Survivor Cagayan-Episode 9 Recap Featuring Vecepia Robinson!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the ninth episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a expert in our good friend Vecepia Robinson, (nee Towery), from Survivor: Marquesas!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan an alliance crumbles, resulting in another shocking blindside.

Back at Solarrion on Night Twenty-Two, an annoyed Tony asks Spencer why he has been the target of the last few votes. Spencer states that Tony is a big threat whilst Tony tells him that Morgan was voted out ahead of Jeremiah and Tasha because “she isn’t worthy of playing this game”. Spencer says that they are targeting him because they want a fighting chance in the game.


Tony searches for information about why he was again targeted at Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony confesses that he “pooped himself” when Jeff turned over the card with his name on it and begins to question why LJ and Woo, who in Tony’s mind are fair superior physical threats, weren’t targeted. Tony gets into an argument with The former Aparri alliance about why they targeted him, which leads to them revealing they would have happily voted for Morgan as well but nobody from the majority approached them. Tony explains that nobody did this because they have the numbers and don’t need the extra votes. Tony says that he appreciates the compliment of being seen as a threat. Tony gets another confessional, explaining that despite the fact his alliance holds a six-three majority, nothing is easy in Survivor.

The next day, LJ and Trish discuss Tony’s paranoia from the previous night, questioning whether he’ll go into “scramble mode” and throw them under the bus. Trish says trouble in Survivor starts when paranoia and impatience starts to set in, which is exactly what Tony is starting to do. Trish states that his mind is constantly spinning and that she hopes he doesn’t “do anything stupid”.


 Trish and LJ discuss Tony’s paranoia. (Image Credit: CBS)

LJ and Tony go off a walk together, with Tony telling LJ that his name is constantly coming up on the block and when this happens paranoia sets in for everyone. He confesses that LJ is very similar to himself because they are both looking several steps ahead in the game. He admits that he would like to see LJ gone but not be seen as the bad guy in a situation that would send LJ home. Tony continues, saying that in order to not come across as the bad guy, he’ll need to trick LJ into breaking a promise he made to another person in the six person alliance because he himself trusts him and “it’s my safe way out”. In Tony’s words, “I’m not only leading the horse to the water, I’ve gotta make the horse drink the water”.

Tony tells LJ he believes that Woo found the Idol. The two discuss what would happen if Woo used it to get rid of one of them, with Tony pressing to LJ that he’s very nervous about the potential situation. LJ asks Tony whether he wants to get rid of Woo to settle the nerves. This is music to Tony’s ears as he explains he plans to use this information against LJ, telling the others he’s “quiet and sneaky”, which is scarier than being loud and in your face. Tony plans to turn the others against LJ in order to send him home.


Tony attempts to get LJ to say he wants to target Woo. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day Twenty-four see’s the Tribe receive Tree Mail informing them of a spa Reward. The Reward worries Tony, who claims that when people bond on Reward, strategy is mentioned which makes it very important for him to win the challenge.

For the challenge, the tribe will be broken up into three teams of three. Each team will have to throw a rope through a ring, which will release sandbags. They will throw the sandbags as far as possible through a net tunnel, working together to manoeuvre them to the end. One team member will then bounce the sandbags off a trampoline and attempt to land them one sandbag in five different baskets. The first team to finish wins a Survivor Spa Reward, complete with shower and refreshments.

The three teams are as follows:

Green – Jeremiah, Spencer, Tony

Orange – Jefra, LJ, Trish

Purple – Kass, Tasha, Woo


L-R: Green team, Purple team, orange team. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeremiah, LJ and Tasha begin working the rope for their respective teams. Jeremiah is successful on his second toss, getting an early led for the Green team. Jeremiah also takes on sandbag throwing duties whilst Woo takes over throwing the rope for the Purple team and LJ drops the sandbags for the Orange team. Woo takes next to no time to hook the rope and keeps the Purple team alive in the challenge.


Jeremiah hooks the rope. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeremiah, LJ and Woo work on throwing their sandbags through the net tunnel. The Green team is the first to have all their sandbags into the tunnel as all three members begin working on pushing and prodding the sandbags that didn’t get through the net to the end. LJ sends his last sandbag into the net, making up a lot of time for the Orange team as they to begin to work the sandbags stuck in their tunnel towards the end. Woo is just behind LJ as the Purple team begin working their stuck sandbags through the tunnel.


