Survivor Cagayan-Episode 13 Recap Featuring Katie Collins and Tina Wesson!


Survivor: Cagayan continues this week with the penultimate episode of the season! After an entertaining  episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to two real experts in our good friends Katie Collins from Survivor: Blood vs. Water and her mother, Tina Wesson, of Survivor: Australian Outback, All-Stars and Blood vs. Water!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Cagayan, mud baths and pizza, arguments, broken promises and another castaway joins the Jury after yet another intense Tribal Council.

The Final Five return to camp minus Tasha. Spencer is confused about the nights events, seeking clarification from Kass and Woo about why they made him believe they were going ahead with his plan to vote out Tony. Woo explains he already has a Final Three alliance, whilst Kass states that lying is part of the game. Kass confesses that she realised that because Tony has been a “jerk to everyone”, she wants to take Tony to the end instead of voting him out because he’s burned a lot of bridges and nobody wants to see him win. Tony explains to Spencer that the others didn’t vote with him because they aren’t loyal to him and that’s the strength of loyalty. Spencer admits that he is stuck in a game where Tony is playing everyone and the others can’t think for themselves. However, he remarks that this gives him hope because they others have no idea how to play the game.


Spencer and Tony discuss loyalty. (Image Credit: CBS)

The next morning, Tony and Woo go out together on the boat. Both discuss claiming victory over Spencer at the next Immunity Challenge before Tony brings up the possibility of them taking Kass along with them to the Final Three because she won’t get any votes.

Woo confesses that he considering voting out Tony the night before but the thought of going to the Final Three with Tony, who he began the game with, is a “lovely thing”. Therefore, Woo decides he needs Tony to know he is loyal so explains what happened at the last Reward where Kass and Spencer plotted to blindside Tony. Woo explains that Kass was onside to blindside him and the duo attempted to make a Final Three deal with him. Tony confesses that Woo informing him of this, proves his loyalty. Tony then admits it “tears him apart” that he will have to blindside Woo because he is a threat to gain a lot of Jury votes.


Tony and Woo agree to go to the Final Three together. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Reward Challenge is an old classic used across the various seasons but debuted in Borneo. For the challenge, the castaways will have ten minutes to race out to a mud pit, cover themselves in mud, return to their bucket and deposit as much mud in the bucket as possible. The winner will be the castaway with the heaviest bucket. Up for grabs, is a pizza lunch delivery at camp.

The challenge gets underway with everyone covering themselves in mud, attempting to discover ways to transport mud on their bodies without carrying it.


Mud wrestling anyone? (Image Credit: CBS)

By the end of the challenge, everyone is covered from head to toe in mud; however, there is a clear winner. Tony’s bucket is overflowing with mud and nobody else’s bucket is even close. Everyone agrees that there is no point weighing the buckets as Jeff declares Tony the winner. As always, there’s room for one more on the Reward, with Tony selecting the anorexic Trish to join him for lunch.


You could say Tony’s a pig in mud. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Kass comments that she was glad Tony won the challenge and selected Trish to accompany him because it shows to everyone that are “locked together” and “connected at the hip”. Spencer admits the Reward Challenge was like a metaphor to the game; Tony won, selected his right-hand man, (Trish), to join him on Reward as the others hand the game to him on a silver platter.

The pizza arrives via helicopter as Tony snuffs it into his mouth like no tomorrow. Trish tells him that with five days left, they have to beat Spencer at the next challenge. Tony says he doesn’t have to which leads to him telling Trish that he has both a regular Idol and the special Idol. Tony lies, explaining that he can use his regular Idol up until the Final Five and the special Idol until the Final Four, in the hope that if everyone believes his bluff, he is guaranteed a place in the Final Three.


First date. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony and Trish talk about whether it will be easier to beat Kass or Woo. They agree that Kass is the better option to take to the end because she is less likely to get enough Jury vote, therefore, Tony makes it his number one priority to solidify an alliance with Kass.

