Survivor Cagayan-Episode 14 & Reunion Recap Featuring Benjamin “Coach” Wade!


Survivor: Cagayan wraps up this week with the final episode of the season! After an entertaining  finale it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert, Jarryd, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Benjamin “Coach” Wade from Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains and South Pacific!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode and Reunion yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

In the season finale of Cagayan, after two massive Immunity Challenges and three explosive Tribal Council’s, a new winner is crowned! The season is then recapped by Jeff and the contestants in the live Reunion show in Los Angeles!

The show begins with Jeff live in LA. He explains that during the finale, we’ll cross to him at various times to hear what he and others have to say about the episode, before we jump into a ‘season recap’, and then finally, the real stuff begins.

The Final Four arrive back at camp on Night Thirty-six. Spencer asks Tony why he voted for Trish. Tony explains that he plays the game strategically and not on emotion. He continues, saying that he feels bad but Trish has made no enemies during the game and therefore, can’t be taken to the end.

Tony confesses that he is “sad” he had to “oust my best ally”, but it was a strategic move that he hopes will help him progress in the game.

Everyone congratulates each other on reaching the Final Four. Spencer admits he can’t believe he’s still alive in the game after being thrown under the bus so often. He also states that Tribal Council was “demoralising” after Tony revealed his special Idol because of the potential powers it holds. Tony tells Spencer that he, (Spencer), doesn’t win Immunity he’s gone and that would be the same for him if he didn’t have protection. Tony reinforces that his Idol guarantees him a place in the Final Three as Spencer questions what Tony getting to the end would mean for his game. Kass and Spencer question the validity of Tony’s Idol as Spencer assumes that the next vote will either be a landslide three-one vote, or a two-two split. Tony admits that if his bluff about his special Idol still being valid doesn’t come off and he doesn’t win Immunity, he’ll be in “serious trouble”.


Woo, Spencer and Tony break down Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

On Day Thirty-seven, Kass discusses Trish’s “evil side” with Tony, commenting that she not only hates her, but also Cliff, Lindsey and Morgan. Tony doesn’t believe this but Kass presses her point in a confessional, stating he made a “paranoid decision” at Tribal Council and Tony underestimated people’s dislike of Trish, revealing she believes he made a mistake in voting her out. Tony continues his cocky behaviour, saying that he’s doing it because he’s safe, but in a confessional, Kass questions whether Tony has done enough to win the game considering he was on a “winning team” the entire team before the Merge.


Tony and Kass discuss Trish. (Image Credit: CBS)

Later in the day, a boat heads towards camp. Everyone speculates that it will be food; which does turn out to be onboard. What they didn’t correctly guess is that on the boat with the food, is family and friends of the Final Four. On the boat is Kass’ husband, Spencer’s sister, Tony’s best friend and Woo’s cousin. Tony gets very emotional that his wife couldn’t come out and visit him because she had to look after their baby, with his friend, (Arnold), reassuring him of their health.


The Final Four and their Loved One’s enjoy lunch. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo is also upset and excited at seeing his little cousin and Kass is over the moon at getting to see her husband. Woo eventually reads the Tree Mail note that the family members bought along, which informs the castaways of an Immunity Challenge. Woo confesses that he’s “going to win” the challenge and can already picture himself being crowned the Sole Survivor, proposing to his girlfriend and starting a family and life.

Kass fills in her husband about the state of the game. She explains that she’s “not a goat, just hated”, but will argue if she gets to the end that she “played like a man”. She comments that based on her game play, she would have be seen strategic if she was a man but because she’s a women, she’s “a bitch”. Kass goes onto say that whilst everyone is mad, she hopes she gets some credit for playing to win instead of being the mum to everyone. Spencer also chats to his sister, explaining that he’s tried everything possible to win the game.


 Kass chats to her husband. (Image Credit: CBS)

We then cross to Jeff who is standing-by in LA. We head into the green room where we see all the contestants watching the episode. Jeff talks up how good the cast before going to a break.

Time for the Final Four Immunity Challenge.

Kass explains that seeing her husband was a “great surprise”. Tony explains that it feels safe having someone you trust visit you and that promises in Survivor and in real life are different. Spencer’s sister explains that everything he does in his life is full on whilst Woo says that seeing his cousin gave him “extra motivation” for the challenge.


The Final Four and their Loved Ones before the Day Thirty-seven Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

For the challenge, the castaways will be perched on pole in the water. They will have to lower a bucket into the water, collect water, raise the bucket and pour the water into a chute that will raise a key. Once they have their key, they will swim back to shore, unlock puzzles pieces and solve a block puzzle. Their loved ones will be watching this challenge which has been seen before in Micronesia.

We get underway and it becomes apparent very quickly that Kass is shitting bricks up on the pole. Tony gets off to a quick start, as does Spencer, with Woo not far behind. Kass struggles to get any water in her chute as she shakes uncontrollably.


