Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 8


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 9 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Spencer


OVERALL: 1st (+3)

BILLY: “From the bottom end to the top end yet again for Spencer. And he still has the HII, though it’s a normal one and not the super powered one. All this talk about the Tyler Perry Idol and it’s M.I.A., Sheesh! Anywho, Spencer is a legit threat to win many immunity challenges and together with his HII, he can earn his spot at the FTC even if Tony plans to take him out later. Bitter juries like underdogs and Spencer is a well respected underdog. This season is truly unpredictable. I love it.”

KELLY: “My homey. that’s all i have to say – his game is priceless.”

BEN: “Spencer is the little train that could, and that little train could easily find himself at the end. He still has an idol, nobody knows he has it and he keeps getting out of tricky situations when it looks like his number is up. The potential mistake he made last week by not using his idol on Morgan is long in the past and just like I said last week he could easily prove me wrong and make it that the move wasn’t needed. He is always there and thereabouts in challenges and he always seems to be the go to person when a change up is needed. Right now he only needs one person to side with him, Tasha and Jeremiah and he gets in the majority for the first time since the switch. Easily can win this game.”

JARRYD: “Jumps up this week after managing to survive the vote without winning Immunity and hanging onto his Idol. He’s smart enough to work his way through the next few votes but he’s a massive chance to win if he gets to the end so he’s a huge threat.”

2nd – Woo


OVERALL: 2nd ()

BILLY: “Both me and Woo felt he needed to make a big move and he did! Though Woo was deceived by Tony’s latest lie, that big move was made none the less with the blindsiding of LJ. Will Tony take Woo to the end? Hard to see. There is a lot still in motion. But if Woo can use this move to catapult himself to the FTC then he might benefit from a bitter jury. He could steal the million dollars from Tony like a true ninja. In the words of Sho Kosugi (Google him), “Only a ninja can stop a ninja!””

KELLY: “Could Woo & Spencer potentially team up and rock it out to the end? It sure would be entertaining!”

BEN: “Falling out of trees next week aside, Woo just keeps puttering along with enough screen time in his pocket to really give an indication that he’ll walk away a millionaire. His name being thrown around as a possible vote out could serve as a ‘well they should’ve gotten rid of him then’ moment later on, and he is just sneaking through nice and easily that he can easily make the FTC. Seems to be under the spell of Tony and doesn’t look like he’s going to make any big game changing moves, but in this game you can still win it without being Mr Strategy.”

JARRYD: “Woo isn’t really playing much of a game and I think everyone knows that. He might be good in challenges but he hasn’t really done anything else all season so in terms of Jury votes, he’ll only get them based on likeability and with a Jury which will be made up of game players, he’s not likely to gain the majority of votes. He’s tight with Tony which will help in the next few weeks, however, he falls out of a tree next week and is getting an edit similar to that of Erik in Caramoan and we all know how that ended.”

3rd – Tony


OVERALL: 3rd ()

BILLY: “My words last week: “Time for Tony to plan the next blindside.” Well! Tony did just that and blindsided LJ. In spite of the move against his own alliance he is still in the majority. He’s got Woo as his new right hand man and has Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah. Five out of eight. After all this talk on the internet of Trish playing a winning game, well, looks like Tony might have something to say about that. I expect Tony to take out Jefra next then Trish before turning on Spencer. Tony is an assassin! He has no fear of getting blood on his hands. He’s still my number one! What happened to my Survivor Oz Power Ranking cohort’s number one? Ha! If only I was this good in the Cook Islands.”

KELLY: “Tony is about to be in the Looney bin. How could they not have him go next with all of his insecure scheming. This will hopefully also stir things up and get some new alliances formed.”

BEN: “Tony so low goes to the fact that so many negative moments happened against him on a week where the ‘big move’ came out from his brain. My question is was that move necessary? Did he REALLY have to make such a move to ‘gain control’? I love Tony and would absolutely love to see him win, but surely he has learnt enough from the show over the years that big moves don’t always win you the game? He has sent an angry LJ to the jury, he has Sarah there who more than likely won’t vote for him after her expression when he lied about his job (again) and you’ve got the majority of the came always going on about him being a threat and his indecisive nature. I just don’t see him getting the votes at the end at this stage.”