On Day Thirty-six, Tony drags Kass aside and informs her that Woo told him about her plan to blindside him. He explains that he is okay with that and still wants to go to the end with her and Trish. Tony attempts to make Kass feel comfortable, swearing on his wife and child that they will be seating next to each other in the Final Three. Kass declares that Woo is “stupid” for telling Tony about the plan, but Tony himself is also stupid for telling her about it. She continues, saying that if she does sit next to Tony at the end of the game her goal will be to show the Jury that he’s a “bully” so he doesn’t get any Jury votes.


Tony makes a Final Three deal with Kass. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass decides that she wants to verify the information Tony just told her, so she approaches Woo and asks him whether he blabbed to Tony about their plan. Woo denies this, but Tony soon shows up and explains to both Kass and Woo that they did have a conversation. Tony becomes frustrated with Kass sneaking around and confronting everyone, proclaiming that because she told someone information he confided in her, she has “sealed her fate”.


Kass and Tony argue about just how many Final Three alliances he has made. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass confesses that Tony has screwed his own game by yelling about plans and informs Woo that Tony swore on his family when making a Final Three deal with her. Tony proclaims that he wants “nothing to do with you” to Kass, in reacting to her revealing his secrets.

Tony confesses that on paper, Kass is strategically the best person to take to the end, but at the same time, taking her to the end is an insult to the game and therefore, “she’s done”. Kass explains that she revealed Tony’s plans as a strategic decision to show everyone that she doesn’t trust Tony and nor should they.

Later in the day, Kass, Spencer and Woo and sitting in the shelter. Kass explains that she’s over the “Tony thing”, telling Woo that he, (Tony), needed to know he was “playing both sides”. Kass reveals her best strategy now, is to go with Spencer and Woo to the end. Kass asks Woo whether Tony swore on his family when making a Final Three deal with him. Woo states that Tony didn’t do this, which leads him to wonder why Tony would want to take him to the end when he doesn’t have a bad reputation with the Jury. Kass reveals to the others that Tony is planning to keep her because he doesn’t believe she can win.


Woo, Spencer and Kass discuss the bond between Tony and Trish. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo confesses that his trust in Tony is declining as the game goes on because of the things he’s hearing. Spencer remarks to the pair that if he is the next to go, then Tony and Trish will have the power to decide who they take to the Final Three. Kass comments that Tony will take Trish to the Final Three because she is his “goat option”. Trish, who is lingering mere meters away, overhears this, states that she finds it “exhausting to be nice to Kass” and she’ll regret the comment.

Spencer discusses the importance of the upcoming Immunity Challenge, admitting he will “fight my ass off for it”. He also reveals that whilst he needs Immunity, some cracks in the alliance are developing and therefore it might not be his last hope.

The Immunity Challenge is another implementation of those seen in seasons past. Firstly everyone will race to unbraid two ropes, which will release a key. The key unlocks a chest containing ladder rungs. They will use the pieces to build a ladder then climb to the next level. There, they will have to use planks to build a staircase. Finally, at the top of the staircase, they will have to solve a slide, Survivor puzzle with the first person finished claiming their place in the Final Four.

Jeff gets the challenge underway, with everyone beginning to untangle their ropes. Tony and Trish both get off to a quick start as Spencer and Woo struggle with the task. The ropes have to be untangled by moving weighted bags around a board – not just by unwinding them.


The Day Thirty-six Immunity Challenge begins. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony is the first to get his key, unlock his chest and begin working on his ladder. Trish and Kass are not far behind him, with Spencer and Woo brining up the rear. Everyone is pretty even as they build their ladders before Tony pulls ahead, momentum swinging in his favour, as he quickly assembles the ladder and moves onto assembling his staircase.


Tony climbs up his ladder as the other build theirs. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass, Trish and Woo struggle with the ladder, with Spencer finishing it, moving onto the staircase just as Tony places his final plank in his staircase and moves onto the puzzle.