Kass, Tony, Woo and Spencer compete for Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony is the first to get his key, declines Jeff’s offer to jump off the pole and climbs down instead, costing him time. Spencer is right behind in getting his key and Woo just misses grabbing his key. Tony and Spencer reach the beach, unlock their puzzle pieces and begin assembling their puzzle. Woo grabs his key and heads for the beach as Kass continues to struggle. Woo reaches the beach and begins his puzzle as Spencer makes good progress on his puzzle. Kass gets her rope and bucket caught up on her pole and has to climb down and untie it, costing her more time as Spencer places a further two pieces into his puzzle.


Kass gets her bucket tangled up on her pole. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass finally grabs her key and heads for shore. Spencer once again takes things slow and steady as Tony and Woo frantically work the puzzle. Kass begins work on the puzzle, easily slotting pieces into place as she begins a comeback. Tony and Woo begin to struggle as Kass places pieces with ease and Spencer edges closer to victory. However, Kass has all the momentum and in possibly the biggest ever comeback in Survivor history, finishes her puzzle and claims Immunity! As Jeff puts it, you had to see it to believe it because she was completely out of that challenge.


Everyone races to complete their puzzles. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff hands over Immunity to Kass as Spencer confesses that losing to a “brain-dead weasel” was “humiliating” but he will continue to “play my ass off” to stay alive in the game.


Kass claims her first Individual Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Kass states that the best part of winning is the ability to send Spencer home and give her the best shot at winning the game. She explains her plan since the Merge has been to go to the end with two former Brawn members and now that she has “sealed her fate”, it “feels good”. Tony complains about never getting to wear the Immunity Necklace and says that he is thankful that he has his Idol. Spencer then asks Tony for a private word and the pair goes off together.

Spencer tells Tony that he believes this season will feature a Final Two instead of a Final Three because Jeff didn’t say that the winner of the Immunity Challenge will get a chance to plead their case to the Jury. Spencer goes onto explain some reasons behind this, with Tony admitting that because he’s a super fan, the information makes sense. Spencer explains that there are no Idols at the Final Three and that if he is voted out tonight, Kass will take Woo and Woo will take Kass to the Final Two, meaning that Tony has to win Immunity in order to make it to the end. Spencer states that in order to avoid this, he should take his chances against him and tie the vote tonight to force a tiebreaker, fire-making challenge between himself and Woo. Tony mulls over this information, weighing up his options.


Spencer tries to convince Tony that they are vying for a place in a Final Two, not Three. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Kass and Woo discuss voting out Spencer. Woo says that he is extremely revealed that Kass admitted she was voting for Spencer and goes onto question what happens if there is a tie at the Final Four because with Tony around, “anything could happen”. Before heading off to Tribal, Kass says that Woo and herself will be voting for Spencer but if Tony votes for Woo, it will force a tie. Kass questions whether Tony will make this move, admitting that she doesn’t care if he does or not, because she isn’t going home.


Kass and Woo discuss voting out Spencer. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal begins with Kass revealing her husband gave her the strength not to give up in the challenge. Tony states that seeing the loved ones was “bittersweet” because his wife didn’t get to come and visit him. Spencer says that the family visit was the first time in the game where he felt softened up and that if he goes home with two days left, it will “bite”.

Spencer explains his case once again, pleading with Tony that if it is indeed a Final Two, Kass and Woo will take each other to the end and he will have to win Immunity. Spencer then comments that he will take Tony to the Final Two and if he doesn’t honour this promise, he will tell the Jury not to vote for him to win.


The Final Four debate at Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo explains that he has been playing the game, just under the radar. He confesses that he has played an “instrumental part” in the moves that have been made in the game. Kass states that she loves having options in the game. She assumes that Tony cannot be voted for because of his Idol and that Woo is very likeable but “has done nothing”. Kass remarks that if the Jury is bitter, Woo wins and if they aren’t both Tony and herself have a chance to win.

Tony poises the question about whether he is in trouble if there is another Tribal Council. Spencer answers “yes” and Kass admits that she does have a better chance against Woo. This answers surprises Tony, who realises he is the target at the next vote, just as the current vote takes place.

The votes are cast and Jeff collects them. Tony then explains the power of his Idol, explaining that he can play it after the votes have been read, however, it can only be used with five people remaining, so it is useless for tonight’s vote, which blows Spencer away.


Tony discloses key information about his special Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff reads the votes. The first two are split between Spencer and Woo. The next vote is for Spencer and the fourth and final vote is also for Spencer – meaning Tony stays loyal to Woo and Spencer is eliminated.

Spencer’s torch is snuffed and he departs, commenting that Survivor is a “passion”, that he gave it his all and learned a lot.


Spencer… tribe tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff congratulates the Final Three and wishes them luck for their Final Immunity Challenge the following day.

We then check back with Jeff in LA where we are shown a clip of what happens straight after someone is voted out, (which, if you watch Ponderosa videos, we’ve seen). Jeff then chats to Spencer’s mum, who reveals, that like Jeff, she thought Spencer would be the first boot.