All three teams work on getting their sandbags through the net tunnel. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Green team is the first to get their sandbags through. Tony begins working on the trampoline stage of the challenge, landing three consecutive sandbags in baskets just as the Orange team gets all their sandbags through and Jefra takes on the trampoline.


Woo and Tony bounce sandbags. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Purple team gets back into their challenge as Woo begins to bounce sandbags into baskets, as LJ takes over the role from Jefra in the Orange team. As LJ and Woo try fruitlessly to catch up, Tony lands two more consecutive sandbags to win the challenge for the Green team. As Tony heads out on Reward, he tells us that he’ll talk to Jeremiah and Spencer about blindsiding LJ. He labels himself “the opportunist” saying that if an opportunity comes about, he’ll take it.


The winning team celebrates their victory. (Image Credit: CBS)

The six losers arrive back at camp, with a confessional from Woo explaining about how they were all rudely taken away from their daydreams about a spa and food to concentrate on camp life. Woo says he’s happy “my boy Tony” is on the Reward to keep an eye on Jeremiah and Spencer so that their game plan isn’t jeopardised. Jefra confesses that losing the Reward doesn’t really worry her because at the end of the day, she’s still in the game and in a strong alliance. Jefra, LJ and Trish go out onto the water on the boat with LJ telling the girls about Tony’s paranoia. He confesses that he isn’t that worried about Tony because they are in it together until the end and he trusts him. The trio discusses getting rid of Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha because of the possibility that one of them will win if they get to the end. LJ tells Trish that she needs to “put out Tony’s fire”. Trish takes on the role because she can connect with Tony. The trio then reconfirms their loyalty to the six as LJ comments, “if we stick to the plan, we control everything”.


Jefra, Trish and LJ discuss their position in the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer describes Reward Challenges as “an opportunity to better myself in the game”. He confesses that he is down but not out and there is no reason he can get back into a decent position in the game. Spencer says he was delighted to be paired up with Jeremiah, (who he labels his right hand man), and Tony, who he wants to talk to in order to see where his head is at in the game. Tony asks Spencer if he wants to talk strategy, asking if they think they will be picked off one by one? Spencer isn’t sure but Tony tells him “it’s never that easy”. Jeremiah asks Tony if he is comfortable where he is at, with Tony telling them that “something is going to happen” and that they should “hang in there until that time comes and then I will approach you”. Spencer asks if this time will come when they are still in the game, with Tony replying, “I think so”.


Jeremiah, Tony and Spencer enjoy their Reward. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer describes his alliance as pawns in the game. Tony reveals that talking to them opened up his options to make another big move, saying that when the time comes to take out LJ, he’ll only need one of them to vote alongside him. However, he also labels them as desperate, which means that they have to do what he tells them because if they don’t, they are “sealing their own fate”. Tony tells the boys that they can work something out and he’ll keep them around, not send them home at the next Tribal Council because he’ll need them for when he’s ready to make a big move against his alliance. Jeremiah confesses that he has to “believe Tony a little bit”, but it is difficult to do so because he could just be playing the game and will write their name down at the next Tribal Council. Spencer comments that Tony is playing a lot of people and he is just one of them. He expresses that should he feel uneasy in the game, he will play his Idol. Spencer closes, stating that he’ll tell Tony he trust him one hundred percent because it’s a path which might bring about a detour that takes him all the way to the end.


Tony speaks to Spencer about possibly becoming allies. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day Twenty-five see’s Tony informing LJ about the Reward whilst Tasha worries about her place in the game. She believes LJ is smart enough to realise Tony won’t want to go up against another big guy at the end so approaches him with an offer to talk. LJ tells her he’s willing to listen as Tasha asks him to secretly meet her. LJ confesses that being seen going off on a walk with Tasha will only add more fuel to Tony’s fire. He claims that Tasha cannot benefit him in his future game play, claiming their six should remain strong, so he decides not to secretly meet Tasha. This doesn’t please Tasha, who claims that if LJ was man enough, he could have taken the minority and blindsided Tony. She admits that Tony is running the show and unless something changes, “I’m screwed”.


Tasha attempts to talk strategy with LJ. (Image Credit: CBS)

The tribe receives Tree Mail hinting of an upcoming Immunity Challenge. Tony confesses that the challenge is huge because if LJ doesn’t win Immunity, it could be his time to strike and LJ could be the next one going home.