Spencer builds his staircase. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony begins to frantically move pieces around as Spencer builds his staircase and Woo and Kass finally finish their ladders. Meanwhile, Trish is sinking at the bottom, still trying to work out her third piece of her ladder.

Spencer finishes his staircase and joins Tony on the puzzle. Despite his big lead, Tony is having trouble, still sliding pieces everywhere with no real intention while Spencer studies the puzzle, making his moves more calculated. As Tony begins to panic, Spencer’s puzzle takes shape and he calls Jeff over to check it. He’s correct and pulls off a massive come from behind win to claim his third Individual Immunity of the season and more importantly, a place in the Final Four.


Jeff checks Spencer’s puzzle. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer is over the moon as he receives Immunity and heads back to camp. In the other hand, Tony explains that Spencer winning the challenge is the “worst case scenario” because it will mean “speeding up the process of eliminating each other”, which he describes as “hard”.


Spencer claims back-to-back Immunities. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Spencer states that his win in the challenge was of “epic proportions” before saying that he will “sit back and enjoy” the alliance of four turn on each other. Trish approaches Kass and asks her whether she thinks she is stupid. Kass isn’t sure what is happening as Trish goes onto explain she overheard her calling her a goat earlier on. Trish says she doesn’t blame Spencer for agreeing but can no longer put up with Kass creating drama and then always playing the victim.

Trish continues, explaining that Kass likes to get others angry but plays the victim to avoid being caught up in the drama. Kass proclaims it was like being yelled at by a skeleton as Trish calls her out for being “vicious and cruel”, before telling her that everyone left in the game see’s who she truly is.


Trish gets angry at Kass for labelling her as a goat. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass confesses that Trish was angry because she threw her under the bus, yet her behaviour, which got out of hand, could cost her, her place in the game. Tony drags Trish and Woo off for a walk to defuse the situation, which leaves Kass and Spencer to agree that it is important for them to gain Woo’s vote in order to vote out Trish.

Tony, Trish and Woo get some time to themselves. Tony asks Woo if there is anything he wants him to clear up. Woo asks whether Tony did in fact swear on his family when making a Final Three deal with Kass. Tony says he did because it’s what Kass needed in the game but promises Woo that he is done with her. He states that his only Final Three alliance is now with them and that as long as none of them flip, he has two Idols so nothing can go wrong. Tony confesses that because of Kass’ big mouth, it has made Woo suspicious of him. Tony then swears on every member of his family, (included his deceased father), as he promises Woo a place in the Final Three alongside himself and Trish. Woo reveals that Tony has made promises to everyone and he can therefore, no longer trust him. He assumes that at the end of the day, Tony will save Trish over him and that a big move may be on the cards.


Tony, Woo and Trish solidify a Final Three deal. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo goes and speaks to Kass, informing her that he’s going to vote out Trish because it’s clear Tony had a deal with both of them. Kass finds this news “awesome” yet is wary about whether Woo is lying or not after he didn’t go through with the plan at the previous Tribal Council. Spencer joins them, as the trio agrees that for them to have any chance in the Final Four, the need to vote out Trish. Woo then asks for a Final Three alliance with the two former Brains if he goes along and votes out Trish; which they agree to. However, Woo is not entirely sold on his decision, revealing his vote is still up in the air ahead of Tribal Council but his choice on who to vote out will be the “best option for me”.


Woo makes another Final Three deal with Kass and Spencer. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony, worried about seeing Woo talk to Kass and Spencer, pulls him aside and tries to hammer in the importance of sending home Kass. Tony reveals to Woo that he “needs him”, before confessing that he hopes he doesn’t break his promise because he doesn’t want to have to change the plan.


Tony makes sure Woo is still onboard with the plan. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal Council gets going with Tony agreeing with Jeff than one of the core four will finally be getting sent home. Kass speaks up, saying that after the challenge, Trish “racked into me like a wild, skeleton, blue-eyed, banshee”. She claims that Trish has a “capacity for hatred” and she is “against me”. Trish states that Kass is always trying to play the victim but actually the agitator. Trish continues, saying that this can be proved because she hasn’t fought with anyone and Kass has a fight with someone every day.

