Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 11


For the 28th season of Cagayan we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Jarryd rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! This season we also welcome two special guest POWER RANKERS with Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Islands and Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn from Nicaragua joining in the fun and help rank the contestants! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 12 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Jarryd, Billy & Kelly will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into three tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two should there be a tribe dissolve).


1st – Tony


OVERALL: 1st (+1)

BILLY: “Tony’s spot in the FTC is all but locked in if it’s a final three. If it’s a final two then there might be some obstacles still left for him to overcome. But either way, Tony is the clear cut number one player right now. After taking out the physical threat in Tasha by keeping Kass and Woo in with him and Trish in spite of being blindsided for the umpteenth time, and by keeping his HII and his Super Power HII, Tony can now protect himself and someone else next round and use that as leverage to dictate the vote next elimination. The silver tongued devil isn’t gonna need a lie next episode. All thanks to the manoeuvring he did last episode.”

KELLY: “Okay – I’m giving some credit to Tony here. He has made it this far – without managing to totally make enemies nor get voted out – & shall I mention his POWER IDOL?! This is amazing. Although I’m thinking Spencer and Kass won’t let him get much further, I would LOVE to see him in the final 3. OUTWIT.”

BEN: “The game is now officially Tony’s to lose, and he will only lose it if there is a bitter jury. By far has played the best game out of those who remain, and this week there were numerous moments showing how strategic and smart he is that I feel not many people are giving him credit for. He has enemies already on the jury and he will have enemies join them once he takes a few more out, but at this point he is guaranteed final 4 and will be guaranteed final 3 if his other idol is valid after the final 4 and he uses it and doesn’t waste it. Hoping to see him win to finally show once and for all that someone can play like Tony and still come out as the winner. Fingers crossed.”

JARRYD: “Needs to be careful he doesn’t cause to much angst amongst the Jury and his fellow tribe members but given the game he’s played he deserves the victory. A non-event episode for him next week as he has no chance of going home, bring on the Final Four.”

2nd – Trish


OVERALL: 2nd (+3)

BILLY: “It’s a real shame that the people on the jury won’t know how well Trish has played until after the votes are cast. She has played a game that would have won on a lot of other seasons. But Tony being the eye of the storm is the story of this season so where does that leave Trish? I’m afraid Trish is gonna get Fishbach’ed by the jury. Probst loves to say that there is no justice in this game. I think Trish fans will agree when it’s all said and done.”

KELLY: “I really believe – especially given the peak we have into the next episode – that Trish will be next. The glimpse we have into an apparent argument between Kass, Trish, & Tony will definitely make for an interesting episode. & for the first time ever I’m going to say – I hope Tony makes it out of this one.”

BEN: “Trish at this stage looks all but certain to end up at the final 2/3 with Tony but will she get the votes? Her edit has made her invisible the last few weeks and added to her gameplay before that, I don’t see it happening. If there is a final 2 instead of a final 3, Trish might be in danger as she could be seen as an under the radar player with limited enemies who nobody would want to go up against just in case she did get the votes. But if it’s a final 3 I think she is a lock to make it to FTC, but get zero or very few votes.”

JARRYD: “Similar to Kass, going to the end because she won’t pull Jury votes. Has a chance to sneak into second like Monica did last season but won’t claim the top prize. Played a steady game but has been in Tony’s shadow and won’t get the some of the accolades she deserves.”

3rd – Woo


OVERALL: 3rd (+3)

BILLY: “Here we go again. Woo knows he has to make a big move to build a winning resume and he decides to make that big move but then he turns back at the last minute and doesn’t do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it wouldn’t have worked because of the Super Powered HII but Sandra tried a lot of failed moves in HvV and still won in a similar situation. But Woo is such a nice guy, I’m sure most fans figured it would cost him long term. It has. So that’s that. On a side note, it was still great to see him play with the kids. It was an awesome Survivor moment. Woo was the right guy to win that reward and represent Survivor’s charitable side. Though I hope those children don’t think all Americans smell that bad. Ha.”

KELLY: “Woo, what else do I say? He has made it this far – isn’t an apparent threat but he has not made a single enemy! How are they letting him slip through the cracks here! I think Woo is a genuinely good person & that what keeps me wanting him in the final 3. You have Woo – who seems to be playing with integrity – Spencer who is fighting to the end – & Tony who has managed to strategically kick ass – what better final three could we ask for ! OUTLAST.”

BEN: “Oh Woo, bless your little heart. You are one entertaining character who I feel everyone on this planet loves. However when it comes to playing the game, you’re not exactly up there with the best (to put it nicely). Woo’s only hope is to make it to the end and have such a bitter jury against whoever he is there with that he is pretty much the only good option to win. His edit though seems likely this won’t happen, although a slim chance is better than none.”