The Immunity Challenges will test the castaway’s memories. Jeff will show everyone a series of coloured tiles, which they will then have to repeat back. Those who are correct, remain in the challenge, those who get it wrong, our out. The last person left, as always, wins Immunity.

Round one see’s Jeff show the following colours: yellow, blue, red and green. The round claims two victims, with Trish and then Woo dropping out.


Jefra, LJ and Tasha during the Day Twenty-five Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The castaway’s are shown the following colours in round two: red, green, purple, black, blue, green and blue. Jefra, Jeremiah, Kass and Spencer drop out halfway through the round, leaving only LJ, Tasha and Tony left. In the final tile of the round, all three choose different colours; LJ picks red, Tony, yellow and Tasha blue. It is revealed that Tasha is correct and she wins Immunity. LJ confesses that his alliance will split the votes three-three between Jeremiah and Spencer, thus making sure, one of them is sent packing.


Tasha can’t wipe the smile off her face after winning Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Tasha is over the moon at winning Immunity, admitting that she had a one in three chance of going home if she wasn’t successful. LJ gathers his alliance and suggests they split the votes between Jeremiah and Spencer incase one of them plays an Idol. LJ confesses that it is the first time in the game he’s “felt comfortable” and that Jeremiah and Spencer are easy pickings. LJ remarks that Tony thinking Woo has an Idol and wanting to do something about it is stupid and they should all stick to the plan and they will be okay. Jefra tells the alliance that the girls will vote for Jeremiah and the boys will vote for Spencer. Tony confesses that he doesn’t want to wait for LJ to throw a punch at him so he needs to set him up, pinning all the trouble at camp on him so that he becomes a threat and he can set up the alliance to take him out.


Jefra, Kass and Trish discuss the vote. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony informs Woo that LJ was talking about breaking their final six promise, by intending to blindside him. Woo confesses that he thought everyone was onboard to stick together to the six but LJ isn’t so he needs to go. Woo reveals he trusts Tony and they have each other’s backs so if all goes well, Tribal Council will be huge.


Tony and Woo agree on something. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony then goes to Spencer to inform him that it’s time to make a big move. He discusses with Spencer that LJ has gone back on a promise and therefore, he needs to go. Tony assures Spencer he is “one hundred percent safe” if he votes with him. Tony asks Spencer to get Jeremiah and Tasha in on the plan with Spencer confesses that it felt like waking up to unexpected presents on Christmas morning. However, despite the fact it seems Tony is making a big move, he worries it could also be a ploy to get him to unnecessarily play his Idol. Spencer speaks to Jeremiah about the plan, with the latter agreeing to go ahead with the plan.


 Tony asks Spencer to trust him and vote alongside him at Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Next on Tony’s list of things to do is to speak to Trish. Tony explains that LJ has been scheming against them and intends to target Woo. Trish tells Tony that LJ told her that Tony himself was paranoid about Woo. Tony denies this, saying that LJ is lying and has always been planning ahead. Trish is confused, admitting she has no idea which side, (LJ or Tony), to believe. Tony suggests to Trish that they use the three minorities in order to blindside LJ because he no longer trusts him. Trish believes they should stick to the final six deal. Trish questions both LJ and Tony’s motives in confessionals, stating that they are both playing the game. She remarks that Tony has played her in the past and despite being gullible, she’s not stupid and doesn’t believe they should break up the six. As Trish questions what she should do, Kass checks in to make sure everyone is still solid, saying it would be a stupid move for anyone to flip when they are in such a great position.


Tony tries to convince Trish of LJ’s betrayal. (Image Credit: CBS)

As the tribe leave for Tribal, Tony states he has a huge plan but because Trish, (who he labels as his closest ally), might not be on board, he might have to “kiss ass instead of kicking ass” in order for Trish to remain loyal.

Tribal Council begins with Jeremiah agreeing with Jeff’s theory that it is six against three. Kass says she believes in Survivor, you have to play “a little dirty” in order to win. Tony comments that everyone signed up to play the game and knew they were going to be lied to. He admits that he bought his “bag of tricks” tonight which is making him a little bit more confident. Tasha expresses she’s relived she has Immunity but she still believes there are fractures in the majority alliance. LJ gives Tasha a reality check, explaining that there is no cracks and that’s why when she attempted to approach him, he turned her away because the alliance is “watertight”.


