Survivor Cagayan-Episode 10 Recap Featuring R.C. Saint-Amour and Artis Silvester!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the tenth episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to two real experts in our good friends R.C. Saint-Amour and Artis Silvester from Survivor: Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan, the super Idol is found, letter from home, Woo falls out of a tree and Tony builds a spy shack and another castaway joins the Jury.

The tribe returns to camp after voting out LJ. Jefra begins questioning the tribe about who flipped, with Spencer informing her it was Tony and Woo. Jefra asks them why, with Tony explaining that he had a number of reasons fro doing so but he couldn’t tell her, Trish or Kass prior to the vote because they liked LJ. Tony explains that the plan would have been destroyed had he told them and he still trusts them. Kass asks whether it was a “one vote alliance”, with Tony agreeing that it was. Spencer confesses that whilst Tony’s plan benefited him tonight, he needs to tread carefully around Tony because there is no reason why he couldn’t blindside Spencer just like he did to LJ.


Jefra questions Tony about Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

The following morning, Tony decides to take up construction work for the first time in his life, building a spy shack near the water well in order to eavesdrop on people who talk strategy there. As he is sneaking around, Jefra and Trish wonder over and unbeknownst to them, Tony overhears them. Jefra speaks to Trish about whether Tony is playing them and if their alliance still stands. Trish believes it does and they will go on as five to take out Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha, but labels Tony as a Academy Award winning actor for his performance at Tribal the night before. Jefra explains that she has no issue with blindsiding LJ, it was the way Tony went about the blindside, by lying to her face, that hurt and made her wary of him. She remarks that because of this, they need to be careful, especially because they are meant to have an alliance with him. After hearing this, Tony confesses that the only people he trusts in the game are “Trish, Woo and Kass”, and he no longer trusts Jefra because she doesn’t trust him.


Survivor – where contestants build spy shacks. (Image Credit: CBS)

This week’s Reward Challenge see’s the eight remaining players broken up into two teams of four. They will have to paddle out and around a buoy, then on their way back to shore, crisscross along a line of floating boxes to collect paddles. Once they have collected all eight paddles, they will return to shore, pull the covers off the paddles and two team members will solve a word puzzle – ‘worth playing for’. Up for grabs to an afternoon barbeque lunch, (which Jeff seductively describes), at one of the most wondrous natural landmarks around; the callao caves. Jeff cheekily asks the castaway whether it’s worth playing before breaking everyone off into teams.

Making up the Orange team is Kass, Trish, Tony and Woo. Whilst lining up on the Purple team is Jefra, Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha.


The teams begin the Day Twenty-seven Reward Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge gets going, with Jefra slowing down the Purple team as she struggles to get on the boat. There’s no harm done though as they put in a good rowing performance to get around the buoy and reach their first box of paddles ahead of the Orange team. However, it’s the Orange team that have their paddles untied first and then move on to their second box, as Tasha has some trouble with the knots. After collecting their second batch of paddles, Tony drops one and the team has to go back, costing them time and allowing the Purple team to catch up. Both teams are neck and neck as they gather their third box of paddles, but when gathering the fourth set, the orange team pull ahead slightly, collecting the paddles and reaching the shore just before the Purple team.


The two teams work on collecting paddles. (Image Credit: CBS)

Both teams tear off the covers hiding the letters and Kass and Woo and Spencer and Tasha begin nutting out the puzzle for their respective teams. Both teams have the word ‘fight’ worked out before Kass realises the phrase is ‘worth fighting for’. Spencer isn’t far behind as the teams race to solve the puzzle. In the end, the Purple team prevail, with Tony confessing that the four losers are in trouble because the three people and Jefra who is unsure of her position in the game, are together on the Reward, meaning “bad things will happen”.


The Purple team celebrate their victory. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Tony explains to Kass that LJ was sent home because he went back on a promise he had made them. He attempts to strategise with his fellow alliance about how dangerous the Reward could be for them. Nobody seems very interested, with Trish more concerned about the limes and papayas she spotted in a tree. Tony gets frustrated, annoyed that the alliance isn’t interested in discussing what he believes could be “the beginning of our demise”. He states that he is always having to strategise on his own, so heads off, deciding to use the time to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol with special powers, as he believes the other one has already been found by Jeremiah, Spencer or Tasha. Kass confesses that she is tired of losing but her best chance in the game at winning is sticking with the alliance of five. She admits she isn’t offending by Tony making a move to get rid of LJ, with her philosophy being to keep the annoying people, (who she feels is Tony), and get rid of the threats, (Spencer), if he doesn’t win Immunity.


