Survivor Cagayan-Episode 12 Recap Featuring Rita Verreos!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the twelfth episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Rita Verreos from Survivor: Fiji!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan a struggle for power as one castaway tries to turn the game upside down before another victim is claimed at Tribal Council.

The six remaining castaways arrive back at camp after blindsiding Jefra. Kass admits she is “pissed off” after the events at Tribal Council. Tony asks whether the girls want a explanation, with Trish saying that she doesn’t need one because she understands why Tony did what he did. Kass isn’t so forgiving, stating that she doesn’t like being left in the dark at Tribal Council. Kass labels Tony a “hot head” whenever someone defies his plan, with Tony saying that he had to get rid of Jefra because she was trying to blindside him. Kass comments that both Spencer and Tasha have campaign against him, with Tony explaining that while this is true, they didn’t make promises to him. Kass says that Tony is extremely condescending and is acting like a jerk. Spencer confesses that although his deal with Tony was a one time deal, the dynamic of the tribe has changed and the arguing between Kass and Tony is only going to help him and Tasha. Before calling it a night, Tony apologises to Kass, who wonders in a confessional why she should stick with Tony and play his game when she can play her own game.


Tony and Kass argue about Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

The following morning, Spencer, Tony and Woo discuss Tony’s job around camp. Spencer confesses that Tony is a very good liar and he is constantly lying, making it tough to work with him. Tony comments that he is surprised Kass isn’t up yet. Kass overhears this, yet misinterprets what was said, believing instead that Tony called her “a bitch” that needs to be sent home. Kass confesses that this comment makes her “hate him even more” and that his trash talking is becoming bolder.


Did Tony just say I look fat in green?” (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass confronts Tony, asking about his comments. Tony denies them, truthfully telling Kass that he didn’t say anything bad about her. The pair argue back and fourth, both deciding not to back down on the situation. Eventually the argument dies out, with Tony claiming that Kass is “off her rocker” but he doesn’t care as long as she stays loyal until the end so he can take her to the end and beat her. Kass remarks that Tony has moved himself up in the game with some nice blindsides but it’s now time for his cult members to “kill the leader”.

Later on, Tony, deciding he doesn’t like tension, attempts to go and sort things out with Kass in order to manipulate her thinking. Tony asks Kass whether she was joking and once it becomes apparent to him that she wasn’t, the argument reignites. Kass accuses Tony of imploding in his own web of lies and that he’s reached his breaking point. An infuriated Tony offers little in return, taking Trish’s advance to “let it go” as Tasha comments to the camera that Kass and Tony arguing takes the target off herself.


Spencer and Tasha keep some space between Kass and Tony. (Image Credit: CBS)

Unable to let it go, Tony asks Kass her age, telling her that she isn’t acting forty, but four. Kass explains to Tony that she hopes he learns a few things from her by the time he turns forty in the coming months. This results in Tony telling Kass to vote for him at the next Tribal Council. Kass admits she probably will, telling Tony to play his Idol. Tony tries to tell Kass that he doesn’t need to be told how to play the game and that even if she does vote for him, he won’t be going home because “I’ve got a special Idol”. Kass demands to see it but Tony isn’t forthcoming as he taunts her that she’ll see it when he writes his name down. Kass reveals she doesn’t believe Tony is telling the truth about the special Idol whilst Tony proclaims that it “looks like Spencer and Tasha are moving up another notch”.

With lots of drama at camp, we head to the Reward Challenge.

For the challenge, the castaways will break into two teams of three where they will race to throw sandbags to destroy the other team’s puzzle wall. Once one team has destroyed the other team’s wall, both teams will return to their wall, with one team member attempting to rebuild it. Up for grabs today is a visit to a local elementary school, where the winning team will act as Survivor ambassadors to pass out school supplies before indulging in a feat of hamburgers and hotdogs.

The two teams are as follows:

Orange – Kass, Spencer and Woo

Purple – Tasha, Tony and Trish


The Purple team, (left), ready to battle to out against the Orange team, (right). (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge gets going with both teams starting off slowly. Kass, Spencer and Tony eventually begin to get things moving for their respective teams as the walls begin to collapse. The Orange team is the first to destroy the Purple team’s wall as the tribes switch sides to rebuild their respective walls. Spencer is putting together the puzzle wall for the Purple team, whilst Tasha is on the puzzle for team Orange.


