Julian Groneberg Ozlet Introduction Interview


Our first ever Ozlet to hail from the ‘sunshine state’ of Queensland, Julian Groneberg is passionate about Survivor and can talk about it for as long as he is ever allowed to! From having a close connection to where Australian Outback was filmed right through to visiting another location on the other side of the world, Julian is a perfect addition to the Survivor Oz team!

Julian talks about being the first Ozlet from Queensland and what it means to him, how his dad has a close connection to the area in which Australian Outback was filmed, why he hasn’t seen all the seasons and which ones he does need to watch, getting the message of Survivor spread out to journalists as well as going overseas to a former location and wanting to check out more locations when he has the time!


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3 Comments on Julian Groneberg Ozlet Introduction Interview

  1. Does Julian have a twitter account? 🙂

    P.S. Ben, since Survivor Oz is everything about Survivor, can you also feature a page with a list of all players with their twitter accounts that you can update anytime new players come PLEASE! No other survivor sites have a list like that 😦

  2. juliangroneberg // May 20, 2014 at 9:26 am // Reply

    Hey joy. My twitter is @mehellope! I’m slowly getting into it more – especially since their is such a big survivor community on there!

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