Tony tries to stress the importance of talking strategy after losing the Reward Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Trish and Woo go off to collect the papayas she spotted earlier. As Woo climbs the tree, Trish proclaims they are massive and “look like Morgan’s boobs”. Woo shakes the tree, with several papayas falling then makes his way down. This doesn’t got to plan, with a branch snapping and Woo falling several meters. It’s quickly established that Woo isn’t injured, which is good because watching the scene, it’s difficult not to laugh. Woo states that despite having a sore ass, it’s worth it to be able to eat the papayas.


Ninja’s can fall out of trees? (Image Credit: CBS)

On the Reward, a guide, (probably ex-Ozlet Wowie), is leading the foursome to their picnic lunch. He warms them to watch them step, with Spencer taking no notice and slipping seconds later. Spencer is thrilled to be on Reward with no distractions, his core alliance in toe and Jefra primed for him to pull her into the group. The trio question Jefra, who admits she was confused that she wasn’t told about the move to take out LJ and is questioning her place in the alliance. They all agree that Tony needs to be sent home as Spencer asks Jefra openly whether she is willing to work with them. She claims that she’ll need to eat another rib in order to consider the option.


Jeremiah, Tasha, Jefra and Spencer receive letters from home. (Image Credit: CBS)

The guide returns, brining with him letters from home. Jefra breaks down completely as she gets her envelope and reads a letter from her mum. She says seeing her mums words is a sign for her to “jump ship” so she agrees to a Final Four deal with Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha, with Jefra telling Jeremiah that she’ll be holding him to his word this time around.


 Jefra agrees with a Final Four deal with Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Immunity Challenge sees the castaways stand on a narrow beam, balancing a ball on a platform attached to a pole. After ten minutes, the challenge becomes harder with the castaways having to balance on a narrower section of beam and their hand moving further away from the top of the pole. If anyone drops their ball or falls off the beam, they are out of the challenge with the last person left standing winning Immunity.

The first round gets started and within three minutes, Jefra, Trish, Tony and Kass have dropped out. Ten minutes pass and we move onto round two. This round claims only one victim, with Jeremiah losing his ball, leaving Spencer, Tasha and Woo, the only three people to win Immunity left in the challenge.


 The Day Twenty-eight Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Another time lapse brings us to the start of the third round. Woo is first to drop out of desperately trying to hold on, with Spencer the next to go after a big gust of wind forces him to lose focus and drop his leaving, leaving Tasha to claim her second straight Individual Immunity.


Tasha claims back-to-back Immunity wins. (Image Credit: CBS)   

As Tasha is given Immunity and the tribe heads back to camp, Jefra reveals that she doesn’t feel safe with Tony and trusts Jeremiah, Spencer and Tasha more, leading her to want to side with them and have the opportunity to get rid of Tony. Tasha states that the plan is to bring in Jefra in order to vote out Tony. However, the glitch in the plan is that it may tie the votes and force a rock draw. He scurries around, searching iconic locations for it. Eventually he comes across a “spaceship” tree and begins digging. Hidden around the roots, he comes across something and begins digging feverishly. He uncovers and package and reveals the special powers Hidden Immunity Idol, which he can play after the votes have been read by only for himself. He kisses the Idol, telling it, “I love you so much man”, as he hurries off to clean up and rejoin the others.


Tony reads up about his new Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Trish has noticed that something is up with Jefra so she approaches her about it. She admits it both Trish and Kass, that she doesn’t know where she stands in the alliance and she can’t trust Tony. She continues, saying that she’s over the fakeness and lies he’s been telling them. Kass explains that getting rid of an annoying player that everyone wants to take to the end will just screw up you game. Trish says everyone feels the same but if they get rid of Tony tonight it gives the minority three to much power in the game. Trish reassures Jefra that they can beat Tony and Woo but would be up against the odds if they were to go against Jeremiah, Spencer and/or Tasha.


Jefra tells Trish she can’t trust Tony. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Tony joins the group and Trish corners him, explaining they need to know whether or not they can trust him. Tony admits that they can, explaining that the double agent role isn’t working, before swearing on his entire family that his word is truth. Trish confesses that she approached Tony for Jefra’s sake and she hopes she remains loyal. Talk then turns to Tribal, with Kass admitting that she believes Spencer has the Idol. Woo comments that getting rid of Spencer is a “no brainer” but Jeremiah is still a big athletic threat. He continues, saying that the vote is tough because they aren’t one hundred percent sure who has the Idol.