Tasha and Kass take their turns at bringing down the wall. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha gets off to a fantastic start, putting the puzzle together with ease, whilst Spencer struggles to put more than two pieces in the correct place. Kass speaks up, helping Spencer negotiate the puzzle as Tasha begins to slow down, with Spencer closing down her lead. As Tasha flails miserably, Spencer takes the lead and goes onto finish his teams puzzle first to win Reward.


Spencer completes the puzzle wall. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass, Spencer and Woo head out on their Reward. Woo confesses that it was a “phenomenal opportunity” and a truly “humbling experience” to be able to give back to children of the Philippines. Spencer reveals he isn’t a “kid person” and despite initially feeling overwhelmed “by the monsters”, the experience was a positive one. Kass comments that she loved seeing Woo’s personality on the Reward because he’s generally a quiet person. Kass states that whilst the experience took her mind out of the game for a while, it was also the best possible time to talk strategy with the others. Throughout the trio’s confessionals, we see scenes of the things they get up to on the Reward.


Spencer and Woo hand out supplies to students at a elementary school. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once they have left the school, Kass admits that she is “pleased” the three of them got to experience the Reward together. She continues, saying that they need to “flush the Idol”, splitting the votes between Tony and Trish in order to get one of them out.

Kass comments that despite Spencer and her not always seeing eye to eye, they now have a common enemy and it makes sense to work together. Spencer agrees to this in a confessional, saying that it’s his best move to stick with Kass because Tony becomes an even bigger threat if he really does have two Idols. Kass explains that if they can successfully flush the Idol at the next Tribal Council, it will give them the opportunity to make Tony out at the Final Five. Spencer reveals that he’d be happy to go to the Final Three with both of them, which Kass agrees with.


Woo listens as Spencer and Kass explain the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

However, the stumbling block in the plan is Woo. All during the conversation, Woo offers very little input, with Spencer revealing that it’s stressful to work with him because he’s so vague. The pair asks Woo outright whether he’s up to siding against Tony in order to make a big move, with Woo telling them that it’s “something I’d consider”. In a confessional, Woo explains that it is now an individual game so he has to look out for himself. He explains that voting against Tony will be a difficult decision to make, however, if it moves him forward in the game, it’s an option he will consider exploring.

As Kass, Spencer and Woo make their way back to camp, they agree not to discuss what they discussed on Reward with anyone else. After having some thinking time, Woo announces to the other two that “I’m in” on the plan.


Spencer fills in Tasha. (Image Credit: CBS)

After hearing this, Spencer immediately sets to work, informing Tasha of the plan. Tasha accepts the plan but questions whether they can trust Woo. Woo himself appears to be the man of the hour as Tony and Trish discuss what may or may not have happened on the Reward. Tony admits to Trish that he will ask Woo if there was any strategy talk and he will know he’s lying if he denies it. Woo joins the pair and informs Tony that the only strategy talk that went on was Spencer throwing Tasha under the bus, wanting to get rid of her. Tony questions this, telling Woo “that doesn’t sound right” as Woo continues to spruce his lie. Unfortunately for Woo, Tony seems to have seen through it, as he reveals that Woo might have gone from “dependable ally” to someone who wants to make a power move.


“Dude, nothing happened at the Reward, I just played ball with some kids”.  (Image Credit: CBS)

The second challenge for the episode to the return of an old favourite. All castaways will race out, count a series of six different items, race back to their station and plug the numbers into a combination lock. When all six numbers are correct, the combo lock will open, allowing them to remove a club to smash a tile. Jeff reminds everyone that Tasha is one Immunity win away from equaling Kelly Wiglesworth, (Survivor: Borneo), record of four consecutive Immunity wins.

The challenge begins with everyone racing out to the counting stations. Unlike previous season, this time the stations are lined up in a row, instead of at different stations. On the list of things to count today are bamboo, buoys, crabs, fish traps, masks and rocks.


Counting objects in the Day Thirty-three Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Everyone displays different strategies of how many different objects to count whilst out on the course. Tony, Spencer and Tasha are the first three to try their locks, but to no avail. Woo and Trish then try their locks, but they to are wrong, before everyone tries their locks for a second time, (expect for Kass who tries hers for a first), but nobody comes up trumps.