Spencer says that winning Immunity caused the process of turning on each other to speed up, whilst Woo believes hidden vendetta’s have been revealed and it is now three former Brawn against two former Brains. Kass says that this is the case because she didn’t predict the “psycho-bitch”, (Trish), to attack her and because Tony made Final Three deals with both herself and Woo. This leads to Tony explaining that he didn’t actually make a Final Three deal with Kass, he just agreed to stay loyal to her until the end, whereas, he made a Final Three deal with Woo. The pair argue about this for some time, before Tony concludes the argument by explaining he wears his emotions on his face, unlike Kass, who constantly has the “same grin” on her face and she wanted him to “talk like an animal” so she could understand him – in which Tony actually puts on an animals voice.


Kass calls out Trish during the Night Thirty-six Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer states that this is funny but also nuts, as Trish claims it’s “medication time”. Woo describes the situation as the “worst family possible”, likening himself to the “foreign exchange student” who just wants to tell everyone to “shut up and focus on the game”.

Tony proclaims his vote tonight will be based on game play and that he himself is, “definitely not going home”. Jeff asks why, with Tony revealing his Idol and his special Idol. He explains that with five people left in the game he has to use one, but, he still has an ace up his sleeve with the special Idol which the others will have to work out. Spencer says that at this stage of the game, Tony is the biggest threat, but given the fact he has Idols and can’t be voted out, it “complicates things”.


Tony shows off his special Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

With another entertaining Tribal out of the way, it’s time to vote. The votes are cast and Tony plays his regular Idol, saying that there is no point keeping it and it may as well stay on the island.


Tony hands over his regular Idol to Jeff. (Image Credit: CBS)

However, he need not have played it as it doesn’t cancel out any votes. Instead, Trish surprisingly receives four votes, (yep, even Tony voted for her), and she is voted out of the game, joining the Jury. This pleases Kass a lot, who not only does a fist pump, but also sticks her finger up at Trish as her torch is snuffed, much to the surprise of Sarah.


Trish… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

In her final words, Trish states she was “to nice to play the game”, that she is looking forward to returning home to what she has and begs for some peanut butter M&M’s.

So… four castaways left and one episode of Survivor: Cagayan to go!

Next WEDNESDAY, (Thursday in Australia), the finale and Reunion show air – please don’t mix up your days, for this is the first time in more than twenty seasons that the finale is on the shows regular night instead of Sunday night.

What surprises are in store? Will it be a Final Two or Three? Who will take out the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor – Kass? Spencer? Tony? Woo? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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  Ben’s Opinion


Once again this episode solidified Cagayan as a top 10 season. Was fantastic and entertaining and made me want more. And the shocks! Wow! Not really at Trish going, but the fact that Tony voted for her! Was not expecting that at all. I struggle to understand why he would decide to go along and vote her out when he easily could’ve played his idol on her, kept his at the same time and then gone into the final 4 with a 2 v 2 scenario. Now technically you could argue it’s 3 v 1, and if they see through his ‘special power idol lie’ then he is screwed. However, thinking about it further, did Tony do that to perhaps solidify his final 3 with Woo and Kass given that we saw him openly swear on family members to both of them that he would take them to the end? We didn’t see him make that promise with Trish, so therefor is he protecting his ‘loyalty’ card at the end? It’s tough to read, and it’s baffling. But it adds to how great this season is.

Have to say I LOVED the reward challenge. Back to an individual challenge and harking back to Borneo was great to see, and that mud challenge looks all kinds of fun. The reward itself was boring, but who cares? It was the challenge that was the best. And so many great comedic moments this episode. The Llama quote will go down as one of the best ever. As will the ‘wild skeleton blue eyed banshee’ quote from Kass. So great. I even found myself enjoying Trish more so than I have all season this episode too. Amazing.