Woo, Kass and Tony discuss the vote. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Jefra approaches Jeremiah and explains to him that despite telling him earlier that she was siding with them, she won’t be voting with them tonight. Jeremiah takes this on the chin, saying that he knew something was up as soon as Jefra went off with her old alliance.


Jefra explains to Jeremiah that she isn’t voting with him. (Image Credit: CBS)   

As the minority three enjoy what appears to be their final afternoon together, Jeremiah decides to tell Spencer and Tasha that he’s a fashion model. Spencer isn’t surprised that Jeremiah thinks this is a big deal, stating he would expect it from the Beauty tribe. Spencer goes onto drop his own bombshell, telling the two that he has the Idol. They discuss the vote, with Spencer explaining that they should vote for Woo at Tribal Council because he is the biggest physical threat. Before Tribal, Spencer confesses that he doesn’t know who he will play the Idol for, or if he will play it at all, but says that if he uses it wrong, he’ll be “kicking myself for the rest of my life”.


Jeremiah: “I’m a fashion model”, Spencer: “I have an Idol”, Tasha: “I’m… actually I don’t have any secrets”. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Spencer begins Tribal by saying that the game “was up for grabs” but it is now clear himself, Jeremiah and Tasha are on the outs. Jeremiah says he spoke to Jefra but she decided to stick with her original alliance. Jefra admits that after LJ was blindsided she wasn’t sure where she stood in the alliance, with Trish chiming in that none of the girls new what was happening. Jefra reveals that after speaking to the other alliance, she believes her best chance in the game is to stick with her alliance of five. Spencer comments that if he had gone back from Tribal not knowing what the plan was, he would have made the assumption that he was on the outside of the alliance or on the bottom. He continues, saying Tony has made promises to everyone, breaks them and will continue to break them. He suggests that now is the time for everyone to take notice who they are playing agonist. Tony asks Spencer to be specific about what promises he has broken, with the pair getting into an argument about it. Tony claims he hasn’t broken any promises, whilst Spencer says he has. Spencer finishes, saying that whoever Tony goes up against in the final, has no chance, because himself, Jeremiah and Tasha will all be voting for Tony because he has been “steering the game”.

Woo says that it doesn’t matter if the minority are rooting for Tony because Tony needed the alliances help to get to the end. Spencer shouts this done, explaining he is rooting for himself, not Tony, but Tony is the only one in the alliance putting himself in a position to win. Trish speaks up, commenting that the alliance called Tony out for his actions and they have moved through them. Tony claims that Survivor is all about making power moves at the right time and at tonight’s vote, making a move is reckless. Woo reveals that despite holding a five-three advantage, the vote is difficult because the alliance isn’t sure if one of the minority have the Idol. Jeremiah says that Spencer is the better option to vote out because he’s a bigger threat, whilst Spencer claims that Jeremiah is the nicest person he’s ever met; therefore making him a huge social threat. Tasha explains that they won’t be voting for Tony this time because he got upset about it last time. Tony shows us his “bag of tricks”, saying that he has it with him again tonight. Spencer question whether Tony will use any of his tricks, before commenting that he’d love to know what’s in Tony’s bag.

The votes are cast as Spencer does a hilarious, ‘surfer dude’ voting confessional when casting his vote. Spencer decides to play his Immunity Idol, with Tony pulling his out of his bag, leaving Spencer to question who he should play his Idol for. He plays it for himself, with Tony claiming that it’s the play of a rookie, saving himself instead of playing the Idol for “Jeremy” – Really Tony? Jeremiah might not have had much of an edit but I’m guessing he did speak on the island. Before the votes are read, Tony explains his Idol was a fake anyway.


 Spencer plays his Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Woo receives the first three votes, with Jeremiah getting the next five from the majority alliance to send him packing. In his final words, he talks up his “great game” and explains that he was glad he was able to to partake in the experience.


Jeremiah… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)   

Next week, the Survivor Auction returns and Spencer tries his best to make Tony paranoid.

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 Ben’s Opinion


Safe to say that was the least exciting episode of the season but we were bound to have one eventually!

The opening scenes though were fantastic with Tony and his #spyshack. He is really like a little kid sometimes which is great viewing, and it would be great to find out just how hard the camera crew have to keep up with him when all of a sudden he goes on a little run session! Everything else was pretty standard, Spencer would no doubt be regretting his choice not to play the idol on Jeremiah but that’s the risks you have to take sometimes. This time it didn’t work for him. But he still is in the game. Tony finding the ‘Tyler Perry Idol’ will make for interesting viewing. I for one think it will make the game take an interesting twist. It really almost guarantees Tony a final four spot, and the edit he is getting is really putting him on course for a final tribal council spot but probably being the runner-up rather than the winner. If the rumours of a final 2 are true, then it will make it even more interesting.