Trish tries her luck in the Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

As a few time lapses occur, everyone becomes extremely frustrated. At the twenty-fire minute mark of the challenge, (where a few people look like they need an ambulance, instead of a Whambulence), everyone tries their locks again with no success. After changing some numbers around, Spencer tries his lock and his club finally comes free, leaving him to smash his tile and claim Immunity. Jeff hands over the necklace and rubs salt into Tasha’s wounds, telling her that she was so close to the correct combination on multiple occasions.


Spencer claims Immunity for the second time. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Tasha admits she was shattered not to win another challenge but will still continue to wreak havoc. Spencer, Tasha and Woo meet up, deciding that the boys, (Spencer and Woo), will vote for Tony and the girls, (Kass and Tasha), will vote for Trish. Spencer says that they “can’t lose”, whilst Woo predicts Tony will “freak out” when he realises what’s going on. Tasha confesses that in order to keep the plan on the down low, she’ll act as if she is going home.


Boys vote Tony, girls vote Trish. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Tasha questions Tony as to whether she’ll be the one walking. Tony says it may be her but “you never know”. With this news, Tasha heads off her the pond, leaving Tony questioning why Tasha, (who never concedes defeat), isn’t scrambling when her life is on the line. Tony states that if he needs to, he’ll play his Idol to avoid getting sent home, with Spencer asking whether that will be the special Idol. Tony doesn’t answer, instead telling the viewers that if his bluff is read and he doesn’t play his regular Idol, he’ll play his special Idol after the votes have been read.


 Tony explains his predicament to Tasha. (Image Credit: CBS)

As the afternoon wears on, Kass begins to have second thoughts on whether sending Tony home as she talks with Tasha about Tony being “our version of Russell Hantz”.


Keep an eye on your socks because Tony’s our Russell Hantz. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass questions whether keeping Tony will be more beneficial for her end game because he may go down the same path as Russell did. She approaches Woo and the pair discusses their options just moments before leaving for Tribal Council.


What do we do? Plan A or Plan B? (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal begins with Tasha admitting that she could be going home but everyone should remember that Tony is a big threat. Tony reveals that Tasha not being worried, worried him and therefore he has his bag of tricks again. Tasha claims that Tony is the bigger strategic threat because he has been responsible for eliminating many of the Jury members.

Kass labels Tony “disingenuous” and explains that everyone is paranoid as the finals draw closer. Jeff questions whether the tribe will try and flush out an Idol if Tony does have two, with Kass explaining that they will try to. Tony points out that it would be a silly move because it could hand the others an Idol if it is re-hidden. Kass states that it would be a good plan because Tony wouldn’t have as much power in the game.

Spencer says that despite Tony blindsiding members of his alliance at Tribal Council, they keep going back to vote with him. Spencer questions when this will change and what really is inside Tony’s bag of tricks. Woo comments that this Tribal Council will go down how everyone agreed, with Tony claiming that will result in Tasha going home. Kass says that it’s all very well to fantasize about the finals but you have to get to the finals before working out how it may play out.

The votes are then cast and Tony decides not to play his regular Idol.

The first three votes are split one a piece between Tasha, Tony and Trish. With tensions high, Jeff reveals another two votes which are both for Tasha, thus eliminating her from the game.


Tasha…. the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

In her final words, she admits she is extremely proud of her efforts in the game and reveals she was voted out because she was strong in challenges.

Next week, #ChoasKass returns, but has she met her match up against Terrible Trish?

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 Ben’s Opinion


I am absolutely bemused that we have only two episodes left of this season. It has literally flown by and I’m also putting that down to just how damn enjoyable season twenty-eight has been. I recently did my rankings in preparation for the Ozcars and I’ve firmly put Cagayan in my top ten. It to me is THAT good. And once again we get another episode that throws a curve ball and takes out a heavy hitter.