Sarah is confused when Tony tells everyone he works in construction. (Image Credit: CBS)

LJ confirms that he is a good gauge of loyalty which is one of the key aspects of the game. Jeff asks Tony about his job and whether loyalty is important. Tony says he’s in construction, (which shocks Sarah), as he explains loyalty is very important but in Survivor, trust is different. Kass agrees, saying that loyalty is in play at home but in Survivor you need to be selfish. Woo remarks that the six is still strong and will take out the remaining three in the minority but a time will eventually come when they need to start making moves. Spencer explains that he isn’t sure who is on the bottom of the alliance but someone definitely is. He says that at this stage of the game, everybody should be thinking of how they can win the game. Trish mentions that the alliance of six doesn’t end at six but begins at six. She admits that if a move was made tonight, she wouldn’t know about it but given how crazy past Tribal Council’s have been, anything could happen.

With that, the votes are cast. Spencer decides against playing his Idol as Jeff reads the votes. The first three are for LJ, the next three for Jeremiah. Spencer then gets another vote, before a surprised LJ receives the final two votes, eliminating him from the game in another massive blindside in a five-three-one vote. Spencer does a over the top fist pump as LJ gets his torch snuffed, as Jefra tries to work out what the hell just happened. Whilst Jefra might not know, I do and I can tell you that Jeremiah, Tasha, Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah voted for LJ, LJ himself voted for Spencer and Jefra, Kass and Trish stayed loyal, voting for Jeremiah.


LJ… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

LJ admits in his final words that it was a big blindside and it’s very hard to balance big moves and patience in the game.

Next week, Tony taps into his undercover police training and Woo falls out of a tree.

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 Ben’s Opinion


What another amazing episode that once again throws this very open game even more open! The man everyone has been saying would win for ages is gone, and now this game could literally go to anyone at this point. When was the last time you could legitimately say that for a season? Nicaragua? Gabon? It’s an amazing testament to this show that it can throw open such an amazing season that still keeps people guessing after all these years.

Despite the shock, the result was obvious from the moment LJ uttered the words ‘I feel safe’ that he was going. There was the tell tale ‘red herring’ moment of Trish and the ‘oh maybe we need to stick to the plan’, but it was never going to go that way. And it was incredible to watch. It did also give some other people some real drops down in the ratings of their chances to win. Tony despite the move surely got a negative enough edit this episode that will cost him at the end. This was a real ‘Russell’ episode which could prove to continue if he does get to the end and have everyone against him like it appears it will. Sarah’s reaction on the Jury at his ‘job’ was enough leverage there to really show he’ll struggle to get votes, so he’s going to have to work some miracles. Others you look at that had their chances squashed would be Trish, who had the opportunity to gain some sense of control at this vote and make sure things stick to ‘the plan’. I’ve constantly spoken about the fact she is in Tony’s pocket and that has gotten me nothing but criticism saying it’s the other way around. Well given that she was quick to stick to Tony’s plan rather than standing up for her own as the right thing to do, well that once again solidified my stand point on her in this game. Sorry Trish, you seem like a nice lady but you ain’t winning this game. Period.

All of a sudden the original Brains and Jeremiah have a real shot at the victory. Spencer is still sitting pretty with that Idol, Kass has gone from enemy number one to captain invisible and Tasha for the first time this season gave some spice and credibility to her game that could see her take a sneaky win. Jeremiah once again proved that he is no slouch despite his invisible edit, and even Jefra still hangs in there, although I think her chances have dropped with LJ no longer in the game.

I tell you one thing, the rankings this week will be the hardest ones that we have ever done as this game is so far open that no door can contain it!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another Tribal, another massive blindside. What a season we’ve been gifted to. Who said that new players couldn’t deliver?

LJ was my tip to win pre-season so I was pretty shattered he was sent packing considering he was playing such a good game.Whilst I don’t really care that he’s gone, (put it this way, he’s not Parvati), it definitely opens up this season to pretty much everyone still left in the game.

Alliances are so blurred at present, it’s hard to work out who’s with who until we see the next episode; which will of course, make for some interesting rankings this week.

The episode itself was okay, nothing special. I’m starting to get sick of the massive edit Tony is getting. Each episode, he consistently dominates the confessionals and it’s getting a little boring hearing from him so much each week. The guy has a huge ego and loves the sound of his own voice.

The challenges were pretty average, wouldn’t say I’d be keen to see them again.

Tony’s move will be interesting. It’ll either win him the game or cost him a million dollars. I honestly can’t see LJ not voting for him if he got to the Final Tribal Council because it is a game and I think LJ can look past that. However, Tony’s lies will come out when Sarah tells everyone he isn’t a tradie and is a cop.