Just on a side note, the challenges after being so good early on this season have taken a downward turn. We’re back to team reward challenges and standing still immunity challenges. YAWN! Tasha has emerged as a challenge goddess though, and interesting stat that she became the first African American contestant to win more than one immunity in one season. Very interesting fact there I feel and one that I think can really help her as the season continues!

Less than a month to go! Bring it on!

Jarryd’s Opinion


This was a pretty stock standard episode. Nothing important really happened, someone unimportant, (in the context of the overall season), and from the minority was eliminated by those who hold majority, there was a possibility of a flip but it wasn’t really going to happen. Basically, it was a filler episode.

I never thought Jefra was going to flip so the whole thing about her going to flip was pointless. Tony finding the special powers Idol just makes this season a tad crap towards the end. Given the amount of air time he’s had, I can’t see Tony losing the game. Kass is your goat and Spencer is your loveable underdog who’s dreams are about to be shattered. I don’t think it’s possible now to see how Jefra, Tasha, Trish or Woo can win the game; they just haven’t featured enough in the edit.

The challenges were pretty crap. Nothing exciting at all came from them. Yes, they were new version but nothing we haven’t seen before. Once again, it seemed very suss that the minority was on a Reward Challenge team with a loose cannon; it just tended to feel like the producers were trying to force some drama. I don’t believe for a second it was deliberately done but you do have to wonder.

Tribal wasn’t worth talking about. Tony struggled to keep his mouth shut and Spencer played the Idol for the wrong person. Either way, if Woo had gone home it was still four against three with anyone from the four who flipped guaranteed a fourth place finish if they flipped.

There were some good moments, Spencer slipping seconds after the guide told him to watch his step, Trish likening the papayas to Morgan’s boobs and Jeremiah’s pick fashion model reveal.

Jimmy’s Opinion


Just when I thought the game was swinging back towards Spencer, Tasha & Jeremiah’s way, it changed, but it seemed too good to be true. I was hoping that Jefra would align with them seeing that she didn’t trust Tony after LJ’s blindside at the last Tribal Council. Tony is not one to be trusted and I am scratching my head as to why no one would make a big move in his alliance. I hate he always brings up that his tight alliance of five are all equal. Surely someone has to be on the bottom of that ‘totem pole’. You can’t have five winners in a game of Survivor. This reminds me of the way Boston Rob played in Survivor: Redemption Island where everyone was just cast under his spell and were too afraid to make a move. So, c’mon guys, the sooner you vote him out the better. He is driving me crazy. ARGH!?

We’ve seen the introduction of the Hidden Immunity Idols and the Medallion of Power (which was a complete failure by the way), now we’ve seen the ‘Special Idol’. I mean, give me a break! Now that Tony has found this ‘Special Idol’, it gives him a complete advantage over the rest of the Solarrion tribe. It will guarantee him a final five spot and he could easily end up at the Final Tribal Council. This annoys me as he is already has complete control of the tribe and running the game his own way. I hope he is not getting the ‘winner’s edit’.

So, I guess the days are finally coming to an end for Spencer or Tasha. I just hope something dramatic happens over the coming weeks.

Ivan’s Opinion


Judging by where last week’s episode left off, (not too much the ‘next time on Survivor segment’, because those have a misleading legacy), I had no idea that the five person alliance stayed in tact. It’s funny how Kass gets so upset when she’s being kept in the loop, (in the events leading up to Sarah’s vote out), but when she was left out of the loop, with Tony and Woo voting out LJ, she was completely cool with it. If I ever play against Kass I will do my best to vote her out at the earliest feasible opportunity. In some odd ways, she is living up to her nickname #ChaosKass. Even thought Tony is someone people love to criticise for some rash decisions, (like the top five shout), despite having a couple of red flags hypothetically stapled to him, he managed to keep his alliance together after that vote. Trish and Kass were not shaken at all, and even Jefra, who was devastated LJ left and it seemed very much like she was done with Tony, she stuck by Tony in the end. That’s fricking ridiculous but he managed to pull that off.

I am very happy Woo didn’t get severely injured, let alone med-evaced after falling from that tree. It seemed like everyone though Woo was going to be evacuated but he’s done surfing and martial arts, he’s probably dealt with worse pain that that before. Now I’m wondering what would’ve happened if Coach continued climbing that tree in Heroes vs. Villains. The Reward was pretty cool and I almost cried when Jefra cried in reaction to seeing her letter because Jefra is so sweet and adorable. Yeah, not sure how my logic makes sense but it’s all good. Weird how conveniently the teams were set up so that either way Spencer, Jeremiah, Tasha and Jefra would have time away from the other contestants, but it went all for naught.