JARRYD: “Hasn’t been seriously playing since the beginning and getting a similar edit to Eddie in Caramoan. Genuine nice guy who would probably win the game in a likability contest.”

4th – Spencer


OVERALL: 4th (-3)

BILLY: “Once more our favourite chess player is at the bottom AGAIN. There just isn’t any middle ground with this guy. He plays Survivor like he’s Evel Knievel. Either he makes a death defying move or he crashes and burns. Well, if Spencer doesn’t win Immunity next episode, he crashes and burns for good. I was always a fan of Evel Knievel so I hope Spencer survives to make another dare devil move in the game.”

KELLY: “He won immunity during the challenge! Seriously – is this not another Fabio situation similar to in season 21. Fighting his way to the top by winning immunity when everyone wants him gone. Even if he doesn’t win the million – he is forever one of my favourite survivor players of ALL time. OUTPLAY.”

BEN: “Spencer once again rides that unlucky wave back to the bottom where things looked to be going well for him, but immediately are taken away from him like candy from a baby. Having said that, I still think he is in a much better position right now than Woo and Kass, and I feel added to his underrated strategic game as well as his challenge ability, he should make it to the finale no problem. I do also see him perhaps being an infamous ‘so close yet so far’ finisher, by either finishing in 3rd or 4th depending on whether it’s a final 2 or 3. Every player left in this game surely has to be smart enough to realise that if Spencer gets to the end, he wins. And I feel that is what is stopping Spencer from winning this season.”

JARRYD: “Massive threat in the game that everyone will want sent home because if he makes the Final Tribal Council he wins in a landslide vote. Been up against it all season long but wouldn’t put it past him to give the game one last shake, win Immunity and then finally get cut at the Final Four.”

5th – Kass


OVERALL: 5th (-1)

BILLY: “Kass thought she heard one thing when Tony actually said another thing. Yeah, that’s NEVER happened to me before. It’s hard to hear what people say over the sound of your own stomach grumbling sometimes. And it’s not like we have q-tips to clean our ears with out there. Anywho, Kass was classy and apologized on twitter. Can Kass manoeuvre her way to that FTC? She’s the best option for Tony to sit next to in my opinion. I don’t think it would take a lot of convincing on her part. On that note, can she win sitting next to Tony? Now that will take a lot of convincing.”

KELLY: “Kass is playing a little dirty – she’s either going to get by with it by winning immunity & vote Trish out – or she will be next. Given the preview, I cant see her being next. That would be too easy of a prediction.”

BEN: “Flipper the Dolphin is back! Forget #chaoskass, I think that #flipperkass is a much more appropriate name! Don’t get me wrong, I love Kass and think she is extremely entertaining and complex as a Survivor player and honestly I could see her coming back as a villain or some form or returning player down the line. But she by far has the slimmest chance of winning this game at this point. Having said that, I don’t think it’s impossible for her to win. If the cards fell her way, it was a final 2 and she ended up against Tony with a bitter jury, she could be a millionaire. And she even could beat Woo if people feel he did nothing the entire game. But so many things would have to fall into her lap and happen for that to work, which looks unlikely.”

JARRYD: “Will be going to the Final Tribal Council because she’ll be an easy beat. So delusion the way she believes she is playing the game, right up there with Alicia from One World.”

Our final Power Rankings will be up after the 13th episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!





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6 Comments on Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings with Billy Garcia & Kelly Shinn – Week 11

  1. i know the odds are not in spencers favor but my rankings are based on most likely to win if they make the finals regardless who their with.
    1. spencer
    2. tony
    3. trish
    4. woo
    5. kass
    my prediction btw is woo and kass in a final 2. kass gets maybe 2 or 3 votes with woo winning like fabio.


    Really hope this came true ❤
    Best season ever!

  3. I think Billy has hit the nail on the head this week.
    seems like the correct ranking to me.

  4. Out of everyone left, I would only like to see Tony, Spencer or Kass win. All 3 have been prepared to play hard and do whatever it takes. Woo has just coasted and followed Tony, while Trish has been quite happy to rest on her laurels since Sarah was voted out. This season has been good in that it has punished people who haven’t played hard and gotten too comfortable, (ie, Garrett, LJ and Jeffra).

  5. Kass has too many jury enemies to win, Tony is playing too hard, but he only has LJ and Jefra to hate him in the Jury. Spencer’s going to be taken out soon, Trish hasn’t done anything, and Woo is too likable. I guess nobody wins!

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