Russell Hantz On Holding Hantz


A very special episode of Survivor Oz today as we bring back one of the most popular and polarising contestants in the history of Survivor Russell Hantz to chat about his upcoming reality show Holding Hantz! The three time player, hall of famer and Ozcar winner from Samoa, Heroes vs Villains & Redemption Island takes us through what we can expect from the show, why he would beat Justin TImberlake in a fight as well as giving us his thoughts on Cagayan and talking up his Ozcar chances for 2014!

Check out the first clip of Russell’s new show here

Russell has spoken previously on the show about the possibility of a reality show based on him and his family, and now it’s all out there and ready to go as soon as a network picks it up! Russell takes us through the history of the show, the idea for it and who the stars will be as well as just why we will see numerous Survivor cameos in it should it be green lit and going alligator hunting! Russell also chats about his thoughts on Cagayan and it’s cast from Spencer through to Tony and just who he would rather between Jefra and Morgan. The 2014 Ozcars are then brought up, and Russell chats about the possibility of abdicating an award should he win it! A big admission indeed!

Like what you see with Holding Hantz and want to get it off the ground? You can sign the official petition and help get the show to TV!

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