Terribly sad to see Tasha bite the bullet. I had her penned for the win from a few weeks back but once again my predictions go completely bonkers. Jarryd on the other hand, well I’m sure he’ll be gloating about his picks below so I won’t give him too much credit! Tasha played an amazing all around game and she came so close to equaling that all time female Immunity win record. But she can hold her head up high knowing that she gave it her all and fought to the end. Having said that, I do believe it was her mistake that cost her, given she lead on to Tony that she ultimately was a bit too confident about staying around. Had she not given him that inkling, I feel that she could very well still be in the game. But I know how much you all love the ‘what if’ scenarios, so I better steer clear of those.

Kass, wow. She certainly made a mountain out of a molehill this week with the supposed ‘bitch comment’ didn’t she? That was cringe worthy to watch, and I had to feel for Tony there. On the flipside though, it could be seen as clever ‘strategy’ by her to turn people against him, but I don’t think it really worked. Tony continued to show some real smarts this episode and again I think he is getting severely underrated by his haters who think he is all show and no game. I think the only thing that can stop him from winning is a bitter jury, and we’ve seen that in the past have we not?

One more week till the penultimate episode, and in two weeks we will be talking about the entire season after it’s over! Incredible! Bring on next week!

Jarryd’s Opinion


I told you so! I had my head bitten off last week for suggesting Tasha was next to go and wasn’t playing a great game and look at what happens! I’m so happy she’s gone because she’s been so overrated!

Kass, I’d rather watch Sophie return to play the game again than put up with you, please, please, please, get your sanity tested because you have absolutely no idea how to play Survivor. You’re a completely train wreck who needs a decent reality check.

The Reward Challenge was innovative but boring. Whilst I don’t mind the old ‘go to a local town’ thing, it was pretty dull this time around.

I’m glad that the plan to blindside Tony or Trish failed because if Spencer made the Final Three alongside Kass, Tasha or Woo, he wins in a landslide for me. At least this still keeps the game interesting because Spencer is still around, Trish is in with a shot, (though it won’t happen), and Tony will either sink or thrive.

I love that Immunity Challenge but these guys made a complete train wreck of it! How does that take thirty minutes! Seriously guys, turn it up!

Once again, thank god Tasha is gone. I’m hoping Kass follows her out the door next week – watch out if Kass is on the Jury and Tony makes the Final Tribal Council, Kass will chuck another hissy fit.

With fix to go, I still think Tony has this game in the bag with Spencer coming up short either next week or as the final Jury member.

Jimmy’s Opinion


No, no, no! Just when I thought that Tasha and Spencer would magically sneak into the Final Three, Tasha gets voted out. Looks like Spencer might be the next to go and I will be very disappointed if he gets voted out. But with the tension between Tony and Kass building and building with each passing episode, Spencer may be safe from the vote for next week. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him.

I absolutely loved this week’s Reward Challenge where the winners, (Woo, Spencer & Kass), handed out gifts to a group of children at a local school. It’s great to see that Survivor is giving back to the local community in a positive way. I was completely surprised with Woo. We haven’t heard much of him this season, except for the occasional confessional, but he let his personality come out this episode. It was great seeing him doing back flips and a martial arts demonstration. I think I will have to give the nickname of ‘Ninja Turtle’ because of his ‘Hawaiian/Surfer Dude’ accent and martial arts skills.

While at the Reward, Spencer, Kass and a hesitant Woo, all agreed upon a big move to get rid of Tony. This was the big move I was hoping for. Time for ‘The King’ to be dethroned. But it was not to be. Kass had second thoughts just before leaving for Tribal Council. She realises that Tony is a ‘Jersey-style Russell Hantz’ and if she takes him to the end, he won’t receive any votes from the Jury. So, she quickly pulls Woo aside and suggest to him to vote out Tasha. What are you doing, Kass? Just when I thought that Kass and Spencer were finally getting along, she betrays him yet again. ARGH?!

I think that Kass has no shot at winning the game. She has made some decisions which have left me still scratching my head. She has basically given up a guaranteed Final Tribal Council spot when the two tribes merged. And now it looks like Tony, (who is running show), could make it all the way to the Final Tribal Council and win. But stranger things have happened. This could well be one of the all-time most-bitter Juries in Survivor history.

Spencer is now all alone and with no one to turn to. But you never know what could happen in the game of Survivor. I am just hoping that Tony does choose to get rid of another member of his alliance next week.