Back to the game, the Final Three are back at camp, yet the mood is flat. With another challenge still remaining, Kass reveals they are probably the “most depressing top three” seen because they know that one more of them is still going home. Kass reveals that she believes whatever happens at the next Immunity Challenge, she’ll make the Final Two because both Tony and Woo believe they can beat her.

Kass tells Woo that they have to get rid of Tony and she will take him to the Final Two. Woo agrees with this, as the pair make a pact that they will take each other to the end should they win the challenge. Woo says that they have “no chance” against Tony and if he did go up against him at the end, he’s be the “stupidest Survivor player” in history.


Woo and Kass make a deal. (Image Credit: CBS)

With that, it’s time for the Final Immunity Challenge. The Final Three will have to race through a maze of turnstiles. Some of the turnstiles will turn, others won’t and they will have to navigate through the maze to collect four medallions, (returning to their station outside the maze each time they collect a medallion). Once they have all four medallions, they will use them to open a chest containing cogs. They will then use those cogs to creating a pulley, which will raise an Immunity flag. The first person to finish wins Immunity and guarantees themselves a place at the Final Tribal Council.

Jeff gives the go ahead and we’re underway. Tony and Woo are first to find a station, with Kass just behind them at another station. Tony returns first, followed by Woo and then Kass, as all three head back to find their second medallion. Woo decides to follow Tony around in the maze, as Kass finds her second medallion, gaining a lead over the boys. As Kass works her way back with her second medallion, Tony and Woo find their second and begin untying them.


The Final Three compete in the Final Immunity Challenge on Day Thirty-eight. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass returns to the maze with a slight lead over Tony and Woo and manages to find her third medallion just ahead of the boys. She returns with it, just as Tony and Woo return with their third. In search of the fourth medallion, Tony and Woo go their separate ways for the first time in the challenge, whilst Kass struggles to find a clear path to the medallion that both Tony and Woo spent a lot of time trying to get. Woo finds the fourth station first and is soon joined by Tony. As the boys return with their fourth medallion, Kass finally gets her fourth as Woo begins to untie his cogs and Tony opens his chest.


Tony looks at Woo’s puzzle for assistance. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass returns with her fourth medallion as the boys work on their puzzle. Both have a decent lead over her, but Tony is once again struggling with the puzzle stage as Woo and Kass race ahead of him. With two pieces left, it’s neck and neck between Kass and Woo. Woo manages to fit his last cog into the puzzle first and begins to crack his handle, with Kass mimicking him merely seconds later. The few seconds are costly for Kass, with Woo raising his flag and claiming Immunity mere seconds before Kass has raised her flag in what was one of the closest Final Immunity Challenge in several seasons.


Woo raises his flag mere seconds before Kass. (Image Credit: CBS)

As Jeff hands over Immunity to Woo, Kass reveals that losing the challenge was like losing an Olympic marathon by a second.


Woo wins his way into the Final Two. (Image Credit: CBS)

We then cross back to Jeff in the studio where he has a bunch of young kids with him. They all admit that despite only just being born when they show began, they watch it religiously and have caught up on prior seasons. (Whilst these live crosses have been okay, I think it’s safe to say, this one was completely pointless unless your kid featured in it).

Back at camp, Woo remarks that winning the Final Immunity Challenge is the best award he’s ever won in his life. He admits that he is “psyched” to wear it but is “sick in the stomach” about having to make the decision on who to sit next to in front of the Jury.

Tony asks to speak to Woo, admitting he’ll be doing everything he can to convince him because his “destiny lies in Woo’s hands”. Tony attempts to be subtle but aggressive in pleading his case that Woo should vote out Kass. Tony points out that Woo’s game has been based on “loyalty, honour and integrity”, and by taking Kass to the end, Woo can’t say that he followed those values. Tony continues, saying that he has “zero chance” beating Kass because Kass has stories and he, (Woo), doesn’t, meaning he has a better chance against himself.


Tony tries to convince Woo to take him along with him to the Final Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony confesses that he believes he made a “valid argument”, claiming that if Woo doesn’t choose him, his game play of loyalty, honour and integrity, is “out the window”. As for whether the argument makes sense, Tony reveals that he “wouldn’t buy it” and would rather “take my chances against Kass”.

Kass then takes her turn to speak to Woo, asking Woo why Tony has been telling him that they should take Kass to the end the entire time and why he has now changed his story. Kass likens Woo to Fabio, (Survivor: Nicaragua), claiming that he hasn’t done anything to the Jury and that they only hate her. She concludes by telling Woo that Tony has pulled him through the game and if she is on the Jury, she will be voting for Tony.


Kass pleads her case to Woo. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kass confesses that not being able to decide her own future in the game is “horrifying”, especially when Woo, who “hasn’t made a decision for the entire game”, is the one making the decision. Kass hopes that what Woo does what is “best for him” and that taking her to the end is that option.