JARRYD: “Despite seemingly turning against his alliance, his edit suggests he’ll be around to the end. The producers/editors have invested far too much airtime in him for Tony to go home just before the final episode. Despite his big mouth, he’s a very smart player who I think can and most likely will now win the game.”

4th – Tasha


OVERALL: 4th (+4)

BILLY: “For all of the talk about Trish not getting any respect by the Survivor Oz Power Rankings, Tasha has been even more overlooked than Trish. She won immunity this week and was a key part of the major power shift in the game. She invited LJ to talk strategy and got stood up. She then booted him out of the game. That just proves that Tasha is a legitimate threat. She’s playing hard strategically and physically. Where’s the love for Tasha?”

KELLY: “She is a huge physical threat for these girls – and these guys – that definitely would make getting to the final 3 a challenge.”

BEN: “Let’s start off by saying this is the hardest rankings I have ever done. I literally feel as though it’s more about who won’t win rather than who will win, as it’s easier I feel to work that out. Everyone has made mistakes or had negativity thrown against them this season, and that makes it so difficult to decide on whom is in the best position now that LJ has gone. Having said all that, I would’ve never in a million years thought that I would ever put Tasha at number on based on everything so far in this game but given how things are playing out and given that each week is just so damn unpredictable, I can see her edit this week giving her some light at the end of the tunnel. An immunity win was icing on the cake from some minor strategy and other moments that really didn’t have a place in the episode tonight. Why did we need to see a random planned meeting between her and LJ that didn’t amount to anything except the worst hashtag in the history of Survivor? It brings me back to the Dawn/Brenda teeth moment of Caramoan which at the time seemed completely pointless but obviously lead to one of the most talked about moments of the entire season. Tasha is strong, savvy and smarter than I ever gave her credit for. So I will say this right now: I was wrong about Tasha and what I said earlier about her. Let’s see if she can prove me right all of a sudden.”

JARRYD: “For me, Tasha is potentially one of the most dangerous players left in the minority in the game. She’s held her own in challenges, has shown she wants to and can play the game and will do whatever in her power to scrap to the end. If I were in power, she’d be my number one target. I can’t see any scenario in which she gets to the end.”

5th – Trish


OVERALL: 5th (+1)

BILLY: “I have been the one Trish believer on the Survivor Oz Power Ranking staff. But man what a blow to her game that last episode was. I have to concede the drop in the rankings. Tony will probably make a move against her soon. I just don’t think it will be this next episode. I agree with the fans that Trish has played better that my constituents here on Survivor Oz has given her credit for, but this week Trish suffered a major blow. But lets not forget that Trish is resourceful and is still in the game unlike my constituent’s number one ranked player last week, LJ. (Yes, that statement was a zinger.) There is still a lot of game left to play.”

KELLY: “Kass will bring Trish to this point only for her benefit & then proceed to vote her off.”

BEN: “Trish had the golden opportunity to pull off a ‘move’ that everyone seems to be so sure she has already made in this game this week by shooting down Tony’s plan, sticking to the final 6 plan and putting her foot down in control. That right there would’ve sold me on the spice that has been floating around with Trish and she very likely could’ve been my number one this week. But the opposite happened and she sat there expecting her closest confidant to remain tight with her and was blindsided by the vote and what her alliance was up to. Can’t see her recovering at all all now for the win, and will have to pull out some minor miracle to make it happen.”

JARRYD: “I feel Trish will be back in Tony’s pocket pretty quickly. She might have voted differently to him at the last Tribal Council but it wasn’t against him, just against his plan. She needs an ally with LJ gone. She shows glimpses of great game play but it’s not enough to get her enough Jury votes at the end of the game. Could very well be the unlucky person who becomes the final Jury member.”

