Ozcars 2014–25 Biggest New Survivor Villains


We continue our top 25 reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 villains from the last 2 seasons of Blood vs Water and Cagayan! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite player just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For this category, it was a simple case of you voting for who you thought was the biggest ‘villain’ in the last 12 months of Survivor. The word ‘villain’ was subjective, as numerous contestants who were considered heroes (and who also appear on the heroes list) make the top 25. It makes for an interesting talking point as to what people consider a ‘villain’ and what people consider a ‘hero’. What do you think?

25. David Samson (Cagayan) – 3 Votes


A first booted contestant does enough to get in the top 25 villains of the last 12 months? Possibly Garrett fans are still dirty he voted Garrett as ‘weak’. Or maybe there are some anti-Marlins fans floating around that just want to see him here? Whichever way you look at it, David sneaks in here…just.

24. Brice Johnston (Cagayan) – 3 Votes


For somebody who didn’t make it far, Brice is easily one memorable contestant who had the potential to make it deep. Things didn’t go his way, and it seems as though maybe Jeremiah fans are dirty or LJ fans perhaps so they went and voted for him to finish in 24th. That ‘dot dot hmmm’ moment though was classic, and deserves a spot on any list no matter what it’s for!

23. Aras Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water) – 3 Votes


Not quite as high on the villains list as he was on the heroes list, there does seem to be a few people out there that think Aras isn’t exactly Mr Nice guy after all! I’m thinking that Vytas sat down one night on the computer and gave his brother three votes to make him appear. That’s just my theory. Vytas, care to confirm this?

22. Alexis Maxwell (Cagayan) – 3 Votes


Another interesting finish here for Alexis given that you would argue she is easily more heroic than villainous. However she does also have a strong fan base which I’m sure would vote for her for anything no matter what category it was under. Or maybe our Ozlet Jarryd just got so excited over her name that he just had to add her. Let’s go with that…

21. Laura Morett (Blood vs. Water) – 4 Votes


For every contestant who massages another contestant in a good way, you’ll have people voting against them doing it in a villainous way! Laura Morett as a villain doesn’t really seem to make sense, but I’m sure if Russell Hantz is reading this, he would have something else to say about that!

20. Tasha Fox (Cagayan) – 7 Votes


Feisty and strong from the get go, Tasha certainly calmed things down the deeper the game went so perhaps her being on this list is a bit of a surprise. The best new hero finalist though still had a few villainous moments, and those moments were enough to get her into the top 20 of this category.

19. Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan) – 7 Votes


Our best new hero winner who lands on the villains list, Spencer went into the game looking likely to be one major character and possibly one major villain. Always having to fight his way through with his back against the wall, he won himself a legion of fans along the  way and is an almost safe bet to see back a second time around. He is also a super fan of the show too, which always makes Survivor fans happy.

18. Lindsey Ogle (Cagayan) – 7 Votes

Hot Girl With a Grudge

It’s safe to say that if you quit, you will not win yourself many fans so it’s easy to see why she would end up on the villains list. However, outside of the fact she left the game voluntarily, was she at any point remotely villainous? Of course Trish fans are going to be quick to answer that one, but she seemed like one decent person who I think it’s a bit surprising to see her so deeply entrenched on this list. Just my opinion folks, but I have to say it!

17. Candice Cody (Blood vs. Water) – 7 Votes


A feisty and angry Candice is a villainous Candice apparently. Mrs Cody certainly surprised many with her actions a third time around, and some would argue she even won herself a few new fans along the way. But considering it looked likely she was originally meant to be a villain on Heroes vs Villains, others would argue this place on this list is warranted. An interesting finish though.

16. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) – 8 Votes


That jury speech will always be remembered, as will her fiery confrontations at camp. And it’s a safe bet to say that if you are angry at camp and angry at FTC, you will be considered a villain. I honestly expected her to be slightly higher on this list, but as you are seeing already I have been proven wrong on countless occasions. And of course will continue to be proven wrong during these list reveals.

15. Gervase Peterson (Blood vs. Water) – 10 Votes


It would’ve been rare for many people to call Gervase a villain before he went on Survivor for a second time, but after running his mouth and his cocky ways at challenges, he certainly rubbed a few people the wrong way and had their opinions changed of the Borneo original. Still an amazing achievement to make it to the final tribal council after first playing the game 26 seasons prior, Gervase will always be one of my faves! Better luck next time Gerv!

14. Kat Edorsson (Blood vs. Water) – 12 Votes


Clearly when it comes to questioning your relationship on TV and being a pre-merge player makes you slightly villainous in the eyes of our voters. Kat didn’t have the strongest season second time around but still sneaks into our top 15 on this list. Maybe Hayden fans are a bit dirty at her too for the relationship? Perhaps. For that we’ll never know.

13. Caleb Bankston (Blood vs. Water) – 12 Votes


After talking him up on the heroes list, I find myself baffled at him being so high on the villains list. He took out a villains finalist in Brad and then pretty much went into behind the scenes mode for the rest of the season so not sure as to why 12 people would consider him a villain. But I can’t deny the facts, and clearly the red shirt he is wearing in the above picture made enough people see him as evil.