Before heading to Tribal, Woo admits that he is more comfortable going to the end with Tony, but that may mean he it reduces his chances of winning the game. He says that voting out Tony will break his loyalty in the game and will contradict his morals as a person; but, at the end of the day, he reveals, “I wanna win”.


Woo weighs up his options. (Image Credit: CBS)

The final, regular Tribal Council kicks off with Woo admitting that he is “honoured, grateful and nervous” to have secured a Final Two spot. He admits that Tony’s vote the pervious night was strategic, but had a lot to do with loyalty. Tony reveals that he proved his loyalty to Woo the previous night and it is therefore, “Woo’s time to shine”.

Kass states she has re-lived the challenge all afternoon, lamenting at the fact that she could have won if she had made up a few seconds somewhere along the line. She comments that the “loss of control” is “excruciating” and makes her sick.

Jeff asks Woo what Kass and Tony’s pitches to stay alive were, with Woo declining not to answer, asking that he hopes they understand his decision and that he just wants to vote. Jeff obliges, explaining that Woo will be the only one voting.


The Final Three at the Night Thirty-eight Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff collects the vote, with tension high in the air, he reveals that Kass has been voted out of the game and is the final Jury member.

Her torch snuffed, Kass says in her final words that Woo was, “stupid, stupid, stupid” and made a “horrific, million dollar decision”. She claims she is proud of her game because she played to win and admits some people will hate that, whilst others will appreciate it.


Kass… the tribe has spoken. (Image Credit: CBS)

On the final night at camp, Tony cannot put words together to explain to Woo how he is feeling. Woo himself admits to the camera that it was a difficult decision to make, but hopes it is a “power move I can claim as my own”, which is what he believes the Jury will respect. He continues, explaining that whilst taking Tony might jeopardise his chances of winning the game, it “felt right” taking Tony because he wants to go up against the best, thus making a victory, “more honourable”.

Tree Mail arrives on Day Thirty-nine, complete with feast. As inexperienced chefs, Tony and Woo do their best to cook breakfast before Tony disappears after finding a “clue” in the food basket. All that it contains is information about a mirror and a set of scales being left behind the camp for the pair to use.


Tony and Woo enjoy the celebratory feast. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony remarks that he has had many “names” during the game, but today his name is “Tony in need of a million dollars”, so that he can better life for his family.


Woo weighs in. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo comments that being in the Final Two is a “dream” and he wants the victory more than anything. His reveals he played the game by following the code of taekwondo – discipline, integrity, loyalty, respect and harmony between mind and body. He says that if he wins, it will jump start his future with his girlfriend and allow him to change his parents lives.

Suddenly, the Final Tribal Council is upon us and Tony kicks off the opening statements. He acknowledges that he has a lot of explaining to do to the Jury. He points out that all his decisions in the game were nothing to do with emotions or personal feelings and that it was purely strategy and then thanks Woo for giving him the chance to plead his case to them.


The Final Two, Tony and Woo, at the Final Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Woo states that Survivor is a game of lies which was the hardest challenge for him because he models his life on the code of taekwondo. He admits that whilst he isn’t perfect, he abides by the code and is proud of his game. He explains that the game is all about pulling something extra out of yourself and he did this by taking strength from his mother who had a heart transplant the year before and inspired him to “never give up”.

With the opening statements wrapped up, we cross back to Jeff in LA where he is joined by Micronesia winner and Heroes vs. Villain finalist, Parvati Shallow. Parvati admits the most difficult part of the Final Tribal Council is dealing with the exhaustion and having the ability to let your guard down so you don’t get defensive with the Jury. She states that whilst she likes Woo, she would vote for Tony to win.

After a break, it’s time for the Jury to have their say. First up is Sarah, who congratulates the pair and questions Tony about a broken promise he made to her. She states that swearing on her badge meant a lot to her, but obviously not to him and this makes her unsure if she can vote for him. Sarah then asks Woo who he would vote for if the pair swapped places. Woo answers that he would vote for her, because he would respect that she made it all the way to the end without the aid of Idols.


The Jury – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Spencer and Kass. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jefra is next up, admitting she isn’t bitter but wants Tony to stand up and “own his game”, because he backstabbed a lot of Jury members, showed no loyalty and looked her in the eye and told her she was safe before blindsiding her. She states that if she gets “b/s answers”, she’ll vote for Woo. Tony say’s he “owns everything” and that he only voted for her because he was scared when he discovered that she had made plans to blindside him. Jefra interrupts, revealing she wasn’t going to turn on him and if she had, would have done the Tribal before she was voted out. Jefra then questions whether Tony was a villain. Tony comments that he was “half villain, half good player” because he made strategic moves to save himself.

Morgan asks Tony how he managed to keep men in his back pocket without the aid of “breasts”. Tony remarks that it is because he was genuine to people around camp but when it came to strategy, it was different and people were loyal and appreciative of that. Morgan than points out to Woo that she respects his decision to go up against Tony, instead of going up against a “goat”.

