Survivor Cagayan-Episode 11 Recap Featuring Ben Henry!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the eleventh episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Ben Henry from Survivor: Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan, another Idol, another rock draw and another blindside.

The episode starts with the tribe returning from Tribal Council after voting out Jeremiah. Jefra explains her reasons for staying loyal to her original alliance, claiming when she looked at the bigger picture, it was a move that would have hurt her at the end of the game.

Spencer reveals he found the Idol the same day Woo stole his clue. Kass admits to Spencer that she knew he had it because he wasn’t acting as brash as he was when he was on the chopping block previously. Kass confesses that she wasn’t surprised Spencer kept the Idol for himself because male, twenty-one year old collage students are some of the most selfish people around.


Spencer and Kass discuss the Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer says that using his Idol incorrectly puts himself and Tasha in a massive predicament as they are down in numbers two-five. He states that they may have lost the battle, but they haven’t lost the war so they will continue to fight.

The following morning, Tree Mail arrives. Woo tricks everyone as he hides a set of envelopes behind his back. Trish discovers them and everyone learns of the upcoming Auction! Trish can’t wait to get there, proclaiming she can’t wait to eat something instead of rice. Tony is more worried about bidding all his five hundred dollars on an advantage in a challenge, as is Spencer, who admits that he and Tasha have to be aggressive in the Auction because it is their life in the game.


Did someone say food? (Image Credit: CBS)

Auction time! The normal rules are in play; no sharing food or money, twenty dollar bid increments and everyone starts with five hundred dollars.

First up, popcorn, candy and a soda. Kass bids forty dollars, Jefra sixty, followed by Trish who wins the item for eight dollars.

Item two is covered. Jefra bids sixty dollars, Tasha eighty but Jefra wants it so bids again and wins the item at one hundred dollars. It is revealed she purchased bread, salsa, guacamole and a margarita.

Another covered item follows this which Kass claims for only twenty dollars! Jeff offers her the option to trade her item for another covered item. Kass chooses not to and wins herself a steak sandwich and ice tea.

Jeff then starts the bidding on the item Kass passed up. Woo places his first bid, (forty dollars), with Trish outbidding him and claiming the item at sixty dollars. Jeff reveals her item to be a bowl of rice and a glass of water. As Trish returns to her seat, she tells the others to start spending their money.


The best Auction in the world? (Image Credit: CBS)

The fifth item is three massive ribs and a cold beer, which Woo wins for forty dollars as Spencer confesses that the Auction proved to be a buyers dream because lots of food was being purchased for very little money.

Jeff asks why their have been so few bids. Tony admits that he’s hoping to buy an advantage at the next challenge. Spencer and Tasha say that that is on their list of things to buy as well. Jeff decides to get right to the advantage, explaining that more than one person can bid five hundred dollars on the item and if they have multiple maximum bids, the bidders will decide who receives the advantage by drawing rocks. Both Spencer and Tony bid five hundred dollars, but Tasha opts out. Jeff offers the pair a bag containing two rocks, one black, one white. Spencer and Tony take a rock with Jeff explaining whoever gets the black rock gets the advantage. The pair reveals their rocks with Tony drawing black and wining the advantage. With that, the Auction is over and everyone heads back to camp, with Jeff giving Spencer his white rock as a souvenir.


Spencer hasn’t had luck on his side the entire game as he draws the white rock. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Spencer says he believes that it was the Auction with the best deals in the history of the show. Tony explains to Spencer that winning the advantage isn’t all that good because he didn’t get to eat, whilst the others did so it might not be a wise move after all. Spencer claims that he needed the advantage and after missing out on it, he now becomes the “greatest loser at an Auction in Survivor history”.

Kass admits she has no guilt over Tony being the martyr for the alliance and not eating. She says that she has done enough for them and was glad to eat. She then expresses her joy at the look on Spencer when he knows he’s on the chopping block.

Tony begins to get agitated at camp when the girls lay around all afternoon, forcing him to do all the work even though he didn’t get to eat. He decides, that instead of working around camp to go off and read his note he bought at the Auction. Contrary to Tony’s beliefs, the note isn’t an advantage at the next challenge but a clue to another Hidden Immunity Idol. He begins to search for it in the hope that if he finds it, he won’t have to worry about anything.