Can’t wait for next week as we count down towards the finale! I know it’s horrible, but I can’t wait to see the entire scene where Woo falls out of the tree because that looked hilarious! (Sorry Woo!)

Colin’s Opinion


So the question of the week is whether Tony’s flip was a good move or a bad move. Unlike Kass, who seemed to flip without any good reason, Tony’s move will all come down to his next move in the game. I one hundred percent believe that Tony will try and flip again. If my prediction is right, then Tony is playing a Rob Cesternino/Johnny Fairplay game. In my opinion, neither of those guys really had a solid chance if they made it to the finals. Tony on the other hand only needs to have one person sitting next to him to have a shot at winning the game, and that person is Kass. If Tony can pull Kass in and somehow make it to the end against her, I think he has a great shot at winning, but only next to Kass. The other side of Tony’s flip is whether or not it was too early to eliminate LJ. There’s no doubt that LJ would have remained loyal, but he was also the biggest competition Tony had. In the interest of winning, Tony did have to take out LJ eventually. He may have cost himself LJ’s Jury vote by making this move, but I personally think it was better to make this move now rather than later. Because LJ has proven to be very loyal, especially to Tony, I think the longer Tony kept LJ in the game, the greater chance there was for LJ to take it personally. If I were in Tony’s position, I probably would have targeted LJ now as well.

Jimmy’s Opinion


WOW! Another great episode, I didn’t see that one coming. It looks as though the ‘underdogs’ finally caught a lucky break with LJ’s blindside. I just hope that the former Solana tribe will keep eating each other up for the next few weeks. That could be very interesting.

I am very shocked with the way Tony is playing over the last few episodes. He should be feeling comfortable as his tribe has taken control of the game since Kass switched her allegiances. You would think that with a huge six-three majority, they would vote off Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha one after another. But that’s easier said than done as everything went down the drain this week with LJ’s blindside. I am very sure that the rest of his alliance will have second thoughts about Tony now, as he just put a target on his back and he cannot be trusted.

But in saying that, I guess it was a smart move for Tony as there is one less challenge threat in the game, as well as one less threat to make it all the way to the end. I am not sure where this will take him, but if he does make it to the end, he won’t get many votes at the Final Tribal Council.

Judging by the previews to next week’s episode, it looks as though Woo may have seriously injured himself after falling out of a tree. I hope that’s not the case.

Paul’s Opinion


I have to hand it to the Survivor producers this season for their great casting choices. It seems they have a higher percentage of chiefs, (people controlling their own game), this season than any other all-new-player-game I’ve seen. When the casting dynamic is such, we are treated to lots of power shifts as each player jockeys for position.

Let’s talk about Tony’s move. He’s placed himself in a position where he’s in the minority of his voting alliance, (Tony + Woo vs. Spencer + Jeremiah + Tasha). In his original six-person alliance, he was in a three with Trish and Woo against a divided remaining three. Clearly, he has weakened his position and unless he can pull Trish back over, he’s given himself little chance of making it to the end. However, I won’t write Tony off just yet. It’s an unpredictable season and he continues to be the person that strikes before he is struck against.

Spencer is now in a very strong position. He’s in the majority alliance with an Idol that nobody knows about and he hasn’t stepped on anyone’s toes, (except for maybe Kass’). He’s also the only person that knows there are potentially two Idols in play. His best move would be to sway his alliance to vote Trish out next, as she’s the most likely to rejoin the sub-alliance of Woo and Tony.

Woo really has lucked-out. Other than a stakeout on Spencer, that failed, he hasn’t demonstrated any form of strategic play and really isn’t responsible for the fortunate position in which he currently sits. However, he’s possibly the most likely to go on a challenge tear and is likeable enough to get a number of Jury votes.

I’m looking forward to the next episode, to see the power dynamics turned on there head once again.