Jeremiah asks Tony whether he has a wife and a child or if they were made up because if they were real and he broke promises when swearing on them, it makes him “pathetic and pitifully”. Tony informs Jeremiah that he does have a wife and child and tries to explain why he swore on their lives, but Jeremiah doesn’t allow him to. Jeremiah then expresses to Woo that Tony lied to everyone and he needs to show that he wants to and is willing to win in order to claim the required amount of votes.


Jeff explains how the Final Tribal Council will play out. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha asks Tony how he managed to keep an alliance loyal to him despite all the lies he told. Tony explains that he discussed the reasons behind each vote with his alliance and only broke promises he made when other broke promises to him. Tasha’s question to Woo is why he decided to align with Tony. Woo comments that the pair weren’t close until the “Solana five” came together. He states he was the “odd man out” and he would have been next to go but he managed to adapt himself to suit the game and create friendship and trust with Tony.

LJ confesses he needs to know who Tony really is and whether the Tony he knows is real or if Tony is living in a fantasy world. Tony explains that he voted him out because he was scared of him and therefore, manipulated the others into voting for LJ so that he didn’t have to go back on the promise he made with him. Tony admits that you have to lie in the game in order to be able to manipulate it and he did have to ‘play’ LJ.

Kass asks Woo why he didn’t vote out Tony the night before. Woo declares he didn’t vote out Tony because it would have gone against the way he played the game. He states that it was a power move that he hopes will gain him points from the Jury. Kass says that by going up against Tony is only showing the Jury that Tony is “more deserving than you”.


Trish addresses Tony and Woo. (Image Credit: CBS)

Trish seeks clarification from Woo about who decided to send her home. Woo tells her that he did because she had a “great reputation”, is a “sweetheart”, and they didn’t have a chance against her in the Final Three. Trish then explains to Tony that he wouldn’t be sitting in the Final Two without her because she convinced the other members of the alliance to trust him when they doubted him. Trish reveals that the entire game, she went around putting out “flames for you” and that he never had to worry about her double-crossing him. Trish states that she has lost two siblings, which put a hole in her heart and that when Tony broke her promise on his deceased father to her, it hurt. A very upset Trish, questions Tony about whether getting to the end of the game and breaking the promise on his fathers “sole and memory” was worth it. Tony simply answers “yes”.

Spencer likens Woo’s strategic game play to a dog. He states that Tony was the master and Woo the dog that followed his masters orders all the way to the end, even when he would have been sitting in a Final Two with “one of the biggest goats in Survivor history”. Woo asks Spencer if, as a fan of the game, he would respect him for taking a goat to the end. Spencer says he would, which leaves Woo to say that Tony deserved to go to the end more than Kass did.


Spencer does his best to convince the Jury to vote for Tony. (Image Credit: CBS)

Spencer turns his attention to Tony, telling him that he has no questions for him and instead will simply use the time to express to the Jury how fantastic Tony played. Spencer remarks that Tony “played his ass off”, looked for Idols, blinded an alliance to his strategy of taking goats to the end and played the game with a ferocity that is only seen very rarely. Spencer implores the Jury to vote for Tony because he played the game how it should be played and by doing so, honoured the game.

That wraps up the Jury. Jeff instructs them how to vote and they do, with Spencer’s vote for Tony being shown and Tasha’s vote for Woo also being shown in the voting confessionals. Probst collects the votes, thanks everyone and we have switch back to the studio in LA.


True to his word, Spencer casts a vote for Tony. (Image Credit: CBS)

Probst congratulates everyone on the season, admitting it is one of the best seasons ever because everyone “played to win”. He then reads the votes…

Tony – Woo – Tony – Tony – Tony – Tony

Tony receives five of the first six votes and is crowned the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Cagayan. Like last season, he won in a landslide, claiming eight out of nine Jury votes to win the million dollar prize.


Tony Vlachos – the winner of Survivor: Cagayan. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back after the break, the entire cast is on stage. It is revealed that Tony’s wife couldn’t be present for the Reunion because she is on bed rest because she is expecting another baby. Jeff states he feels the fans have a polarising opinion of Tony, who admits that he has got his fair share of hate tweets but he knows how to separate the game and real life.


All eighteen castaways on stage for the Reunion show. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff questions how impulsive Tony’s game was, with Tony revealing that he hardly slept six hours a week, using the night to rethink and reassess his plans for the game. He says that he was “caught up in the moment” during the day and did “damage control at night”.


Tony shortly after being crowed the Sole Survivor. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tony then explains that the toll the game took on his body, stating he was out of work for three months upon returning from filming, had parasites in his stomach and lost forty-five pounds.

Jeff questions why Tony voted fro Trish. He explains that from a strategic point of view, she was impossible to beat. Trish admits she was hurt for “five minutes” and they have a good relationship and are friends.


Trish during the live Reunion show. (Image Credit: CBS)

Similarly, Kass says that she and Tony still talk and have put the game behind them. She tells us that their relationship on the island was that of “horrible brother and sister”, because they were both playing hard. Tony questions some of the moves Kass made, but admits that he could never get rid of her because of them, then adheres to Jeff’s request to speak llama to Kass.