Tony reads his advantage and is surprised to find it’s a clue to another Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Meanwhile, Tasha talks to the girls in the water. She reveals that her plan is to attempt to get Tony paranoid about a possible all girls alliance in the hope that it will cause him to panic about whether he can trust the girls in his alliance.


Aqua-aerobics anyone? (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony heads back to camp. There, he explains to Spencer that Tasha is playing her own game, trying to work her way in with the girls. Spencer warns Tony that Tasha has been a strong social player from Day One and that he should be worried about an all girls alliance. With little hope left, Spencer puts everything on the line, admitting to Tony that Jefra told him he that she wanted to blindside Tony and that she could easily persuade Trish to vote alongside her.

Spencer confesses that he is attempting to plant seeds in Tony’s mind to try and create paranoia about an all girls alliance. He reveals that making Tony paranoid is gold because he is crazy and trying to play so hard that he isn’t necessarily playing well. He explains that people in power can make mistake and things can go ballistic.


Tony and Spencer discuss Jefra. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony comments that he doesn’t trust Spencer because he is “desperate”. However, he realises that an all girls alliance “could happen” and that it makes sense with the girls holding a four-to-three majority over the men. Tony reveals that the idea carries weight so in order to avoid the situation he will have “to take matters into my own hands like I usually do”.

Day Thirty see’s the women chatting in the water again. Kass confesses that she feels good about the five and it’s nice to be able to relax knowing that whoever wins Immunity, either Spencer or Tasha will be going home. Tony discovers that the crab they caught has died and asks the women what to do with it. They say that it can still be cooked and to get a fire going. This doesn’t please Tony who tells Woo that Jefra should “get your ass up here and cook it”.


Cook your own bloody crab! (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony continues to worry about the possibility of an all female alliance. He decides to take matter into his own hands by searching for the Idol. After a brief period of searching for it, he finds his third Idol for the game. He reveals that he now has a “special one and one to play around with”. He decides to show each member of his alliance the Idol, explaining that it’s for anyone that needs it but also does this in an effort to scare them into voting against him.


The Bachelor or Sole Survivor? (Image Credit: CBS)

This leads us to the Immunity Challenge. This week, the castaways will have to race to dig up a rope and then pull the buried rope above the sand, revealing five bags. Once they have all five bags above ground, they will have to untie them to release five balls. Those five balls will be used to complete a table maze, with the first person to land all five balls in the maze, winning Immunity.

The challenge begins, with the first step digging for the start of the rope in a sectioned off circle. Woo is first to find his rope, followed by Tony, Tasha, Spencer and Jefra. As the others dig up their bags, Kass and Trish continue to dig for their rope. Tony is the first to secure his five bags, with Woo next and Tasha following him. Spencer isn’t far behind as Trish finally finds her rope.


The Solarrion tribe compete in the Day Thirty Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha unties all her bags first and begins working on the maze. Jefra digs up her five bags as does Kass and Trish. Tasha uses her lead effectively, landing two balls into their slots as Tony, Spencer and Woo finally untie their bags and head over to work on the maze.


Woo works the maze. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha just misses her third ball as Tony and Woo land their first balls. Jefra joins in the fun of the maze, Tasha lands ball number three, Woo lands number two and Spencer makes a late charge, landing his first ball. Woo levels things up with Tasha, landing his third ball, but Tasha quickly reclaims her lead, landing her fourth ball. Not to be outdone, Woo lands his fourth ball to set up a heart stopping finale. Both Tasha and Woo race to finish their maze, both get through the maze and it comes down to landing their final ball in the slot. Tasha manages to manoeuvre her ball into its slot, claiming her third consecutive Individual Immunity victory and a guaranteed place in the final six!


Tasha is all smiles as she claims her third consecutive Immunity, but is Probst pissed Spencer didn’t win? (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, Tasha admits winning the challenge means “everything” to her. She reveals that the game changes everyday and she is guaranteed another few days to tried and make something happen. She explains her plan for the afternoon will be to continue working with the girls in order to keep Tony paranoid and hope that by doing this, it opens up doors for Spencer.

Kass and Woo discuss the approaching Tribal Council. They don’t have many concerns about Tribal, with Jefra, Tony and Trish joining them as they confirm that Spencer will be going home. Tony comments that Plan A was to send Tasha home, but because she won, they have to revert to Plan B and send Spencer packing. He admits that his is the “worst case” for him because it will further advance the numbers into the girl’s hands once Spencer has left the game. Therefore, Tony decides that he’s going to “change the game” and “turn on Jefra”.