12. Rupert Boneham (Blood vs. Water) – 14 Votes

Rule In Chaos

Funny how once again a ‘hero’ ends up so high as a villain on this list. Rupert for all the love he gets also gets his fair share of negativity, and some have argued he is a villain as well as being a hero. In fact last year he did end up on the 25 biggest villains of all time list so it has happened before. Will it happen again? Well it all depends on our future categories of course.

11. Morgan McLeod (Cagayan) – 15 Votes


Morgan deserves to be on all these lists just so we can put pictures of her on our site for everyone to marvel at. Even if it is the biggest villain of the last 12 months. You would argue that her comments rubbed people the wrong way so that would make her a villain, but is someone that sweet and that beautiful really evil? What do I care, just make sure Morgan is on all these lists! And thanks for the voters who made that happen!

10. Monica Culpepper (Blood vs. Water) – 21 Votes


As I mentioned on the heroes list, Monica is a polarising player and that goes to show given her high placement on this list. Making the top 10 villains I’m sure won’t sit too well with Monica, but I guess when it comes to our voters they have spoken. Beating out a few people though that I would say shouldn’t be the case, Monica manages to end up on another list in 2014.

9. Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water) – 22 Votes


Vytas beats his brother again! It’s party time in his household! The feisty half of the Baskauskas clan sneaks into the top 10 and once again can claim bragging rights this coming Christmas! Was he evil though? Well he was vocal in his opinions, and for the most part that can be seen as villainous in the game of Survivor.

8. John Cody (Blood vs. Water) – 30 Votes


I would probably say this is the biggest shock when it comes to this list, as I for one would put John nowhere near the top 20 on this page let alone the top 10! Knocking off a few other big names to get here, John clearly has people thinking he is a bit of a villain at heart. Maybe it’s the whole ‘bad boy’ image that the ladies want him to have? Perhaps. But you’ll have to go through fellow villain entrant Candice first to get to him.

7. Tyson Apostol (Blood vs. Water) – 62 Votes


An original villain from Heroes vs Villains, Tyson defies his ranking on the heroes list and narrowly misses out on making the finals. Once a villain always a villain right? Well clearly that’s how you decided in this voting. His win was extremely popular and will be for some time, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to get him over the line in the Ozcars.

6. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water) – 62 Votes


As mentioned on our heroes list, Ciera came agonisingly close to being a finalist on the best new hero and best new villain list. She does have to settle for 6th again however, and once again debate will rage on whether or not she is a hero or a villain. Should Heroes vs Villains 2 ever happen I think she would be a lock to play again, but which tribe? Debate away folks!

5. Brad Culpepper (Blood vs Water) – Final Voting Percent 6.61%



Brad gets one of two finals spots for 2014 but can’t do enough to walk away with the golden stick. Very vocal and prominent early on during Blood vs Water, some might argue he wasn’t exactly as ‘evil’ as some of the other contestants in the final 5. But he takes the honour of being the only new player from the 27th season to make the finals in this category.

4. Colton Cumbie (Blood vs Water) – Final Voting Percent 11.69%



Colton was robbed of being a finalist in the overall villains category in 2013 by Dawn, so it was only right that he made the finals for the biggest villain of the last 12 months on his second outing. The second outing for him of course wasn’t exactly the most memorable, but to go from 5th in the first round of voting and sneaking in ahead of Ciera to finishing in 4th is something I’m sure he’ll take with a badge of honour!

3. J’Tia Taylor (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 18.20%



It has to be said that picking the true villain of Cagayan is tough when you consider all the people that are available. Especially the final 3 on this list. J’Tia was one entertaining and crazy contestant and somebody who I’m sure would’ve made an even bigger impact had she lasted longer. You dump rice though and give some crazy gestures during a confessional, and you are sure to leave your impact on any season!

2. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 31.09%

Hot Girl With a Grudge


Tony lead this category heading into the finals and looked set for a victory in the final round of voting. However a late surge from the woman he spoke Llama to and the winner of the 28th season dropped back into the runner-up spot. There is no doubting Tony’s ‘evil’ ways throughout Cagayan, and I’m sure it’s not the last time we will see him in the finals for the Ozcars in the future.

1. Kass McQuillen (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 32.41%



#ChaosKass reigns supreme to unseat Tony and walk away with her first ever golden stick! A stunning final round performance that saw her trail nearly everyday of the voting, Kass took the lead when it mattered and walked away with her first ever Ozcar award! Congratulations to Kass!

Another finalist list is revealed tomorrow, as we bring the 14 sexiest new men from the last 12 months of Survivor!


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5 Comments on Ozcars 2014–25 Biggest New Survivor Villains

  1. Ethan Michael Thomas // June 11, 2014 at 9:57 am // Reply

    Why is Kass wearing a Solana buff?

  2. Poor Ciera! So many (strategic?) moves.. Faced both criticism nd appreciation for her game play… Nd now neither a hero nor a villain.. On another note.. John cody is hawt.. Hope to see him return…

  3. Was really hoping Ciera would do better in all these polls. My all time favorite!

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