Ozcars 2014–Lifetime Achievement Award


The only award that didn’t allow the public to vote, the Survivor Oz team all had a chance to have their say and award an Ozcar to somebody they felt had played a massive part in the history of Survivor over the years. With so many different people to choose from, just who came out on top?

Each Ozlet was asked to rank three people they felt were deserving of lifetime achievement award in order of most deserving to least deserving. The person they voted as first would receive 3 points, the person they voted second would receive 2 points and the person they voted third would receive 1 point. The only person ineligible was Jeff Probst as he In total, 25 different people received votes, but it was a one person race to win the second annual lifetime achievement award. And with a total of 34 votes, the 2014 winner is:



Mark Burnett narrowly missed out on winning this award last year but in 2014 there was little doubt that he would walk away with the lifetime achievement award. The man instrumental in bringing Survivor to the US, there is little doubt in the impact he made on not only American TV audiences in 2000 but also the global TV landscape. Reality TV was born at the hands of Mark Burnett, and this has seemed him honoured with four Emmy awards, four People’s Choice awards and even has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Mark gave a fantastic and continues to champion the show that he helped make mainstream 14 years ago and without him then there is no way that we as a show would exist! On behalf of everyone at Survivor Oz, we congratulate Mark Burnett on taking out the second ever ‘Survivor Oz lifetime achievement Ozcar’ and we hope he continues to help create Survivor for many years to come!

For those wondering how the lifetime achievement award panned out, the top 5 vote getters were as follows:


With the first award announced, who will win the others and complete the top 25 of each category? Get excited as we announce the top 25 in each category starting tomorrow!


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  1. Richard Hatch FTW next year!!!

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