The Final Three. (Image Credit: CBS)

Sarah explains she knew Tony was a cop from the beginning because of the way he observed people. Tony explains that he lied about his profession because people either love or hate cops and it would have worked against him. Tony repeats his statement that the game is different to real life and he did what he had to do in the game in order to advance. Sarah comments that she forgave Tony post-game, but after some of his negative comments about her during the season, he showed his true colours and they are no longer talking. In some good news for Sarah, it is revealed she is expecting a baby of her own.


A little Sarah is on the way. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff heads into the crowd and speaks to a colleague of Tony’s who pronounces that there is no bad blood about Tony swearing on his badge during the game at work because he played the game to win.

Jeff asks the Jury to raise their hand if they would have voted for Woo if he was up against Kass in the Final Two; with a result of everyone raising their hands. Jeff asks if Woo is a “bit down”, with Woo explaining he feels “fantastic” and couldn’t ask for more. He comments that he has no regrets about his decision to go to the Final Two with Tony because it’s how he lives his life.


Woo vs. Kass – raise your hand if you would vote for Woo. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tasha says after applying three times, her time at Luzon was her worst nightmare and if she were to play again, she would take every opportunity given to her to take out threats.

Spencer is then addressed, (with Jeff slipping in a Cochran reference), with Spencer declaring he “lacked things” in his game. He states that if he was to replay a certain moment of the game, he would have been more open about his Idol when trying to get Jefra to side with himself, Jeremiah and Tasha. He then explains that his game was the “complete opposite” of Tony’s game because he “lacked instinct” and “got lost in my head” from time to time.


Spencer receives his letter from Jeff. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff, who stated in casting that Spencer had zero chance of winning the game and promised Spencer if he did, he would write him a letter of apology and read it out at the Reunion. Jeff presents Spencer with a letter he wrote and sent himself around Day Fifteen of filming, apoligising to Spencer after he proved him wrong, saying that he is “proud” of Spencer – You know what that means, Spencer will return to play again someday.

Jeff then chats to Tyler Perry, who came up with the idea of the “special Idol powers” by texting Probst one night. Perry explains he isn’t happy Tony found it and was hoping Tasha or Spencer did. The crowd agrees with this, which reinforces Jeff’s theory that fans liked the idea of the Idol, just no who found the Idol.

Jeff questions Tony when he decided to lie about the power of the Idol, with Tony expresses that it came to him during one of his “overnight speeches with the moon”. Jeff then says that if anyone has learned anything from this season it should be to dig for Idols.

We then check in with a few less notably cast members.

Cliff states that the Survivor experience ranks highly in his life and he’d be willing to play again.

David declares he has no regrets over his decision on Day One to out Garrett, saying there is “one winner and seventeen losers”.


Jeff addresses Morgan during the live Reunion show. (Image Credit: CBS)

Garrett says his body fell apparent mentally and physically and it was disappointing in a game that was so important to him.

Jeff compliments Morgan’s ability to embody the concept of the season and asks if her Beauty does give her options in life. Morgan expresses that her beauty does get her in the door but “doesn’t propel my entire life”.

J’Tia is greeted by a chorus of boo’s which Jeff disregards because he would want her to return. She remarks that the moral of her time in the game is to not tell someone they are going home because it won’t go as planned.

Finally, LJ says that he has received some nice reactions from females and his life is okay.

Tony then receives his million dollar cheque from Jeff, before previewing next season.


Jeff presents Tony with his million dollar cheque. (Image Credit: CBS)

We can reveal that next season will be filmed once again in Nicaragua, in San Juan Del Sur – the same location as season twenty-one and twenty-two.

It will feature a cast of all new players paired together with a loved one for the second installment of the Blood vs. Water twist!

The season is officially called Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water 2.


Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water 2 – Coming in September.

Jeff revealed in an interview with Dalton Ross on EW, that Redemption Island will be in play again, however, the format will be tweaked and despite that water challenges proved tough in the previous seasons filmed in Nicaragua, they will be more water and be in the water more next season.

That wraps up another Reunion show – we heard from all but five contestants – Alexis, Brice, Jefra, Jeremiah and Lindsey.

With that, Survivor: Cagayan goes into the history books! In what was another successful season, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Ben’s Opinion

Ben W

An absolutely incredible season comes to an end! It’s sad to see it close out but it’s been an amazing ride!

So happy to see Tony win! More so happy to see a player LIKE Tony win. Should silence a few critics of past players games who have been accused of ‘never being able to win if you play that style of game’. He was easily the best player of the season and added that he is an amazing character, it adds to the season as a whole.

A fairly underwhelming FTC though. Tony and Woo both looked lost and honestly they struggled. Kass would’ve been amazing to see at FTC using her lawyer skills and if Tony was that way at the end against Kass, I could’ve seen an upset still. But alas, it didn’t happen. Is that our first ‘what if’ of the season?