6th – Kass


OVERALL: 6th (-1)

BILLY: “She was planning to flip again at some point. Tony and Woo beat her to the punch. Kass still has a chance to find herself at the end because she’s burnt enough bridges that she’s a good goat option. Plus a return to the Brains tribe alliance is going to be an option for her as soon as Spencer and Tasha are ready to make a move against Tony. Kass has got to throw Jefra and Trish under the bus to be around for when that move will be made. I doubt Kass will have a problem doing what it takes to survive. I have Kass ranked low this week because she lost power this pass episode(and it is a POWER ranking) but I expect this to be temporary. She should return to the Brains tribe alliance soon. Will Kass win, probably not but she can be there at the FTC.”

KELLY: “The perfect person to bring to the final 3. She has betrayed many people by her flip flop personality – why not take her to the end because you know she isn’t going to get the votes.”

BEN: “Where was Kass this episode? How does the villain go from being all everyone talks about to the invisible woman in 2 weeks? The move she made is seemingly off the radar now which is good for her potentially, and given Tony is willing to turn on his own should put Kass in a good position to stay longer. Why not next week side with Spencer’s crew and make up for the move she made and then try and stay on that side of things? An all brains alliance with Jeremiah in tow would be a great story to watch, and could be the only opportunity Kass has to make it to the end.”

JARRYD: “Had no idea that LJ was going home at Tribal Council which suggests to me that a lot of people struggle to trust her, which, given what she’s done in the game, is no surprise. Still a fantastic goat to take along to the end and I think it’s the angle a lot of the people in the game will try to exploit but given her past moves, she’ll probably screw one more person over before the games end.”

7th – Jefra


OVERALL: 7th ()

BILLY: “Her main alliance mate, LJ has been taken out. She’s down in numbers. She’s isn’t in good with Jeremiah, the only other former Beauty tribe member left. It doesn’t look good for Jefra this coming week. She’s made it father than I though she would in my preseason rankings. But I think she’s got virtually no options and hasn’t look like much of a threat in challenges so what can I base any kind of a ranking on this week? Her looks? We are way past the point in the game where that could help her. I think she’s the next boot.”

KELLY: “It is the 8th episode & Jefra is still ‘enemyless’ – how much further will they let her get?”

BEN: “People seem to be on the notion that Jefra is ‘doing nothing’ and won’t win this game, and as you all know I’ve been selling the Jefra bus for well over a month now. I think her chances have dropped since LJ went, but if she can sneak through unscathed and end up at FTC against the likes of Tony and Trish the there really is no reason why she can’t come out smelling like roses as the winner. A random confessional here and there with a bit of value to it is keeping her edit decent enough to sell her victory; it’s just a matter of if she can pull it off when it counts.”

JARRYD: “Her chances took a big turn for the worst with her buddy LJ getting sent packing. Her edit in the past few weeks has declined to sideline comments about vaguely unimportant things, which is never good news in the back end of the season. I still think she’s a smokey to take out the title but it’ll be tough for her from here.”

8th – Jeremiah


OVERALL: 8th (+1)

BILLY: “The southern gentleman has spent much of this game back peddling. He’s tried to blow the whistle on Tony multiple times and no one would believe him. Well if you can’t beat him, join him. This is Jeremiah’s best move. He could be looked at as a good goat to take to the end and can capitalize on a bitter jury. It’s not the best chance to win out of everyone still in the game but it’s the best chance for Jeremiah at this point. Good move.”

KELLY: “Although he hasn’t proven physically strong I think he may be soon to go for that very reason. He’s a guy that hasn’t made a string of enemies – why keep him?”

BEN: “Another player people are saying can’t win this game, Jeremiah once again this week proved that he is no dummy and is game savvy enough where it counts. He isn’t just going to buy straight into Tony’s bullshit and actually be a bit wary of things, and float on through just where it matters as the numbers diminish. A Jeremiah win might surprise some fans, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. He just needs the cards to fall his way a bit more in the coming few votes.”