Ivan’s Opinion


Tony is really getting frustrated over getting votes, almost similarly to Lex or Rupert. They never got to the end so we don’t know for sure, but I feel like that kind of worrying doesn’t help your stock in getting Jury votes. I’m glad the Reward Challenge was three teams of three so that way no one would get left out if it were two teams. We got to see a little bit of LJ and Tony relationship that’s mainly based on the double Idol play in the first merged vote. I still wasn’t bought that both of them are comfortable sitting next to the other at the end and by the end of that episode turns out I was right. Tony does everything he can to make Spencer and Jeremiah feel better, but if Tony doesn’t do anything for them, they could resent him for them. LJ shouldn’t have stood Tasha up. Whenever someone wants to talk strategy with you, you want to take them up on their offer, and let them think you agree with what they propose. This challenge was a nice different memory/trivia based challenge that didn’t involve an answer cube, and Tasha ended up winning so right away the smart thing to do is to split the vote and right away LJ suggested that idea. Tony made it seems like his original plan was to make LJ look bad but then for some reason that shifted into voting LJ off. As much as breaking an alliance is risky, there’s no denying that if everyone stuck to the final six, LJ was set up pretty good to probably make it to the end, and if he did, he’d have a good chance to win Jury votes and win the game. LJ’s blindside was pretty cool because now we dodged a Pagonging and the game is wide open again.

If the numbers are six-three and members of the majority alliance decided to get rid of one of their own, then the final eight is five-three, where it only takes one person to flip to force a draw and two people to flip to completely turn the vote around, and we’ve seen it in several recent seasons with examples such as Brad’s male alliance and Stealth R Us that once the first member of the alliance goes, it’s easy for that to cause a chain reaction. I’m looking forward to next episode as this season has been fun to watch so far. Trish, Spencer, Tasha, and Woo looking like major candidates to win this game bu no one can be counted out. One last thing, you had to love Sarah’s face when Tony said he was in construction at Tribal Council. Priceless.

Survivor Re-capper: Vecepia Robinson


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our ninth recap features Marquesas winner Vecepia Towery, as she discusses why she is enjoying this season so much, her fandom of Tasha and how she thinks she is playing a similar game to hers in Marquesas, why she enjoys seeing so much diversity this season, her thoughts on J’Tia and why she doesn’t have any ‘thoughts’ on her, why there are so many elements from this season that remind her of her own season as well as her take on Jefra and Jeremiah, working out if Trish really is a man and talking up her chances of ever playing again. Vecepia then answers our final set of 5 questions as follows:

DARK HORSE: Spencer 
NEXT TO GO: Jefra/Jeremiah

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the tenth episode of Cagayan!


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10 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 9 Recap Featuring Vecepia Robinson!

  1. even though the preview for next week doesnt look too good for my ladies in trish and jefra my predictions are tony will use them as they are at his mercy to vote out jeremiah who will probably remind him of lj. i hope trish can pull together an all girls alliance. she just needs tasha

    • If Kass, Trish, Tasha, and Jefra did form an all girls alliance, where would they go from there? I think the best thing to do would be to get Spencer and Jeremiah (which Tasha would gladly be able to do) and then either vote off Tony (who seems to be well known as a strategic thinker and a tough player at this point) or Woo, who is still a big threat in challenges (though this last one wasn’t a good example). Will it come together or even be a considered option though? That’s the question.

  2. Interesting episode as while Tony might be playing a “return back to the past alliance” strategy, especially the only one that wasn’t informed about it were Kass and Jefra, I feel that this would be a good chance for Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha especially to get Jefra — formerly aligned with Jeremiah during the first 11 Days to flip against random Tony who is one of the causes of chaos in the game. Tasha already wanted to work with LJ and Jefra, so it might not that be big of a problem to control the game again.

  3. P.S. Interesting that Vecepia was the guest — she was the last African-American woman to win Individual Immunity during the Merge in the game, and funny how Vecepia is a big supporters of Tasha.

  4. So sad LJ became too comfortable & trusted Tony too much. Its fun to watch another blindside though haha. I still root for Trish, Tony, Kass or Spencer to win this all! 😀

  5. What an episode! Lots of all star potential for this season. I would love LJ to play again & redeem himself.

    If I would rank them rn: Spencer, Tasha, Tony, Jeremiah, Woo, Trish, Jefra, Kass

  6. Ben, Trish did not follow Tony’s plan to vote out LJ. It was Woo who flipped. She told Tony to not switch the plan. Therefore, she is not in his pocket. I guess her mistake was not talking to Woo and the others and realizing Tony’s scheme.

    Regardless, I’m rooting for Tasha/Jeremiah/Spencer for the win, but I would still be satisfied if Trish won.

  7. Codey Wambold // April 20, 2014 at 10:35 am // Reply

    I would love to see Spencer, Woo, and Tony as the final 3…as much as I highly doubt that’ll happen…I’m still strongly hoping Spencer can pull out the win!

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