The reunion too was a bit blah. Not everybody spoken to, but you have to expect that now. Look ahead to next season, why the long name? THINK OF THE PODCAST HOSTS CBS!

It has been a lot of fun! And I hope that S29 can continue on the trend of great seasons!

Jarryd’s Opinion


What an ending to a fantastic season! Whilst the edit had Tony front and centre from early on and many doubted whether he could walk away as the winner, I’m glad he took home the top prize because he thoroughly deserved it. As Spencer put it best at the Final Tribal Council; he played the game how it should be played and deserves to win because of that.

However, the finale wasn’t a walk in the park for Tony. A free ticket to the Final Three by relying on a bluff and then a loss in the Final Immunity Challenge and having to rely on Woo to get to the end. Woo… he’s gotta be the new Colby. If the guy votes out Tony he wins nine-zero, but instead stays loyal and gets blown out of he water by Tony. It just goes to show how harsh this game is.

For me, seeing Kass get voted out was marvelous. She was a horrendous player and didn’t deserve a spot in the Final Two, let alone Final Three; again, as Spencer said, she’s one of the biggest goats in the shows history.

The second to last challenge was great, the final challenge, was fairly crap. The maze looked pretty easy and so did the puzzle so I was a little disappointed there.

The Reunion was stock-standard, nothing special. Absolutely guttered that the amazing Alexis didn’t get a word in and we wasted time on Tyler Perry, Tony’s work mate and far to much time as spent on the Sarah/Tony issue.

Reunions will never be perfect. They are a quick forty minute catch-up, not in-depth interviews with every cast member so there’s no point complaining about it.

Next season we revisit the Blood vs. Water twist and whilst it was great last season, you have to be a bit worried about them doing it again so quickly. All new players will be refreshing and given how the past four seasons have gone, I don’t’ think it’ll turn crap that quickly.

I have no doubt we’ll see the likes of Tony, Spencer, Kass, LJ, Tasha, Sarah and possibly Trish again. All provided highlights for some reason or another, ratings were high and beating American Idol for the first season in a while and this group definitely contributed to that. And it goes without saying that my girl Alexis has to play again, the girl is dynamite!

Whilst it was a great season, I’d still like to see the air time split a little bit more evenly because Tony did dominant it and after a certain point, it became very obvious he was going to get to the end. Another disappointment was the fact the full opening credits where never shown. They are staple to a season of Survivor and whilst they are on YouTube, it isn’t the same. Once again we also didn’t get a televised Rite of Passage ceremony which I always enjoy.

All in all, this season delivered in more ways than one and will go down as a highly regarded season in years to come.

p.s. Remember to vote for Alexis in the Ozcars or else!!!

Ivan’s Opinion


Woo was a hero, Tony was a villain, Woo was Mario, Tony was Bowser. That’s how most people saw the Final Two. To me, it was more like Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is a goofy, anti-hero with some redeeming qualities, much like Tony. Even though Tony swore on his entire family and failed to live up to most of his promises, I feel like he understood between the game and real life, he tried his best not to step on people’s toes but he knew he had hurt some feelings and he was doing this all for his wife and kid. Tony was also very open to who he was more to the audience than with his fellow contestants and even though I felt like he got more screen time than Tyson did in Blood vs. Water, he put it to good use. I hope this is where the Tony/Russell comparisons end because Tony won the game and he has my respect, while Russell didn’t win and he doesn’t have my respect.

For Woo, nothing but sheer disappointment for him. I understand from his background he felt he made the right decision but he said it himself: “It would be stupid to take Tony“. YET HE TAKES TONY? I wanted to slap Woo when I read Kass on that piece of parchment at the Day Thirty-eight Tribal Council. I’ve been one of Woo’s biggest defenders, highlighting the strong points of his game like how he was able to adapt and how he was a strong physical competitor and had some great moments. He didn’t make many big moves, (or moves at all), but he didn’t need to. But in the biggest decision of all he blew it. I’m all for the heroic game play and being loyal, but Woo’s decision to take Tony is the dumbest move since Heroes vs. Villains. However this Final Tribal Council was much like Blood vs. Water’s. Woo played the role of both Monica Culpepper, whom not much was expected from him at Final Tribal Council but he had a really good performance. Woo had probably the best Tribal Council performance out of everyone who got one or less Jury votes ever and I expected him to have at least three or four votes. Jeremiah, Jefra, Sarah and Trish seemed so mad at Tony and Tasha and Morgan were on the fence.

I was disappointed that despite Tony’s subpar Final Tribal Council performance he won by such a big margin, but then again, his game in the previous thirty-eight days was a pretty decent argument. He had the determination and the effort and the bravery to play his own game his own way and that is remarkable on Tony’s part. Spencer has been my favourite player since early on and I expected him to do well and he had done very well this season. The one thing I hated though was his unnecessary and brutal thrashing of Woo like he had done something wrong. I didn’t mind the dog and master analogy but it’s like Spencer thought Woo was like the dumbest and worst player of the season. He could said what he needed to say in a different way. I’m just as surprised as Kass was that she wasn’t sitting at Final Tribal Council as a finalist, but despite how easily she would’ve been beaten by any of the Final Four, I did enjoy Kass this season and thought she played a decent game and some of her decisions were rash but she played the game hard. I lamented the absence of the Fan Favourite vote and Rites of Passage but what a great ending to a great season. It was a joy to watch and a joy to talk about. Congratulations Tony!