One episode to go and in my eyes anyone can win it. Kass, Woo, Tony or Spencer. This is the first time in a very long time that I think you can safely say that is the case and it’s long overdue. The biggest question I feel ahead of next week is whether or not it will be a final 2 or 3 because it has been long rumoured this season will have a final 2. Which will be great, because it’s clear everyone is playing for a final 3 so to see a final 2 will bring added drama next week. The one guarantee from the finale is that for the first time since the Philippines we will have a new player and not a returnee win Survivor. Who will be the 27th Soul Survivor? We will know in less than 7 days!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another decent episode this week and it’s hard to believe there’s only a week left. Trish leaving this week was definitely a shock, I didn’t see that coming at all but in the context of the season, it matters very little. I honestly can’t see how Tony doesn’t win if he makes the Final Tribal Council alongside anyone but Spencer. If Spencer and Tony make it, it’ll be interesting viewing, but if Spencer makes it, the game is his.

Woo hasn’t offered anything this season so doesn’t deserve the win and Kass is a pathetic player and a person. Moving onto that, if I was Trish, I wouldn’t just have abused her, I probably would have punched her and her stupid smile in the face. She is infuriating to watch everyone week and the sad reality is that she gets a lot of screen time and will be high on the list of returnees for future seasons. Piss off Kass!

Tony voting against Trish and not playing the Idol for her was a bit odd because I don’t think he’ll get away with playing the bluff about his super Idol. However, it does make it interesting whether we have a Final Two or Three. It’s going to be an interesting finale and no matter what happens, there’s bound to be backlash!

Aaron’s Opinion


What an episode. First, my god is Kass a vicious player. I was shocked and not shocked that she gave Trish the middle finger. I think Kass was actually one of my favourite parts about this episode. I’m sure she’s horrible in real life, but as a television character, I don’t really mind her. Her antics may not be bright, but they are very entertaining and make some dents in the game. Also I feel she’s clearly playing for a spot on a all-stars season at this point which could happen for her.

Back to the big picture. I have to say now that Tasha’s gone, I find myself rooting for Spencer more and more. The biggest question walking away from this is why did Tony vote for Trish? It’s hard to believe that Tony went and did that but hey, he’s creating buzz about the show. I think it might be to cater to Woo and also gain a Jury vote from Trish, (who was loyal and is always fine with whatever Tony does), than lose it from Woo or Kass. His best shot is with Woo and/or Kass at this point so all he has to do is keep Spencer from winning Immunity. As for the finale, I feel this is Tony’s game to lose, since if Spencer doesn’t win Immunity, Tony is walking away with it. I hope Spencer can pull it out though.

p.s. BALSALABSLA ABSABLAS, BASAHALSA HLAMSMAL MASL. That was llama for Spencer to win, Tasha to return for an all-stars season.

Jimmy’s Opinion


What a Tribal Council! Lots of drama, a few laughs and somewhat heated exchanges between Kass, Tony & Trish. I love Woo’s comment feeling like he was an exchange student caught in the middle of the worst family ever. That was hilarious! While everyone has a laugh at that comment, Tony decides to reveal that he has both the Hidden Immunity Idol and the Special Idol. Although, he doesn’t reveal what his ‘Special Idol’ does.

I think Tony may have just made one of the biggest mistakes in the game so far. He could have played one of his Idols strategically and gave it to Trish. If he had done that, Kass would have been going home instead. My heart was in my mouth as I was hoping and praying that Tony wouldn’t play one of his Idols. My jaw dropped when he didn’t play it. WOW! But can someone explain to me why Tony voted for Trish? It doesn’t really make any sense to me at all. This could be that one lucky break that Spencer needed and it couldn’t have come at a better time. He just needs to stay composed and win a couple more Individual Immunity Challenges and the million dollars is his. I just hope that he doesn’t do an Ozzy and fall short in the Final Individual Challenge. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. It should be a great finish. GO SPENCER!