Trish, Kass, Woo and Jefra confirm that Spencer is going home. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony approaches Woo with the idea to get rid of Jefra. Tony explains why he wants to blindside Jefra, telling Woo that if Spencer goes home their games will be over due to the numbers the girls hold in the men against women ratio. Woo is immediately on board, agreeing to side with Tony against Jefra. Tony confesses that the only flaw in his plan is that he has to keep the information from Kass and Trish which could come back to hurt him later in the game.


Tony tells Woo that Jefra needs to go. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony pulls Spencer aside, informing the latter that he can save himself in the game by working together to send Jefra home. Spencer can’t believe his luck in the game as he agrees with Tony that he will get Tasha on board with the plan.


Spencer listens closely as Tony explains his plan (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer chats with Tasha. He explains that Tony’s plan is to blindside Jefra but in order to do so, they need four votes. Spencer barely has to wait a second before Tasha states, “I’ll vote for Jefra”. Spencer hastens to tell Tony that the plan is coming together. However, he remains wary of the New Jersey cop, so decides that just incase the plan fails, he wants to search for the Idol.


Guess what… this ain’t over yet! (Image Credit: CBS)

Unfortunately for Spencer, this doesn’t sit well with Tony who begins to panic about whether he is making the right move by weighing up the positives and negatives of keeping Jefra or Spencer. As the sun sets and Tribal draws closer, Tony tells Woo that there’s “going to be chaos tonight my friend”.

Spencer begins Tribal by agreeing to Jeff’s assumption that he’s in trouble. Tony explains that the vibe at camp was chaotic because Spencer came to him with information that Jefra wanted to blindside him; Tony then puts his Idol around his neck. Jefra admits that is information is correct but she only suggested it because she was upset that LJ was blindsided. Kass chimes in, saying that Jefra just needed to get over her anger, whilst Tony questions why anyone would advertise a blindside.


Tony shows off his Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony explains that the alliance of five needs to have belief that they can stick together for two more moves. Spencer comments that chaos plays to his advantage because sooner or later someone will be willing to “mix things up”. Kass explains that their could be a mistake made at Tribal because of the high level of paranoia. Jeff notices Jefra agreeing, with the latter stating that people who are on the bottom deliberately stir up trouble to try and make the majority break apart.

Spencer says that if this is the end of the road for him, he’ll go home knowing he played hard and well. However, he also states that windows of opportunity are always opening and closing and tonight a big window of opportunity is open. He explains that if you don’t want to make a big move you’ll finish in fourth or fifth place but tonight’s vote could cost somebody a chance to make a big move, or possibly win the game.

Everyone then casts their vote, with Spencer casting a vote for Jefra – “play the game before you get played”.

Tony decides against playing his Idol as the votes are read. Spencer and Jefra each trade votes, locking things up at two-two. The next vote is for Spencer, but the next one is for a confused Jefra; which sees the votes locked again at three-three. The final vote is revealed and Tony has stayed true to his original plan, voting for Jefra and evening up the number of men and women left in the game.


Jefra… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

In her final words, Jefra assumes that either Tony or Woo flipped and states that she should have “jumped ship” earlier.

Next week, everyone, including Woo, is tired of Tony’s antics and plot to overthrow him.

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 Ben’s Opinion


With so little time left in this season things just keep getting interesting! Another blindside, another move that could come back to haunt someone and we are less than a month away from the end! This is still a close game to call!

It was an interesting move by Tony to take out Jefra. Going on Spencer’s advice, it’s easy to see why you could assume there was an all girls alliance going on. And to be absolutely honest, it was surprising that the girls didn’t try and get something going. I mean it is final seven, one of the big power episodes that you can turn the game on its head and there was no apparent movement. So for Tony to assume that Spencer is telling the truth, it was smart on that part. But it then goes to add another person to the list of growing people that will be angry at Tony for backstabbing them. So it was dumb as well. The strange thing is though, I see Tony still winning this game, despite players like him never winning the game. He is now guaranteed Final Four with his two Idols, and Tony doesn’t seem the type of player to be ‘dumb’ and not play them to get that far. But on the flip side, the Brains still continue to look pretty. We will have at least one Brain in the Final Four which again shows that on a three tribe season the tribe that starts off and ‘sucks’ always gets at least one member to the Final Four. An incredible stat. And I think each one of those Brains can win. Yes, even Kass.