JARRYD: “Jeremiah is the invisible person this season so I’m not expecting much from him in the final month of episodes. Will probably end up finishing in the top six but have no impact whatsoever in the outcome of the game. He’s the nice guy who hasn’t and won’t make the dirty moves he needs to make to demand respect and lead him towards victory.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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5 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 8

  1. It makes me so, so happy to see my girl Tasha getting the love she deserves. 🙂 I’ve been getting into the edgic chart thing recently, and if you look at average winners number of episodes, it seems that the average winner has a nearly even three way split between under the radar, middle of the road, and cp or over the top episodes. If Tasha gets a bit more focus in the next few episodes, then I’d say she would have a legit winner’s edit. Spencer already has one, too; Tony’s edit seems just a bit too over the top.

    My (bold) prediction is that Tony’s paranoia will lead to either his boot or Jefra’s next week, since she doesn’t seem to trust him any more. Either way, I think the brains+J-miah will gain the leverage they need to systematically eliminate the other four players. I think J-mia will then get the boot (against Spence’s wish) and we’ll have a brains final three. Spencer will then go the way of Rob C. and be voted out, leading to a Tasha victory, or Tasha will go and spencer will win.

    All that being said, I’ve loved this season sooo much that I’ll be pretty happy with anyone winning. I would loooove to see Tony try to smooth talk a jury- that would be so funny. The only person I’d be upset to see win is Kass.

  2. I’m so, so happy to see my girl Tasha finally getting the love she deserves 🙂 I’ve been getting into edgic charts recently, and if you look at the average winners’ spread ( a winner gets about an even three-way spread between episodes that are under the radar, middle of the road, and cp or over the top. If Tasha gets a bit more focus in the next few episodes, then I think she’ll have a legitimate winner’s edit. Spencer already has one, I’d say, but Tony’s is just a bit over the top.

    My (bold) prediction is that Tony’s paranoia is going to lead to either his or Jefra’s boot, since she no longer seems to trust him. This will give brains+J-miah the leverage they need to systematically eliminate the remaining three. J-miar will then get the boot, against Spence’s wishes, leading to a brains final three. I think Spencer will then be voted off, leading to a Tasha victory, or vice verce, depending on who wins immunity.

    That being said, I’ve loved this season sooo much, I’d be happy seeing anyone win (except Kass). I would loooove to see Tony try to smooth talk a jury– that would be funny.

  3. This is a rather interesting season for me, because even as of week 8, I can see several people left who have a chance to win (that being pretty much anyone but Kass, Jefra, or Jeremiah). I don’t think Kass will win because of how bitter the jury will be towards her, and Jefra/Jeremiah been in the background a bit too much. They both seem nice, but after Caramoan, I think that the jury will respect people who play the game more than people who simply float by, not making enemies.

    My personal pick to win is Spencer, because he has a lot of the snarky commentary that the last two winners were known for, and he clearly has a great social game, because he hasn’t made any real enemies, even smoothing things over with Kass after she flipped on him, and he flipped out on her. While this could lead to a situation where he gets voted out because of it (see: Brenda in Caramoan), he’s a pretty solid threat in challenges, and he still has his Immunity Idol.

    As for the others in the final, I could see Tasha and Tony making it. Tony seems to be getting the “Russell Hantz” edit, but with significantly less “being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk”. I could see him making the finals, but I think he’d meet with the same fate as Russell. As for Tasha, she’s another strong candidate for a dark horse victory (no racial pun intended). She’s proven herself pretty strong in challenges, and in general has been Spencer’s equal in most of the game. Spencer’s been edited like the winner the whole way through, but Tasha could easily end up another Sophie Clark.

  4. as much i as it pains me to say i think jefra is the next boot. and then the final 6 might be a full on battle 3 brawns vs 3 brains. im not a big spencer fan but i think if he wins he would make a good winner. he does a good job of managing people and the votes. plus he has an idol.

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