Clifton’s Opinion


Really interesting episode! Kass was a steaming ball of irony, per usual. We could probably do a Top Ten of just ironic things that she’s said this season. I also find it interesting that, (while Tony’s Jury options seem to be getting worse and worse), the editors made a point of having Spencer say that he liked Tony. Then there’s the Russell comparison… could it be that this season the editors will drive home that people who play good strategic games but are aggressive and don’t manage the Jury well can’t win, thus killing off these types of characters in the future of the show? Where is the line between Richard Hatch and Russell Hantz.?Trust me, I know its a wide discrepancy, but Richard wasn’t exactly beloved and he still got the votes. So what’s the inflection point? Can Tony actually win this thing, somehow? I guess if we knew the game wouldn’t be interesting. Can’t wait to see where these last two weeks take us!

Ivan’s Opinion


It felt weird that they spent more time talking about a split vote including Trish than Trish actually talking this episode,and the fact that either Tasha or Spencer was voted out this episode made it a bit less exciting, but given the ultimate result of the episode, I still found it interesting and at least we had a bit of an understanding as to why Kass made the decision she made. She went from hating Tony and wanting him out to realizing that if Tasha thinks Tony is a “Jersey Russell Hantz”, it’s possible the rest of the Jury does too and Tony might be unlikely to receive Jury votes at the end. I’m not sure about Tony. Thirty-three days into the game Tony is still possibly going to Tribal Council as either a Redemption Island Boston Rob, someone who played a hard, cutthroat game that the Jury admires, or a Russell Hantz, someone who also played a hard, cutthroat game that the Jury despises. Interestingly I believe Kass now stands a possible chance of winning the game if she goes against Tony and Woo and Tony goes into the Russell scenario. I feel this episode really hurt Woo’s chances of winning because he’s becoming a Monica Culpepper. The audience can tell Woo is playing the game and he’s a very nice guy, (him at the Reward was very awesome!), but the Jury could be frustrated with him for not making big moves. The biggest moves Woo made in voting off LJ and Jefra is something Tony can easily swallow up the credit for and at this point going to the end without Tony may not be able to remedy the situation for Woo. Woo is playing a Fabio game but Fabio didn’t go to the end with someone who constantly gave him strategic ideas. That would’ve been the case if he went to the end with Marty. As a Fabio fan I think he deserved his win and is a great winner, and if Woo wins this game I have no complaints, but Woo’s path to a win at this point is very murky.

Once again I’m surprised how Tony can talk and talk and talk and still be in this game. A lot of the stuff Tony has said would get most players voted out, even if they mentioned they had a Hidden Immunity Idol as a threat. So Tony deserves some credit for that. I sincerely hope Day Thirty-six is the last day to play any sort of Idol because it would be great to see Tony on Day Thirty-seven or thirty-eight without any Idols to see how he plays this game, because those Idols have given him enough liberty to be himself and play however he wanted. There seems to be some kind of rivalry between Spencer fans and Tasha fans, and I admit if I had to pick I’d be ‘Team Spencer’ because I have more in common with him, (I like chess, I’m a college student, huge Survivor fan, not that Tasha isn’t a huge Survivor fan herself), and I’m happy Spencer won but Tasha would’ve put herself in Immunity Challenge history tying Kelly Wiglesworth record of four straight wins for a female contestant, (so nice of Jeff to mention a past female contestant, let alone one going back to the original season, so I hope all the Jeff haters who believe he’s a sexist give him a break this week), and also tie her with Kelly, Jenna Morasca, and Kim Spradlin for most wins in a single season for female contestants, but regardless Tasha will still go down as one of this season’s strongest and possible best contestants. I believe I mentioned this to someone somewhere before but after last week’s episode I believed the only person in the final six who could win at Final Tribal Council regardless of who they sat next to was Tasha because of her strength in challenges, her personality, and having made less enemies than anyone else. So even though Tasha fans would’ve loved for Woo and Kass to do the split vote, at the same time you also have to understand it was smart to get rid of her. Who would’ve thought that Spencer would be the last one left out of the minority alliance? He’s definitely at the point of the game where he can make an Immunity run, but Spencer has made a difference in the game without relying just on Immunity. This final five is a very interesting bunch and still no clear winner. Four of the previous six seasons had clear winners at the final five so I’m looking forward to the remainder of the game even more so.

