kass though because I was rooting for her and it definitely wasn’t the smartest move, but who knows? This could be like the Pearl Islands when Lill betrays Morgan and suddenly she transforms from an extra vote to a constant pivotal swing vote. If this current alliance remains in power for the rest of the game, my pick to win would be Trish or Woo, although Woo might need to win immunity challenges to secure his spot in the final 3 because I don’t see anyone quick to secure a final 3 deal with him.

  8. I’m loving Billy’s rankings and insight! Mostly because he actually put Trish close to the top, where at this point in the game, she belongs!

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