Tasha wins another immunity and I’m sure her fans are hoping she sets a record by winning four more Immunity Challenges, because the way things have gone for her, she’ll need every Immunity she can get. Even though Spencer hasn’t been the “nasty villain” we were expecting him to be so far this season, he reminded us that he’s no angel either by mocking Woo in the vote, (it was funny, but not Fairplay’s Savage vote funny), and then making that comment towards Woo about stealing the clue. I mean you just have to get over that. It’s part of the game and it’s clear Woo isn’t stealing people’s stuff because he’s a kleptomaniac, it was a strategic move.

The biggest bummer of this episode was that the Tyler Perry idol was found. And worst case scenario: It was found by Tony, arguably the most powerful player in the game at the time. At the beginning of the season I was hoping the Idol would fall into the hands of someone who was in trouble, but now finding this Idol could mean a very predictable end game and Tony having too much power. However, the end game in the last two seasons were pretty predictable yet I still enjoyed it, so there’s hope. At least the Idol was just found now, where as Terry and Yul found their Idols sooner. I’m hoping the Tyler Perry Idol ends up on the same ship as the One World and Medallion of Power twists after this season, filed under “never again”.

If the LJ vote couldn’t shatter the majority alliance, hard to think of what can. Unless both Spencer and Tasha earn Immunity, (which requires them to find another Idol, which may or may not be in play), unfortunately it means the end of the line for one of them. And despite me having more in common with Spencer than Tasha and me being a fan of Spencer, I wouldn’t mind seeing Tasha outlast him. Right now Tony could definitely win this game with any combo of Woo/Kass/Trish in the Final Three, but I can’t entirely count out Woo or Trish either, who have been solid as well. Everyone in the final seven has impressed me at least once in this season and has provided some good moments.

Survivor Re-cappers: R.C. Saint-Amour and Artis Silvester 


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our ninth recap features Philippines duo R.C. Saint-Amour and Artis Silvester, as they discuss how they ended up doing a podcast together, their thoughts on the season, why they feel only two people can win, the enjoyment of the new players but the episodes getting slightly predictable, the three tribe format and how that makes things exciting, how they would go on a season together if they were return as well as RC filling us in on what happened with Blood vs Water, Artis talking up his connection with Jefra and everything else in one of our most entertaining ever recaps! R.C. and Artis then answer our final set of 5 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Spencer (RC) Tasha (Artis)
DARK HORSE:  Tony (RC) Tony (Artis)
NEXT TO GO: Tasha (RC) Spencer (Artis)
TRIBE THEY WOULD BE ON: Brains (RC) Brains (Artis) 

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the eleventh episode of Cagayan!


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5 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 10 Recap Featuring R.C. Saint-Amour and Artis Silvester!

  1. jeremiah was due to go home eventually. same thing with jefra now :/ as shes the only beauty left and is a sitting duck.

  2. Tony has been amazing in this game so far. A very deserving winner indeed despite all his drama & craziness which I love hahahah! Spencer would be a decent winner but way overrated. I’d rather see Trish, Kass or Tash winner over him tbh. Too bad Jeremiah is on the jury 😦 another hottie down after LJ ❤ i like that the recent ponderossa doesn't include Morgan's smug face a lot lol

  3. and about the special idol, i just find it fishy how there was no clue. maybe they were gonna give one at the auction? and i know they all knew it was near camp but people like spencer was waiting for a clue. but for future seasons now that people know there will be no clue it can be anyones game to find the special idol and makes it more difficult than finding a normal idol with a clue.

  4. One of the best recaps yet. The banter and analysis was great.
    If Kass were to secretly flip back with Jefra next vote and Tony reveals his superidol couldn’t Spence, Tash, Kass & Jefra flush the idol ? If Tony’s alliance (Kass, Woo, Jefra, Trish and Tony) planned a split vote 3(Spencer), 2(Tash) – with Trish/Tony/Kass expected to vote Spencer and with Woo/Jefra expected to vote for Tash.
    But then in reality, non Spencer & Tash voters would be Kass, Spencer, Jefra & Tash. Which would leave the votes as Spencer (Trish, Tony), Tash (Woo), Tony (Spencer, Tash) – this then leaves Jefra & Kass who could vote for Woo. Then after the super idol play, Spencer, Tony and Woo’s vote would be frozen on a revote leaving Jefra, Tash, Trish and Kass who would vote Tony 3-1.

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