Survivor Re-capper: Rita Verreos


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our tenth recap features Fiji contestant Rita Verreos as she discusses why Ben needs to practice his Spanish, her enjoyment of this season, why she feels Tony is playing so well and what she feels is the only thing that can stop him from winning, Kass and her delusions around camp, the notion of a  ‘bitter jury’ as well as comparing contestants to people on her season, talking about THAT vote for Earl that cost him a ‘perfect game’ and bringing in a special guest for some unique impersonations! Rita then answer our final set of 5 questions as follows:

DARK HORSE: Spencer 

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the thirteenth episode of Cagayan!


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10 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 12 Recap Featuring Rita Verreos!

  1. It is interesting because I believe the only people who can win based on edits right now are Kass, Spencer or Tony. The other two are really just too invisible in this game. Also there is the fact that they have done absolutely zero this entire game. In fact I think that if Kass plays it right the next couple of days and in Final Tribal Council she could beat not only Woo but Trish as well. I know most of you probably think that is crazy but really though. She has played more game than either of them, has had more solid strategy than them the entire game (ie. Not flipping this week, last week or any other week just so that she would worsen her position in the game and be with Fan Favorites) and although her social game has not been good she could argue that it was on purpose or that it was part of her strategy.

    Also since someone is again saying that Kass had a guaranteed final three with her original alliance I would again like to reference that in boot interviews that Sarah said the real alliance was her, Spencer and Jeremiah and that they were planning on booting Kass well before the finale.

    • yea i like trish but she has not had a good edit in a while. woo has a fabioish edit, no?

      • Yes he does have the good guy edit but he is just too invisible. I mean he was supposedly one of the wing votes with Kass but he had like 3 confessionals this episode. Kass had a ton more not only in the episode as a whole but just about that plan. Also if you look at Kass and Spencer talking to him during the reward challenge an how little he responds I find it hard to believe that he would have an amazing FTC.

  2. kass was in the right in voting out tasha. she finally lost immunity and it was their chance to take her out before its too late. even though i eyerolled at tony saying “share the wealth [immunity] he has a point. if you set yourself up as this challenge beast so early you’re gonna be picked off the second you lose it. next week should be trish, kass or spencer. i dont even care who wins now as long as its a deserving one

  3. Just so people know, those tweets from Tony insulting Stephen Fishbach aren’t legit. His twitter account was hacked by friends.

    • Thanks Jake, we actually discovered this ‘live’ as Tony tweeted about it during our Oztopsy, so we mention that during that episode! But thanks for passing on the information regardless 🙂

      • Yeah, I watched the Oztopsy straight after I commented 🙂
        Keep up the good work guys

  4. Super stoked for the finale! Tony winning this season would make me so happy. Most hardworking player indeed despite his paranoia. At least he doesn’t feel safe even with idols! He’s that crazy good! Best player ever if he won! *xfingers* btw those are fraud tweets by Tony’s friends! Delete it! To the haters of Tony, die with hate 😉

  5. So sad to see Tasha go 😦 ❤ I would include her to my dream team in another all-stars + bout 8 more from this season.

    Damn, how I love to root for Spencer more & more haha & he's so cute n sexy ❤ like Tasha he's also a huge threat if he goes in the final tribal council. I wont be shocked if him or Woo will leave next.

    Woo is such a sweetheart but I would like him just at least runner-up only 😦 I want a superb player winning this awesome season. Yeah.

    Kass may be annoying others but not me 😛 I find her funny & I love to watch her crazy moods & all. I would be very shocked if the jury is damn bitter & let her win just to spite Tony!

    Trish would be a worthy winner imo but her recent edits are few. Her bond with Tony is astounding. I still remember how they stick together early in the game both at the bottom of their tribe & now they have been always the top dogs! Definitely a power duo. I still hope an all-stars season of power couples e.g. like rob/amber, stephen/jt, chelsea/kim.

    Tony proves me wrong based on his pregame interview after watching him so far. Very impressed on how he handle his castmates regardless of what he done. Especially with all his successful idol hunts & his spyshacks hahahaha! Player of the season! Without him its gonna be boring! Admit it! 😉

    TIP TO WIN: Tony

  6. “please, please, please, get your sanity tested”

    ^ Are you talking to yourself?

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