Ivan’s Opinion


That episode was great. It felt like every episode this season we spun a roulette to see if we would have a great Tribal Council or a standard one and in this episode right before the finale definitely has me pumped to see the end of this adventure. Looking at this Final Four it feels like we’re seeing a screenshot from Super Smash Bros Brawl. They’re waiting for someone to press the start button and to really go at each other. It will definitely be an interesting finish. I don’t understand why Tony voted for Trish. Maybe he suspected Woo was flipping, (which he did), but it’s not like voting Trish off instead of Kass was going to make Spencer, Kass and Woo think Tony wasn’t with them or anything. Plus Tony’s Jury votes are a scarce resource so that could’ve cost him a vote. A very epic Tribal Council, this season has had quite a few of those and we’ll see who gets to be the Sole Survivor of this awesome season in a week.

Survivor Re-cappers: Katie Collins and Tina Wesson


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our twelfth recap features Blood vs Water contestant Katie Collins and her mother Tina Wesson, (Australian Outback, All-Stars and Blood vs. Water), as they discuss whether or not they ‘know’ each other, their thoughts on this season, why Kass is in with a shot at winning this game, growing up and why Tina was concerned about Katie at school, whether or not Tina was an ‘embarrassing mum’ around Katie’s friends, Pinky & The Brain, Ben’s Brian Heidik love as well as doing Llama impersonations, Katie’s love life and whether or not Tina and Katie could write a book together! They then answer our final set of 5 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Spencer (Tina) Spencer (Katie)
DARK HORSE: Woo (Tina) ‘Glen’ (Katie)
NEXT TO GO: Kass (Tina) Kass (Katie)
TRIBE THEY WOULD BE ON:  Brains (Tina) Brains (Katie) 

Join us next week as we are joined by another Survivor guest to help us recap the finale of Survivor: Cagayan!


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7 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 13 Recap Featuring Katie Collins and Tina Wesson!

  1. Bob Blackmenson // May 16, 2014 at 2:34 am // Reply

    Tina there is no way Kass is going to win. Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah, Tasha, and Trish will not definitely not vote for her, and if Tony is on the jury he definitely will not for her.

  2. Alec Culver // May 16, 2014 at 2:35 am // Reply

    Tony I think wanted to show he was never in the minority of the vote and to show the jury that he was in power the whole time and even if he does play his idol for Trish and it is 3-2 and Kass goes, he was in the minority and didn’t have control over that vote. I think that was the main reason behind it.

  3. kass doesnt have a prayer. i hope she gets destroyed at final tribal because who doesnt love a good ftc thrashing? 🙂 woo’s only hope would be in a final 2 with kass. tony should beat woo and kass but if spencer is in the final he’s winning. his game is very fabio-malcolm-sandra esque. i like it.

  4. Kass & Woo would be so stupid to keep Spencer over Tony on the next tribal council. If they think they can beat Spencer they’re delusional. At least with Tony they might have a chance GETTING SOME VOTES.

  5. OK, wow potentially my favorite guests ever. Had me cracking up the whole time and I liked Tina giving inside info out. Katie is hilarious, why wasn’t this shown on TV? I hope they come on every week!

  6. Alec Culver // May 16, 2014 at 4:30 pm // Reply

    Tony I think wanted to show he was never in the minority of the vote and to show the jury that he was in power the whole time and even if he does play his idol for Trish and it is 3-2 and Kass goes, he was in the minority and didn’t have control over that vote. I think that was the main reason behind it.

  7. Chris Burger // May 17, 2014 at 7:55 pm // Reply

    Ben now has an airtight case for pleading insanity in any future court case.

    Ben’s Lawyer: Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present to you Exhibit A: an audio recording of my client, Ben Waterworth, admitting on the internet that he willingly re-watched the television series “Joey” in its entirety.

    Courtroom Crowd: *gasps*

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