Survivor Re-cappers: Benjamin “Coach” Wade


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our thirteenth recap features three time contestant, (Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains and South Pacific), Benjamin “Coach” Wade” as he discusses why his parents refuse to watch Survivor even when he is on it, why it took him a while to get into the season, his thoughts on bitter jury’s, why he feels as though Woo was similar to him, answering a wide variety of questions from listeners, giving thoughts on our top 25 greatest players from last year as well as his recent addition to his family and why he own’t ever play again. Coach then wraps up the season with a special set of final questions:



What a fantastic season! After the success of Blood vs. Water and the talk that newbies playing Survivor was dead, this season definitely proved that theory wrong. We’d like to once again thank every one of our re-cappers for joining us throughout Cagayan as well as all the feedback and involvement from our listens/readers!

We look forward to bringing you another set of recap and recap interviews during season twenty-nine, Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water 2!

In the mean time, stay tuned to during the break between seasons. We’ll be published our exclusive Cagayan Report Card in the coming days and from today, the 2014 Ozcars kick off! Don’t forget to submit your votes to influence who walks away with an award this year.

It’s been a pleasure covering Survivor: Cagayan for you, but until September, the tribe has spoken.


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10 Comments on Survivor Cagayan-Episode 14 & Reunion Recap Featuring Benjamin “Coach” Wade!


    Great start to finish. Great winner and lots of amazing characters!
    Tony have an outstanding game being in control all the time. Out of the the 9 instances he voted during tribal councils, all of these players got eliminated with 5 getting blindsided (Cliff, Sarah, LJ, Jefra, Trish) Pretty impressive knowing he didn’t even need to win any immunities or play any idols for himself lol. Comparing to Boston Rob’s giveaway puppet season, Cagayan is definitely way more competitive and harder to win so Tony is something. Even Kim’s season is kinda dud tbh after watching this. For 1st time winners Tony is clearly the best winner yet, such a character and very strategic. Real fans know he’s the one. Kinda like Hantz’ aggressive style but still have a connection with others. So glad he won. Woo got balls bringing Tony to the end. Kinda stupid but admirable.

    BTW, Tasha is such a bitter bitch for not giving Tony her vote. I just don’t get it. Whatever. Not liking her after this dumb vote coz Woo would be 2nd regardless. So what’s her point. Pity vote? I say bitter vote.

  2. super happy Tony wins. Coach is just jealous coz he can’t do what Tony did. WIN. How dare him say Tony is overrated. Have he even watched the season since episode 1? Being paranoid and active only means he’s playing hard 24/7 and i don’t think its overrated. I would say overwhelming with how great he handled this cutthroat season. 😛 Even Hantz stopped bullying Tony in twitter when he knows he’s winning. Haters will hate but Tony is now a millionaire and a sole survivor so deal with it and respect his gameplay.

    For comebacks, i wanna see: Tony, Spencer, Kass, LJ, Trish, Jeremiah and Tash

  3. ❤ Spencer for that awesome jury speech. Tony deserves it the most for sure. Woo is a dumbass.

  4. loved the season. felt really bad for spencer. i was iffy on him all season but his hero exit and jury speech made me true spencer fan. hope to see him play again. tony is no triple threat like kim, rob or parvati as he sucked in immunity challenges but he was a master strategist and manipulator. chaoskass was great and played hard till the end. love woo and had a pretty good jury performance considering his winning resume. hope the show doesnt end until im on it lol

    • Of course Tony won’t win any immunity coz its all designed to save Spencer’s ass. All with puzzles puzzles puzzles. Tony is definitely a triple threat coz premerge brawns always win & he even won reward challenges. I’d say let him play again with balanced challenges to prove your point.

  5. Jarryd’s opinions make me want to kill myself. Alexis? really. She couldn’t find a fart in an asshole if she tried.

  6. Can we all take a moment & appreciate how dumb Morgan is. Awkward & very lame question I’ve ever heard! MAJOR LOL. OMG then Tash the hypocrite cant even give the deserving winner her vote?! Its absurd & I dont understand especially since its final 2! Soooo disappointed knowing she’s one of the smartest out there! Woo didn’t even answer her question. Hmmm.

  7. Coach has it wrong. Colby and Jerri played against the highest number of winners in their 3 seasons: Tina, Ethan, Jenna, Hatch, Amber, Parvati, Sandra, JT, Tom, Boston Rob and Tyson. 11, Coach played only against 8.

    • Would you count Rob also? Even before his last season he also had played with 11 winners from 3 seasons.

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