A final six where still the game is so tightly contested and still it could be anyone’s game. When was the last time it was still this open? Nicaragua? Gabon? It’s simply amazing and I’m counting down the days till next week already!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Well I certainly didn’t see that coming before this episode began. This season has offered plenty of blindsides and quality Tribal Council’s, that’s for sure.

Whilst the game seems to be wide open, I honestly can’t see Tony losing. He has played a dominant game the entire season, the only person who comes close to rivalling what he’s done this season is Spencer; but even he is a long way behind.

Tony definitely has a spot in the Final Four – there are only two votes left before this and he has two Idols. He can afford to waste the normal Idol at the next Tribal if it comes down to it because he’ll still have the special Idol to play the following Tribal. Plus, it would be smarter to throw away a normal powered Idol instead of getting blindsided at the next Tribal and having to play the special Idol. I have to say, I don’t understand why nobody else goes looking for the Idols about from Tony and Spencer on a “normal day”. Sure, there was pandemonium when Woo “stole” the clue but we don’t see anybody looking for them on a regular basis. (In saying that, I’m well aware they might just not show this because it doesn’t fit the storyline).

Auctions are becoming far less enjoyable because it’s all about getting advantages in the game. Why not change things up and have a plate of food that includes the advantage but the contestants aren’t informed into up on offer. Image for a minute that along with her steak sandwich and ice tea, Kass was also given a clue to the Idol rolled up in a napkin all for twenty dollars! The possibilities are endless.

The Immunity Challenge was crap. Initially I thought it was going to be good but the digging up of the bags was far to easy. Add some obstacles into the course and instantly the challenge becomes better.

Jefra getting sent home was a big surprise for me because I was certain she’d be there at the end of the game. Given the fact her edit has slowly declined since the Merge it isn’t any real surprise.

With six left, anyone could win this game yet I’m hoping either Tony or Spencer come out on top because they have played the best games of those who remain. Sure, Tasha and Trish have done some nice things but would you really be happy with Woo taking home the chocolates when he’s hardly been involved in any of the action this season? For me, no.

Finally, lock in both Tony and Spencer as two-time players. It’s going to happen people, it’s only a matter of time.

Survivor Re-capper: Ben Henry


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our tenth recap features Nicaragua contestant Ben “Benry” Henry as he discusses what about this season he likes, whether or not he is a Tony fan, the move from Tony to vote out Jefra and why he is crushing on her, referring to contestants as ‘dirt squirrels’ as well as his thoughts on the auction and why he wishes he had one on his season and being a Pokémon fan. Benry then answer our final set of 5 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Spencer

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the twelfth episode of Cagayan!


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5 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 11 Recap Featuring Ben Henry!

  1. Tony is safe until the Final Four but he still is afraid he will get blindsided. I just don’t understand it. If you have Spencer on a silver platter why would you get rid of Jefra? She is a goat! You don’t vote out the goat and save one of the few people who can beat you at the end. Especially when you are currently aligned with that goat and not the other person. He deserves to lose now. Also if he is forced to play two idols straight I doubt he will win. People could respect one idol but two straight weeks where you are forced to save yourself with an idol is just ridiculous.

    • he just paranoid of a possible girls alliance and jefra was the odd woman out. tasha had immunity, he wants to take trish to the final and kass is not a threat leaving jefra as the target.

      • Also, if both Spencer and Tasha are gone by final 4 when Tony becomes vulnerable, he stands a much higher chance of going home. If he can keep one of them around for the final 4 vote it will take the heat off him immensely as Spencer/Tasha would be seen as too big a threat to keep.

  2. Targa deserves some credit also. Spencer planted the seed in Tonys mind, but tasha made sure tony could see her bonding with the girls. Was a great team effort. I really like these two.
    Also, as good as this season is, these idols are getting a little ridiculous. Final 6 is beautifully placed right now, but the idols spoil it somewhat.

  3. benry! first season of survivor i watched because it was in nicaragua where my parents are from. anyways, this is a really good final 6. all of em have a case to win it all. woo is like a poor mans fabio, kass made her big move at the merge and should get jefras vote. trish is likeable. tony has controlled the votes, tasha is a challenge beast and spencer has played a good overall game.

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